Social Panga forays into Dubai market

Social Panga, the integrated creative and digital marketing agency headquartered in Bangalore with offices in Delhi and Mumbai, has expanded its presence in Dubai. This marks a significant step in the company's global expansion plans.Social Panga, co-founded by Himanshu Arora and Gaurav Arora with a team of five people, has today grown to a strong team of 300+ across offices with presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and now Dubai.The move is aimed at better serving clients in the region and taking advantage of the dynamic opportunities emerging in the Middle East.With geographies diminishing and the demand for digital and creative solutions growing in global markets as well, the company has taken this step towards global expansion.Himanshu Arora, (pictured above), Co-Founder at Social Panga, said: “This step by us is a much thought over and planned decision. We have taken this step toward expanding our presence and bringing in new opportunities to India. The diplomatic relationship between India and UAE authorities are going strength to strength and we see this as a prodigious opportunity to grow ourselves and expand to global markets. We are excited and enthusiastic as we take this step to serve global brands in that geography.”“There is massive scope of growth and exploring creative aspects in UAE markets. With our expertise and skill set in creative and new-age technology we look forward to doing path-breaking work in the region”, said Gaurav Arora, Co-Founder of Social Panga.

Billboard Arabia launches 'Jalsat' studio session series

Billboard Arabia has launched 'Jalsat Billboard Arabia'. This studio session series promises to blend traditional Arabic songs with modern musical arrangements and rhythms, offering fans a unique audio-visual experience. By featuring exclusive interviews with artists, the series aims to provide insights into their inspirations and creative processes, enhancing appreciation for their artistry.One of the notable aspects of ‘Jalsat Billboard Arabia’ is its emphasis on allowing artists to reinterpret their favorite songs in inventive ways, ranging from acoustic performances to fusion with various musical influences such as Latin, Khaleeji, and Afro-Caribbean beats. This approach not only adds diversity to the music but also showcases the talent and versatility of Arab artists.Ahmed Saad's involvement in the inaugural session further adds to the anticipation surrounding this project. As a prominent figure in the Arab music scene, his unique interpretation of familiar songs is sure to captivate audiences and set the tone for future sessions.The decision to make 'Jalsat Billboard Arabia' available exclusively on YouTube demonstrates Billboard Arabia's commitment to leveraging digital platforms to reach a wider audience and promote Arab music on a global scale.The timing of this announcement aligns with the growing prominence of the MENA region in the global music scene. By providing a platform for both established and emerging Arab artists, Billboard Arabia aims to celebrate their creativity and foster connections with a broader audience. This initiative follows the recent launch of Billboard Arabia's digital platform and flagship charts, underscoring the company's commitment to promoting Arabic music on a global scale.

Eywa & Flick Join Forces for Luxury Kiosk at Dubai's DWC VIP Terminal

Eywa, a real estate project focusing on sustainable living, has announced a partnership with Flick Advertising. This collaboration marks a significant move in targeting high-profile clients in luxury settings.By setting up a direct sales kiosk at Dubai's DWC VIP Terminal for private jets, Eywa aims to leverage Flick Advertising's extensive media assets to reach VVIP travelers effectively. This strategic collaboration underscores Eywa's commitment to sustainable living and luxury lifestyle, aligning with its motto of "In 5 Dimensions With 7 Senses," as highlighted by CEO Alex Zagrebelny.With over 54,000 VVIP travelers annually passing through DWC VIP Terminal, Flick Advertising's dominance of media assets in the terminal provides a prime opportunity to engage with this affluent demographic. The targeted advertising strategy ensures precision and minimizes waste, essential for effectively reaching a market characterized by high purchasing power.The strategic partnership between Flick Advertising and Eywa marks the convergence of innovation and creativity in the realms of marketing and real estate. Flick Advertising, known for its cutting-edge and dynamic promotional strategies, joins forces with Eywa, a pioneering force in the real estate industry. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way properties are showcased and marketed. By integrating Flick's expertise in digital advertising and Eywa's commitment to architectural excellence, the partnership aims to create compelling narratives that bring real estate projects to life.Furthermore, Flick Advertising's expansion plans beyond Dubai to locations such as Abu Dhabi, London, Paris, Oman, and Morocco demonstrate the scalability and potential global impact of this partnership. This expansion indicates a broader reach for Eywa's message of sustainable living and luxury lifestyle, positioning the company as a leader in the niche market of high-end real estate development.

BackLite Media expands its reach to Abu Dhabi with The Landmark Series

Backlite Media, the Dubai-based outdoor advertising company, has expanded The Landmark Series into Abu Dhabi. The Landmark Series in Abu Dhabi will feature a collection of "visually stunning" outdoor advertising structures strategically positioned in key, high-profile locations across the city. In line with this vision, the company has launched the award-winning Triple Crown in the heart of Abu Dhabi. With its impressive scale and strategic placements aimed at targeting Abu Dhabi’s high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and Emiratis, The Triple Crown is set to offer advertisers unparalleled visibility and exposure to a diverse audience.The company announced that the Landmark Series presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to engage with consumers in Abu Dhabi in a meaningful and impactful manner.“We are excited to introduce The Landmark Series to Abu Dhabi and expand our presence in the region,” remarked James Bicknell, CEO of BackLite Media. “With the city now recognised as a preferred hub for investments, business and real estate, Abu Dhabi provides the ideal backdrop for our innovative advertising structures. We are confident that The Landmark Series will enhance the city’s advertising landscape and offer premium brands a powerful platform to connect with elite audiences.”Through the integration of cutting-edge technology and creative design, The Landmark Series is poised to deliver unparalleled visibility and engagement for advertisers while enhancing the urban landscape of Abu Dhabi.

Local Planet launches in the MEA region with regional expertise

Local Planet, the world's largest privately-held media and communication agency network, has officially launched its operations in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Headquartered in Dubai, Local Planet MEA promises a potent combination of international expertise and regional knowledge.Strategic Partnerships Fuel Expansion:To ensure a successful local foothold, Local Planet MEA has partnered with established regional players:Tonic International: A leading creative marketing agency with extensive experience across the MEA.RMS Media: A specialist in media planning and buying across the Middle East.Curiosity Africa: Experts in integrating marketing technology solutions and providing data-driven insights.Together, these partnerships create a unique offering for clients in the region, combining global best practices with deep local understanding.Market Penetration and Growth:Local Planet MEA will operate across 63 regional markets with 37 offices strategically located in key countries like the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. This wide reach ensures clients can tap into diverse audiences across the MEA landscape.Industry Leaders Express Optimism:Martyn Rattle, Global CEO of Local Planet, said: "We're thrilled to join forces with our valued partners to power Local Planet MEA. Their deep regional expertise is invaluable as we serve clients in this dynamic market."Arnaud Verchere, Group CEO of Tonic International and Chairman of Local Planet MEA, said: "Partnering with Local Planet marks a significant expansion for us. Our combined strengths will offer unparalleled solutions for brands across the MEA."Carine Conradie-Haffejee and Alexei Pashkov, Co-Founders of Curiosity Africa, said: "We're excited to contribute our data-driven approach and marketing technology expertise to Local Planet MEA, empowering clients to make informed decisions and achieve growth."Local Planet MEA's launch signifies a major development in the region's media and communication landscape. With its strong partnerships, comprehensive reach, and commitment to local expertise, Local Planet MEA is poised to become a key player in helping brands build meaningful connections with audiences across the diverse MEA region.

Aunindo Sen joins Publicis Middle East as Executive Creative Director

Aunindo (Auni) Sen, an industry veteran with 16 years of experience working with some of the world’s leading brands and largest agencies, has joined Publicis Middle East, part of Publicis Groupe ME, as Executive Creative Director. He will co-lead the creative department together with Tuki Ghiassi, Executive Creative Director.Auni is rejoining Publicis Groupe ME after two years, having previously worked with Leo Burnett ME as Senior Creative Director. Familiar with the Groupe’s relentless focus on excellence, in his new role as Executive Creative Director, he will help drive best-in-class work for the agency’s enviable roster of brands as well as support the growth of the agency’s portfolio across verticals. As part of this, he will also join in on the agency’s objective of transforming into one of the most attractive talent propositions in the region.Previously, Auni has worked with the likes of BBDO, FP7McCann and JWT across the GCC and Asia leading award-winning regional and global campaigns for multinational brands such as Ferrero, Coca-Cola, Mars, Nestlé CPW, Unilever, Dettol, United Nations and more. He has over 150+ regional and international awards under his belt including Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, MENA Effies, D&AD and Adfest, and won the first Glass Lion at Cannes for MENA. He also recently served on the Cannes Lions jury, and was ranked as one of the world’s best copywriters in The Big Won report.Commenting on his appointment, Auni said: “Publicis Middle East is not just an Agency. It’s the name that represents an entire Groupe that has transformed communications globally. As the namesake Agency of the Groupe, we have our work cut out for us. But this is something I can safely say, is the part of the job that I relish the most. With the talent-first focus of Publicis Groupe ME and its Leadership, we are absolutely primed to not only mirror its reputation but to take it to a new level.”Nathalie Gevresse, CEO of Publicis Communications UAE, said:“We’re thrilled to welcome Auni back to the Groupe. His return underscores our commitment to attracting and nurturing top talent, setting the stage for an exciting new chapter of growth, creative excellence, and innovation for Publicis Middle East.”

Media World signs landmark deal valued over AED 100mln

Media World, a leading multi-platform media group, has announced the signing of a monumental agreement with RSG Group of Companies (RSG Group) to acquire and operate the largest outdoor high-resolution digital screen in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The long-term deal was finalised with a value exceeding AED 100 million. Strategically located alongside Dubai’s renowned Sheikh Zayed Road, the digital outdoor screen will take centre stage on the opulent Fairmont Dubai Skyline, luxury five-star hotel and branded residences project by RSG Group. The milestone deal not only marks the beginning of Media World’s partnership with RSG Group, but also a significant leap into the realm of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising for the media industry in the region.Spanning an area of 1,750 square meters and encapsulating over 16 million pixels, the new digital screen, is poised to captivate audiences with its high-resolution display and dynamic content, offering advertisers an unparalleled platform to showcase their brands.Expressing enthusiasm for this transformative venture, Mr. Amer Ahrari, Chairman of Media World, said, “We are delighted to sign with RSG Group and acquire a prominent project such as the Fairmont Dubai Skyline, luxury five-star hotel and branded residences digital outdoor screen. As we continually seek new premium opportunities in the region, commencing our venture into Digital Out of Home media in this location marks an excellent beginning for us. Our partnership with RSG Group is a testament to our pioneering vision to push the boundaries of advertising technology and creating unparalleled experiences for brands and audiences alike. The acquisition marks the beginning of our journey into Digital Out of Home media, and we have ambitious plans for substantial investment and extensive growth in this domain.”Raj Sahni (Abu Sabah), Founder & Chairman, RSG Group of Companies, said, "We are delighted to join forces with Media World for the inclusion of this new LED screen into their multi-platform portfolio. The implementation of this project, featuring the largest high-resolution screen in the MENA region requires adept management, and we could not think of a more ideal choice than Media World. I have complete confidence in Media World to elevate this into the most coveted and premium advertising space in the city. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to fulfil my long-standing ambition to create an iconic project on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.”

Creative agency Grey wins Krispy Kreme account in MENA

Krispy Kreme has chosen Grey Dubai as its official strategy and creative partner in the MENA region. This means Grey will be crafting all the irresistible communications across seven countries: the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, and Jordan.But this isn't just about sprinkling sprinkles and frosting on sugary dough. Grey's mission is to solidify Krispy Kreme's "Irresistibly Original Sweet Treat" positioning, making their donuts even more tempting than that hot light ever could."HOT NOW is what's happening in the coming together of Krispy Kreme and Grey," declares Philippe Berthelot, Managing Director of Grey Dubai. "We're excited to be leading this decidedly delicious brand and looking forward to being a key partner in delivering the ambitious goals of Krispy Kreme across the region."This strategic partnership comes just after VML (the mega-merger of Wunderman Thompson and VMLY&R) secured the global creative account for Krispy Kreme. However, Grey's focus remains strictly on the MENA region, ensuring local voices and cultural nuances are infused into every campaign.

OMG MENA and The Neuron partner to boost programmatic digital OOH in the region

 First with digital screens and now with programmatic technology, out-of-home (OOH) is well and truly embracing its digital transformation. To keep its clients ahead of the curve in this dynamic space, Omnicom Media Group MENA has partnered with The Neuron to access the unique features of its specialist DSP (demand-side platform) to plan, book and monitor campaigns in more than 80 countries. This strategic collaboration promises to bring a new era of digital innovation and audience engagement for the medium.As well as holding firm in terms of share of brands’ media investments in MENA, at around 20% of the total, outdoor advertising is already seeing some 50% of its revenues going to digital sites, against a world average of 40%. The global programmatic digital OOH (pDOOH) market is projected to grow exponentially, thanks to advancements in data analytics and audience measurement that enable more effective and engaging campaigns.The Neuron is a specialist DSP for pDOOH advertising, a segment in outdoor advertising experiencing an unprecedented surge thanks to significant growth and technological advancements. Unlike most current DSPs, built for small screens and the open Web rather than OOH, The Neuron was designed with greater capabilities and a singular focus on outdoor. It helps users plan, book and monitor their ads across an inventory of 1.35 million digital sites delivering some 60 billion impressions weekly in over 80 countries. The billboards are in a variety of settings and environments such as transit, retail, health & beauty, healthcare, office buildings, residential, entertainment… Combining this impressive reach with sophisticated attribution models, The Neuron provides insights into campaign performance, enabling advertisers to gauge impact and ROI with remarkable precision thanks to robust reporting tools that provide transparency.Thanks to this partnership with The Neuron, Omnicom Media Group will be ideally placed to further elevate the sophistication of digital OOH campaigns through programmatic technology. The platform includes advanced planning tools and targeting features that help planners discover inventory available across both local and international ad markets to reach desired audiences. Its auto-bidding algorithms are designed to optimize DOOH buying for cost efficiency. Fully automating this process programmatically is proven to enhance operational efficiency. With better proof before and after the buy, in terms of data, measurement and attribution, programmatic outdoor aligns OOH advertising with modern client and agency expectations.“With this partnership, we will be able to deliver even better results to our clients from their Out of Home campaigns thanks to better more advanced planning, inventory selection, creative delivery and targeting not to mention more advanced campaign measurement. pDOOH is a huge growth area for outdoor advertising and this partnership allows us to position our agencies at the forefront of emerging channels,” commented Chris Solomi, Chief Digital Officer of Omnicom Media Group MENA. “This is a major contribution to the digital transformation of what was a static medium, as we now have a seamless, user-friendly way to launch dynamic campaigns, making programmatic DOOH a reality for advertisers. With The Neuron, we will have access to local and global audiences, benefit from precision targeting, including with custom audiences and using geo-location, as well as retargeting. The customizable triggers are also a very interesting feature. What’s more, as pDOOH lowers the entry point for advertisers who might be put off by high prices, it will bring new brands into the market, without having to draw from their offline media budgets.”“We are immensely proud and thrilled about our partnership with OMG MENA. This agreement unites two entities that are deeply committed to harnessing the transformative impact of technology in outdoor advertising. Our collaboration with OMG MENA, especially in handling cross-border campaigns, is not just about reaching new heights in planning and execution, but it's a journey towards pioneering efficiency and effectiveness in the digital advertising realm,” explained Hussein Khader, Founder and CEO of The Neuron. “Born and nurtured in Jordan, The Neuron has made significant strides in global markets. Receiving acknowledgment and forming an alliance with a prestigious industry leader like OMG MENA in our home region is not just an honor; it's a testament to our shared vision and commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving world of advertising.”

GroupM Forms ad innovation accelerator to power advertising experience

GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, announced the launch of the GroupM Ad Innovation Accelerator, a first-to-market program aimed at redefining engagement between advertisers and audiences. BrightLine, Disney, KERV, NBCUniversal, Roku, Telly, and YouTube will join GroupM’s Ad Innovation Accelerator at launch. With a common vision, the working group will strategize and create scalable ad formats that are designed to be ubiquitous across ad-supported streaming environments such as Peacock, Telly, The Roku Channel and YouTube, among others. This program will first roll out in North America for GroupM clients at Mindshare, Wavemaker and EssenceMediacom.“We have to craft a future of our industry where engagement, innovation, and outcomes converge,” said Andrew Meaden, Global Head of Investment, GroupM. “As we shape the next era of media where advertising works better for people, it is critical we continue to innovate new advertising experiences with our partners around the world to ensure brands are meeting audiences where they are. With more ad-supported options emerging, advertisers must respect audiences’ preferences and use cutting-edge technology to deliver more personalized content.”Spearheaded by GroupM’s industry-leading investment team, the Ad Innovation Accelerator will aim to evolve the traditional 30-second ad spot by integrating advanced digital technologies that will enhance brand-to-viewer connections and drive measurable results for participating GroupM advertisers.“Brands advertising in ad-supported streaming environments have an incredible opportunity to engage with attentive consumers, but the rapidly evolving media landscape makes it difficult for advertisers to efficiently and resourcefully launch interactive advertising campaigns,” said Mike Fisher, Executive Director, Investment Innovation, GroupM U.S. “Our clients need a simple way to activate interoperable and attributable campaigns across the ad-supported streaming ecosystem. With key stakeholders at the same table, we will shape impactful outcomes that allow advertisers to execute creative, engaging and effective campaigns.”According to GroupM’s This Year, Next Year 2023 End-of-Year Forecast, CTV advertising will increase 14.9% in North America in 2024, accelerating from 9.4% in 2023.The newly formed working group will convene in early 2024. Partners of GroupM’s Ad Innovation Accelerator have mutually agreed to:Set recurring innovation sessions and quarterly meetings to establish goals and determine outputs for newly created advertising models and methods.Launch pilot programs in Q1 2024.Co-create advertising formats for agnostic use across the media ecosystem using test-and-learn findings.Analyze efficiency and efficacy of media campaigns using newly implemented standards and practices.“Building on a legacy of setting industry benchmarks and driving responsible media investment, our program is rooted in shared discovery, proven success and forward-thinking. We’re encouraged by our partners’ collective commitments to impactful advertising and their leadership in advancing new ad formats, specifically for streaming video,” said Matt Sweeney, Chief Investment Officer, GroupM U.S. “Uniting partners with varying objectives to streamline ad development will have a multitude of benefits for our advertisers, ultimately allowing for quick iteration and better interoperability across platforms. That’s a win-win for our industry.”Working group members will closely collaborate with GroupM advertisers that express interest in testing new formats and processes. Benchmark testing will be finalized in early 2024 ahead of 2024-2025 Upfront planning.GroupM’s Ad Innovation Accelerator will roll out to other markets throughout 2024, with the goal to develop and pilot new ad formats across existing and emerging channels.GroupM is open to collaboration with other partners interested in working together to make the ecosystem of our industry more effective and impactful for advertisers. Companies interested in joining this program can contact Additional participants of the GroupM Ad Innovation Accelerator will be announced at a later date.

The cookie crumbles on Chrome, officially!

Google finally took the first bite out of the third-party cookie on January 4, 2024. A 1% of Chrome users globally, around 30 million people, are now cookie-less, paving the way for a fully cookieless Chrome by the end of this year. This comes after multiple delays and false starts.It's a slow rollout, Google says, to give advertisers, publishers, and ad-tech firms time to "test our readiness for a web without third-party cookies."Safari, Apple, and Firefox beat Chrome years ago in cookie deprecation.Google’s plan is to come up with privacy-focused alternative technologies for advertisers. The new Tracking Protection feature, automatically cuts off a website’s access to third-party cookies.Google vice president Anthony Chavez said that the tech giant is taking a responsible approach to phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome.“If a site doesn't work without third-party cookies and Chrome notices you're having issues... we'll prompt you with an option to temporarily re-enable third-party cookies for that website."Though Google announced the decision to do away with cookies from Chrome in 2020, the plan was postponed twice.Google's cookie deprecation announcement caused tremors in the ad world, triggering widespread skepticism about ‘Privacy Sandbox’ filling the gap. Fears abound that these untested substitutes will prove inadequate, further entrenching Google's already-dominant position in online advertising.Understandably, publishers’ online ad businesses rely heavily on the granular data gleaned from third-party cookies, enabling them to personalize ads and maximize revenue. Google's replacements like Privacy Sandbox are raising concerns about their ability to deliver the same level of targeting and revenue generation.And the industry is witnessing different technologies as alternatives to third-party cookies. Brands are slowly shifting to cookieless alternatives such as contextual targeting, geo/location-based targeting, first-party data, etc. to target customers. All these are privacy-centric targeting methods.Using AI and machine learning to analyse user behaviour patterns and make accurate predictions about user preferences without relying on individual user-level data.AI and operational machine learning will be increasingly used to analyse user behaviour patterns and predict user preferences without taking recourse to personal-level data.This is an ongoing process with no immediate answers. While challenges abound, the quest for a more privacy-respecting online advertising landscape is a positive step for both users and publishers. By fostering open dialogue and collaboration, the industry can hopefully navigate this transition and create a future where targeted advertising thrives alongside user privacy.

Penguin Media inks MoU with SkyBlue Media

Penguin Media -a subsidiary of 9Yards Communications- a premier outdoor advertising specialist offering innovative brand visibility solutions in Abu Dhabi, has today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SkyBlue Media Group, a Malaysian company specializing in digital out-of-home (OOH) marketing services, with the intent of redefining the future of outdoor media advertising across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.Under the agreement, Penguin and SkyBlue will collaborate to manage several key advertising locations, with this being SkyBlue’s first move into the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain markets. This follows an agreement between the Malaysian outdoor advertising company with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai. Under the partnership contract with RTA, SkyBlue has the exclusive advertising and naming rights for RTA’s 1,400 buses, 886 bus shelters, 523 mupis, and 22 bus stations.Commenting on the MoU, Hussam Al Mulhem, Founder and CEO of Penguin Media, said: “We are delighted to formalize this strategic partnership with SkyBlue Media, a truly pioneering company with over 15 years of experience in Malaysia’s outdoor advertising sector, and one that continues to be at the vanguard of its industry – transforming the OOH market by integrating new technology such as AI.”“This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in Penguin Media’s journey, combining the power of traditional outdoor advertising with cutting-edge technology. This synergy exemplifies our commitment to being pioneering industry leaders, delivering unparalleled value to our clients and a seamless integration of outdoor advertising experiences – for both advertisers and consumers alike,” Al Mulhem added.Also commenting on the partnership, Dato Manikandamurthy Velayoudam, Group Chairman & Managing Director of SkyBlue Media Group, said: "The synergy between SkyBlue Media's OOH expertise and Penguin Media's robust local presence is poised to revolutionize outdoor advertising in Abu Dhabi. Together, our unique strengths will seamlessly blend, adding unparalleled value to the industry and transforming the advertising landscape for a truly extraordinary experience."Committed to client success and guaranteeing wide brand exposure, Penguin Media -subsidiary of 9Yards Communications- has since its inception, continued to push boundaries and employ cutting-edge technology into its service offering. It also provides a highly skilled team who are committed to transforming the vision of a company’s advertising needs into compelling visual reality.

Geely Auto appoints Quill as strategic and creative partner

Geely Auto Middle East has announced the appointment of Quill, an integrated marketing communication agency, as its strategic and creative partner. This collaboration aims not only to develop comprehensive regional creative and communication campaigns but also to manage high-quality social media content, enhancing Geely Auto Middle East's digital presence.Cook Xue, representing Geely Auto Middle East, underscores the commitment to crafting a mobility experience resonating with the local culture. This signals a dedication to understanding the unique fabric of the Middle East and ensuring Geely's creative ethos reflects the region's spirit and aspirations.Maan Bou Dargham, CEO of Quill, expresses the agency's honor in being entrusted with Geely Auto Middle East's creative and strategic ambitions. Quill's recent expansion with new offices in Beirut, Riyadh, and Jeddah positions them well to provide an integrated communication approach for Geely Auto.Leveraging Quill's extensive expertise across departments and aiming to drive Geely Auto's brand growth indicates a holistic partnership. The emphasis on a bespoke, strategic framework and the application of Quill's IQ model (Insights, Imagination, Integration) highlights their commitment to delivering innovative solutions for Geely Auto.The Geely Bidding Committee's comprehensive and competitive evaluation process led to Quill's selection. Tony Saade, CSO at Quill, outlines the agency's approach focused on creating engaging customer experiences and enhancing Geely Auto's brand presence across all channels.This partnership signifies a substantial expansion of Quill's client portfolio, marking a new phase for both Quill and Geely Auto Middle East in terms of strategic communication and creative endeavors

Viola Outdoors’s progressive digital transformation launches on National Day 23

Viola Outdoor, a division of Viola Communications and the leading provider of out-of-home cross-platform media solutions in Abu Dhabi, is utilizing space on its digital media assets, from bridge-banners and taxi-tops to the brand new digital totems and digital hoardings introduced across the city this week, to provide a city-wide platform of celebration for the United Arab Emirates as it marks its 52nd National Day on December 2nd.Ammar Sharaf, founder and CEO of Viola Communications, expressed his pride in the company’s policy of community engagement, joining in as the whole country celebrates National Day, saying, “I am thrilled to announce this initiative, which comes in line with our commitment to reinforcing a spirit of unity. As an Abu Dhabi home-grown organization, Viola Communications has always believed in the power of creativity to inspire and bring people together in a reflection of the UAE leadership’s guidance, and by presenting the UAE flag as the first introduction to our new digital assets, alongside our existing bridge-banners digital network and exclusive digital taxi-tops, we are amplifying the true essence of our nation’s citizens, supporting their wish to express appreciation for the UAE’s leadership and celebrate the diverse aspects of the UAE’s heritage and cultural richness. We understand that National Day is a significant milestone that binds us together as a nation, and we wanted to contribute in a meaningful way. By launching the capital’s digital transformation mega project on this special occasion, we strengthen the sense of pride and unity among citizens, a value that we share at Viola, and by focusing our content on this National Day, we are honouring our nation.”Viola’s digital out-of-home assets are highly visible examples of the company’s digitalization process across the capital and this week sees a leap in the expansion of DOOH, as Viola Outdoors’s assets now include digital hoardings and unique free-standing totem road-side displays, all of which are located in prominent areas across the capital.

Kwai appoints Advert on Click as its advertising agent for the MENA region

Joyo Technology Pte. Ltd, the owner and operator of the Kwai short-video sharing App, has revealed a contract agreement with ‘Advert on Click’ to manage the promotion and sale of the ad spaces on the Kwai app in the Middle East and North Africa.Under the agreement, ‘Advert on Click’ will Kwai’s media sales to advertisers who want to reach over19 million users in the MENA region.Commenting on the agreement, Fahed Aldeeb, CEO of Advert on Click, said: "Kwai App has witnessed remarkable growth in the number of new users in the MENA region, in addition to a significant increase in the volume of Arabic content pumped by content creators from various Arab countries in different fields.""The Kwai App offers advertisers opportunities of significant impact on users in terms of the timing of display of ads or the ads broadcasting process within the user-targeted content. It also enhances interaction between users and advertisers in a manner that enables advertisers to achieve a greatest return during their advertising campaign on the Kwai App with reasonable cost," Aldeeb added."Advert on Click will market the advertising spaces offered by Kwai App to its network of advertisers on the platform and through its partnerships with other advertising agencies operating in the MENA region and beyond, with the aim of reaching the largest number of advertisers from different sectors and fields."According to a report released by Statista, in 2021, global spending on social media advertising amounted to nearly $116 billion, with this figure is expected to double to exceed $262 billion by 2028.In 2020, global social media advertising spending per user was $28.30, out of which $22.4 per user was spent on mobile social media advertising, with expectations that mobile advertising spending will rise to more than $33 per user by 2025.

The Immortal Awards of MEA begins with support from BIG KAHUNA FILMS

The Immortal Award, an annual competition that celebrates creativity and production excellence in the advertising and marketing industry of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, was held in Dubai, where creative and production leaders gathered to assess and honour outstanding work in the field. With the support from Big Kahuna Films, the jurors voted on a shortlist of 25 projects, which had scored highest in the online round of judging prior to the in-person sessionThe six projects will now stand a chance of winning an Immortal Award or picking up a Commendation at the global jury day on Thursday, December 7th. They will be joined by the 7 European Finalists, as well as the forthcoming Finalists from the North America, LATAM, Asia and ANZ jury sessions. This year’s MEA jury was composed of: Yasmina Boustani, Creative Director at Leo Burnett Dubai; Pierre Carnet, Managing Director at MassiveMusic Dubai; Rola Ghotmeh, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Creative 9; Marie Claire Maalouf, Chief Creative Officer of Edelman UAE; Raphael Nassoura, Executive Creative Director and GM of Momentum UAE; Ali Rez, Chief Creative Officer MENAP at Impact BBDO Group; Eddy Rizk, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BIG KAHUNA FILMS; Aliza Siddiqi, Senior Copywriter at FP7McCann Dubai; and Thomas Young, Creative Director at MullenLowe MENA.Pierre Carnet, Managing Director, MassiveMusic Dubai shared: “It was a great pleasure and honour to be a part of the jury panel for the Immortal Awards MEA 2023. Seeing the fantastic work coming out of our region was very inspiring, demonstrating the ambition of local brands and marketers, but also a clear trend towards value-driven marketing and using brand platforms to help implement change.”He continued, “The six projects we have shortlisted as a jury are to me a representation of the burgeoning creativity we find in the Middle East and Africa, where the sky is the limit in terms of what can be achieved. Whether this means pushing new technologies in never seen before ways, creating new product-driven concepts, using marketing to influence policy and culture, or just having good old fun with a brand - year after year the region continues to impress and improve. I cannot wait to see what next year has in store.”Thomas Young, Creative Director at MullenLowe MENA went on to share what surprised him about the work this year. He said, “I was really surprised at the consistent level of quality work coming out of UAE and KSA. You start to now think if the so-called ‘gap’ even exists between West and East in terms of standard of work. Such is the rise in the level of thinking. It gets better every year. Ali Rez, Chief Creative Officer at Impact BBDO Group MENAP shared his thoughts: “The Middle East continues to produce some of the most incredibly creative work – the six projects we picked are not only the best from the region, but some of the best we saw this year coming from anywhere in the world. The jury had very interesting discussions around regional relevancy, bravery in creativity, and the impact the work had on the brand, given the objectives of the campaign.”Finally, Eddy Rizk, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BIG KAHUNA FILMS commented: “This year's jury displayed a commendable balance, having been presented with some truly outstanding pieces to evaluate. I'm hopeful to see an increase in contributions from the region, and that's what we should aim for in the upcoming years.”

Yazle, Dentsu Network, and Mastercard collaborate for sustainable advertising

Yazle, a global digital media company specializing in innovative and creative digital advertising, partnered with Dentsu to work on Mastercard’s Gamers8 campaign that not only pushed the boundaries of performance but also supported sustainability efforts. Yazle adopted groundbreaking adaptive streaming technology from SeenThis. Using SeenThis's adaptive streaming, to the campaign saw a reduction in data transferred to devices during this year’s edition of the event by an astonishing 23% compared to running creatives of corresponding quality using conventional technology. This reduction is not just a statistic; it is a meaningful contribution to sustainability. By avoiding the release of 399 kilograms of CO2e emissions into the atmosphere, which translates to 7% in creative delivery emissions, Mastercard achieved a notable 6.88% reduction in its carbon footprint. This is equivalent to curbing 6,871 KM driven by a passenger car or 109,756 fully charged phones. This impressive environmental impact demonstrates how Yazle’s expertise in digital advertising, along with SeenThis's adaptive streaming technology, supports Mastercard’s commitment to sustainability. “At Mastercard, we are passionate about building a sustainable world that works for everyone. Recently, we pushed forward our deadline to achieve net-zero emissions across our operations from 2050 to 2040 in line with our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint. We believe in the power of technology to influence a greener tomorrow for ourselves, our partners, and the markets we serve. Through our work with Yazle and Dentsu, we are ensuring that we conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way,” said Mustapha Kassem, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Middle East, and North Africa, Mastercard. Through the utilization of adaptive streaming technology, brands can efficiently deliver captivating content while simultaneously lessening the environmental impact, compared to running creatives of corresponding quality using conventional technology. This innovative streaming technology provides advertisers with the means to curtail data consumption without sacrificing video quality, leading to a substantial decrease in carbon footprint. This aligns seamlessly with the UAE's Year of Sustainability initiative, highlighting commitment to eco-friendly practices and responsible content delivery.“At Yazle, we are empowering brands to forge a sustainable path forward, where innovation and responsibility converge. Together, we are redefining success, where achieving sustainability goals is not just a choice but a strategic imperative. In this journey, we do not just follow trends; we set them. We measure impact, reduce carbon footprints, and engage consumers in meaningful ways. With our unwavering commitment to a greener future, we are not just helping brands reach their sustainability goals; we are propelling them towards a brighter, more responsible tomorrow. The Mastercard campaign is a perfect example of this,” said Jamie Atherton, Managing Director at Yazle. “Reducing emissions associated within the media supply chain has become an imperative for our industry, and achieving this requires close collaboration across the entire media ecosystem. Mastercard has been a leader in supplier sustainability, and it is really encouraging to see the tangible impact of taking an eco-conscious approach to advertising in this campaign. Having partners like Yazle helps us to not only support our clients on their climate action commitments, but also our own efforts to decarbonize media and achieve our science-based-targets on the journey to net-zero,” said aid Mr. Ramzy Abouchacra from Dentsu.Overall, the campaign also achieved remarkable results, with a total of 1,847,464 impressions. Notably, it boasted a robust video start rate of 90.9% and an impressive video completion rate of 64.1%, underscoring the engaging nature of the content. Among the various ad placements, the 300x600 unit emerged as the star performer, delivering the highest completion rates, demonstrating the campaign's ability to captivate and retain audience attention. This successful collaboration between Yazle and Dentsu sets a commendable example for the advertising industry, displaying the potential to achieve business objectives while prioritizing sustainability. Yazle is dedicated to pioneering innovative approaches that benefit both consumers and the environment.

Strategic communication agency Manara Global expands with new hub in Masdar City

Abu Dhabi: Manara Global, a leading strategic communication agency, embarks on its next phase of growth as the agency announces their expansion within the UAE with a new hub located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.Positioned in the heart of this sustainable urban community, the new hub in Masdar City offers an innovative and eco-friendly workspace for the Manara Global team, aligning perfectly with the agency’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.This strategic move not only underscores Manara Global’s commitment to deepening its ties with the Abu Dhabi and UAE government sector but also highlights its momentum in the private sector, following several significant client account wins in the technology sector, such as G42 Cloud. The hub in Masdar City marks a pivotal step in the agency’s wider expansion plans that envision further outreach across the region and internationally.“Our expansion into Abu Dhabi, particularly Masdar City, is a strategic leap in our journey,” stated Teri O’Donnell, Founding Partner and Chair of Manara Global. “With recent wins in the technology sector and our increasing engagement in the Abu Dhabi and UAE government sector, this new location empowers us to serve our clients more effectively while also resonating with our focus on sustainability and our purpose-led values.”Amier Alawadhi, Acting Director of the Masdar City Free Zone welcoming Manara Global said, “I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Manara Global as they join our dynamic and thriving business community. Manara Global's decision to establish their presence here is a testament to the appeal of Masdar City as a hub for innovative companies to grow. Our comprehensive ecosystem of over 450 business activities ensures that we provide the necessary infrastructure and support for companies across various sectors. We are excited to see Manara Global leverage the opportunities offered in Masdar City and look forward to witnessing their contribution to our ever-expanding network of businesses.”Since its inception in Dubai in 2019, Manara Global has been working tirelessly with clients across the region. The interest in its services has grown exponentially, not just regionally, but internationally, leading to multiple client engagements outside of the Middle East, such as London Business School.The expansion to Masdar City, Abu Dhabi forms part of the Agency’s strategic plan for growth which also includes the development of further service offerings, partnerships, and new hires to bring further expertise into the Agency. A focus of the Agency’s strategic plan is on innovation which will see a range of technology solutions taken up and a greater focus on the Agency’s Insight and Intelligence team – the Ma’refa (meaning knowledge in Arabic) team – which will be providing comprehensive insights into the region, with a particular focus on the UAE.Robin Gordon-Farleigh, Founding Partner of Manara Global, commented, “As we align with the UAE’s National Year of Sustainability, our presence in Masdar City not only positions us closer to our valuable clients but also underscores our commitment to sustainable practices and innovation. With our Ma’refa team, we have enhanced our capacity to deliver insightful and region-specific intelligence, with a nuanced focus on the UAE. This is a pivotal era for Manara Global, as we embrace cutting-edge technology solutions and strategically position ourselves to lead, innovate, and drive meaningful impact in the field of strategic communications.”Manara Global provides strategic communications advisory to Government and businesses ranging from crisis communications, media relations, through to thought leadership and communication strategy.

From celebrity recognition to sonic branding - Kantar’s AI cracks the code

Kantar, the world's leading marketing insights and analytics company, today announces a broad expansion of its AI capabilities within its brand strategy and creative development portfolio. Combining Kantar’s expertise in advanced analytics with the most meaningful data, a new generation of features use AI to generate accurate insights to ensure creative effectiveness and strategic brand building at scale.Link subscriptions allow advertisers to test ads at scaleLink subscriptions allow advertisers to stretch their ad testing budgets further to cover more ads by dynamically combining survey-based and AI-based creative testing into a tailored package. In today's digital-first media landscape, where advertisers create many content variations across multiple ad platforms, the ability to test more assets means more insights and better effectiveness. Combining survey and AI testing also means that advertisers get the best of both worlds, the depth of insights from real people along with scale and speed thanks to AI. Link AI, Kantar’s artificial intelligence-based tool for testing digital and TV advertising, delivers many of the same established, validated measures available via the LINK+ survey testing approach, so advertisers are assured of consistent metrics, with both AI and survey tests using a common language.Advertisers switching to a Link subscription will benefit from using Kantar’s “always on” testing platform and being able to test a far greater proportion of campaign assets with the same budget, compared to using survey testing only.Celebrity recognition capability comes to Link AI ad testingLink AI has added celebrity recognition to its roster of AI-enabled features. This allows advertisers to evaluate the effect of featuring public figures in their ads. The AI model identifies the celebrity or public figure in an ad using facial recognition and assesses how influential they are. It also determines the expression on the celebrity’s face and the star’s connection to the brand by analysing mentions of the brand and individual online. Analysis of celebrity-fronted campaigns in Kantar’s Link ad testing database finds that the better the celebrity “fit”, the more likely the campaign will deliver brand equity and sales lift – an invaluable measure for marketers to ensure ROI. Predictive eye-tracking allows advertisers to understand what is grabbing attentionPredictive eye-tracking shows which details of an ad are likely to draw viewers’ attention, enabling advertisers to create more engaging content. It will become available on Link AI and LINK+ from 31 October. Built upon a training database of real eye-tracking tests, predictive eye-tracking delivers a second-by-second heatmap showing which elements are predicted to catch the eye – a valuable addition to marketers’ arsenals as they look to capture and retain consumers' attention.Kantar clients with a Link subscription will benefit from both celebrity recognition and predictive eye-tracking as standard. Within LINK+ studies, predictive eye-tracking combined with facial coding strengthens assessment of emotional response to ads. Link AI and LINK+ are both available on Kantar Marketplace.   Predictive eye-tracking in LINK+ and Link AI: The more attention predicted, the warmer the colour BrandDigital uses ‘big data’ to put brands on the front foot against disruptionKantar has built BrandDigital to provide brand managers with customisable insights they need to stay ahead of emerging competitive threats. It uses proprietary AI to interrogate 8.5 billion Google searches by 4.3 billion digital consumers across all categories, languages and countries. Providing brand owners with visibility of everything consumers are searching for, in their own words, BrandDigital identifies consumer trends, potential disruptors and market shifts, and uncovers rich regional nuances.    The BrandDigital self-serve dashboard brings structure to ‘big data’ to put brands on the front footBrandDigital expands the topics of research into related areas, to extend brands’ line of sight to the next disruption. The AI toolkit collects and organises unstructured search data into topics or themes and applies advanced analytics to understand brand interest or salience, share and growth - arming brand experts with meaningful data to help clients take their growth strategies further, faster. BrandDigital provides a much-expanded view of the market, benefiting brand owners from both Kantar’s expert knowledge and leading-edge technology, with findings delivered via a self-serve dashboard containing four years of historical data. NeedScope AI for Music decodes the winning formula for sonic brandingKantar’s NeedScope framework is globally famous across the marketing world for revealing the emotive needs in a category to inform brands’ positioning strategies. With the launch of NeedScope AI for Music, Kantar is now able to apply that famed NeedScope methodology to sound. The new NeedScope AI Decoder uses machine learning to understand the emotion in auditory assets. This guides brands in developing their portfolio of sonic assets (sounds, music, jingles, and others) that are strongly associated with the brand, building recognition and memorability. Successful sonic branding involves creating a unique and memorable brand identity through the innovative use of sound. By aligning music and sound tonality with a brand's messaging and identity, NeedScope AI for Music enables brands to create immersive and engaging experiences that resonate with users and reinforce brand messaging powerfully and effectively.   Kantar’s NeedScope framework identifies brand positioning territories based on emotionCommenting, Ted Prince, Chief Product Officer, Kantar, said: “Our innovation in AI is opening new frontiers in the collection, interpretation and application of human data. It enables the deepest understanding of how people everywhere think and act – and allows us to generate brand-defining insights at ever greater speed and scale. When combined with our industry-leading advantages in data and brand expertise, our application of AI unlocks profound new possibilities to shape the future of brands. Our industry has an excellent reputation for technological innovation, and at Kantar we are committed to leading the disruption. We are constantly evolving our portfolio to put place the power of AI into our clients’ hands, giving them the most meaningful data to power their strategic thinking.”

Saudi Sports for All Federation launches fitness campaign

 The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) has launched a brand campaign under the hashtag #MoveYourWorld. This campaign aims to inspire all societal groups in Saudi Arabia to engage in physical activity both indoors and outdoors, under all kinds of climatic conditions, to sustain, encourage and raise physical activity levels. SFA strives to accomplish the goals of the awareness campaign which runs through August 8th, by using digital methods, platforms, and billboards that reach the various sectors of society. Subsequently, to raise and capture the public’s awareness of the value of exercise, the campaign collaborated with numerous influential individuals and groups to encourage people to follow its social media accounts, and share content under the hashtag #MoveYourWorld. All of which is supported by the campaign’s main video, and spreading motivational phrases that aid in raising community awareness of the importance of exercising.This campaign falls under the Saudi Sports for All Federation’s vision toward creating an active and healthy community in line with achieving the Saudi Vision 2030. In addition to reflecting SFA’s dedication to improving the physical fitness of society by developing initiatives that promote physical activities that are suitable for various conditions.The Saudi Sports for All Federation is working on numerous awareness campaigns to reach all facets of society, including the #MoveYourWorld campaign within the community sports system, to achieve a more healthy and energetic life, where contemporary virtual reality technologies are employed to offer appropriate alternatives to physical activity, to increase participation rate and social interaction in various conditions and atmospheres on a regular basis. As well as increasing the percentage of physical activity levels among the various social groups to make them more receptive to engaging with the objectives of community sports. The SFA encourages the community to move through experiencing an exciting digital experience that takes the user around the museum of extinct mobility. In addition to a series of weekly challenges on the SFA mobile application.The Saudi Sports for All Federation works together with several specialized agencies in the public and private sectors. This helps to contribute to the success of the initiatives and awareness campaigns it launches.

Media Blends unveils DOOH network in Abu Dhabi

Media Blends is introducing an exclusive Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network across YAS Island and Al Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi's iconic YAS Island and MIRAL, the renowned master planner and operator. This initiative is divided into two phases, aiming to provide advertisers with a digital screen network that can effectively target the millions of travelers and residents who frequent these islands annually.Abu Dhabi has a population of approximately 2.9 million residents, and in 2018, 22.3 million travelers transited through Abu Dhabi Airport, with 11.35 million international visitors to the city in 2019. In the same year, the city welcomed 518,000 cruise passengers and recorded 5.1 million hotel stays.The YAS Island DOOH network comprises 35 high-quality digital screens of various sizes strategically placed by Media Blends to cover key attractions on the island, including YAS Bay, Etihad Arena, Hilton YAS hotel, YAS Marina Circuit, YAS Mall, and Ferrari World. YAS Island is home to over 150 restaurants, four theme parks, 10 hotels, 3,056 hotel rooms and apartments, and more than 19,500 square meters of business spaces.In the project's second phase, Media Blends, operating in Egypt, UAE, and KSA, will launch over 60 advanced screens across Al Saadiyat Island, another significant landmark in Abu Dhabi.Media Blends CEO Mona Al Amin said: “We’re excited to announce this great opportunity for advertisers in one of the busiest and most vibrant locations in the UAE in general, and Abu Dhabi in specific. Our DOOH network comprises next-gen digital screens that will take advertising campaigns to a new level, helping advertisers from YAS Island and beyond to engage with a substantially wide audience across effective media platforms.”

Riyadh Bank partners with XELEMENT

Riyadh Bank has formed a strategic partnership with the Saudi creative agency XELEMENT to usher in a new era of innovative marketing practices. Within this collaboration, XELEMENT will assume the responsibilities for marketing and advertising on behalf of the bank.Riyadh Bank has shown a strong dedication to adopting progressive and forward-thinking marketing strategies. Leveraging its expansive reach and extensive customer base, the bank has played a leading role in the development of pioneering marketing initiatives.Both companies view this collaboration as strategically significant for their respective objectives. Riyad Bank aims to elevate its marketing efforts to new levels by harnessing the creative expertise of XELEMENT agency. In turn, the agency sees this partnership as a testament to its capabilities and a vital opportunity to make a lasting impact in the financial sector.Earlier this year, the agency had announced plans to restructure and integrate its creative, strategy, and media teams under one roof, addressing a notable gap in the market. They also unveiled an expansion of their services, including media strategy, planning, buying, and data analytics. These new media services are under the leadership of Eddy Hanna, an experienced professional in the region, serving as the Media Director.

Allianz Initiates Global Media Agency Pitch Amid Industry Speculation

Insurance powerhouse Allianz, a key player within the global Allianz Group, has recently opened a pitch for its media agency account, industry insiders have disclosed.The final round of this competitive selection process reportedly includes media agencies such as Wavemaker, Carat, and Hearts and Science, all vying for this prestigious partnership opportunity.Australia has been serviced by Publicis Groupe's Spark Foundry in the incumbent role.It is understood that this global pitch is exclusively available to agencies with established global master service agreements. This move by Allianz comes at a time when the insurance sector is undergoing significant transformation and competition is high.For further updates on this developing story, stay tuned.

Amazon's $20.6 Billion Media Account in Global Pitch

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, is putting its massive media account up for pitch after spending $20.6 billion on advertising and promotional costs in 2022. This figure marked a significant increase from the previous year's $16.9 billion. Procter & Gamble, once considered the world's biggest advertising spender, has fallen behind with advertising costs of $8 billion in 2023, compared to $7.9 billion in 2022 and $8.2 billion in 2021, according to its financial filings.IPG Mediabrands has held Amazon's media buying account since 2017, but the company has decided to review its options. Amazon stated, "We routinely review existing business relationships with third-party vendors and partners, and based on those reviews, may decide to solicit proposals from vendors interested in working with us." The retail giant uses a variety of advertising channels, including sponsored search, social and online advertising, third-party customer referrals, and television advertising, to attract buyers to its platforms. Amazon is also a significant player in the ad space, ranking as the world's third-largest digital advertising platform, behind Google and Meta. In the June quarter, its advertising services grew by 22% to reach $10.68 billion.

Prime Video to introduce ads

Beginning next year, Amazon's Prime Video streaming service will incorporate limited advertisements. Ads in Prime Video content will be introduced in the US, UK, Germany and Canada in early 2024, followed by France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia later in the year, said the company. Amazon said the idea is to provide an ad experience with significantly fewer interruptions compared to traditional linear TV and other streaming platforms.Crucially, this transformation will not result in any changes to the current pricing structure of Prime membership for customers. "We aim to have meaningfully fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming TV providers. No action is required for Prime members. We’re not making changes in 2024 to the current price of Prime membership," said the company.Amazon is working on introducing a new ad-free option, and the pricing details for this option will be shared at a later date. Amazon will ensure that its Prime members are well-informed about these developments and will provide ample time and guidance on how to opt for the ad-free option, should they prefer it.Since its launch in 2007, Amazon Prime has consistently evolved, offering an expanding list of benefits to its members. Live event content such as sports will continue to include advertising.

BackLite Media partners with Place Exchange for programmatic OOH buying

Dubai-based digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising company BackLite Media has announced a partnership with Place Exchange, the SSP for programmatic out-of-home (OOH) media, to accelerate the programmatic transformation of DOOH in the UAE and increase opportunities for DOOH to be included in omnichannel marketing strategies.BackLite Media offers premium DOOH media opportunities across a diverse array of settings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, ranging from bustling highways like Sheikh Zayed Road to upscale malls and destinations. This expansive coverage across the UAE ensures that BackLite Media effectively reaches individuals throughout their daily journeys and at key destinations. The integration with Place Exchange enables advertisers to seamlessly tap into this extensive inventory through their DSPs with a variety of programmatic buying options, including open auction, programmatic guaranteed and private marketplace deals.Sean Gadsby, Head of Programmatic at BackLite Media, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Place Exchange, highlighting the potential to unlock new revenue streams and attract interest from global buyers. "Place Exchange is a prominent name in the industry, and we're eagerly anticipating the prospects this partnership brings on a global level. The collaboration with Place Exchange will empower our clients with unparalleled programmatic capabilities and a seamless workflow to incorporate BackLite Media in omnichannel purchases."“There is growing demand by local and global advertisers for DOOH inventory in this market,” said Nick Bennett, SVP of Partnerships at Place Exchange. “Through this integration with BackLite Media, they can now deliver high-impact OOH messaging to audiences throughout the UAE with scale, automation, and flexibility like never before.”The BackLite Media and Place Exchange integration heralds a new chapter in programmatic OOH media evolution in the UAE. This collaboration will enable advertisers to seamlessly leverage BackLite Media's comprehensive DOOH inventory while capitalizing on the benefits of programmatic buying and streamlined workflow integration. As the partnership gains momentum, it stands poised to contribute to the continued evolution of programmatic advertising in the UAE market.

HAVAS RED adds four new beauty brands to its portfolio

Havas Red Middle East has expanded its beauty and wellness division by signing on four new prestigious brands, which are Laneige, Luxuria Group, Sculpted by Aimee and Swiss Arabian Perfumes to its portfolio .The agency’s high standards, creativity and innovation have been rewarded with these wins as the dedicated Havas Red team is tasked with handling PR, communications and influencer relations for the brands.The exciting additions to Havas Red’s diverse portfolio showcase the agency’s versatility and expertise in the industry, solidifying its position as a communications leader in the beauty and wellness sector.Laneige, from South Korea, is a cosmetics brand with a rich history in skincare innovation. Launched by Amore Pacific in 1994, the brand’s name translates to “the snow” in French, embodying its commitment to skin hydration and radiant, pure beauty. Luxuria Group, based in Dubai, has established itself as a key player in the luxury beauty market across the GCC region. As a distributor of international luxury beauty brands, Luxuria Group specializes in niche fragrances, skincare, and haircare. Havas Red’s partnership with Luxuria Group is anchored in a shared vision of enhancing the beauty and wellness landscape. Sculpted by Aimee is an award-winning Irish makeup brand founded by makeup artist Aimee Connolly. With a dedication to quality, innovation and inclusivity, the brand speaks to individuals who view makeup as a means of self-expression and empowerment. Carrying a legacy rooted in a blend of Western and Oriental craftsmanship, Swiss Arabian Perfumes is a brand that epitomizes the celebration of cultural diversity. Founded on the concept of duality, the brand empowers an emerging audience to embrace their identity by drawing inspiration from the drama and grandeur of the East, as well as the power and dynamism of the West. Dana Tahir, Managing Director, Havas Red Middle East, said: “Laneige, Luxuria Group, Sculpted by Aimee and Swiss Arabian Perfumes each represents a unique facet of the industry, from cultural fusion to scientific innovation and artistic expression. With these new partners in our client roster, we continue to reinforce our agency’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and we look forward to creating meaningful and impactful communications with the brands.”

Babyshop unveils lullaby for kids in war zones

Babyshop, the baby and children’s retailer in the MENA region, has launched an initiative called ‘Frequencies of Peace’ with the help of creative agency FP7 McCann. Its main aim is to improve the lives of children in war and conflict areas, in support of UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. ‘Frequencies of Peace’ is a lullaby, developed with a dedicated team of neuroscientists from music therapy platform ‘Spiritune’. It is a specially developed song, which can calm, soothe and assist children go to sleep while living in devastating situations and also for those who have had experienced the turmoil early in their lives.   Babyshop has adopted this novel approach to address and support babies and children affected by war by replacing the sounds of war with the sounds of a lullaby to bring comfort and hope across the Middle East. This will surely assist parents and caregivers, as the lullaby has been made by evidence-based research in music therapy and neuroscience from leading institutions, such as New York University and Stanford.Moreover, scientific studies show very clearly that music has a profound impact on the nervous system. Lullabies, in particular, are highly effective in regulating children’s nervous systems. Across the world, an estimated 200 million children are living in the world’s most lethal war zones in the Middle East. Babies exposed to the sights and sounds of terror and war have been shown to develop PTSD, depression, and high rates of anxiety as they grow up. According to UNHCR’s Global Trends Report 2022, children make up to 30% but account for 41% of all forcibly displaced people. Children living in countries affected by wars and disasters often experience psychological distress, including anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and sleep disturbances. Mitin Chakraborty, Head of Marketing at Babyshop, commented: “As Head of Marketing for Babyshop, I've seen firsthand the impact of collective action. 'Frequencies of Peace' was born from a realization that peaceful sleep is a luxury for children in conflict zones. This scientifically-designed lullaby is our humble attempt to offer them the tranquillity they deserve. It's a joint effort with our incredible partners—UNHCR, Spiritune, and Anghami—uniting us in the commitment to make a real difference, one lullaby at a time.”<div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>Fanti Federico, Chief Creative Officer at FP7 McCann, noted: “We are extremely proud to be part of this campaign, and to work with Babyshop, the artist and the team of neuroscientists from Spiritune. There is nothing more rewarding than using creativity to build effective and long-lasting tools that can benefit underprivileged people. This Lullaby can not only help children in war and disaster zones, but it can also represent a meaningful symbol of peace for the wider audience.” He added “The process has been humbling to be part of, and with the support of the UNHCR we hope that we can bring comfort to millions of children all over the world.”In a world where millions of children are burdened by the trauma of war and its aftermath, the simple power of a lullaby offers a glimmer of hope and solace amidst the chaos.

Enas Rashwan launches Saudi Ad School in Riyadh

Enas Rashwan, the visionary behind Cairo Ad School, has announced the inauguration of the Saudi Ad School in Riyadh, marking a significant milestone in the realm of Saudi advertising education.This pioneering ad institution is celebrated as the “first Saudi occupational advertising institute” in the country, designed with the noble mission of empowering the upcoming generation of Saudi advertising professionals.Enas Rashwan, the accomplished Founder and President of both Saudi Ad School and Cairo Ad School, boasts a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 18 years in the advertising and communications sphere. Having initially established Cairo Ad School to bridge the educational gap for creative industry professionals in her region, Rashwan has now extended her vision to Saudi Arabia.Rashwan envisions the Saudi Ad School as an extraordinary platform for aspiring creative talents in Saudi Arabia, where they can cultivate their skills and make a profound impact on the advertising industry, all while aligning with the ambitious objectives of Vision 2030.In order to achieve these goals, Rashwan has invited industry professionals, encouraging them to contribute through mentorship and collaborative partnerships. She firmly believes that the Saudi Ad School's mission hinges on the substantial involvement of industry luminaries and key stakeholders.The school's comprehensive programmes will offer industry-specific training, equipping budding talents with the requisite skills and knowledge demanded by the advertising field. These training modules encompass top-tier specialized education and hands-on experience through industry projects, internships, and workshops.In addition to offering real-world insights and opportunities, the school maintains strong ties with advertising agencies, industry experts, and influential figures, ensuring students receive a holistic education.The school's distinctive feature lies in its cultural integration, where it seamlessly weaves cultural sensitivity and local context into its curriculum. This approach enables students to create campaigns that resonate with and authentically reflect the Saudi culture, thereby establishing a profound connection with the Saudi audience.The Saudi Ad School's offerings are organised into four core pillars: educational programmes, career development, talent placement recruitment, and a community platform.Under educational programmes, students can explore an array of courses encompassing disciplines like copywriting, art direction, strategic planning, ad filmmaking, branding, and digital marketing.As a vibrant community platform, the school fosters networking events and awards festivals, tapping into the extensive online resources and networks of industry organizations and creative professionals.Furthermore, the Saudi Ad School offers flexible educational options, including diplomas (6 months), mini diplomas (3 months), courses (5 weeks), workshops (3 days), and sessions (3 hours) to cater to the diverse needs of its students.

MENA's mobile revolution: An interview with Mobmio CEO Aleksandr Kryvosheiev

In this exclusive interview with Adgully, Aleksandr Kryvosheiev, the CEO of Mobmio, a rapidly expanding global mobile performance network specializing in user acquisition for mobile apps and monetization services for publishers, delves into the evolving landscape of mobile usage, affiliate marketing, and data-driven strategies that Mobmio employs to navigate the dynamic world of mobile apps and affiliate marketing. Excerpts:The MENA region is often described as "mobile-first." How have you seen mobile usage and behavior evolve in this region over the past few years, and what unique opportunities does this present for companies like Mobmio?Over the past few years, mobile usage in the MENA region has experienced remarkable growth. As we all know, the UAE is the world leader in innovations, which resulted in double engagement on apps. This surge is attributed to the widespread adoption of smartphones and the introduction of 5G technology, contributing to higher mobile internet usage and shifts in user behavior. Notably, consumer engagement with apps in the region now surpasses that of Europe and North America by 1.6 times.According to Mitgo's data, the number of mobile sales in MENA grew by 20% in H1 of 2023 YoY, their GMV grew by 18,3%, over half of all orders in the region are made through mobile phones.Taking into account the results of July and August, the growth of sales through mobile traffic sources has increased even further, reaching 30% year over year.This shift has created unique opportunities for companies like Mobmio. With our focus on user acquisition and monetization services for mobile apps, we're well-positioned to tap into the region's mobile-first culture. As the MENA market embraces mobile apps for everything from shopping to entertainment, Mobmio can help local brands leverage this trend for rapid app growth to keep up with users' habits and trends. Launched as a stand-alone business in 2023, Mobmio has already reached 500+ million mobile users, generated 50+ million interactions and acquired 15+ million new users for its customers worldwide. Could you share some insights into the most significant mobile trends globally? How does Mobmio stay ahead of these trends to better serve its clients?Globally, mobile trends have seen a shift towards personalized experiences, augmented reality, and mobile commerce. Mobmio stays ahead of these trends through continuous market research, staying updated with technology advancements, and fostering partnerships with innovative app developers and mobile publishers. By understanding evolving user preferences, we tailor our strategies to align with these trends, ensuring our clients' apps reach their target audiences. With your extensive experience in affiliate marketing, how has the landscape of mobile affiliate marketing evolved since you started in the industry in 2013, and how is Mobmio adapting to these changes?Since 2013, mobile affiliate marketing has evolved from being a supplementary channel to a primary revenue driver for many businesses. Nowadays, we even see businesses emerging exclusively for mobile platforms, completely bypassing the traditional desktop format. This shift is hardly surprising given that tasks like hailing a taxi or finding a date are now predominantly carried out on mobile devices rather than desktops.The rise of mobile apps and social media platforms has transformed how affiliates reach and engage audiences. It's crucial to recognize that user behavior has undergone a notable transformation during this period. The generations of Millennials, Gen Z, and even the emerging Alpha generation tend to gravitate towards convenience, often seeking services that require minimal additional communication or effort. Our experience allows us to navigate this evolving landscape effectively, ensuring maximum results for our clients.User acquisition is a critical aspect of mobile app success. Could you elaborate on some of the key strategies that Mobmio employs to help its clients acquire and retain users effectively?Mobmio excels in user acquisition by seamlessly blending affiliate marketing strategies with cutting-edge mobile app dynamics. We connect apps with their ideal audience segments by leveraging our extensive network of mobile-first publishers. This dynamic partnership with diverse publisher types empowers us to tap into various user behaviors and preferences. Moreover, our personalized success managers collaborate closely with clients, optimizing strategies for long-term user acquisition and retention. Through these synergistic approaches, we secure high-quality installs, enhance user engagement, and ultimately drive user retention. We prioritize meeting our clients' specific needs and objectives, ensuring the success of their businesses by maintaining a strong focus on their goals and long-term partnerships. In a crowded app marketplace, what role does data-driven marketing play in ensuring a mobile app's visibility and growth? How does Mobmio leverage data to optimize user acquisition campaigns?Amid the bustling app marketplace, data-driven marketing is the compass guiding an app's trajectory. Mobmio capitalizes on data analytics by strategically partnering with diverse publishers, aligning offers with user preferences in specific segments like Ecommerce, Utilities, Finance, Services, Travel, Telecom, and Entertainment. Our data-driven approach goes beyond user segmentation; it permeates every campaign phase. By meticulously analyzing user behavior and engagement metrics, we continually refine targeting and creative optimization. This iterative process ensures that our user acquisition campaigns adapt to real-time trends, resonating with users and fueling app visibility and growth.Could you share a specific case study where Mobmio's approach to user acquisition resulted in remarkable growth for a mobile app? What were the key factors that contributed to that success?Certainly, we worked with an e-commerce app that was struggling to expand its user base. By implementing a comprehensive data analysis, refining their ad creatives for specific audience segments, and employing re-engagement campaigns, Mobmio significantly increased their installs and user engagement. The key factors were our precise targeting, creative optimization, and continuous campaign adjustments based on real-time performance data.Mobile apps have become integral to various industries, including affiliate marketing. How has the role of mobile apps evolved within the affiliate industry, and how does Mobmio leverage this trend?Mobile apps have transformed the affiliate industry by offering a more seamless and personalized user experience. Affiliates can now leverage in-app placements, push notifications, and native advertising for higher engagement. Mobmio harnesses this trend by collaborating with app developers and publishers, creating tailored affiliate strategies that blend seamlessly into the app's experience, enhancing both user engagement and conversion rates.As the CEO of Mobmio, how do you see the synergy between mobile apps and affiliate marketing evolving in the future? What opportunities do you foresee for companies operating in this intersection?The synergy between mobile apps and affiliate marketing will deepen as technology advances. We'll witness more sophisticated tracking, AI-driven optimization, and immersive experiences. This will open opportunities for innovative partnerships where affiliates collaborate closely with app developers to create value-driven experiences. Companies like Mobmio can facilitate these collaborations, driving mutually beneficial outcomes and redefining how affiliates engage with mobile audiences.Can you provide insights into the challenges and opportunities of monetizing mobile audiences, especially in markets like MENA? How does Mobmio address these challenges?Monetizing mobile audiences in markets like MENA requires balancing cultural nuances and user preferences with revenue generation. It's crucial to respect user privacy and avoid intrusive ads. Mobmio addresses these challenges by tailoring ad content to match local preferences, partnering with culturally relevant brands, and leveraging our deep understanding of the market to deliver ads that resonate with users, ultimately maximizing revenue potential.Could you share a success story of how Mobmio effectively helped a publisher optimize their monetization strategy and achieve substantial revenue growth?I'd be glad to share our recent success story with Facemoji, a publisher we work with. In just six months, we helped them double their earnings by implementing the following strategy. Firstly, we advised the publisher to promote offers simultaneously on two models: namely CPI and CPA. By trying both methods, they could figure out which one was more profitable. After identifying the best option, we also customized rates specifically for them. Additionally, we promptly provided them with all the necessary statistics to optimize their advertising efforts effectively. This partnership showcases how strategic planning and data-driven decision-making can significantly boost revenue within a short timeframe.

Deliveroo launches ‘It’s all on your doorstep’ campaign

Deliveroo, a popular food delivery company known for bringing the high-street feel to homes, has now launched a new campaign to celebrate local food scenes from around the world. This ad campaign with its tag line ‘‘It’s all on your doorstep’ has been devised and created by Pablo London, an independent creative agency of London. Deliveroo, a British online food delivery company, was founded in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski at London. Presently, it operates in the UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, besides a few other countries as well.The campaign begins with two small videos of around 30 seconds, exploring Deliveroo’s grocery delivery services along with its restaurant deliveries. Both of the ads have used a mixed-media approach to bring local neighborhoods to life, and spotlight the variety of food which Deliveroo can offer. <div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>Sophie Laghzaoui, Marketing Director-Global Brand strategy & campaign, Deliveroo, said: ““Deliveroo gives customers a portal to discover the best food experiences available on their doorstep – and that’s what inspired our new global brand platform. Whichever neighbourhood you live in, one of the most exciting things about it is the local food scene. From London to Dubai, Paris to Hong Kong, what connects us all is a shared love of food. ” The latest campaign of ads feature an animated Deliveroo rider taking viewers on a journey through a vibrant food community, while promoting the restaurants which can deliver food to people’s doorsteps. The video takes viewers on a tour through the mind of a foodie who needs different ingredients for cravings throughout the week. Showcased across TV, video-on-demand, radio, digital, social, PR and out-of-home (OOH), the creatives will use mixed media environments featuring diverse and unique characters, all centered around the love of food.

Momentus Digital takes their digital advertising solutions to Middle East

Momentus Digital has announced their expansion in the Middle East market with the opening of a new office in Dubai. This move is part of the company’s global growth strategy, and positions Momentus Digital to provide innovative and effective digital advertising solutions to businesses in Middle East.Middel East is a rapidly growing market with a booming digital marketing landscape. According to recent reports, the digital advertising industry in the MENA region is expected to grow to over $9 billion by 2025. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses looking to expand their reach and achieve success in the region.Arooshi Dharamdasani, CEO, Momentus Digital, said, “Middle East is a dynamic and rapidly growing market and we believe that our experience and approach will help businesses achieve their goals in the exciting environment. We are excited to bring our expertise and innovative digital advertising solutions to the Middle East market.”Momentus Digital has provided top-notch services and solutions for digital advertising to companies across sectors in India.Momentus Digital aims to bring their unique approach to digital advertising to Middle East, providing businesses with customized and innovative solutions that drives growth and engagement. It is a Unified Media Advertising Partner, which is designed to provide the full extent of audiences through Native, Programmatic, Search, Display and Gaming audience. Its brand engagement also works on the lines of giving the right audience through the right channel at the right time.Momentus Digital is one of the few homegrown digital advertising companies with an expanding international clientele. We are actively seeking to increase our worldwide footprint through India and Middle East.Ashwani Mehta, Co-Founder, Momentus Digital, said, “Momentus Digital has a proven track record of success in the Indian market and we believe that our approach will resonate with businesses in Middle East.” “We look forward to building strong relationships with our clients and helping them achieve success in this dynamic and exciting market.” says Chavi Tandon, Sales Director-International, Momentus Digital.

Mohamed Bareche joins Horizon FCB Dubai as Executive Creative Director

Dubai: Horizon FCB Dubai, one of the most popular agencies in MENA, has appointed Mohamed Bareche as its new Executive Creative Director. Mohamed Bareche has had a great professional journey, developing campaigns for brands such as Pizza Hut, KitKat, Standard Chartered and Louvre Abu Dhabi. He has been recognized at the Cannes Lions Festival, Clio awards, LIA, NY Festival, One Show, MENA Effie and Dubai Lynx, among other prestigious platforms, for his unique and creative ad campaigns. Mohamed's advertising journey began in 2002 as an assistant art director in Paris. Subsequently, he advanced to senior creative roles within multinational agencies, propelled by his exceptional creativity and innovative prowess.Moreover, Mohamed has also worked as an advertising instructor at respected institutions like the Paris University, ICN Business School, and Artline Institute.Reham Mufleh, Managing Director, Horizon FCB Dubai, said: "Mohamed's addition to our team symbolises a new chapter of creativity and innovation at Horizon FCB. His vast experience and proven track record of excellence align seamlessly with our agency's ethos. We’ll continue unleashing creativity fueled by diversity, data and technology… eagerly anticipating a game-change in partnership with Mohamed.”Mohamed said: “Joining Horizon FCB Dubai is both an honour and a thrilling challenge. They already paved the way and built a strong reputation by winning in every major festival globally, not mentioning notable pitch wins, which resonates with my own drive for excellence. They placed the bar really high and that makes me really excited to integrate in this ambitious team and continue the tradition of crafting campaigns that leave an indelible mark on the industry.”

Anna Gidirim: Leading Admitad's global performance marketing triumph

In this exclusive interview with Adgully Middle East, Anna Gidirim, the CEO of Admitad, delves into the company's remarkable journey from a small affiliate marketing network to a global force in performance marketing. Gidirim shares insights into Admitad's major milestones, innovative strategies, and effective team management in a diverse and multicultural environment. She offers a glimpse into the future of performance marketing, how AI is shaping the industry, and her personal approach to maintaining work-life balance. Gidirim's wisdom and experience provide valuable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, particularly women, looking to excel in the dynamic worlds of marketing and technology. Excerpts:As the CEO of Admitad, could you share some insights into how the company has evolved since its inception in 2009 ? What are some of the major milestones or achievements that you are particularly proud of ?Since its founding in 2009, Admitad has undergone remarkable growth and transformation. We started as a small affiliate marketing network and have evolved into a global performance marketing company with a wide range of innovative solutions. Some of our major milestones include expanding our international presence and opening offices in 11 countries, developing advanced technology to enhance affiliate marketing, and establishing partnerships with leading brands including Aliexpress, Emirates, Sharaf DG, Dubai Store, Ournass and many more which generate 5 billion dollars annually with our platform. I am particularly proud of our consistent focus on innovation and our ability to adapt to changing market trends. Admitad has a team of over 350 employees worldwide. How do you manage such a diverse and multicultural team ? What are some of the strategies you employ to ensure effective communication and collaboration ?Managing a diverse and multicultural team is a priority for us at Admitad. We value different perspectives and experiences, which contribute to our creativity and problem-solving. To ensure effective communication and collaboration, we utilize digital tools for seamless virtual interaction, encourage open dialogue through regular team meetings, and organize cross-functional projects to foster teamwork and share the experience among different geographies. The company additionally facilitates language courses and provides training for navigating within a multicultural environment, aiming to enhance the efficacy of communication across diverse geos.You have mentioned the focus on innovation, what does it mean for Admitad ? How do you see the future of performance marketing evolving ?The landscape of innovation has become notably challenging due to recent regulatory shifts concerning personal data usage and the latest advancements introduced by prominent players like Apple and Google. Given that our business hinges on tracking, these changes have profoundly transformed its foundation. Had we not proactively anticipated and commenced preparations for these shifts several years ago, our operational capacity would have been compromised. Presently, we persist in refining our tools while foreseeing the forthcoming phases in the evolution of the MarTech sector. For us, this isn't just a matter of thriving; it's vital for our survival.Looking ahead, I see performance marketing continuing to evolve through instant payout solutions, AI, data-driven insights, personalized customer experiences, and stronger collaborations between advertisers and affiliates. There are also more and more small and medium enterprises entering the world of affiliate marketing and recognizing its benefits for growth. Can you provide some key points on how affiliate marketing can drive small and medium businesses forward ?One of the key advantages of affiliate marketing for SMEs which usually does not have large marketing budgets is that instead of paying upfront for clicks or ads, businesses only pay a fee when affiliates bring actual results. It is like having a team of online marketers who earn rewards based on how well they do. This helps smaller businesses show their brand more, reach more customers, and make more sales, without risking a lot of money upfront. Platforms such as Admitad Rise help SMEs to start affiliate campaigns easily and faster. They have a large group of affiliates, saving the trouble of finding them on your own. These platforms also give tools to keep track of data, analyze how well things are going, and handle payments. This makes it easier for small businesses to see how their marketing is doing and make changes if needed.Now we live in an unstable world. Crisis situations can significantly impact businesses in your experience, what are some effective strategies or approaches to survive and get back on track during challenging times ? Can you share any specific examples from your own journey at Admitad ?Crisis situations indeed test a company's resilience. Admitad's approach involves maintaining a strong financial foundation, diversifying our partnerships, and agilely adapting to changing market conditions. For instance, during the economic downturn of 2020, we swiftly adjusted our strategies to focus on sectors that showed growth potential, which helped us navigate the challenging times successfully. We ensure protection against adverse effects on specific industries through our comprehensive diversification across various sectors, coupled with the continuous integration of innovative tools tailored to contemporary customer requirements. The ongoing surge in e-commerce further contributes to our favorable trajectory. Our strategy involves parallel investments in well-established economies such as the USA and Germany, alongside an assertive pursuit of market participation in emerging regions like India and LATAM. Simultaneously, we are strategically entering uncharted territories for the affiliate industry, exemplified by our focus on nascent markets like Indonesia, with the goal of securing pioneering positions.Being a top manager and a mother of an 11 year old boy, how do you manage to maintain a work-life balance ? What are some practical tips or strategies you can share with other professionals who struggle with balancing their personal and professional lives ?Balancing work and personal life is a challenge many professionals face. My approach involves setting clear boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and delegating responsibilities. Regularly scheduling quality time with my family and practicing self-care are crucial as well. It is important to remember that achieving work-life balance is an ongoing effort and may require adjustments over time.As a media contributor on performance marketing topics, what are some common misconceptions or misunderstandings that you often come across ? How do you aim to educate and inform your audience about the potential of performance marketing ?A common misconception is that performance marketing is solely about driving immediate sales. In reality, it is a comprehensive strategy that involves building long-term relationships with customers, enhancing brand loyalty, and optimizing various touch-points across the customer journey. My aim as a media contributor and a conference speaker is to educate the audience about these multifaceted aspects of performance marketing.You said that AI is part of Admitad's strategy, how exactly do you use AI in your business model ?We are currently engaged in the testing of an AI-driven fraud detection program. This initiative aims to identify violations of the network rules and restrictions as well as ensure transparency and traffic quality. We also implement AI technology in Admitad's Instant Payout forecast tool, which permits affiliate publishers to promptly access their earnings, eliminating the need to retain funds for extended periods. The machine learning model, boasting a remarkable 95% accuracy rate, has significantly simplified publisher payouts.What advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs or professionals who aspire to reach leadership positions in the business world, particularly in the field of marketing and technology ?To aspiring women entrepreneurs in marketing and technology, my advice is to believe in yourself, embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and seek out mentors who can guide you. Stay curious, continuously update your skills, and don't be afraid to take calculated risks. Remember, your unique perspective is an asset that can drive innovation and positive change in your chosen field.

JCDeaux launches high-tech ad screens at Oman airports

Outdoor advertising company JCDecaux Oman has launched its high-tech digital screens at Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport. Both are parts of OAMC (Oman Airports Management Company).These enormous103-inch premium quality screens, with high performance and cutting-edge design, are located in the baggage reclaim areas of the airports. The new HD landscape format screens have been strategically placed along the passenger journey, to stand out in a highly targeted advertising space.The screens aim to capture the attention of passengers from all segments throughout the day, including first-class, business and economy travelers on both domestic and international flights.These state-of-the-art screens represent the company’s advancing journey to promote diverse advertising solutions and reaffirming its commitment to innovation in advertising. Backed by advancing technologies, these screens deliver seamless displays of high-quality content, offering advertisers a unique platform to promote their brands.  JCDecaux, also known for its commitment to sustainable development, has used green energy sources for the electrical consumption of these screens. This eco-friendly approach aligns with Oman’s efforts towards carbon neutrality, underscoring the company’s responsible advertising campaigns that resonate with the aspirations of society.JCDecaux Oman Managing Director Bechir Chehab shared his happiness about the strategic partnership with Oman Airport, as it provides a unique passenger experience that combines technology, digital solutions, and sustainability. David Bourg, CEO at JCDecaux Middle East, says: “The installation of this new network of high-definition digital screens at Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport marks a significant step forward in enhancing the outdoor advertising landscape in Oman. In addition, this new advertising solution strengthens our digital footprint in the Middle East with now 500 digital screens across the airports in the region. Our track record of enhancing the passenger experience in the world’s leading airports, as well as our extensive global and regional client base, will ensure the success of our partnership with OAMC”.With the launch of this new screen at the airport, JCDecaux Oman looks forward to embarking on a new era of working with advertisers to provide a unique experience for passengers at Muscat International Airport.

Sheraa unveils ‘Youth Ambassadors’ campaign

Sharjah: In a drive to resonate with the youthful spirit of innovation and boundless potential, the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) announces the launch of their ‘Sheraa Youth Ambassadors’ campaign, marking a transformative step towards amplifying the voices of UAE's most outstanding young talents. Launching in conjunction with International and UAE Youth Day on 12th August, the campaign, powered by the Information and Communication Technology Fund (ICT Fund), is poised to redefine the narrative of youth engagement in the sector.The campaign, which will be embodied by eight exceptional young individuals, will serve as the vibrant face of Sheraa, not only celebrating the diversity and vibrancy of UAE's youth but also underscore their role as trailblazers in shaping the nation's entrepreneurial landscape.Until August 28th, the call is out for young innovators, dreamers, and change-makers to seize the opportunity and apply to become Sheraa Youth Ambassadors through the following portal: By joining the inaugural cohort, participants gain access to a slew of unparalleled benefits, propelling them toward new horizons of success.Exclusive access to a myriad of benefitsThrough this initiative, young minds will be empowered to share their unique perspectives, bold ideas, and creative solutions within a dynamic community of like-minded innovators. This collaborative environment forms a powerful platform to drive positive change and catalyse transformational impact.The campaign facilitates direct connections with industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries, nurturing networks that can sculpt the trajectory of an entrepreneurial journey. With these connections, ambassadors can cultivate partnerships that redefine the trajectory of innovation and give them a foothold on their future success.The Sheraa Youth Ambassadors programme offers access to tailor-made training programs, mentorship sessions, and workshops designed to hone entrepreneurial skills. The selected ambassadors will acquire the tools needed to thrive in the dynamic innovation ecosystem, making them well-equipped to tackle challenges and seize opportunities.Recognising leadership and talent in the youthThe eight selected Sheraa Youth Ambassadors will gain wide-spread recognition through Sheraa's communication channels, media features, and events, providing a powerful springboard for these young innovators, as well as validation for their contributions and leadership.Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Najla Al Midfa, CEO of Sheraa said, “As we celebrate the International Youth Day and launch our ‘Sheraa Youth Ambassadors’ programme, this marks a pivotal moment, a beacon of opportunity and growth for the future leaders of innovation. Since 2016, we have empowered over 12,500 students through hundreds of hours of mentorship and coaching, helped to launch and incubate countless youth-led startups, and propelled young talent through enabling them to transform dreams into reality. This campaign is incredibly important to us; it is the symphony of our commitment to nurturing brilliance, fostering connections, and igniting pathways to impact entrepreneurship. Together, as we embark on this journey, we illuminate the limitless possibilities that lie ahead, and we at Sheraa are honoured to guide the next generation of visionary change-makers towards their extraordinary destinies.”Eng. Omar Al Mahmoud, CEO of ICTFund, emphatically underscores the imperative of nurturing emerging talents and providing unwavering support to these young innovators who hold the keys to our collective future. He articulates, "In our unwavering belief that pioneering ideas pave the path to the future we aspire to, we recognize that fostering the potential of these young talents is the cornerstone of progress. Guided by this principle, the vision of the ICT Fund at TDRA is dedicated to fostering education, training, and groundbreaking initiatives, cultivating an entrepreneurial ethos within the realm of ICT. On the occasion of International Youth Day, we reassert our confidence in these visionary youths as harbingers of tomorrow. Our conviction is resolute that creative minds flourish exponentially when provided with the requisite support and resources. Reflecting on our past strides in empowering the younger generation and nurturing their endeavors, I emphasize the enduring commitment of the ICT Fund to championing these exceptional individuals, with the aspiration that they shall become guiding stars illuminating the path to a sustainable future."Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center invites all budding entrepreneurs and visionary change-makers to embark on the journey of a lifetime. As their ‘Sheraa Youth Ambassadors’ campaign kicks off on August 12th, the initiative promises to be a beacon of inspiration, skills development, and unity.

Etihad dares to do the Mission Impossible

Etihad is in news once again for the right reasons. In its recent campaign it showed its airline’s cabin crew jumping off a plane while playing different music instruments. Now the company has released its ‘Behind the scenes’ of this shoot, which also is becoming viral.  The video went viral gaining over 1.2 million views on Etihad’s YouTube channel and was covered by all major local media outlets. It was conceptualized and developed by Impact BBDO, which took inspiration from the theme of Mission Impossible. This was the final one in a series of films that showed Etihad’s cabin crew accomplishing the impossible. These short ad films included missions such as being reliably punctual, big smiles and being excessively attentive and more.For these advertisements Etihad had joined hands with Paramount Pictures to become its official airline partner for Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One.Revealing ‘Behind the Scenes’Etihad has now come up releasing the ‘behind the scene’ shoot of the ad. The behind-the-scenes videos was a revelation to a lot of questions in minds of views like whether it was the real cabin crew or stunt professionals who were featured and if they were really playing the instruments up in the air.The video also reveals the entire process and the people involved in the entire production of the video, from the creative, the production and the shoot.

Viola Communications on-boards cohort of youth interns

ABU DHABI: Viola Communications, the region’s pioneering full-service 360 degree marcomms agency, has expanded its mentored internship programme for Summer 2023 and welcomed a new group of young budding entrepreneurs who seek inspiration and knowledge from experienced professionals in anticipation of experiencing career-based learnings that reflect their aspirations for personal growth.This year, the interns will gain broader empowerment from their mentors than may have been expecting as Viola is initiating a range of internal policies that are designed to upscale the company’s contribution to sustainability. The International Youth Day’s overarching theme for 2023 is “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”, and as the UAE is hosting COP28 later on in this #Year of Sustainability, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce measures to help mitigate potential climate-change risks. The interns will be a major part of the process to examine, brain-storm and initiate innovative projects that make a real difference through Viola’s ‘Ibtikar’ (innovation) initiative to reward sustainable thinking.Viola’s Summer internship initiative has been developed with the aim of empowering the interns who this year hail from establishments such as Zayed University, Abu Dhabi University, American University of Dubai, Paris Sorbonne University, Al Ain University and Middlesex University by working in a real-world environment in which they can learn the ropes by carrying out meaningful creative agency-based projects that comprise genuine experiences of media communications, mentored by a team of specialised experts and a number of previous interns who are now full time employees with the company.For Huzaifa Sikander, Viola Communications’ HR Director, the internships are much more than a box-ticking exercise: “If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a nation to nurture that child and transform today’s youths into productive members of society. We at Viola, as representatives of the current generation, have a moral duty that embraces our joint responsibility to educate, encourage, motivate and mentor these bright young people to discover their strengths and enhance their future prospects, in whichever direction they may lie.”The interns are spending the month embedded in a range of business units under Viola’s banner, including PR, advertising, social media, OOH, Events, production and content creation.

Rebecca Gill takes the helm as Social Media Account Director at Q Communications

Gill will be at the helm of supervising and guiding a diverse array of digital media undertakings, spanning from ideation to execution and ultimate delivery. Moreover, she will provide oversight and direction to the digital team of the agency, nurturing its progress.In addition to these responsibilities, Gill will ensure the seamless provision of services to a wide-ranging clientele, while also furnishing strategic counsel on digital marketing maneuvers.Having become a part of the Q Communications in 2022, Gill boasts a half-dozen years of experience with PR firms in the UAE, deftly maneuvering both PR and social media domains. Her expertise has encompassed fruitful collaborations with lifestyle and hospitality brands in the GCC, including names like Rotana Hotels, Splash Fashions, Topgolf Dubai, MMI, among others, for their social media offensives.Elsa Roodt, the Managing Partner at Q Communications, said: "Advancing Rebecca to the role of Account Director is a well-deserved progression.Her unwavering determination, coupled with her innovative approach, and in-depth understanding of the digital landscape, has consistently impressed both our clients and the internal team. Rebecca’s leadership and management skills have been instrumental in driving successful outcomes for numerous projects and accounts. Without a doubt, she will continue to excel in this new position, contributing significantly to the growth and success of Q Communications and our clients.”Gill said: “I am thrilled to embark on this journey and embrace all the challenges that come with it. It’s a tremendous opportunity to lead and collaborate with such a talented and creative team. I’m extremely passionate about driving out-of-the-box digital media projects and delivering excellent services to our clients. I’m grateful to Q Communication’s leadership for their trust and support throughout my journey at the company, and I look forward to contributing to the company’s growth and success.”

Abdallah Bibi to Lead dentsu's Content, Sports, and Gaming Design

Dubai: Dentsu has announced that Abdallah Bibi has been appointed as Commercial Director – Sports, Gaming and Content Partnerships, leading the development and design of dentsu’s offering in this space in the MENA region. Reporting to Tarek Daouk, CEO of dentsu MENA, Abdallah's new role will leverage opportunities in content production, rights distribution, naming and broadcast rights, gaming, anime and sports franchise infrastructure. Concurrently, Jad Noujeim, former Group Trading Director at Carat, assumes the position of Head of Trading for Amplifi, dentsu’s media investment arm. In this newly created role, Abdallah, with over 15 years of regional media experience, will oversee dentsu’s regional content and production efforts, integrating capabilities across the organization to build cohesive brand experiences. Jad, another stalwart of the dentsu team with 16 years’ expertise, having spent the last decade with Carat and most recently leading the media agency’s trading division, will take on Abdallah’s previous responsibilities leading Amplifi MENA. Globally, dentsu has an established Entertainment and Gaming business backed by a worldwide studio footprint, pioneering craft and technology capabilities and a roster of production partners and independent creators, enhanced by seamless integration with dentsu’s product and data offering. Abdallah will lead strategic investments and partnerships to leverage global entertainment opportunities and engage the thriving Middle Eastern gaming community. Working with the newly established Dentsu Anime Solutions Inc. in Japan, dentsu MENA will introduce new opportunities to market with anime licensing and merchandising to broadcasters and streaming platforms, along with peripheral businesses such as games, merchandising and events. Abdallah Bibi, newly appointed Commercial Director – Sports, Gaming and Content Partnerships remarked: “I’m excited to leverage my career experiences and dentsu’s rich heritage in this field to design our regional Content, Sports and Gaming offering. We are uniquely positioned to unlock new revenue opportunities for sports franchises, content producers and our clients. We will also be looking to create, enhance and invest in authentic gaming experiences for our clients in publishing, creator worlds, anime and e-sports. There is huge potential to produce transformative work in this space in our region, and I can’t wait to get started”.Jad Noujeim, now Head of Trading, Amplifi MENA said: “I'm thrilled to be leading our trading division into new horizons within the dynamic MENA media landscape. My focus will remain on cultivating strong partnerships, while leveraging deep industry insights and client-centric strategies to deliver on dentsu’s commitment to excellence and ongoing advancement.” Tarek Daouk, CEO, dentsu MENA added: “Dentsu Japan has an exceptional history in Entertainment and Sports as critical players in major sporting events and properties, as well as having a vast array of film, television, gaming, and anime experience. Dentsu’s content business is one of its true differentiators and as anime, gaming and sports continue to generate enthusiasm in MENA, particularly among Gen Z audiences, I’m excited for us to build a compelling regional offering in this space with Abdallah at the helm. Jad is also extremely well placed to lead Amplifi going forward, bringing together innovations, capabilities, and expertise to unlock new opportunities for our partners and clients. Congratulations to them both, I wish them every success in their new roles.”

Sunny Side Up expands into Saudi with a new GM

Saudi Arabia: Creative agency Sunny Side Up (SSUP) has unveiled its strategic expansion into Saudi Arabia, underpinned by its aspiration to cater meticulously to the needs of both local and global clienteles situated within the Kingdom.SSUP Founder-CEO Najib Sabbagh said that the "The extended reach of SSUP into Saudi Arabia fills me with enthusiasm. This expansion seamlessly harmonizes with our visionary pursuit of spearheading the creative domain. I harbor unshakeable faith in Ismail Abualsamh's prowess to navigate our triumph within the Saudi market landscape."The Saudi Arabian wing of SSUP, christened SSUP KSA, shall be under the astute leadership of the recently inducted General Manager, Ismail Abualsamh. Endowed with a rich tapestry of experience within the industry, coupled with an intimate comprehension of the Saudi market dynamics, Abualsamh stands poised to lead with distinction.Ismail Abualsamh expresses his sentiment as he steps into the role of General Manager for KSA, affirming: "Assuming the mantle of GM for KSA at SSUP is a distinction I embrace with humility. I ardently look forward to steering our adept cadre in dispensing unparalleled solutions in the realms of creativity and marketing to our Saudi clientele. Collectively, we shall establish pioneering benchmarks within the Kingdom's landscape."The venture of SSUP into KSA arises as a direct reaction to the surging desire for inventive services and the essential requirement to furnish region-specific assistance to the Kingdom's clienteles. Under the banner of SSUP KSA, the Saudi Arabian arm of this creative powerhouse, an all-encompassing spectrum of services will be on offer. These services span the gamut from creativity and marketing acumen to social and production services. This comprehensive suite will be orchestrated by a band of adept creative professionals, galvanized and led by Abualsamh, synergizing their efforts towards the realization of client objectives.Notably, the agency has also made significant strategic appointments within its UAE division, in a bid to fortify its presence. Recent times have witnessed the announcement of Ralph Nader as the accomplished General Manager and Farah El Kadi as the visionary Creative Director for SSUP UAE.

UM MENAT, Teads forge partnership for sustainable advertising in MENAT

UM MENAT is actively taking a proactive stride towards promoting environmental sustainability. This endeavor involves partnering with Teads, leveraging their tool to evaluate and tackle the carbon emissions associated with the media agency's advertising endeavors.Having achieved favorable outcomes during the initial launch in Saudi Arabia, UM and Teads are poised to extend this environmentally conscious initiative throughout the entire MENAT region.Contemporary conscientious consumers exhibit a growing inclination towards enterprises that emphasize sustainability and possess a clearly defined mission.According to Scope 3 assessments, the impact of 1 million digital ad impressions on the environment is comparable to that of a flight between Paris and New York.In response to this concern, Teads announced a global collaboration with IMPACT+, a prominent third-party solution focused on curtailing greenhouse gas emissions within the digital advertising sector.By collaborating, Teads and IMPACT+ are firmly dedicated to addressing ecological apprehensions within the digital advertising sphere, aligning seamlessly with the principles cherished by environmentally-aware modern consumers.Within this framework, UM will orchestrate campaigns for clients, subject to evaluation by Teads via their supply chain, utilizing an innovative carbon measurement and reduction scheme available exclusively through Teads Ad Manager.By assimilating this data into the planning and execution stages, UM and Teads can craft a more environmentally efficient resolution.Teads is committed to diminishing the use of resource-intensive creatives, mitigating wasted impressions resulting from inefficiencies in visibility, engagement, and targeting. This also involves eliminating the technological hurdles linked with excessive volume across diverse platforms.Through furnishing an uninterrupted end-to-end omnichannel platform and cultivating direct collaborations with esteemed publishers, Teads possesses the capacity to supervise numerous facets of the media supply chain.An extensive scrutiny of various domains, seamlessly integrated with Teads, showcased an impressive 99 percent reduction in emissions attributed to ad selection, juxtaposed with conventional programmatic purchasing practices.These endeavors were executed without compromising media potency, as evidenced by a noteworthy view-through rate of 75.7 percent and a robust visibility rate of 74.96 percent. This strategic alliance represents a significant milestone in the media industry's dedication to combating climate change and nurturing sustainability. The image credit goes to UM MENAT."Starting from April this year, our journey towards diminishing carbon emissions, following an all-encompassing approach, has made remarkable headway. Our commitment at UM to this cause is resolute."Our endeavors in Saudi Arabia have not only contributed to mitigating the ecological footprint of our sector but have also yielded positive outcomes in terms of media efficiency and efficacy.We eagerly anticipate further progress in this realm over the forthcoming years, closely collaborating with Teads and extending the solution across the MENAT region," affirmed Nadeem Ibrahim, Head of Digital at UM KSA."By harnessing Teads' direct inventory through its ad manager and embracing a conscious approach to media planning in partnership with UM, this collaboration is poised to make a substantial influence."It signifies a mutual dedication to constructing a better world through ingenuity, accountability, and environmental guardianship. Together, they aspire to inspire the industry and set novel benchmarks for sustainable advertising practices," commented Wael Zeidan, Deputy Managing Director at Teads KSA.

PromoMedia Selected as Exclusive TikTok Representative in Iraq

PromoMedia, a prominent tech media company affiliated with JGroup, a leading Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising provider in the MENA region and Africa, has announced its exclusive representation as the media partner for TikTok in Iraq. This strategic collaboration empowers PMENAromomedia to deliver distinctive advertising strategies for brands and enterprises aiming to connect with TikTok's expanding user base in the country.Being the sole media representative for TikTok in Iraq, PromoMedia gains access to the platform's cutting-edge advertising tools and capabilities, enabling the company to offer more targeted and successful advertising solutions to its clientele. With TikTok's surging popularity in Iraq, this partnership presents a significant prospect for brands to engage with young, dynamic audiences through one of today's most innovative and captivating platforms.Patrick Haber, Managing Director of PromoMedia and Vice President of JGroup, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are excited to collaborate with TikTok in Iraq, and we firmly believe that our advertising expertise in Iraq and the region, coupled with TikTok's pioneering technology, will yield unparalleled results for our clients. This partnership reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch advertising solutions to brands and businesses across the MENA region and beyond."Shadi Kandil, General Manager, Global Business Solutions, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe - TikTok, stated, "We are pleased to appoint PromoMedia as the official TikTok reseller in Iraq, especially as our local community in Iraq continues to grow and thrive. With this appointment, advertisers in Iraq gain access to unique digital advertising formats that no other platform can provide, along with faster turnaround times and local service capabilities."The partnership with TikTok, which came into effect in May, marks another significant milestone in PromoMedia's journey to deliver the finest advertising solutions to its clients.

Benefit provides innovative advertising solutions for businesses

Manama: BENEFIT, the Kingdom’s innovator and leading company in Fintech and electronic financial transactions service, has announced a partnership with MediaZone, a subsidiary of Gulf Media International Bahrain (GMI), the digital marketing specialist in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to provide marketing and advertising agency services. MediaZone will serve as an intermediary between Benefit and third parties seeking to market their products and services on BENEFIT’s mobile application, BenefitPay.MediaZone was chosen for this initiative as a result of their proven expertise in offering marketing solutions, as well as their ability to ensure the seamless integration of advertisements within the app. The agreement will present innovative advertising spaces for those looking to market their products and/or services through the BenefitPay application. This partnership allows BENEFIT to leverage the full potential of their application and strengthen its overall impact.The collaboration is set to generate fresh opportunities for businesses; allowing them to reach their target audiences in Bahrain and aiding their marketing efforts . With BenefitPay’s increasing popularity and usage, it is an ideal platform to advertise on for companies wanting to boost their visibility and engagement in the Bahraini market. Third parties that join forces with BENEFIT through MediaZone will enjoy smooth, noninvasive integration into the user experience, as well as mass reach and impressions, giving them a competitive edge and increasing brand engagement    .Nezar Maroof, AGM Marketing & Communications at BENEFIT, commented, “We are excited to announce our partnership with MediaZone to broaden BenefitPay's features and bring innovative and impactful advertising solutions to the platform. By leveraging their expertise, this opportunity empowers us to further increase our brand's visibility and reach, while also providing our users with tailored and engaging content. We look forward to this engagement and the prospects it will provide.”Ribal Jureidini, Director of Operation & Sales at MediaZone one, commented, “We are thrilled to be part of this transformative partnership with BENEFIT. This collaboration aligns with our core mission to advance the digital advertising landscape in the Kingdom and enables us to provide strategic advertising spaces on the widely used BenefitPay app. Through this we are empowering Bahraini businesses while also enhancing the user experience with contextually relevant promotions. We are dedicated to the shared vision of digital innovation and this is definitely a significant step towards that goal.” It is worth mentioning that this engagement is part of BENEFIT's ongoing effort to further develop and improve its services in order to offer its users the best possible experience. BenefitPay remains a pioneer in terms of usage with 40 million access monthly and with more than 10 million Fawri transactions, more than 240 million Fawri+ and 468 thousand Fawateer transactions in 2022, beside other services such as petrol station payments, remittance and balance inquiry transactions.

Blue Apple Advertising to lead Snow Abu Dhabi launch campaign

Abu Dhabi: Blue Apple Advertising, a renowned marketing agency, has secured the prestigious creative communication project for the highly anticipated launch of Snow Abu Dhabi, an indoor snow park located in Reem Mall, Abu Dhabi.In this endeavor, Blue Apple will assume the responsibility of introducing and promoting the brand through a comprehensive digital, social media, radio, outdoor, and other strategic branding touchpoints.The success of winning this launch project can be attributed to an extensive multi-agency pitch process.Philippa Kevan, the Marketing Head of Snow Abu Dhabi, expressed her delight in welcoming Blue Apple Advertising as their creative partner for the brand launch. She emphasized the park's mission to revolutionize family entertainment by offering unparalleled and distinctive experiences.Leveraging Blue Apple's robust creative and strategic capabilities, the aim is to establish Snow Abu Dhabi as the preferred entertainment destination in the city, captivating the hearts of all enthusiastic entertainment seekers.Vishhal JN Anand, the Founder & CEO of Blue Apple Advertising, expressed excitement about partnering with Snow Abu Dhabi, an esteemed member of the Majid Al Futtaim Group operating in a captivating domain.Their objective is to position Snow Abu Dhabi as an entirely novel and exclusive experience, setting it apart from any other offerings in the capital.Drawing on Blue Apple's extensive experience in storytelling, the goal is to craft unique and differentiated marketing campaigns that truly distinguish the brand.Snow Abu Dhabi, the latest addition to Majid Al Futtaim's portfolio of winter-themed parks, will embody an Enchanted Forest theme, creating an enchanting frost-covered world where storytelling is seamlessly integrated into the design.Visitors will be enthralled by captivating attractions such as the Polar Express Train, Flight of the Snowy Owl, Crystal Carousel, Snowflake Garden, and Enchanted Tree, among others.Notably, Snow Abu Dhabi will offer year-round activities like sledging, carousels, zorbing, and zip-lining, ensuring a continuous flow of entertainment for all ages.To cater to visitors' needs, the park will feature three enticing food and beverage outlets, as well as a souvenir store offering Snow Abu Dhabi memorabilia, allowing guests to cherish their unforgettable experiences at the park.

Porsche extends Formula E commitment

Riyadh, Dubai, Stuttgart, London:– Porsche and Formula E yesterday announced the sports car manufacturer has extended its involvement in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship through Season 12 in 2025/2026.Porsche entered Formula E in 2019 with an initial five-year commitment until the end of the forthcoming Season 10 which will conclude in July 2024.The announcement confirms TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team will continue to compete in the premier all-electric motorsport world championship through the GEN3 era racing the Porsche 99X Electric car. The GEN3 is the third generation of Formula E race car which debuted this season and is the fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient electric race car ever built.Porsche also confirmed it will continue to play an active role in shaping the successful future of Formula E and is already involved in the design of the fourth generation of race car which will enter the championship from Season 13.This season has been the most successful for TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team since it entered Formula E. Pascal Wehrlein and António Félix da Costa have won four of the 14 races to date – three and one victory respectively.For the first time this season, Porsche is supporting a customer team, Avalanche Andretti Formula E, with driver Jake Dennis currently leading the Drivers’ World Championship going into the final two races in London this Saturday and Sunday. Britain’s Dennis has secured two wins and nine podiums to date in the Porsche 99X Electric and starts as the favourite for the title in his home races. Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board for Research and Development, Porsche AG, said:"With our entry into Formula E, we have opened a new chapter in all-electric motorsport. We remain convinced that our presence and successes in Formula E will lay the foundation for future mobility solutions. It provides the most competitive environment to accelerate the development of high-performance vehicles with a focus on environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. We look forward to playing an active role in shaping the successful future of Formula E and thereby giving electric mobility even more impetus on a global scale."Thomas Laudenbach, Vice President of Porsche Motorsport, said:"We want to bring innovative technologies and more sustainability to motorsport and be at the forefront of new developments. Formula E plays a major role in this. The competition in this series is at an exceptionally high level and enables us to provide important impetus for future production models. With high-class and exciting races, it inspires people around the globe for electromobility. We will be happy to continue to contribute to this in the future."Alejandro Agag, Founder and Chairman, Formula E, said:“Porsche has been a valued and influential team since joining Formula E and we are excited that this will continue. The championship is enabling Porsche to accelerate development of the innovative EV technologies we see in their road cars, while the team is an active member of the group driving development of the next generation of Formula E car to arrive in Season 13.”Jeff Dodds, CEO, Formula E, said:“Porsche’s commitment to racing in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship will undoubtedly maintain the quality of sporting competition and entertainment at the highest level in the coming seasons. Porsche’s presence on the grid racing against other iconic racing automakers is what makes Formula E the most competitive grid in motorsport.”The 2023 Hankook London E-Prix double-header this Saturday and Sunday is the climax of Season 9 in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.Jake Dennis, driving for Porsche customer team, Avalanche Andretti Formula E team, has a 24-point advantage over Nick Cassidy (Envision Racing) going into the season finale on home soil and a circuit where he has won twice.Mitch Evans (Jaguar TCS Racing) is 44 points back in third, while TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team driver Pascal Wehrlein is 49 points behind Dennis. However, as the two previous races in Rome proved, anything can happen in Formula E and all four drivers at the top will be competing for the world title and a place on the podium.

Audio advertising top priority for advertisers, agencies: Survey

A significant 66 per cent of buyers have intentions to increase their investments in audio within the next year, says a the Europe Digital Audio Advertising Report 2023, unveiled by GroupM Nexus, the media investment group of WPP, in partnership with IAB Europe.The study involved 549 advertisers, agencies, and publishers across 29 European markets, with data collected through a survey conducted by GroupM Nexus, utilizing the national IAB network, between May and June 2023.An impressive 47 per cent of the surveyed advertisers and agencies rated audio advertising their top choice. Three main drivers for audio ad spend were identified by buyers: the channel's capacity to enhance broader media plans (65 per cent), increase brand awareness (55 per cent), and target specific audiences (48 per cent). The report also found diversification in investment across various audio channels and ad formats. The majority of buyers directed their spending towards streaming (59 per cent), podcasts (59 per cent), or online radio (57 per cent).Marketers have a positive outlook on digital audio advertising. Specifically, 66 per cent of buyers plan to invest more in this sector over the next 12 months, with nearly a quarter (24 per cent) expecting an increase of between 11 per cent and 30 per cent in their spend. These forecasts indicate a high level of confidence in digital audio as an effective channel for reaching target audiences.Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist at IAB Europe, highlights that digital audio has outpaced all other advertising channels in Europe from 2018 to 2022 in terms of compound annual growth rate. The pandemic acted as a catalyst for digital audio's growth, especially for podcasts, due to increased consumption. Furthermore, enhancements like improved measurement, simplified buying, and automation have contributed to the advancement of the market. The focus of the advertising industry on attention, quality of reach, and brand safety positions digital audio as an attractive investment channel for advertisers and a powerful platform for publishers to exploit context. The projection is that the European digital audio market, which reached €772 million in ad spend in 2022, will surpass €1 billion by 2025.Surveyed marketers ranked incremental reach (46 per cent), innovative activation like dynamic creative ads optimization (DCO) (43 per cent), and targeting efficiencies (42 per cent) as the top three drivers for digital audio spend. These factors are expected to play a significant role in attracting further investment in the next 18-24 months. Interestingly, 76 per cent of advertisers and agencies plan to increase their audio ad spend during this time period. Smart speaker interactive ads are considered the most significant opportunity for increasing digital audio budgets in the future, followed by dynamic audio ads. Cross-channel insights and activation technology, along with advanced contextual targeting, are also seen as significant opportunities to unlock digital audio growth. The capabilities to capture audience attention, drive consumer action, and execute informed cross-channel campaigns are vital for securing higher ad spend.Audio ads are expected to connect with audiences primarily on mobile devices, according to seven in ten marketers surveyed, followed by desktops and laptops (48 per cent), and tablets (44 per cent). Mobile's prevalence as a key audio device presents a valuable opportunity for marketers to engage with audiences throughout the day. The survey respondents also believe that audio ads can reach audiences via Connected TV, game consoles, and standalone radio devices, highlighting the extensive reach of audio.Harry Harcus, GroupM Nexus EMEA, emphasized the tremendous potential in the audio channel, with buyers and publishers anticipating notable growth in the near future. Audio, being a medium that reaches highly engaged audiences at moments when visual counterparts may not, can complement broader plans for buyers and enhance media offerings for publishers. Advancing the technologies that enable audio advertising can unlock cross-channel optimization and performance, making audio inventory even more appealing and driving revenue for publishers.