Nivea delivers skin celebrations across Saudi Arabia

Global skincare brand Nivea has partnered up with Amazon in Saudi Arabia to launch a campaign that seeks to inspire a skin celebration movement across the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is undergoing an unprecedented awakening that has captured the world's attention. The focus is on its remarkable progress as well as its cultural wealth. NIVEA saw this as a great opportunity to celebrate the country's rich diversity in a way that would resonate both nationally and internationally. To do so, NIVEA partnered with Amazon, marking the retail giant's first-ever brand partnership in the Kingdom, harnessing its distribution power to deliver a skin-positivity message to thousands of Saudi homes. This historic collaboration resulted in a design that used data and skin analysis to accurately represent the diverse skin tones of Saudi Arabia. The design was then applied to 530,000 Amazon boxes, along with an open-ended message printed on the box: ‘MY SKIN IS MY_______’ that invites recipients to complete the sentence by reflecting on the significance of their skin. The campaign, titled "Unboxing Skin” did something never done before: transform the iconic Amazon box into a medium for self-expression and a symbol of collective beauty, making each parcel an invitation to take part in a skin positivity conversation. The campaign is rolling out far and wide in the Kingdom while supplies last. However, it’s not restricted to Amazon buyers; anyone can take part in the skin celebration either by sharing their limited edition boxes or just a message of appreciation for their skin on social media. To complete the experience, each box includes a scannable code offering discounts on NIVEA products, to celebrate our skin in the best way possible: by taking care of it. The campaign originated in the offices of the international advertising agency Publicis One Touch, Dubai. This historic partnership presented an opportunity to go beyond traditional advertising and leverage both brands' power for good. "We take immense pride in 'Unboxing Skin'. We believe it will positively impact Saudi society by celebrating the beauty and diversity of its skin, underlining how such diversity makes the Kingdom great." said Rodrigo Rodrigues, Executive Creative Director at Publicis One Touch Dubai. "By using Amazon as a platform, we've managed to create a meaningful campaign that turns the box into an innovative medium to influence a positive movement." While a significant increase in sales for NIVEA on Amazon is already taking place, the main objective of this campaign is to positively impact each person, giving them the opportunity to reflect on the importance of their skin, appreciate it, and ultimately take care of it.