Yango maps survey: 50%+ Dubai residents move more during Ramadan

With Eid celebrations on the horizon, Yango Maps, a navigation app made with Dubai in mind, conducted a survey to see how the Holy Month changes navigation habits in the city. The goal of the survey was to keep in touch with user needs in a constantly evolving environment and propose useful features relevant for this time of the year.The survey found that 52% of residents travel more during Ramadan than at any other time of the year. For many, this is a period for spending time and connecting with loved ones. And when it comes to selecting the mode of transport for their movement around the city, the majority opt for driving, while one in three users prefer public transport or taxis. Half of the residents noted that at this time of active travel, the most important considerations before setting off are safety, travel time, and the availability of air-conditioned spaces along the route. Responding to the users' needs, the app recently added new route options called "comfortable routes." When temperatures rise, the app displays additional directions that go through covered areas and air-conditioned bus stops. Additionally, during the month of Ramadan, over 70% of residents spend more time with family, exploring new places, and almost a half of residents (48%) tend to eat outside their home more often than at other times of the year. Taking this into account, Yango Maps offers a special Ramadan guide with a wealth of restaurants and cafes for a memorable Iftar menu: from traditional cuisine to inventive international dishes.Findings also confirmed that shopping continues to be a key activity for many in Dubai during Ramadan, with 61% of people agreeing that they tend to shop more often. The majority of shoppers do so offline, and three in five strive to discover new brands and find the best deals. The most popular shopping centers Yango Maps users visit are the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, and the Dubai Marina Mall. To ensure a more convenient experience for users, Yango Maps plans routes straight to parking zones near such popular destinations.

Amazon Alexa offers localized experiences tailored for UAE customers in Ramadan

Dubai, UAE: With Ramadan underway, Amazon Alexa is set to make daily spiritual practices and rituals easier and more accessible. From finding the right recipe for iftar or listening to your favorite qari, Alexa is here to support during this most special time of the year.Alexa’s spirituality features are among the most used by customers in UAE and KSA, with audio streaming, which includes Quran recitations, being the second-most popular domain. In 2023, Surat Al Baqara was the most requested surah with Maher Al Muaiqly being the most sought-after qari. Amazon Alexa remains committed to focus on hyper local customer interests, culture, and traditions during the Holy Month in 2024.Amazon Alexa has recently released the Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation) in KSA and UAE, which thanks to the 5.5” HD display screen provides an additional layer of support to customers during Ramadan. Customers can follow Quran recitations and recipes on the screen while being narrated by Alexa, and manage smart home devices by simply tapping on the screen.Here are the top five ways Alexa can help customers with their daily practices during the Holy Month:Set up daily routinesAmazon Alexa can help customers create routines through the Holy Month. For example, they can set a recurring routine for the suhoor and morning prayer time, where Alexa sets an alarm to go off for suhoor time, while adjusting the AC temperature and turn on the lights at low brightness to help the household wake up, then recite the Quran in preparation for the morning prayer, and finally set another alarm with the Adhan sound when imsak time starts.Ask Alexa for the ‘Deed of the Day’, or daily Dua’aCustomers can ask Alexa to provide daily suggestions for acts of kindness that they can practice through the ‘Deed of the Day’ feature. Alexa can also share daily dua’a for every day of the month, as well as eight stories about the Prophets and other thematic spirituality events, such as “The Lantern”, “Coffee Cup”, and “Moon”, along with three Ramadan-themed stories.Listen to your favorite qariIn addition to location-based iftar and imsak time reminders, Alexa can help customers listen to their favorite qari recite the Quran, and read what is being recited on the screen of Echo Show devices. Additionally, customers can tune into their local stations during the day and live-stream Ramadan radio programs, including spiritual, cultural, and local news content. Iftar meal recipes at your fingertipsPlanning an iftar for friends and family is simple with Amazon Alexa. Using simple voice commands, users can access a wide range of delicious and healthy meals to break their fast. Amazon Alexa also offers iftar meal recipe walk-through on Echo Show devices.Make family gatherings more funA big part of the Holy Month is connecting with families and loved ones. Alexa offers families fun activities that help strengthen their bonds including Fawazeer Ramadan. When using the Fawazeer Ramadan feature, customers can ask Alexa for a riddle, Alexa then says the riddle, waits, and then gives the answer. With Amazon Alexa's Ramadan features, customers can enjoy an educational experience and connect with their family, friends, and loved ones while making their daily spiritual practices and rituals easier and more accessible.Ramadan Discounts in’s Ramadan discounts are underway, with discounted prices for Echo and Kindle devices up to 48%. Echo Dot (5th Gen) is available at AED 130, while Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen) is now priced at AED 170. The Echo Pop is also available at AED 79.99. As for Kindle Paperwhite, the 16GB edition is priced at AED 499, and the Paperwhite Signature Edition is available at AED 599.For customers seeking ease of mind while away visiting family, Amazon is offering up to 40% discounts on the Alexa-enabled Ring cameras in the UAE until the 14th of March. The Ring Spotlight Camera and Battery retails for AED 749; Ring Stick Up Battery for AED 239; Ring Video Doorbell Wired for AED 149; and Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation for just AED 279.---