Ideal Systems delivers brand new studios for Egypt’s first pan-Arab news channel

Ideal Systems Group announced today the successful completion of a turn-key project for Al-Ghad TV, to design and build visually stunning and technically advanced TV News Studios in Cairo, Egypt.Ideal Systems was selected by Al-Ghad TV which in English means Tomorrow, is the leading Arab news channel in Egypt as a one-stop-shop to migrate Al-Ghad TV from their existing broadcast facilities in Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) to the gleaming new facilities nearby which were fully designed and built by Ideal Systems.The Ideal Systems design team worked with Al-Ghad to create visually stunning news studios with a variety of sets to support different programming styles. The main studio design concept centres on a stylised globe as the core of the design. Curved features surround the globe providing additional visual impact which is captured by Sony studio cameras. These curved features become multi-layer backdrops for all the sets, expressing how Al-Ghad TV news platform is connected from the centre to the whole world. The dual level studio design also incorporates five sets of LianTronics LED display walls connected to the graphics systems, three of which are on motorized tracks with one on a rotating frame to allow for portrait or landscape content.The Ideal designed studio lighting system is fully IP based using the ArtNet Protocol, enabling sophisticated LED floor and ceiling lighting features for mood transformations that align with the essence of each show.Ideal Systems designed and integrated AVID’s iNews NRCS and Media Central Cloud UX Production Asset Management system (PAM) with VizRT’s V5 Graphics Engine including AR and VR graphics functionality. The Audio network is all IP utilizing DANTE, controlled by fully redundant S300’s and Tempest Control Rack from Solid State Logic (SSL). And also incorporates Sennheiser’s DANTE microphones and in ear monitoring systems. Ideal used Imagine Communications for playout, automation, routing, and core broadcast infrastructure with Lynx Technik Green Machines for additional AV processing.The full turn-key project included over 8,000 sqft of fixed and virtual studios over three floors, with redundant studio production control rooms plus transmission and master control rooms and a lines room for satellite bookings, seven near line edit suits, eight creative desks, and workstations for over one hundred and thirty journalists.<div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

Saudi Arabia to launch new channel 'Saudia Alaan'

Saudi Arabia is set to launch a new channel called 'Saudia Alaan' (Saudia Now) to coincide with the celebration of the 93rd National Day on September 23rd. Salman Al-Dosari, the Minister of Media and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA), made the announcement, stating that the channel will serve as the official platform for broadcasting all official events, entertainment activities, and programs in Saudi Arabia.The primary objective of 'Saudia Alaan' is to showcase the significant growth and rapid development occurring in the Kingdom, along with the extensive array of events being organized as part of its ambitious Vision 2030 initiative. These events encompass a wide range of local, regional, and international activities and conferences, spanning political, economic, educational, and entertainment domains.Al-Dosari emphasized the importance of the media in keeping pace with this development, highlighting that it serves as an indicator of the Kingdom's progress through the coverage of events, activities, occasions, and conferences. He also noted that media plays a crucial role in reflecting the national image and is aligned with Saudi Arabia's soft power approach to present itself to the global community. Al-Dosari described this initiative as a small part of the broader efforts undertaken by SBA to boost local content and achieve transformation goals.Mohammed Al-Harthi, CEO of SBA, confirmed that all preparations for the new channel's launch have been completed. He explained that 'Saudia Alaan' will focus on covering events, occasions, and activities within the Kingdom, aligning with SBA's mission to contribute to the development of all sectors and collaborate with partner entities. The channel will allocate dedicated time slots for live event coverage and integrate with social media platforms to reach a broader audience and foster public interaction.Al-Harthi also noted that SBA has formed partnerships with various organizations to enhance the channel's content and provide high-quality services. The decision to launch the channel comes in response to the growing demand for coverage of events, exhibitions, and conferences across the Kingdom, with a remarkable 367 percent increase in event licenses issued in 2022 compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the channel is expected to support the strategies of companies and institutions seeking to engage with a diverse segment of the Saudi public.

Jawwy TV brings more exclusives and more entertainment this September

Jawwy TV is enthralling audiences with a premium OTT digital entertainment experience, presenting a vast and diverse collection of titles enriched with fresh additions for September. This month, viewers will enjoy watching exclusive series, movies and compelling documentaries, catering to the entertainment preferences of every family member.Exclusive titles and children’s contentHadatha Bel Fe'l (It Has Really Happened) – Based on true stories, the series delves into the complex world of mental health, with each narrative told across a trilogy of episodes. Navigate the fine line between sanity and hidden turmoil, revealing dark secrets held in the most intimate circles — a raw and riveting exploration of the human psyche.Son Yaz (Last Summer), a Turkish drama, follows the journey of a young criminal who suffers in a ruthless society and decides to join the crime world as a teenager.Axel 2: Adventures of the Spacekids - Standing on the brink of devastation, the survival of the once beautiful Planet Kepler relies on three brave space kids -Axel, Jono and Gaga to embark on a daring quest to find a lost oasis and rebuild their world.Some secret missions require special skills – The incredibly cute C.I. Ape is not only the bravest in espionage but also can warm the coldest and most villainous of hearts, making him the perfect Ape for the job!Bunyan & Babe is the perfect family-friendly film that will leave both kids and parents smiling. The delightful movie follows the legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his pet ox, Babe, as they embark on an extraordinary journey to save their beloved forest from destruction.Super Furball Saves the Future – Join Super Furball on a mission to save the world, beginning with the bees and unexpectedly involving the rescue of the school bully — a story of heroism and unlikely alliances.Explore Gripping Documentaries and Lifestyle Series from discovery+From discovery+, viewers can dive into the details of the high-profile celebrity case of Megan Thee Stallion vs Tory Lanez: Five Shots and follow the gripping real-life experiences of Roadworthy Rescues and Saving the Gorillas: Ellen's Next Adventure. Also, watch as brides-to-be choose their dream wedding dresses in Say Yes to the Dress with Tan France.

Qatar Tourism announces Olympic champion Mutaz Barshim as brand ambassador

Qatar Tourism has announced Olympic and World champion Mutaz Barshim, as its newest brand ambassador.Barshim, who recently set a world record as the only high jump athlete to win five World Championship medals, will be the new face of Qatar Tourism’s campaigns from now to September 2024.Commenting on the announcement, Sheikha Hessa Al-Thani, Head of Marketing and Planning at Qatar Tourism, said: “Mutaz Barshim’s soaring athletic endeavours mirror the very essence of Qatar's rising ambitions on the world stage. A name that resonates with triumph, dedication, and the pursuit of greatness, this partnership is forged on our shared values and commitment to excellence. We are proud to have Barshim as one of Qatar Tourism’s brand ambassadors, as he is a true embodiment of Qatar's limitless potential.”Olympic and World Champion, Mutaz Barshim, said: "I am truly honoured and proud to be a brand ambassador for Qatar Tourism. My country has been supporting me since day one, and this is an opportunity for me to show my gratitude and give back. This partnership reflects the synergy between my aspirations and the mission of Qatar Tourism to showcase our nation's rich traditions, cultural heritage, and premier global events. I eagerly embrace the responsibility of representing my homeland and I'm excited to introduce the world to the wonders of Qatar."Having just concluded its eventful Summer in Qatar season, which saw the debut of the country’s first-ever Qatar Toy Festival, the smash hit - ‘Disney on Ice,’ - and the return of the ever-popular show, ‘Aghani Al Mosalsalat,’ Qatar Tourism is gearing up for further world-class events in the coming months. Residents and visitors are set to enjoy the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show, Formula 1® Qatar Airways Qatar Grand Prix 2023™ and Expo 2023 Doha, which are scheduled for October 2023 and the 2023 Qatar Airways Grand Prix of Qatar (MotoGP™) which will follow in November.

Smart TVs shine bright in energy efficiency study

A new study from Accedo has found a high variation of energy consumption between various streaming devices, with TVs alone being the most efficient. The study, which looked at the energy usage of various streaming devices and a number of popular streaming applications, also found that autoplay content dramatically increases energy consumption.Accedo tested various scenarios at application level, implementing changes around bitrate, resolution and dark mode versus light mode, to evaluate subsequent energy variations. The team also explored UI and UX techniques that can contribute to improved energy efficiency. This includes the recommendation of better UX guidelines to avoid unnecessary playback. The study found that set-top-boxes only use a small amount of energy (Amazon Fire ~1.5W, Sky Puck ~3W, Youview ~10W), while gaming consoles use around 70 watts of energy. As both these types of devices need to be paired with a screen for playback, the overall energy consumption is higher than using a Smart TV alone. Smart TVs were found to use around 51W with energy saving enabled and screen backlight set to 20%. With default backlight settings at 80%, LG WebOS TV would use around 120W and Tizen 2016 would use around 130W during playback. Switching energy saving off increased these further to around 170W for LG TV and around 200W for Tizen.Accedo also tested a number of the most popular streaming applications. In general, the variation among apps across different devices was minimal. On Smart TVs with lower screen brightness settings, the average power consumption across all tested apps was around 52W. Notably, Amazon Prime's home view had lower idle power consumption than the other apps, with approximately 50% less power used compared to Netflix at default brightness settings. This is likely due to the lack of autoplaying content and the use of darker colors on the home screen.Accedo has highlighted a number of recommendations from its findings, including prompting consumers to switch devices and/or adjust backlight settings, as well as suggesting video providers consider using darker aesthetics, implement energy saving features such as “skip Intro” or “are you still watching” and a reduction in animated content. François Polarczyk, Sustainability Director, Accedo, commented: “At Accedo, we are committed to helping reduce the carbon footprint of video streaming and contributing to a more sustainable future. Our research has identified several impactful changes that, when implemented during development, could reduce the energy consumption of video streaming devices without sacrificing performance or user experience. However, there is still more work to be done and we are actively looking at further investigations in this area, particularly from a user acceptance perspective.” Accedo indicated that further research could focus on UX changes or improvements that will help with the sustainability of the application or device, or working with device manufacturers to create more energy-efficient hardware. The full report is available here. The company’s latest ESG report has also just been released and can be accessed via the website. Accedo will be exhibiting at IBC from 15th to 19th September on booth 5.F40. For more information or to book a meeting, visit here.

ArabyAds, VIDAA bring CTV Ads to Hisense smart TVs in the UAE, KSA

ArabyAds, the leading global technology company, and VIDAA, a global leader in smart TV operating systems, announced an exclusive advertising partnership on VIDAA-powered Hisense smart TVs in the UAE and KSA today. The cooperation between the companies will provide ArabyAds exclusive access to Hisense inventory for Connected TV advertising within the UAE and KSA.Hisense CTV offering includes prominent display inventory on the VIDAA OS Smart TV home screens and premium content streaming video inventory on millions of large TV screens at homes across the Middle East and Africa.“We are happy to bring audiences on Hisense smart TVs for Connected TV advertising in the region. Hisense is amongst the top 3 smart TV brands in the middle east and this partnership adds to our penetration, and strengthens our market leadership in the MENA region”, said Mahmoud Fathy, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ArabyAds.Yaniv Gruenwald, President of VIDAA, said, “We are thrilled to partner with ArabyAds, the leading advertising technology company in the Middle East. At VIDAA, we aim to empower advertisers and brands with our innovative smart TV platform that adapts to local needs and preferences. Together with ArabyAds’ technology and market expertise, we will create a powerful and engaging Connected TV advertising experience for the region. We are confident that this partnership will be a growth opportunity for both parties and for our customers, who will enjoy more relevant and personalized content on their TVs powered by VIDAA.”Since last year, ArabyAds has already established itself as a market leader in the Connected TV advertising space and has successfully worked with advertisers, agencies, and government organizations to deliver cutting-edge campaigns across the region. Using the ArabyAds Connected TV advertising platform, advertisers can target audiences with first-screen advertising experience on home screens, TV app stores, and native apps.

Addressable TV now a $56bn industry

 A new report on the addressable TV market published today by Ampere Analysis in partnership with GroupM Nexus’s addressable TV solution Finecast and Microsoft Advertising, finds that the global addressable TV sector is now a $56bn industry. This is set to rise by over 50% to $87bn by 2027. The report, which was informed by over 100 interviews with advertisers, streamers and agencies – and supported by extensive bottom-up market modelling and quantitative consumer research – finds that: • An average of a sixth of advertisers’ video advertising budgets are currently being spent with addressable TV service providers. This is as high as a fifth in mature markets like the US, with all major industry categories represented among addressable TV advertisers. • Both B2B and B2C marketers are using addressable TV to support performance marketing and brand-building objectives, targeting specific audience segments or geographies. • Brands are using addressable TV to extend campaign reach beyond broadcast TV. This is key in younger groups for whom the aggregate reach of addressable TV services provides a nearly 25% incremental reach boost over total monthly broadcast TV reach in developed markets. • While both small and large brands are using addressable TV, smaller advertisers devote less of their marketing budget to addressable TV. Addressable TV service providers need to work to remove non-cost barriers to using the technology, simplifying the purchase and planning process to support uptake. • Addressable TV typically commands higher pricing, which is attractive for service providers, but there are also incentives for service providers to deploy addressable TV to support viewer satisfaction and retention. Viewers who believe their TV service offers relevant advertising rate their streaming service higher in terms of user satisfaction – with an average Net Promoter Score 16 points higher than those viewers who don’t feel they are receiving relevant commercials. “The exponential expansion of the addressable TV advertising market serves as a clear indicator of the immense prospects awaiting service providers and brands. This research illustrates the inherent potential of addressable TV as a powerful tool for targeted communication with previously hard-to-reach audience segments. The seamless integration of such capabilities with the storytelling possibilities and brand 2 Ampere Analysis 2023 © protection mechanisms inherent in broadcast TV is well demonstrated,” says Kristian Claxton, Managing Partner, Innovation and Strategy at Finecast. Countering misconceptions is key to further adoption Despite the rapid growth of the addressable TV market, interviews revealed an array of attitudes and opinions that could hold back future growth if not countered by the industry. In emerging markets, there was a lack of clarity about the capabilities of addressable TV. Some brands were unaware of the targeting capabilities addressable TV platforms offered in their region, leading them to spend with alternative media. And even in developed markets, where addressable TV technologies are more mature, some marketers were not aware of the reach of addressable TV services, believing it to still be limited compared to broadcast media. The report also found that among those advertisers not yet purchasing addressable TV there was a widespread perception that addressable TV services were expensive. This contrasts the belief of brands already purchasing via addressable who felt that addressable TV was just as cost-effective as other formats. Richard Broughton, Executive Director at Ampere Analysis, says: “The extent to which addressable TV advertising is now being used by non-traditional TV advertisers, including smaller companies and B2B brands, is illustrative of how the medium can support TV service providers in their push to reach beyond traditional broadcast TV budgets and to open entirely new revenue streams. But it’s clear that there is still work to 3 Ampere Analysis 2023 © Notes to Editors: Research was conducted by Ampere Analysis on behalf of GroupM Nexus and Microsoft Advertising. B2B interviews involved discussions with 100 representatives of agencies, brands and streamers, taking place between November 2022 and February 2023. B2C quantitative research involved interviews with 8,000 internet users across the US, UK, Germany and Australia, taking place in February 2023. Market sizing and forecasting was conducted independently by Ampere Analysis. Link to report: be done by the industry in challenging entrenched opinions and in countering common misconceptions.” New technologies and applications will drive market growth The report forecasts that as case studies filter through to the wider market, those advertisers who are still wary of the technology will begin their addressable TV journey, contributing to the sector growing to an $87bn industry by 2027. But the research also expects that, even for those media buyers who have already incorporated addressable TV into the media mix, there will be a host of new and emerging technologies and screens that will support future campaigns. Interviews revealed that connected cars have already debuted as an addressable TV channel in some markets, with some brands taking advantage of geotargeting opportunities to reach passengers with messaging. And some agencies and brands were thinking about how targeted QR code-based formats support a level of follow-through and sales attribution. The report also suggests that new technologies such as generative AI may begin to support the creative process in the next few years, helping to address the practical challenges associated with developing the multiple creatives required for dynamic or addressable creative campaigns. According to Dave Osborn, General Manager, Sales at Microsoft Advertising, “Addressable creatives already allow media buyers to adapt messaging by audience group and in response to events, keeping commercial messages fresh and relevant. However, many of the most exciting developments in the addressable TV market have yet to be fully explored by brands. As many advertisers now see addressable TV as a core part of their media mix, their focus will shift to take full advantage of the capabilities of addressable TV and innovations such as generative AI and emerging technologies.”

Eutelsat partners with Du to expand DTH coverage in MENA

Dubai: Satellite operator Eutelsat has partnered with multiplay telco du to enhance its direct-to-home satellite services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Through this partnership, du is expanding its capacity at the 7/8° West orbital position, allowing its media clients to seamlessly deliver high-definition content to viewers, offering them an optimized user experience.The 7/8° West orbital position covers a vast majority of TV households in the MENA region, making it the region's most extensive exclusive coverage area. It is highly regarded by audiences due to its exceptional line-up of approximately 900 TV channels available at this location. This new collaboration between Eutelsat and du empowers du to elevate content delivery for its customers throughout MENA, providing increased capacity and an outstanding end-user experience. As a result, du is better equipped to cater to customers broadcasting TV channels in standard as well as high definition.Karim Benkirane, Chief Commercial Officer at du, said that the company is continually expanding and enhancing its services and products portfolio to serve the growing demands of broadcasters and content providers. “Increasing our satellite capacity on the 7/8 W orbital position enables our customers to reach more end users across the region and deliver more HD and SD services. We are dedicated to providing reliable, high quality delivery every time, no matter which device, platform or technology is being used. We are very pleased to be working with Eutelsat to boost our capacity and offer unparalleled reach, flexibility and availability for our customers, making it simple for broadcasters and content owners to succeed,” he said. “du’s satellite services are a critical component of Eutelsat’s offering for audiences in the Middle East and North Africa and demonstrates our commitment to connecting customers and end-users across the region. We work with world-class satellite provider partners to deliver state-of-the-art broadcast services via the region’s largest teleport. Our world-leading satellite and terrestrial infrastructure offers unparalleled reach, flexibility and availability for our customers and helps us to address markets where demand for high-definition services is growing,” said Mahmoud El Danaf, Eutelsat VP for MENA Sales Region.

Khalifa Fund partners with Hope Ventures to expand Beban TV show to UAE

Dubai: As part of its continuous efforts to boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED) announces its partnership with Bahrain-based Hope Ventures to expand Hope’s entrepreneurship-themed reality television show ‘Beban’ to the United Arab Emirates in its highly anticipated third season.This follows the show’s established expansion to the UAE for season two and its success in facilitating investment and strategic opportunities for UAE-based businesses. Having aired for two seasons, Beban featured a total of 62 businesses of various sizes and resulted in successful co-investments by the private and public sectors exceeding USD 6 million in GCC-based startups.Beban is centered around entrepreneurs and business owners as they pitch their businesses before a panel of regional investors for equity investment and business opportunities. The show's expansion aligns with KFED’s mission of creating opportunities to boost the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and supporting SMEs by offering financing and service options, as Beban will contribute to the ease of access of UAE-based businesses to a diversified pool of investors and strategic partners who will fast-track their business’ growth into regional and international markets.Furthermore, Beban entrepreneurs will also benefit from the intensive training bootcamp they will undergo as part of the Beban journey to develop their businesses in various aspects like expansion planning, financial modeling, and pitching in front of a panel of regional investors on a televised show.Commenting on the partnership, Her Excellency Alia Al Mazrouei, CEO of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, shared: “Through our partnership with Bahrain's Hope Ventures, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development is excited to bring the entrepreneurial spirit of Beban to the UAE in its highly anticipated third season. By expanding Beban, we are creating valuable opportunities for UAE-based businesses to access a diverse pool of investors and strategic partners, accelerating their growth in regional and international markets. With intensive training bootcamps and exposure on a televised platform, Beban will empower entrepreneurs, foster cross-border knowledge exchange, and fuel the UAE's entrepreneurial ecosystem. We look forward to seeing all of the applicants for Beban season 3 and seeing them seize the benefits of this remarkable journey towards success."On his part, His Excellency Aymen bin Tawfiq Almoayed, Chairman of Hope Fund, said: “Beban was established as a regional investment platform that connects regional entrepreneurs and investors of diverse sectors and facilitates equity investment and strategic business development opportunities that would have been rather challenging for these entrepreneurs to access.”He further added: "This partnership with the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development will provide UAE-based entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they require to develop their businesses while giving them added regional exposure through the show, all while promoting cross-border knowledge exchange between entrepreneurs of the region. We encourage and invite entrepreneurs based in UAE to apply for Beban season 3 and reap the show’s benefits.”It is noteworthy to mention that entrepreneurs will be selected through an evaluation process comprising five stages, starting with screening businesses for viability based on certain criteria, followed by an evaluation stage led by experts and specialists in the business sector. Candidates will then be nominated to participate in an intensive training bootcamp stage. The final stage will announce the eligible finalists, who will then go on to film the production’s episodes. Beban invites UAE-based entrepreneurs to apply for season 3 online through the by July 6th.

Twitter to develop video app for smart TVs

Twitter has announced its latest endeavour to revolutionize user engagement through the development of a state-of-the-art video application for smart TVs. This innovative initiative, confirmed by Elon Musk, reinforces the company's commitment to advancing its video content strategy.In a tweet, Elon Musk officially confirmed Twitter's ongoing efforts to introduce a dedicated video application for smart TVs. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with the platform's overarching objective of prioritizing the expansion of video content to cater to the evolving preferences and demands of its diverse user base.During an investor presentation held on Thursday, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, along with Elon Musk, unveiled a comprehensive roadmap outlining Twitter's future plans. With an unwavering focus on video content, creator collaborations, and commerce partnerships, the company aims to revitalize its business model beyond digital advertising, as reported by Reuters. The introduction of the video application for smart TVs represents a significant milestone in this transformative journey.Twitter's forthcoming video app for smart TVs serves as a testament to the platform's unwavering dedication to video content. In recent years, Twitter has made substantial strides in enhancing the user experience by embracing the potential of video. This new application will empower users to seamlessly access a wide array of captivating video content directly from their smart TVs, unlocking a whole new level of engagement and entertainment.As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Twitter remains committed to driving innovation and delivering remarkable experiences to its users. The video application for smart TVs signifies the platform's progressive vision and determination to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the social media space.

Saudi plans English news channel to rival Al Jazeera

Riyadh: A state-backed media group in Saudi Arabia is reportedly considering the launch of an international English-language news channel, with the aim of expanding the country's global media influence and potentially rivaling Qatar's Al Jazeera. The Saudi Research and Media Group has already contacted media consultancies to study the viability the proposed venture, according to Financial Times. While it is still early days, sources close to the project have suggested that the initiative could be well-funded, with the intention of spreading the word of Saudi Arabia around the world. However, others have suggested that the project will only go ahead if it is found to be financially viable. Saudi Arabia is currently seeking to rivl Dubai as the Gulf region's financial hub and is investing heavily in gigaprojects aimed at diversifying its economy away from petrodollars. The Saudi Research and Media Group already runs 36 titles, which include Al-Sharq Al-Awsat and Asharq News, which has partnered with Bloomberg. It has partnerships with The Independent and operates its Middle East editions. Saudi Arabia currently owns Al Arabiya, an Arabic broadcaster that rivals Al Jazeera Arabic and Sky News Arabia. While concerns have been raised about editorial freedom following the sale of a 30% stake in The Independent to a Saudi businessman in 2017, media analysts suggest that the Saudi government is using a similar strategy to Qatar, which has used Al Jazeera to raise its global profile.

Satellite pay TV landscape in the Arab world

A new report from Arab Advisors Group has been released to provide a business analysis of the four MENA-based pay TV providers targeting the Arab World. Arab Advisors Group analyzed a historical comparison of the airtime, packages and fees, content and channels, and interactive services of the satellite pay TV providers under study for the duration between 2014 and 2022. In addition, the report analyses satellite pay TVs’ response to its competitive forces in the region.Satellite pay TV providers need to reshape their business models in response to competitive forces and digitization of the broadcasting industry. According to Arab Advisors Group’s report, MENA’s satellite pay TV providers’ respond was fourfold. The MENA-based satellite pay TV providers which cater to the Arab World launched their own OTT streaming applications, launched multi-screen platforms, implemented price segmentation to their offerings, and entered into partnerships with telecom operators to provide telecom subscribers with their offerings, bundled with telecom services.Arab Advisors Group analyzed the four satellite pay TV providers (Al Majd, beIN, GOBX, and OSN) from 2014 to 2022, building on our previously published reports. This report includes a historical comparison of the airtime, packages and fees, content and channels, and interactive services of the four satellite pay TV providers. On the fees front, three of the four providers under study increased its monthly average package fees in 2022, in comparison to their average fees in 2016. As for their airtime, one satellite pay TV’s provide airtime dropped in 2022 by around 39%, compared to its airtime in 2016; the remaining providers witnessed an increase in their airtime during 2022, compared to their airtime in 2016. Arab Advisors Group released a new report: "A Business Analysis of MENA Satellite Pay TV Sector and its Competitive Forces 2022". The report, which was released in January 2023, answers the following questions:What is satellite pay TV providers' offerings in the MENA?How did satellite pay TV providers alter their fees for the period between 2014 and 2022?What are the changes in the Satellite pay TV providers' channels and airtime for the period between 2014 and 2022?What are the genres and languages of satellite pay TV channels catering to MENA during the period under study?How do pay TV providers' streaming applications and multi-screen platforms compare across MENA during the analysis period?Who are satellite pay TV’s competitive forces in the region?The report was released to Arab Advisors Group’s subscribers and can be purchased for a fee of US$ 5,200.Arab Advisors Group’s team of analysts in the region produced over 5,500 reports on the Arab World’s communications, media and financial markets. The reports can be purchased individually or received through an annual subscription to Arab Advisors Group’s ( Strategic Research Services (Media and Telecom).

EITC partners with CDA; gives Dubai citizens to enjoy the FIFA WC 2022

Dubai, UAE: du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has partnered with Community Development Authority (CDA) to give Dubai citizens the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the World Cup throughout the days of the tournament. The company revealed that it will provide broadcasting of all matches in the Dubai Majlis that are supervised by CDA, allowing the residents of the neighborhoods to watch them in an enthusiastic atmosphere and enjoy the encouragement of their favorite teams.Huraiz Al-Murr bin Huraiz, CEO Social Care and Development Sector CDA said : “Partnerships between the public and private sectors contribute to enhancing the happiness of community members and improving the quality of their lives at all levels. The World Cup is an important season for football fans around the world, especially for young people to support their favorite teams and enjoy the enthusiastic atmosphere of the game, which greatly intersects with the objectives of Dubai Majlises that work to attract the residents of the neighborhoods to enjoy their time and communicate positively.”Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO at du said: “To strengthen engagement with local communities, we must continue to scale efforts that create a culture of inclusivity, just as the Football World Cup brings people from all backgrounds together to enjoy a season of sports and festivities. Our long-standing collaboration with the CDA aims to expand and diversify ways to interact and engage with the community as highlighted in du’s comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) framework.”The CDA is in charge for the overall supervision to achieve social sector outputs and the goals outlined in the Dubai Strategic Plans, as well as create an integrated and efficient management system for the development of social services in Dubai. du’s long-standing association with the CDA is aligned with its commitment to boost community engagement as one of the key pillars of the telco’s CSR agenda.

India TV now available in UAE

India TV, India's highest-watched Hindi News channel has expanded its global footprint by launching itself on E Life- UAE's premium Content Platform from Etisalat. The channel is available on eLife Asiana packages: eLife Asiana, Asiana Lite, Asiana Lite, and Asiana Premium both on IPTV + OTT platforms (IPTV & Switch TV) on Channel no: 549.  After establishing a leadership position in the Indian Tv market, India TV is looking to expand its International & Digital Footprint and this launch in the UAE, is a natural step in that direction. The channel is already available in North America and will be soon launching across major other markets with significant diaspora audiences, to keep them connected with News back home. The channel is looking to innovate with Local Content and launch major shows across local time zones to create better affinity for the brand.People of the Indian diaspora living in the UAE can watch India TV round-the-clock for news coverage on India and the rest of the world, by connecting through eLife. India TV has shows like ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ (on weekends) and ‘Aaj Ki Baat’ (on weekdays) hosted by Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV, which is very popular among the masses. With its nationwide network of journalists, India TV has been telecasting round-the-clock news bulletins, current affairs programmes and talk shows for the last 18 years.Ritu Dhawan, Managing Director, India TV, said, “India TV’s aim is to inform and empower global Indians with accurate, in-depth, unfiltered, fact-based journalism without any bias, outrage, or sensationalism and establishing India TV as the best and most trusted place for news. Making India TV available in the UAE is one more step towards our goal. India Tv has appointed NKN Media FZC as its exclusive Ad Sales and Distribution partner in the region. NKN Media will solicit brand partnerships and offer advertising solutions.eLife TV offers a wide variety of services & offerings including 590 + TV channels through premium TV packages from all major TV providers from around the globe. They also have Video-on-Demand and Subscription Video On Demand with over 10,000 hours of content, unmatched experience and an impressive track record with content providers, guaranteeing top-notch content from Major Hollywood Studios, Bollywood and the latest Arabic productions. eLife TV customers enjoy the latest movie titles as we currently have the largest library in the UAE with a choice of more than 600 of the latest & all-time favourite movies from Hollywood, Arabia and Bollywood in HD and 3D.

BBC announces Lindsay Salt as new Director of BBC Drama

Charlotte Moore, Chief Content Officer today announced Lindsay Salt as the Director of BBC Drama.The BBC commissions more drama than anyone else in the UK and has the widest remit within British drama broadcasting.Lindsay will be responsible for leading this critical genre and delivering distinctive, world-beating content on BBC iPlayer and the portfolio of channels. Charlotte Moore, BBC’s Chief Content Officer says: “Lindsay’s appointment heralds an exciting new era for BBC Drama. She has been responsible for an impressive breadth of shows and her track record as a commissioner underlines her passion for creating big hits and developing new and diverse voices. She’s an inspiring creative leader with a sophisticated understanding of British audience tastes which makes her perfectly placed to lead the genre into the future with work that will continue to push the boundaries and disrupt the mainstream. BBC Drama is in outstanding form and she has ambitious plans to evolve the creative strategy and build her own distinctive slate that is unique to the BBC and feels especially relevant to audiences across the UK in a fiercely competitive global landscape.” Lindsay Salt says: “My time at Netflix under the generous and visionary leadership of Anne Mensah has been a total joy. However, the opportunity to join the BBC was too special to ignore. Its Drama programming is revered around the globe and I can't wait to get started with the world class team, who empower talent and producers to create iconic shows that stand the test of time. What a privilege to build upon that legacy and find and nurture the storytelling that’ll lead us into the next pivotal phase of the BBC.”Lindsay joins the BBC from Netflix, since being there in 2019 she was part of the first UK Scripted team and established the new slate with Anne Mensah. Her commissions include Baby Reindeer, One Day, The F*** it Bucket, Palomino and Half Bad. She also worked across shows including Heartstopper and The Crown Season 5.Prior to that, she was Head of Development at Sky Drama UK where she ran the development slate for Sky One and Sky Atlantic and was across developments ranging from The Lazarus Project to The Third Day. She started her career at Left Bank Pictures where she worked across a range of productions and development both as a producer and script editor.Lindsay will report directly to Charlotte Moore, Chief Content Officer and lead the world class BBC drama commissioning team.She will start her new role in the Autumn and Ben Irving will continue as Acting Director in the interim.

How Discovery is experimenting with different genres?

During the two years of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, the entire nation went nostalgic while watching old epics Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’ and BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharat’ on Doordarshan. Even after over 30 years of first being telecast on the national broadcasters. Both the epics gained tremendous traction during the first lockdown period. In some form or the other, almost everyone has read or heard about the two epics. The scale of Ramayan is huge – it is not just another story, but something that is imbibed in our culture.Now, Discovery has launched a new docu-series, ‘Legends of the Ramayana’, narrated by bestselling award-winning writer and diplomat, Amish Tripathi. Tripathi will traverse across geographies as he sets out on his own mega adventure in the footsteps of Lord Ram to retrace his sacred journey and unravel the under-explored mysteries around the text. Tripathi’s immense knowledge of Indian mythology and effortless expertise to juxtapose the richness of history with the charm of modern-day storytelling, makes him the perfect fit for ‘Legends of the Ramayana’.<img src='//' class='content_image'>Speaking about the new docu-series, Megha Tata, Managing Director-South Asia, Discovery Inc, told Adgully, “‘Legends of the Ramayana’ will be like seeing Ramayan through the lens of discovery, which is in the space of docu-series. The whole concept was very interesting when it came to us that we all know about Ramayan. What if somebody was to capture the journey of Lord Ram from Ayodhya and what happened in those times? And so when doing this research, so many interesting mysteries came about, which not many people know about. And that, to us, was a very interesting play. That curiosity and, like someone asked, “Why 14 years and why not five years? Why not 20 years?” There’s a rational vibe. I did not know that Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan had an elder sister. Then you find out the cave where Sita was kept. So, that was an aspect we thought was worthy to bring onto our platform. It is a docu-series backed by science and research.”<div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>Talking about how the first quarter turned out for Discovery+, she noted, “It really did well for us. Because last year, the number of hours we produced was more than what we probably produced in over 20+ years that we have been in the country. So, that has been the commitment for us to create original content out of the India, and a lot of that content resonated very well. The first half, first quarter of the year had some great new shows that we launched. In fact, including the recent show, ‘India’s Ultimate Warrior’ starring Vidyut Jamwal and then it had Akshay Kumar in one of the episodes. That was a great show on our platform, and some interesting, investigative murder content – that genre is doing very well for us as well – shows like ‘Money Mafia’ or ‘Annie’, which was a murder mystery, and also ‘Honeymoon Murder’. It was all really intriguing and did really well. So, we are playing around with different genres – whether it’s mythology or science or adventure, or now crime investigation, that’s the space we are exploring. Thus, I think we had a great first quarter on Discovery+.”Not disclosing much for what is next for Discovery+, Tata said, “For the time being, this is one big launch and of course, we have a few shows lined up in the coming months, very interesting ones. I can’t talk about it, but there are a couple of shows, which I think would be very nice, in the genres of crime, mystery and investigation.”

IWBF General Assembly to kick off in Dubai today

Dubai: The General Assembly of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation is set to commence tomorrow in Dubai, alongside the ongoing World Championship taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre.The three-day congress at the Habtoor Hilton Hotel will involve discussions on the federation's reports from the past 4 years. The meetings will conclude with elections for the positions of president, vice president, and midterm renewal of the Board of Directors.The current IWBF president, Ulf Mehernes of Germany, is running unopposed for re-election, having held the position since 2014.Four candidates from the Netherlands, China Taipei, Austria, and Canada are vying for the vice president's seat.The list of candidates for membership seats includes a single Arab, Tawfiq Alloush of Lebanon. Alloush has been a member of the IWBF Executive Office for the past two terms and is running for election for the third time.Thani Juma Belrakad, chairman of the organising committee for the World Wheelchair Basketball Championship, said that Dubai's hosting of the IWBF Congress is a "new success added to the series of successes" of hosting the World Championship for the first time in the UAE and the region."We will follow up the work of the General Assembly to benefit from it in the next stage," Belrakad said. "The UAE possesses competencies and cadres that qualify it for a distinguished position in the international and continental federations."