Arab Advisors Group unveils report on MENA's 5G status

Amman: In preparation for the launch of its 5G summit in June 2023, Arab Advisors Group released a new comprehensive analytical telecommunication report. The report focuses on countries across MENA with and without launched 5G services. Arab Advisors Group shed the light on 5G network expansions and coverages, as well as disclosed 5G-related indicators. As for countries without 5G launches, the report further examined the role of governmental bodies in facilitating successful 5G launches in the Middle East and North Africa, and 5G trials among telcos in preparation towards their launches.Under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Arab Advisors Group, a leading provider of research and analysis in the telecom and media industries, is proud to announce its upcoming 5G Summit ( in Amman, Jordan, in June 6, 2023 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.5G technology promises to bring a massive enhancement for businesses and people, with a significant paradigm shift in communications and technology. However, the 5G promise is yet to be delivered. In its 17th summit this year, Arab Advisors Group will bring together thought leaders, stakeholders, C-Level executives, and directors from across the MENA region to share their expertise and thoughts about the true promises and the challenges of a viable 5G launch.Governmental bodies play vital roles in facilitating and catalyzing successful 5G launches - setting clear 5G roadmaps and strategies, and publicly disclosing adequate and timely indicators to name a few. Roadmaps and strategies present governments’ expectations for digitized and well-developed ICT sectors, and highlight telecom operators’ part in supporting their governments’ visions. The advancement of any ecosystem is also strongly tied to publicly disclosed key performance indicators (“KPIs”). Sources of similar indicators vary across the telecom industry; nevertheless, the most credible and expected source of indicators is governmental bodies.Governmental bodies are not the sole contributors towards successful 5G launches. Telecom operators play imperative part in pushing towards 5G launches through network upgrades, expansions, and 5G trials. In alignment with its summit launch, Arab Advisors Group released a new analytical report which tackles prerequisite measures by telecom operators and regulators to ensure successful 5G network launches across the MENA region. Arab Advisors Group further discusses 5G network coverages for MENA-based telecom operators, highlighting a wide range of achievements in the GCC. Lastly, we present 5G-related KPIs released by telecom regulators and operators in the Gulf.As part of its continuous reliable primary research-based analysis, Arab Advisors Group released this report which answers the following questions:How are MENA governmental bodies catalyzing smooth and successful 5G launches?Do MENA’s telecom markets have adequate and timely disclosed 5G-related indicators?What preparation measures are telecom operators in the Arab World taking towards their 5G launches?How intense are 5G trials in Arab countries without commercial 5G services?How did the GCC’s 5G markets differ during a span of 4 years in terms of coverages and expansions?“According to our findings, about 30% of the telecom operators in Arab countries without commercial 5G services announced 5G trials. The intensity of these trials is considered low, with Tunisia being the only country with sufficient 5G trial announcements between June 2019 and February 2023.” Ms. Hiba Rabadi, Arab Advisors Group’s Deputy General Manager noted. “The lack of announcements may not indicate a lack of trials but rather a lack of public disclosure. Overall, the modest number of trials and their low intensity suggest that more work is needed for operators to select suitable solutions and understand network behavior in real-life situations.” Added Rabadi.“One noticeable advancement in the GCC’s 5G networks is the transition towards standalone 5G (“5G SA”). A few telecom operators across Kuwait, KSA, and the UAE announced transitioning from non-standalone 5G networks to 5G SA ones, while others announced testing their 5G SA networks.” noted Rabadi.Arab Advisors Group will be releasing a new report series with a focus on each GCC country. The series will overview 5G services on an operator level, frequency bands utilized, and collaborations with telecom vendors to launch 5G. Additionally, Arab Advisors Group will examine 5G monetization by telecom operators, alongside disclosed benefits of 5G. Lastly, the series will shed the light on governmental support in each country towards successful launches.Arab Advisors Group published four individual reports pertaining to each region (The GCC and Yemen, The Maghreb, The Levant, and Egypt and Sudan) with separate data sheets detailing all OTT offerings per region.Please contact Arab Advisors Group for more details or to get a copy of the reports’ Table of Contents.The reports were released to Arab Advisors Group’s subscribers and can be purchased for a fee of US$ 7,000.

Arab Advisors Group to host its regional 5G summit

Amman: Gearing up for its upcoming regional summit, Arab Advisors Group, a leading market research and consulting firm in the MENA region, is announcing four main tracks that are designed to guide the participants; from thought leaders to C-level executives and directors, to stakeholders, towards the summit’s foresight.Scheduled to take place on June 6, 2023, Arab Advisors Group has selected for its one-day summit four main tracks that are considered a common vision for the participating stakeholders. The tracks include 5G for a Better Future, 5G Challenges and Opportunities, The Business Case for 5G, and 5G and beyond. These tracks will explore various sub-topics, such as transitioning to 5G, innovation in the 5G era, technology partners, and the creation of a viable 5G ecosystem."We look forward to bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss the future and promised potential of 5G," said Fayez Abu Awad, Arab Advisors Group’s Chief Advisor to the Board. "5G technology is unlocking novel opportunities for industrial applications, particularly in the areas of smart cities and IoT. With the combination of 5G, cloud, AI, and big data, we have a new spectrum of capabilities at our disposal. Cross-sector collaboration will be key to achieving a true digital paradigm shift. However, unprecedented challenges accompany this shift, particularly in the area of cybersecurity. Having said that, it is rather vital to prioritize cybersecurity from the outset and not just deploy first and protect later."The 5G Summit will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with leading experts in the telecommunication industry, share ideas, and network with peers.Arab Advisors Group's 5G Summit is a must-attend event for those looking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of 5G and digitization.

Arab Advisors Group announces early registration for its 5G Summit in Jordan

AMMAN, JORDAN – Arab Advisors Group, the Arab region’s leading independent market research, analysis and consulting company, is proud to announce that early bird registration for its upcoming 5G Summit is now open. With the summit taking place on June 6, 2023, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Amman, Jordan, the early bird registration is open till April 30, 2023.Our Summit is the place for thought leaders, stakeholders, C-Level executives and Directors to come together and share their expertise about the true promises and the challenges of a viable 5G launch. Handpicked industry experts taking part in our event include speakers from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, GSMA, SAMENA Telecommunications Council, National Cyber Security Center, Google, Pie, and Arcadis."We believe that the 5G Summit will be ideal to discuss MENA challenges and opportunities of the 5G ecosystem” said Fayez Abu Awad, Chief Advisor to the Board at Arab Advisors Group, “We encourage experts and companies in the related fields to join us. We look forward to seeing all our partners and industry experts there!”.

Satellite pay TV landscape in the Arab world

A new report from Arab Advisors Group has been released to provide a business analysis of the four MENA-based pay TV providers targeting the Arab World. Arab Advisors Group analyzed a historical comparison of the airtime, packages and fees, content and channels, and interactive services of the satellite pay TV providers under study for the duration between 2014 and 2022. In addition, the report analyses satellite pay TVs’ response to its competitive forces in the region.Satellite pay TV providers need to reshape their business models in response to competitive forces and digitization of the broadcasting industry. According to Arab Advisors Group’s report, MENA’s satellite pay TV providers’ respond was fourfold. The MENA-based satellite pay TV providers which cater to the Arab World launched their own OTT streaming applications, launched multi-screen platforms, implemented price segmentation to their offerings, and entered into partnerships with telecom operators to provide telecom subscribers with their offerings, bundled with telecom services.Arab Advisors Group analyzed the four satellite pay TV providers (Al Majd, beIN, GOBX, and OSN) from 2014 to 2022, building on our previously published reports. This report includes a historical comparison of the airtime, packages and fees, content and channels, and interactive services of the four satellite pay TV providers. On the fees front, three of the four providers under study increased its monthly average package fees in 2022, in comparison to their average fees in 2016. As for their airtime, one satellite pay TV’s provide airtime dropped in 2022 by around 39%, compared to its airtime in 2016; the remaining providers witnessed an increase in their airtime during 2022, compared to their airtime in 2016. Arab Advisors Group released a new report: "A Business Analysis of MENA Satellite Pay TV Sector and its Competitive Forces 2022". The report, which was released in January 2023, answers the following questions:What is satellite pay TV providers' offerings in the MENA?How did satellite pay TV providers alter their fees for the period between 2014 and 2022?What are the changes in the Satellite pay TV providers' channels and airtime for the period between 2014 and 2022?What are the genres and languages of satellite pay TV channels catering to MENA during the period under study?How do pay TV providers' streaming applications and multi-screen platforms compare across MENA during the analysis period?Who are satellite pay TV’s competitive forces in the region?The report was released to Arab Advisors Group’s subscribers and can be purchased for a fee of US$ 5,200.Arab Advisors Group’s team of analysts in the region produced over 5,500 reports on the Arab World’s communications, media and financial markets. The reports can be purchased individually or received through an annual subscription to Arab Advisors Group’s ( Strategic Research Services (Media and Telecom).