Navigating the DSF: A fusion of tradition, safety, and data-driven excellence

In the heart of the desert oasis, where luxury meets tradition, Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) draws in visitors from every corner of the globe. In the first part of this series on DSF, we analyzed the alacrity and preparedness of brands.As the city prepares to host the world-renowned shopping extravaganza, attention turns to the brands that play a pivotal role in shaping the festival experience. How are these brands ensuring a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for their international clientele? In the second part of this story, we delve into the measures taken by leading brands to harmonize opulence with safety, exploring the strategies employed to navigate the unique challenges posed by the intersection of luxury retail and the evolving landscape of global events. We also analyze the importance of data and predictive analysis.“We prioritise the safety and satisfaction of our international customers,” says Richard Snowball, General Manager for Retail at Royal Furniture.He further says that Royal Furniture has implemented stringent safety measures in response to recent global events. “This includes enhanced sanitation protocols in our showrooms and warehouses, as well as contactless payment options for a safer shopping experience. Additionally, we offer online shopping with worldwide shipping, ensuring customers can enjoy our products from the comfort of their homes. These measures reflect our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for international visitors during the Dubai Shopping Festival and beyond,” says Snowball. <img src='\3b87a24fb030c59167343283a76d70fe.png' class='content_image'>The high standards of safety we’ve been following across all REDTAG stores in the Middle East will apply to our participation in the DSF 2023 too, says Shehbaz Shaikh, Chief Retail Officer, REDTAG.“Moreover, we have the utmost confidence in the ability of the organizers to provide festivalgoers of all ethnicities a safe and secure experience. The UAE government’s hands-on involvement in the festival should allay any lingering fears a potential festival goer might have,” he adds.  <img src='\1d5565a565a777a5294288a2cec8716c.png' class='content_image'>As the Dubai Shopping Festival approaches, a spotlight shines on brands that have mastered the art of integrating local culture into their products, creating a unique and immersive shopping experience. Brands are planning to celebrate the rich tapestry of Dubai's heritage, in which tradition is woven into the fabric of our offerings.One of REDTAG’s important value propositions is the “glocal” approach — the interpretations of global trends through the lens of local cultural sensibilities, says Shehbaz Shaikh.“Years of specialization in this approach have empowered us to achieve a harmonious balance in our designs, effectively catering to Dubai's multicultural diaspora. REDTAG, in particular, has demonstrated exceptional prowess in the realm of "modest fashion" by skillfully integrating the distinctive elements of the historical Arabian textile culture. These endeavors are prominently showcased during special events, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival,” he adds.Dubai's rich cultural diversity is a significant inspiration for our brand, says Richard Snowball.“We celebrate this by curating a wide range of products that cater to various tastes. With designers from different parts of the world, including Arabic, European, and Asian, we offer a diverse and inclusive selection. While we are in the process of finalising our events plan, we are excited to announce that we have cultural events and collaborations in the pipeline for the festival. Shoppers can look forward to unique experiences that showcase the cultural vibrancy of Dubai and our commitment to offering something for everyone at Royal Furniture,” he adds.A data-driven retail odysseyIn the bustling retail arena, data analytics emerges as the unsung hero, empowering brands to craft tailored experiences that resonate with each shopper. So the fundamental question is: How does data analytics elevate the art of personalized marketing, enabling retailers to forge stronger connections with festival-goers?Yet, in a retail terrain that constantly evolves, the challenge lies not only in understanding current trends but also in predicting future shifts. What are the strategies employed by leading brands to keep their data analytics arsenal sharp and up-to-date. How do they navigate the ebb and flow of consumer preferences, ensuring that their offerings remain a beacon of relevance during the festival's whirlwind of shopping excitement?Furthermore, predictive analytics, a tool that acts as the crystal ball for retailers, allows them to forecast demand and make informed, data-driven decisions. Predictive analytics plays a crucial role during the Dubai Shopping Festival, uncovering the ways in which it transforms retailers into visionaries, anticipating trends, and navigating the festival's dynamic retail landscape with confidence.Data analytics is instrumental for retailers to engage with shoppers effectively during peak seasons like the Dubai Shopping Festival while providing a differentiated and personalized marketing approach that can drive an enhanced customer experience, says Karl Crowther, VP, MEA, Alteryx.<img src='\4a6df1ae5ebfa083eaeb0c553af32448.png' class='content_image'>"Utilizing the wealth of available data to analyse customer behaviour, purchase history, and preferences empowers retailers to curate personalized promotions and recommendations. This not only ensures customer loyalty but also fuels revenue growth. In contrast to the challenges faced by traditional brick-and-mortar retail strategies, the sustained triumph of online shopping is underscored by the array of e-commerce technology investments. This is evident in the forecasted growth of the MENA market, projected to reach $57 billion by 2026," says Karl.According to him, during peak seasonal periods like the Dubai Shopping Festival, leveraging historical sales data, current trends, and consumer behaviours is vital to anticipate demand and manage inventory more effectively. Retailers can drop poor-performing products while filling relevant gaps with high-demand products, leading to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.“Keeping data analytics strategies current to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers requires continuous innovation, including integrating real-time data and applying AI and machine learning in an agile manner to adapt quickly to new trends. With data-driven insights so critical to unlocking the full potential of customer data, retailers are optimising the shopping experience by blending online and offline experiences using the power of data to predict trends and answer vital questions for their retail strategies. But to gain faster insights, retailers must invest in the right analytics and AI tools that bridge the functional gap between analytics teams and business teams — they must empower business users and decision-makers with tools that allow them to explore data without relying on IT or data scientists,” he concludes.For retailers, data analytics goes a long way in understanding their target consumers, points out Bhavesh Talreja, Founder & CEO, Globale Media.According to him, demographic profiles can be analysed using data to understand factors like age, gender, education, employment status, income levels, etc. Then, personalized marketing during a major event like a DSF can be highly effective in engaging and converting customers.<img src='\3bfee046296b06bd9f268944471f0654.png' class='content_image'>According to him, some personalised marketing strategies to consider during DSF are:Customer segmentation: Divide your customer base into segments based on demographics, shopping behaviour, and preferences. This will allow you to create personalized offers and messages for each group.Personalised Offers: Offer discounts, promotions, and deals that are tailored to each customer segment. For example, you can provide loyal customers with exclusive discounts, while newer customers may receive welcome offers.Email marketing: Use email marketing to send personalised messages and promotional recommendations to your subscribers. You can not only analyse their past purchases and browsing history to suggest relevant products but also expand the impact of content marketing.Retargeting Ads: Implement retargeting ads on social media and other online platforms to remind visitors of products they've viewed on your website. These ads can be highly personalised based on the user's behaviour. Unlike typical ads, retargeting ads ensures a higher probability as the visitor has been in contact already.Customized content: Create customized content, such as blog posts, videos, or social media posts, that aligns with the interests and preferences of your target audience. Then follow it up with data analytics to identify what topics resonate most with your customers.Personalised messaging: Use customer names and offer personalized product recommendations in your marketing materials. Tailor your messaging to align with the values and interests of your customers.Location-based marketing: The epitome of being in the right place at the right time, and leveraging geolocation data allow you to send targeted offers and promotions to customers in real-time as they shop in physical stores or explore the DSF area. This strategy proves highly effective for retailers with a notable offline presence.Mobile apps: If you have a mobile app, fire personalized push notifications to mobile users with relevant offers and information during DSF.Social media engagement: You can interact with customers on social media platforms. Respond to their comments and direct messages, and engage in conversations to build a strong personal connection with your audience.Loyalty programmes: Encourage repeat business by offering personalised rewards and discounts through a loyalty programme. Recognize and reward loyal customers during DSF.Personal shopper services: You can also consider offering personal shopper services to help customers find the right products during DSF. These can be tailored to individual preferences and budgets.Predictive analysisBhavesh Talreja further says that predictive analytics encompasses the use of statistics and modeling techniques to make predictions about future outcomes and performance. In a highly competitive industry such as retail, it helps retailers look at current and historical patterns and determine if those patterns are likely to emerge again in the future.Demand forecasting: Predictive analytics can analyze historical sales data, taking into account factors like previous DSF performance, seasonality, and economic indicators, to forecast demand during the festival. Retailers can predict which products will be in high demand and adjust their inventory accordingly.Inventory management: With Predictive analytics, retailers can optimize their inventory. This can help avoid overstocking or understocking and eventually dead stock. This ensures right products in right quantities to meet customer demands and minimizePricing strategies: Predictive analytics can help retailers optimize pricing strategies during DSF. By analyzing historical data and customer behavior, retailers can set competitive prices that attract customers while still maintaining profitability.Personalised marketing: Retailers can use predictive analytics to create personalized marketing campaigns. Consumer data is abundant and can be used as a leverage to create content, advertisements and strategies to better reach potential customers. By analyzing customer data and preferences, retailers can send targeted promotions and recommendations to individual shoppers, increasing the chances of sales. Additionally, it can help predict a lead's likelihood of moving down the funnel to purchase.Supply Chain Optimization: Predictive analytics can assist retailers in streamlining their supply chains. By predicting demand and identifying potential bottlenecks, retailers can ensure that products are readily available during DSF and minimize delays. This helps businesses optimize processes and resources and improve decision-making.Store layout and staffing: Retailers can use predictive analytics to optimize their store layout and staffing based on expected foot traffic and customer behaviour patterns. This can help create a more pleasant shopping experience for customers and improve overall operational efficiency.Fraud prevention: One of the biggest challenges is frauds, but predictive analytics can be used to detect and prevent fraud during DSF. Retailers can analyse transaction data in real-time to identify suspicious activities and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.Customer insights: Retailers can leverage predictive analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and trends. This information can be used for product selection, marketing campaigns, and improving the overall shopping experience.Competitor analysis: Retail is a highly competitive industry; so staying on top of your competition is most essential. Predictive analytics can also help retailers monitor and analyze the strategies of their competitors during DSF. By staying informed about competitor pricing, promotions, and inventory, retailers can adjust their own strategies in response.Post-event analysis: After DSF, retailers can use predictive analytics to assess the effectiveness of their strategies and identify areas for improvement. This information can be used to refine their approaches for future events.Photo Teeraza88/Wikimedia Commons

Unwrapping Dubai Shopping Festival: Brands' marketing magic and must-have deals

It's that exciting season when shopaholics worldwide set their sights on Dubai for the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). In the heart of the bustling metropolis that is Dubai, where commerce and culture seamlessly intertwine, the DSF takes center stage as one of the most anticipated shopping events on the global shopping calendar.In this two-part series, Adgully Middle East delves into the profound impact of the DSF on the marketing strategies and sales dynamics of brands. Beyond the metrics, brands unravel the arresting allure of the festival, offering a glimpse into their distinctive offerings and its commitment to sustainable practices.In fact, the DSF isn't just an event. Known for its unique shopping experiences, DSF is a pivotal juncture that reshapes marketing landscapes and sales trajectories. Let us unravel the strategic dance between the DSF and various brands' marketing and sales blueprint. Discover how this annual spectacle influences their approach and what exclusive promotions await shoppers in the upcoming festival.Let’s find out how the DSF has impacted brands’ marketing and sales strategy, and what special promotions or offers can shoppers expect during the upcoming festival.Sunny Yang, General Manager at TCL MEA, is gung-ho about the DSF. She says: “We consider the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) as one of the biggest events for shoppers and we have always come up with our best possible offers and promotions during this time. It gives a tremendous boost to the TV sales and around 25-30 % of our Q4 sales happen during the DSF. Shoppers can expect big offers on our QLED and big-size TVs during this time.”<img src='\87b0436ce62f1d0310211999cb0d590a.png' class='content_image'>Shehbaz Shaikh, Chief Retail Officer, REDTAG, informs that REDTAG’s ongoing offers for Singles’ Day and Black Friday — up to 60% off, as well as an extra 60% off of the second item on the website and “Half Payback” on every AED 300 spent at the physical stores — will be repackaged for the DSF. REDTAG is an apparel and homeware label launched in 2006.Besides discounts, he adds, the company’s strategy for DSF involves providing access to a wide array of fashion and homeware products, in line with festival-goers’ broad-based expectations.“Due to the festival’s massive footfall, it’s a unique opportunity to engage and onboard new customers and feel the pulse of the market. As a customer-centric brand, that opportunity to engage is what we are most eagerly looking forward to.”<img src='\96360ab654779bb364365d1accfcc193.png' class='content_image'>Richard Snowball, General Manager for Retail at Royal Furniture, is enthusiastic about the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival.“We are incredibly eager to showcase our products in more diverse ways across various mediums. We are preparing well in advance for marketing to position our brand as the destination for furnishing requirements, where we are adding a new set of products relevant to festive vibes. As for special promotions and offers during the upcoming festival, we have some fantastic deals lined up for our shoppers. We are offering special gift discounts of up to 75% off on a wide range of products, making it the perfect opportunity for customers to revamp their homes and indulge in some retail therapy. Additionally, we will have daily special offers, ensuring that our customers have something new and exciting to look forward to every day of the festival. These promotions and discounts will not only attract shoppers but also enhance their shopping experience with our brand during the Dubai Shopping Festival,” Snowball adds. <img src='\e08154073e3292c509f241c00a25913c.png' class='content_image'>What’s in store?Brands, such as TCL, have prepared a lineup of products to be launched during the DSF.TCL, says Sunny Yang, is planning to launch its premium 98-inch TV range in different categories like UHD, QD Mini LED TV during the Dubai Shopping Festival.REDTAG’s 'Winter Moments', the seasonal specialized collection, will be the mainstay of the company’s participation at the DSF 2023, says Shehbaz Shaikh. According to him, the new Winter collection exemplifies "functional fashion", a branch that strives to balance the function of the apparel with its form — a priority for the cold season. “In 'Winter Moments', we have masterfully incorporated wintry colours like brownstone, vintage design elements, and contemporary prints, such as that of superhero characters from Disney, Marvel, and DC. Those specialized collections will be joined by year-round offerings in fashion and homeware,.” he adds.Richard Snowball says that Royal Furniture has an exciting lineup for the Dubai Shopping Festival, featuring a wide range of new products, including dining tables, bedrooms, coffee and lamp tables, all at unbelievable prices. “Our spotlight item is the launch of a brand-new sectional sofa, along with a variety of accessories, all available at special festival prices. Royal Furniture’s exclusive offerings will surely attract shoppers and tourists seeking unique and stylish furnishing options during the festival.”Consumer trendsIn the vibrant tapestry of the DSF, retailers find themselves at the intersection of tradition and innovation. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, several key trends and consumer behaviors have surfaced, demanding the attention of savvy retailers. In essence, the DSF is not merely a marketplace; it's a dynamic arena where retailers must adapt to the nuanced rhythm of consumer preferences, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation to create an unforgettable shopping journey.From 8th December 2023 to 14th January 2024, Dubai will become the 'shopping capital' of the world, states Bhavesh Talreja, Founder & CEO, Globale Media.“It is one of the leading cities in the Middle East in innovation and development, and the Dubai Shopping Festival has accompanied that growth journey. The organized integration between shopping from retailers in Dubai and rejoicing experiences through multiple modes of entertainment is a key point of differentiation as no other international festival has managed to create a full integration as the DSF,” says Talreja. <img src='\a93a611e2cca35a5ca976827426d949c.png' class='content_image'>According to him, the key distinctive factors of the DSF are:Luxury shopping: The DSF boasts the crème de la crème of luxury brands, chic boutiques, and renowned retailers. From watches, perfumes, and electronics to home decor and gold jewellery, shoppers can shop at irresistible prices.Online shopping: Using the DSF, many retailers offer online deals and promotions, allowing people to shop from the comfort of their homes.Extended shopping: With night markets, longer business hours, and increased government support of DSF, shoppers can tap into the ultimate retail experience day and night.Discounts: For the DSF to become a shopper's dream destination, massive discounts and promotions play a significant role in attracting shoppers all over the world.Entertainment: Even though 'Shopping' is in its name itself, the festival is also marked by a range of exciting activities including live shows, celebrity performances, concerts, fireworks, street shows, and many more to entertain visitors for 38 days.Family-friendly activities: Apart from the incredible deals and discounts on offer, the DSF also organizes family-friendly activities and family-themed entertainment. Some of these are film screenings, funfairs, and games for children. This encourages entire families, i.e. people of all ages, to travel to Dubai for the month-long festival.Raffles and prizes: Many retailers and malls run raffle draws and prize giveaways where shoppers can win brand-new cars, gold, and millions of dirhams in cash prizes.SustainabilityAs consumers place a growing emphasis on sustainability and ethical shopping, brands are dedicated to being a trailblazer in responsible commerce, by prioritizing eco-friendly practices and technologies in both products and operations during the DSF.TCL takes great pride in its commitment to sustainability and is dedicated to integrating eco-friendly practices and technologies into both its products and operations, says Sunny Yang.“Under the global banner of the #TCLGreen campaign, we are spearheading a transformative initiative to inspire greatness and foster a more environmentally conscious planet for all. The #TCLGreen initiative has received worldwide recognition, serving as a symbol of our steadfast dedication to sustainability within local and global communities. In pursuit of these sustainability goals, we offer a range of environmentally responsible products that include the TCL Mini LED C845, the TCL FreshIN Air Conditioner, the TCL Eco Fresh Refrigerator, and our TCL Front Load Washer, which excels in providing advanced hygiene care. At TCL, we are committed to making eco-conscious choices accessible to our customers and are continuously innovating to minimize our environmental footprint across all facets of our business operations,” says Yang.Richard Snowball adds that Royal Furniture is committed to sustainability and responsible shopping.“A prime example is our sofa and bed collection, along with our locally manufactured mattresses. By producing these products within the UAE, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint, as we import only the raw materials needed for manufacturing. We take pride in being a "Made in UAE" product brand, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach in the region. While we don't have specific eco-friendly initiatives planned for the festival, our ongoing commitment to local production aligns with our sustainable and responsible shopping practices,” he explains.REDTAG has launched ‘Anytime, Anywhere Exchange’ as part of its ethical and responsible retailing, says Shehbaz Shaikh.“Under that first-of-its-kind initiative in GCC, customers can buy a product at any of our stores and return it at any other REDTAG store in the country, even after a decade, as long as it remains unused and labelled. ‘Anytime, Anywhere Exchange’ is a shining example of our convenience-led, customer-centric approach,” says Shaikh.Photo (Ibn Bathutha Mall of Dubai) by Challiyil Eswaramangalath Pavithran Vipin

CheckRewards, an Innovative Cashback App with Machine Learning, launches in MENA

CheckRewards, an innovative cashback service fuelled by cutting-edge machine learning technology, is entering the MENA region. Backed by a $1.2 million investment from the Mitgo Group, CheckRewards is set to redefine the cashback experience for both users and businesses across the Middle East and North Africa.CheckRewards plans to become a leading player in the cashback industry, offering a revolutionary omnichannel platform that seamlessly connects consumers with brands, both online and offline. The company aims at partnering with 50 major FMCG, retail and food brands, including industry giants like Noon, Amazon, Sharaf DG, Samsung, Dyson, Starbucks and H&M.For users, CheckRewards isn't just another cashback app. Instead, it's a smart-shopping companion that assists with overall budget management. The app provides access to exciting promotions, cashback rewards for everyday purchases and receipt scans, as well as robust expenditure tracking to help users keep on top of their finances.For brands, CheckRewards represents an opportunity to engage with customers through an innovative cashback tool, allowing for the quick launch of promotions without the need for complex technical integration. This enables brands to precisely target specific audience segments based on user preferences, ultimately driving an increase in average purchase value, sales volume and customer loyalty.CheckRewards' growth plansThe CheckRewards team has already launched similar projects in Eastern Europe and achieved significant milestones, boasting over 5 million users and 180 million in-app purchases. Following the successful launch of the MVP in the UAE, which demonstrated strong audience interest, the team has made the strategic decision to venture into the MENA market.MENA presents a tremendous opportunity for CheckRewards, as the popularity of cashback services within the region continues to grow. According to a Statista report, in 2021, retail sales in the United Arab Emirates alone were estimated at approximately 74 billion U.S. dollars, with forecasts predicting a substantial increase to 114 billion U.S. dollars by 2026.CheckRewards is committed to building strong partnerships, both globally and within the MENA region. In its first year, the company plans to collaborate with 50 major FMCG, retail and food brands, while also exploring partnerships with local banks to offer users a seamless money withdrawal experience.CheckRewards has already launched Android and iOS apps in the UAE that implement cutting-edge receipt recognition technology. Future expansion plans include finding investment partners to enter Saudi Arabia and other key MENA countries.Investment and support from MitgoMitgo Group, an indispensable partner on CheckRewards' journey, has made a substantial $1.2 million investment into the project. In addition to financial backing, Mitgo Group will provide wide-reaching networking opportunities and regional expertise. This unwavering support reflects both the potential of CheckRewards and Mitgo Group's dedication to fostering innovative tech businesses.Alexander Bachmann, CEO of Mitgo Group:"We recognise the immense potential within CheckRewards and firmly believe in their vision for the MENA market. Artem is an exceptional founder and, when he approached us for investment in the seed round, we didn't hesitate. This strategic collaboration is well-positioned to reshape the cashback landscape in the region, offering unparalleled opportunities for both consumers and businesses. At Mitgo Group, we are committed to supporting the CheckRewards team as they progress in their project and seek further investment to expand into new markets."Artem Ostapenko, CEO of CheckRewards:"We are thrilled to introduce CheckRewards to the MENA region, where the demand for cashback services is on the rise. CheckRewards stands as a unique solution, presenting remarkable advertising opportunities, including geo-targeting and customer preference-based targeting. We are eager to transform the cashback experience for users and foster business growth in this dynamic region. Our plans include securing the next round of investments for expansion into new markets, with a focus on the KSA."

Ma’an launches the inaugural edition of the ADSEF at NYU Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an in partnership with startAD, the Abu Dhabi-based startup accelerator powered by Tamkeen and anchored at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), has launched the inaugural edition of the Abu Dhabi Social Entrepreneurship Forum.The Abu Dhabi Social Entrepreneurship Forum highlighted pressing factors of social entrepreneurship on a local and global scale, and the importance of upskilling youth to contribute to the cause, through a series of roundtable discussions and workshops.The event was attended by 150 people including government officials, faculty and students, NGOs, investors, social entrepreneurs, startup founders and more. Panel discussions were held on the topics of healthy lifestyles and youth for climate action, along with a think tank brainstorming session looking to the future, showcasing 12 local and international social enterprises, including 10 alumni from The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an.  This comes as part of a three-year partnership to develop Abu Dhabi as the global centre of social innovation. Ma’an and startAD, powered by Tamkeen and anchored at NYU Abu Dhabi, joined hands to offer a unique chance for early-stage entrepreneurs to develop their social impact startups and scale into social enterprises through the Ma’an Social Incubator (MSI). Designed to boost innovation and facilitate knowledge sharing, this year’s MSI runs under the theme of sustainability to align with Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 and the upcoming COP28.His Excellency Salem Ali Al Shamsi, Social Incubation and Contracting Executive Director of The Authority of Social Contribution –Ma’an, said: “Today’s forum underlines The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an’s aim to support innovative social enterprises to accelerate the growth and development of a diverse and highly effective Third Sector in Abu Dhabi. Serving as a hub for passionate individuals who understand that entrepreneurship can be a powerful force for good, the forum encouraged knowledge sharing between like-minded people.In line with the Government of Abu Dhabi’s ongoing commitment to sustainable social development, we aspire through the Ma’an Social Incubator to encourage innovation and social entrepreneurship to develop solutions to social, cultural, or environmental challenges and achieving long-term positive impact in our community.”Through collaborations with the Third Sector, government, and private entities, Ma’an has supported various projects in education, health, environment, and social sectors to ultimately amplify a culture of social participation, while aiming to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as a key destination.Managing Director of startAD Ramesh Jagannathan added: “We are delighted to witness the fruits of our collaboration with the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, as we launch the inaugural edition of The Social Entrepreneurship Forum. The event embodies our shared goal of addressing the critical challenges that social entrepreneurship faces, both in our local communities and on a global scale. The need to arm our youth with the essential skills and knowledge to make a meaningful contribution to this mission is of paramount importance. We proudly facilitated connections between investors, student entrepreneurs, and academic institutions, creating a dynamic platform for all to engage and collaborate.“The foundations we have laid during this forum are a testament to our dedication to see social entrepreneurship flourish, and our commitment to empower the youth of today to be the change-makers of tomorrow,” he added.Aiming to bridge the gap between investors, student entrepreneurs, and academic institutions, the forum serves as a platform for diverse stakeholders and UAE-based budding and established social enterprises to collaborate and foster a culture of social innovation.In light of the upcoming COP28 summit, students, entrepreneurs, investors, and government bodies had the unique opportunity to connect and share insights about youth engagement’s vital role around climate action in the Middle East. Topics for discussion included the contribution of the UAE’s social entrepreneurship policies to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.Furthermore, the forum provided university students with opportunities to learn about social entrepreneurship and receive accelerator coaching from industry experts. It also connected social entrepreneurs with angel investors to help provide seed funding for promising business ideas.

Strategies in flux: AppsFlyer's Paul Wright explores mobile advertising dynamics

In this exclusive interview with Paul Wright, General Manager of Western Europe and MENAT at AppsFlyer, we delve into the intricacies of mobile advertising in the face of Google and Meta's dominance in Android non-gaming and remarketing. Wright advocates for diversifying ad campaigns beyond the top two giants, emphasizing the potential of other quality media sources. As we explore the role of Chinese media sources like Xiaomi, vivo, and oppo on a global scale, Wright highlights their strength in driving both volume and quality. Amid economic downturn challenges, changing media source rankings, and the evolving iOS ecosystem, Wright provides insights into building and maintaining strong client relationships through media diversification.“For marketers, selecting the best media partners is particularly important on iOS because of its high-quality audience. However, privacy-driven fragmentation in measurement has only created more uncertainty, increasing the need for accurate performance rankings for the platform,” he says.The conversation concludes by addressing the shifts in rankings for Android gaming and remarketing categories, emphasizing AppsFlyer's neutral stance in advising clients and the importance of actionable insights backed by data. Excerpts:With the dominance of Google and Meta in Android non-gaming and remarketing, how would you recommend diversifying and optimizing ad campaigns to achieve better results for AppsFlyer clients?While it's true that Google and Meta dominate the non-gaming and remarketing segments on Android, this shouldn’t mean marketers should rule out other quality media sources. As highlighted in our report, there are many others that can offer good ROI, so I would definitely recommend looking beyond just the top two. I would also advise expanding to other channels to drive mobile app growth. For example, this year we have seen Connected TV start to show promising results (although it should be noted that at this time, user acquisition and remarketing are not yet supported).How do you see the role of Chinese media sources like Xiaomi, vivo, and oppo in the global market, and how should AppsFlyer position itself to leverage their scaling abilities?At present, we can mainly see that their strength lies in driving scale (volume) as these devices are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and especially in developing markets, thanks to their relative cost-effectiveness. This is evidenced in the fact that Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo are ranked 4th, 5th and 7th, respectively, globally in non-gaming. It is worth noting too that Xiaomi in particular shows great quality among life and culture apps in the Middle East as well, where it is ranked 3rd in the power ranking for this segment. So it isn’t just about volume, but also quality, as we see high power rankings for these media sources for life and culture apps in other regions like Southeast Asia and Latin America.For marketers, it's important to recognise that these media sources have high preload installs potential as apps can be preinstalled on these devices by the manufacturer. These installs are given the highest priority in attribution. This means that if a user engages with other campaigns before opening the app for the first time, the preload campaign is still awarded the attribution. In line with this, other engagements are regarded as assisted installs.Can you elaborate on the significance of Apple Search Ads functioning independently of SKAN and deterministically attributing users regardless of ATT consent? How might this impact the future landscape of mobile advertising attribution?This means that for users attributed to ASA, you have the full range of features and measurements provided by the lifetime value (LTV) attribution model — just like in present day Android, or pre iOS 14.5 iPhones. This media source has full data granularity giving it a significant edge over its competitors.How would you build and maintain strong relationships with key clients in light of the challenges posed by the economic downturn and changes in media source rankings?My advice to marketers is to prioritise media diversification. As the world continues to bounce back following bouts of economic uncertainty, marketers and media owners cannot afford to make the wrong decisions — especially when it comes to media source budget allocation. Only four of the top 20 media source players saw budget increases this year; costs of media continue to fluctuate; and channels like CTV are leading ecosystem players to quickly adapt and think outside of the box to reach consumers.For marketers, selecting the best media partners is particularly important on iOS because of its high-quality audience. However, privacy-driven fragmentation in measurement has only created more uncertainty, increasing the need for accurate performance rankings for the platform.Given the shift in rankings for Android gaming and remarketing categories, how would you collaborate with clients to tailor strategies that align with their specific goals and market dynamics?At AppsFlyer, we are agnostic to media sources and maintain a neutral stance when advising clients. Our expertise lies in empowering them to measure the impact of their campaigns and then backed by data, they are enabled to tailor their collateral and choice of network to maximise effectiveness and outcomes.Ultimately, marketers must recognise that whilst the index provides the industry with valuable insights and direction, this is only half the equation. AppsFlyer’s products and solutions are what enables these Performance Index insights to become actionable.Furthermore, as the players in the advertising landscape and ecosystem continue to shuffle and evolve, it highlights the need for advertisers to ensure they are working with mobile measurement partners (MMPs) who hold the broadest and most advanced integrations with these partners.AppsFlyer has been releasing the Performance Index since 2015. How would you ensure that the company stays ahead of industry trends and continues to innovate in the rapidly evolving mobile advertising landscape?We are committed to our customers and the industry which is why we expend significant efforts and resources in continuously monitoring the market and conducting and sharing highly informative research. This enables us to stay ahead of market dynamics. Combined with the fact that we are extremely receptive to customer feedback, this translates to a market-leading ability to evolve our solutions in line with the directions in which our industry is heading. We also collaborate with top media sources and industry leaders to maximize the value to our customers and help advance our industry as a whole.

48% of people in UAE are likely to send more cross-border payments in 2024

Dubai, UAE: Mastercard’s Borderless Payments Report 2023 reveals that 48% of people in the UAE expect to send cross-border payments more frequently in the next 12 months, while 36% are likely to receive more cross-border payments in the same period.Globally, the report indicates that two in five (40%) senders and half of receivers intend to use cross-border payments more frequently over the same period, while approximately half plan to increase the value of their transactions.The findings from Mastercard’s third Borderless Payments Report draw on the views of over 11,000 consumers and small businesses across 15 markets in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.The report results show that lower fees, speed and a simple process are the key factors for people in the UAE when choosing a brand or company to use for cross-border payments. According to the report, over half (53%) of respondents in the country said lower fees for sending and receiving money were crucial, while 52% expressed a preference for delivering funds quickly, and 41% were seeking a simple remittance process.“The UAE is home to a sophisticated community of consumers and businesses that rely on cross-border payments to support their everyday needs. Our latest findings show that these payments continue to play a vital role for many across the country, with our research highlighting the importance of affordability and speed to those we serve. We remain committed to leveraging our advanced portfolio of solutions to provide the UAE population with fast, seamless, cost-effective and secure remittance services,” said Gina Petersen-Skyrme, VP and Country Business Development Lead, UAE & Oman, Mastercard.At a time when digital transformation and the digitization of financial services has placed an emphasis on greater security, 33% of UAE respondents stressed the importance of keeping personal information secure, while 24% called for fraud protections to be in place.In terms of the growth of the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector in the UAE, the research also reveals that 80% of SMEs in the country are actively planning to do more international business in the future. The majority – 96% – of small businesses are using more international suppliers and services than they were 12 months ago.Notably, 82% of SMEs in the UAE use an app to make cross-border payments — the fourth-highest percentage across the markets surveyed. This number shows the highest growth among all countries participating in the research – up 27% compared to 2021.Mastercard’s technology and innovative solutions enable its customers to move money and data quickly and securely, both domestically and internationally. The company’s suite of remittance-related products enables payments using its global network to be delivered to bank accounts, digital and mobile wallets, cards and cash-out locations across more than 180 countries and 150 currencies. In total, these services provide senders with access to more than 90% of the world's banked population and in near real time to more than 50 markets.The full Mastercard Borderless Payments Report 2023 is available here.

Houda Tohme on her 22-years at Havas Media: A journey of growth and innovation

Houda Tohme has had a remarkable 22-year career in media and marketing, with her journey at Havas Media Middle East beginning in 2006. Over the years, she has demonstrated unwavering dedication and passion in her field of expertise. Notably, she has played a pivotal role in the impressive growth of Havas Media, leading the planning team with pride. Throughout her career, she has worked with prestigious brands such as Chanel, Puig, Coty, and Kia.In 2019, Houda Tohme achieved the position of Managing Director and later assumed the role of CEO at Havas Media, marking more than 13 years of invaluable service with the group. As an integral member of the management team, she oversees the media operations across the region. Her leadership reinforces the agency's mission to bring people and brands together through meaningful connections.In this exclusive interview with Adgully Middle East, Houda Tohme, CEO of Havas Media, reflects on her journey with the company and sheds light on the significant progress made by women in the Middle East. Her rise from leading the planning team to the highest executive positions is a testament to her commitment and substantial contributions to the company's growth. Excerpts:Could you please describe your professional journey and share what or who inspired you to reach your current position?In 2002, my media journey started in Dubai as a media planner. Over the years, I've worked with diverse clients, ranging from FMCG giants to luxury brands. I began as a Media Manager at Havas with a team of no more than 10 people. I was able to play an active role in growing the agency into a team of 250+ professionals across five GCC markets, making us one of the top five agencies in the region.I am very fortunate to be part of an organization that doesn’t just recognize the dedication of its employees but actively nurtures their potential. This approach not only motivates the workforce but also demonstrates the agency's commitment to fostering individual growth and empowering each team member to achieve their utmost potential.In your role as CEO of Havas Media, what are your main responsibilities, and what can you tell us about your experience with the organization over the years?My priority has always been and will always be my team, the heart and soul of our organization. We take pride in our unique culture rooted in integrity, transparency, and collaboration. I lead a skilled team, many of whom have been with us for over a decade, seamlessly embodying our values. I focus on business development for growth and client retention, highlighted by the most recent successful partnerships like Nakheel, Aujan, and LG Electronics. And I also oversee refining our product, and ensuring it stays ahead of the curve across the region.What are your thoughts on women's empowerment in the Middle East, and how have you observed changes in this regard over the past decade?The region has made significant progress in promoting women's rights and opportunities for their advancement. The UAE serves as an exemplary model for women's empowerment for the entire Middle East. With a strong belief in the pivotal role of women in society, the UAE boasts a thriving community of women entrepreneurs who own thousands of businesses valued at AED60 billion1. Women in the UAE also occupy two-thirds of public sector positions, including 30% in senior leadership roles2, and an increasing number in ministerial roles.Remarkably, since 2018, Saudi Arabia has implemented substantial changes to champion the empowerment of women in the kingdom as part of the overarching societal reforms undertaken for vision 2030. Moreover, the percentage of Saudi adults actively participating in the economy has risen to 51.5%, with more than two million men and women now engaged in the private sector3. The first Arab woman to go on a space mission is a Saudi national, further highlighting KSA’s commitment to breaking new frontiers and advancing gender equality. These developments underscore the broader recognition of women's contributions throughout the Middle East and I believe we should all be proud of that.Being a media expert, what can you say about the new media marketing strategies adopted by Havas in the UAE?Our distinguished ‘village model’ is fundamentally client centric with creativity, innovation, and agility serving as the core pillars of our offering. This unique model allows us to offer tailored, flexible solutions based on our clients' ever-changing needs. It fosters an environment of collaboration and versatility, enabling us to bring together diverse talents and disciplines to solve a wide range of challenges for our clients. We are constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of the industry, embracing new solutions and approaches while staying true to our creative roots.Havas Media is recognized as one of the most successful communication companies. What distinguishes Havas Media from its competitors?At Havas Media, our reputation as a leading communications agency is rooted in an organizational culture that not only places our talented team at the core, but also creates an environment where individuals can truly thrive. This culture fosters a sense of innovation and collaboration, providing our passionate team the foundation and tools to thrive. It's this exceptional team, many of whom have been with us for over a decade, that serves as the cornerstone of our achievements.Furthermore, our forward-thinking approach ensures we stay ahead of the curve. We have a strong core product which is centered around building meaningful media experiences for consumers. In the recent years, we have expanded the breadth of our offer by bringing in new capabilities in commerce, content, and data. With our Havas market practice expanding into the Middle East, we're equipped to guide clients through the complexities and intricacies of the commerce ecosystem. We are actively enhancing our data offering and expanding our content pillar to anticipate and meet evolving client needs. This helps us create stickier and deeper relationships with our key partners.Can you provide details about a campaign that posed significant challenges but ultimately achieved great success?The Adidas Liquid Billboard campaign was an integral initiative that really stood out for us. This campaign is a testament to the power of collaboration, bringing together versatile talents across our village to solve a challenge facing the women of the region. We needed to go beyond conventional and create something truly ground-breaking. The outcome was the world’s first swimmable billboard, a bold and innovative concept that not only captured the attention of our target audience but also made a significant impact globally. It earned us, and the Middle East, one of only three Cannes Lion Grand Prix awards in the region's history while sparking discussions about body positivity and inclusivity in swimming.This campaign also demonstrated our passion about not just reaching audiences but also about creating meaningful and lasting difference to the people and the brands we work with.As an accomplished media professional, what advice would you offer to newcomers in the field on how to achieve success in their careers?In my journey as a media professional, I’ve learned that success in advertising and marketing goes beyond the perceived glamour and excitement of the industry. My foremost advice to those starting out is to ensure your career choice aligns with your interests and personal values. While it offers a dynamic and creative work environment, it is equally demanding and can be stressful.Pursuing a career merely for the sake of having a job can lead to demotivation and burnout. Therefore, it becomes important to carve a path that truly speaks to your passions and strengths, as motivation and a deep-seated commitment are crucial for navigating the demanding aspects of this industry and ultimately achieving success.What are your views about the statement ‘women can be better media experts as communication is their forte’?The notion that 'women can be better media experts because communication is their forte' is an interesting perspective, but it's important to approach such generalizations with caution. While it's true that many women excel in communication skills, attributing a specific skill set to an entire gender can be overly simplistic and overlooks the individual talents and capabilities of each person, regardless of gender. In my view, expertise in media and communication is not gender-specific but a result of individual talent, experience, and hard work. Both men and women can be equally skilled and effective in these roles. At Havas, we focus on harnessing the unique strengths and perspectives of each team member, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where talent thrives, irrespective of gender.Where do you envision Houda Tohme in 2033? What goals or aspirations still linger on your professional bucket list, even with the numerous achievements you've attained?Looking ahead to 2033, I envision myself continuing to make a meaningful impact, not only in the media industry but in the broader advertising and marketing sector within our region. In an industry driven by human ingenuity and relationships, our actions hold the power to instigate subtle yet impactful changes. My aim is to cultivate environments that emphasize and prioritize collaboration, transparency, and ethics. I intend to actively participate in shaping a more positive and sustainable future, where human welfare is paramount.

VisitBritain launches Come See Things Differently campaign in the Gulf countries

VisitBritain, the national tourism agency for Great Britain, invites travellers from the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries to ‘Come see things differently’ by showcasing more exciting and unexpected experiences only found in Britain.Underway from November until early 2024, the campaign uses a mix of inspiring destination content and short films showcasing Britain's 'wild coastlines’, drawing attention to seaside locations within a few hours' reach of major city centres, 'countryside adventures', promoting its diverse landscapes and 'vibrant cities’, highlighting Britain’s bustling urban life and contemporary culture. The campaign has been developed based on VisitBritain’s research into motivations for travel now, with discovering new and surprising experiences high on the wish list for its target audiences and markets.The campaign is a progression from VisitBritain’s ‘Spilling the tea on Great Britain’ campaign which was launched earlier in 2023 and encouraged visitors to explore more of Great Britain’s nations and regions especially during non-peak travel seasons.VisitBritain’s Deputy Director APMEA CNEA, Carol Madisson said:“The GCC is an incredibly important tourism market for Britain and we are delighted to launch this new phase of our major brand campaign, to drive urgency for GCC travellers to visit now, while showcasing the breadth of exciting experiences and destinations across Britain. Whether it's the thrill of coastal and countryside adventures, such as riding the waves on our wild coastlines, or relaxing in remote landscapes, or exploring our bustling, vibrant cities through street art tours, indulgent afternoon teas and shopping sprees, our campaign shows that Britain has so much to explore.As well as inspiring international visitors to discover more of Britain’s nations and regions we’re working with industry partners in the GCC to convert that desire to visit into confirmed bookings for travel now. Through this campaign we look forward to welcoming more visitors from the Gulf to experience Britain’s exciting tourism offers well into 2024 and beyond.”An integral part of the ‘Come See Things Differently’ campaign is its advertising elements that use an integrated mix of channels including cinema in Saudi Arabia, branded content across social media including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and digital billboards along high-traffic areas such as Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.Additionally, VisitBritain will continue to work with its premier trade partner Wego to expand the campaign's reach throughout 2024 and encourage travel bookings for the upcoming winter and spring seasons.The recent introduction of the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme, combined with the region’s strong airline connections to the UK, is set to further enhance the ease of travel for GCC nationals visiting Britain. The ETA will cost £10 and allow visitors to visit the UK multiple times over a two-year period. Qatar is the first country to move on to the ETA scheme and Qatari nationals can now apply and will require an ETA to travel to the UK on or after 15 November 2023. From 01 February 2024, the scheme will be introduced for nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.Since the Covid pandemic there has been continued recovery in tourism from the GCC to the UK. VisitBritain is forecasting that spending by GCC visitors in the UK will return to 2019 levels by 2024 and visitation numbers to return by 2025.The Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries are very important inbound tourism markets for the UK, its second most valuable market for visitor spending, when all six countries are combined. The latest official full year statistics are for 2022. These showed that there were 791,000 visits from the GCC to the UK, with those visitors spending £2 billion during their stays. Visitors from the GCC spent an average of £2,578 on their trips to the UK in 2022, more than three times the all visitor average. They also stayed longer in the UK, 16 nights, compared to an all market average of eight.The latest available statistics are for January to June 2023. These show that from January to June 2023 there were 411,000 visits from the GCC to the UK with those visitors spending £945 million. Flight bookings from the Middle East to the UK have been showing strong recovery and are currently tracking at about 93% of 2019 levels.VisitBritain’s research shows that visitors from the GCC enjoy dining in Britain’s wonderful restaurants, shopping, sightseeing at its famous monuments and buildings, visiting parks and gardens, museums and art galleries - all of which Britain caters for in abundance. VisitBritain’s consumer sentiment research also shows travellers from the GCC are keen to roam around, visiting multiple destination types on their next international trip, as well as visiting large cities.VisitBritain’s ‘See Things Differently’ campaign is part of the UK Government’s GREAT campaign.More information about the ‘See Things Differently’ campaign:VisitBritain’s marketing campaign in the GCC is a continuation of its ‘Spilling the Tea’ on Great Britain campaigns which first rolled out in February this year under the umbrella of ‘See Things Differently.’The campaign has been developed based on VisitBritain’s research into motivations for travel now, with discovering new and surprising experiences high on the wish list for its target audiences and markets.The full list of locations and activities seen in the campaign are:EnglandBamburgh, NorthumberlandBath, SomersetBirmingham, West MidlandsBrighton, East SussexBristolCoventry, West MidlandsLake District, Cumbria (Alpacaly Ever After)Leeds, West Yorkshire (Afternoon Tea at Issho)Liverpool, Merseyside (Oh Me Oh My roof garden)Liverpool, Merseyside (Crosby Beach)Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and WearYorkshire Moors, North YorkshireSaffron Walden, EssexSeaford, East SussexWhitby, North YorkshireLondonCovent Garden, LondonLittle Venice, LondonNotting Hill, LondonRichmond, LondonSouth Kensington, London (Science Afternoon Tea at the Ampersand Hotel)Tottenham, London (The Dare Skywalk at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium)Tower Bridge, London (London Kayaking Company)Scotland:Achmelvich, Scottish HighlandsCairngorms National Park, Scottish HighlandsCaledonian Canal, Scottish HighlandsEdinburghElie, FifeGlencoe, Scottish HighlandsLoch Ness, Scottish HighlandsWales:Cardiff (Cardiff Castle)Eryri (Snowdonia), GwyneddPorthcawl Beach, BridgendFreshwater West; PembrokeshireStrumble Head, PembrokeshireThe Gower Peninsula, SwanseaFor more on the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme please visit, the national tourism agency for Great Britain, invites travellers from the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries to ‘Come see things differently’ by showcasing more exciting and unexpected experiences only found in Britain.Underway from November until early 2024, the campaign uses a mix of inspiring destination content and short films showcasing Britain's 'wild coastlines’, drawing attention to seaside locations within a few hours' reach of major city centres, 'countryside adventures', promoting its diverse landscapes and 'vibrant cities’, highlighting Britain’s bustling urban life and contemporary culture. The campaign has been developed based on VisitBritain’s research into motivations for travel now, with discovering new and surprising experiences high on the wish list for its target audiences and markets.The campaign is a progression from VisitBritain’s ‘Spilling the tea on Great Britain’ campaign which was launched earlier in 2023 and encouraged visitors to explore more of Great Britain’s nations and regions especially during non-peak travel seasons.VisitBritain’s Deputy Director APMEA CNEA, Carol Madisson said:“The GCC is an incredibly important tourism market for Britain and we are delighted to launch this new phase of our major brand campaign, to drive urgency for GCC travellers to visit now, while showcasing the breadth of exciting experiences and destinations across Britain. Whether it's the thrill of coastal and countryside adventures, such as riding the waves on our wild coastlines, or relaxing in remote landscapes, or exploring our bustling, vibrant cities through street art tours, indulgent afternoon teas and shopping sprees, our campaign shows that Britain has so much to explore.As well as inspiring international visitors to discover more of Britain’s nations and regions we’re working with industry partners in the GCC to convert that desire to visit into confirmed bookings for travel now. Through this campaign we look forward to welcoming more visitors from the Gulf to experience Britain’s exciting tourism offers well into 2024 and beyond.”An integral part of the ‘Come See Things Differently’ campaign is its advertising elements that use an integrated mix of channels including cinema in Saudi Arabia, branded content across social media including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and digital billboards along high-traffic areas such as Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.Additionally, VisitBritain will continue to work with its premier trade partner Wego to expand the campaign's reach throughout 2024 and encourage travel bookings for the upcoming winter and spring seasons.The recent introduction of the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme, combined with the region’s strong airline connections to the UK, is set to further enhance the ease of travel for GCC nationals visiting Britain. The ETA will cost £10 and allow visitors to visit the UK multiple times over a two-year period. Qatar is the first country to move on to the ETA scheme and Qatari nationals can now apply and will require an ETA to travel to the UK on or after 15 November 2023. From 01 February 2024, the scheme will be introduced for nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.Since the Covid pandemic there has been continued recovery in tourism from the GCC to the UK. VisitBritain is forecasting that spending by GCC visitors in the UK will return to 2019 levels by 2024 and visitation numbers to return by 2025.The Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries are very important inbound tourism markets for the UK, its second most valuable market for visitor spending, when all six countries are combined. The latest official full year statistics are for 2022. These showed that there were 791,000 visits from the GCC to the UK, with those visitors spending £2 billion during their stays. Visitors from the GCC spent an average of £2,578 on their trips to the UK in 2022, more than three times the all visitor average. They also stayed longer in the UK, 16 nights, compared to an all market average of eight.The latest available statistics are for January to June 2023. These show that from January to June 2023 there were 411,000 visits from the GCC to the UK with those visitors spending £945 million. Flight bookings from the Middle East to the UK have been showing strong recovery and are currently tracking at about 93% of 2019 levels.VisitBritain’s research shows that visitors from the GCC enjoy dining in Britain’s wonderful restaurants, shopping, sightseeing at its famous monuments and buildings, visiting parks and gardens, museums and art galleries - all of which Britain caters for in abundance. VisitBritain’s consumer sentiment research also shows travellers from the GCC are keen to roam around, visiting multiple destination types on their next international trip, as well as visiting large cities.VisitBritain’s ‘See Things Differently’ campaign is part of the UK Government’s GREAT campaign.More information about the ‘See Things Differently’ campaign:VisitBritain’s marketing campaign in the GCC is a continuation of its ‘Spilling the Tea’ on Great Britain campaigns which first rolled out in February this year under the umbrella of ‘See Things Differently.’The campaign has been developed based on VisitBritain’s research into motivations for travel now, with discovering new and surprising experiences high on the wish list for its target audiences and markets.The full list of locations and activities seen in the campaign are:EnglandBamburgh, NorthumberlandBath, SomersetBirmingham, West MidlandsBrighton, East SussexBristolCoventry, West MidlandsLake District, Cumbria (Alpacaly Ever After)Leeds, West Yorkshire (Afternoon Tea at Issho)Liverpool, Merseyside (Oh Me Oh My roof garden)Liverpool, Merseyside (Crosby Beach)Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and WearYorkshire Moors, North YorkshireSaffron Walden, EssexSeaford, East SussexWhitby, North YorkshireLondonCovent Garden, LondonLittle Venice, LondonNotting Hill, LondonRichmond, LondonSouth Kensington, London (Science Afternoon Tea at the Ampersand Hotel)Tottenham, London (The Dare Skywalk at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium)Tower Bridge, London (London Kayaking Company)Scotland:Achmelvich, Scottish HighlandsCairngorms National Park, Scottish HighlandsCaledonian Canal, Scottish HighlandsEdinburghElie, FifeGlencoe, Scottish HighlandsLoch Ness, Scottish HighlandsWales:Cardiff (Cardiff Castle)Eryri (Snowdonia), GwyneddPorthcawl Beach, BridgendFreshwater West; PembrokeshireStrumble Head, PembrokeshireThe Gower Peninsula, SwanseaFor more on the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme please visit

Dubai Parks & Resorts, Real Madrid C.F. announce first ever football park

Dubai Parks™ and Resorts and Real Madrid C.F. have revealed the name of the first ever Real Madrid-theme park: Real Madrid World.Set to open at the Middle East's largest theme park destination, Real Madrid World will welcome sports fans, families and friends who can look forward to adrenaline-pumping themed attractions, immersive experiences and fan engagement opportunities, celebrating football and basketball the Real Madrid way.Dubai Parks™ and Resorts and Real Madrid C.F. announce Real Madrid World as the first ever football theme parkInspired by the skills, winning spirit and values of the club, guests of all ages will be taken on a timeless journey to experience the past, present and future of the club. Here, guests will come face to face with icons from across different eras and share the passion of some of the heroic comebacks and greatest achievements that have created the legend of Real Madrid, both on and off the pitch.Real Madrid World promises to host new and exciting experiences for guests of all ages, including adrenaline-pumping rides, family-friendly attractions, themed food and dining, as well as unique retail stores featuring a collection of official Real Madrid merchandise, celebrating the club's history. Real Madrid World will be home to exciting experiences tailored for every thrill-seeker and fan.A 'world-first' addition to Dubai Parks™ and Resorts, the theme park will engage sports fans, families, and children, contributing to Dubai's status as a leading tourism destination.Dubai Parks™ and Resorts is the first theme park destination in the world to announce a major partnership with Real Madrid C.F. Details will be announced soon, including more information on the signature rollercoasters, food and restaurants, official retail stores, and the interactive and virtual skill games that will become part of the new theme park destination.

Hailing a ride of success with Islam Abdul Karim of Yango

Yango, a tech platform, specializes in transformation of global technologies for local enrichment. By reshaping them into seamlessly integrated daily services, the brand connects world innovations with local communities to enhance daily experiences. Starting as a ride-hail service, the brand is growing at a tremendous pace, scaling and launching more services, and engaging with an increasingly larger number of audiences and markets.In an exclusive Interview with Adgully Middle East, Islam Abdul Karim, General Manager, Yango GCC, talks about Yango’s success as a ride-hail service, how the brand has grown tremendously in a year, and much more. Karim also shares Yango's partnership with Coca-Cola Arena, and its participation in the recent Gitex 2023.How has Yango adapted its ride-hailing service to meet the unique needs and preferences of customers in the UAE?To cater to the needs and preferences of UAE customers, Yango has tapped into the region's demographic shift, particularly with 60% of the population being under 25. Recognizing the appeal of ride-hailing services for younger audiences, Yango provides on-demand high-quality options at a good value for money that resonates with millennials and Gen Z, especially amidst changing petrol prices and a heightened focus on environmental concerns. Moreover, with services like the Kids class, Yango provides safe and specialized travel experiences for families, utilizing spacious cars available in Dubai such as the GMC, further attesting to our commitment to regional customization.Since transportation holds a substantial 24% share of global carbon emissions, Yango is also proactive in addressing sustainability goals, integrating EVs into their fleet in alignment with the UAE's vision for net-zero emissions by 2050. At the moment approximately 15% of our partners’ fleet is electric. This not only minimizes carbon emissions but also caters to the rising demand for eco-friendly transit solutions.Can you discuss any partnerships or collaborations Yango has entered into the region to enhance its service offerings?Yango is the official ride-hailing partner of Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena. We provide premium ride experiences for concert and event attendees. Yango app users receive a 20% discount on their first ride to or from the arena, ensuring a convenient and memorable experience.We also recently participated in GITEX 2023, where our primary focus was to highlight successful growth of ride-hailing service in the UAE and our further plans to expand within the country. Along with this we also announced the new global operations office in Dubai Internet City for the Yango company, including but not limited to Yango ride-hailing, Yango Delivery and Yango Tech services. It will open this year.What challenges has Yango faced in establishing its brand and operations in the UAE, and how have you overcome them?One challenge in the UAE has been the prevailing trend towards private car ownership. However, projections show a significant rise in ride-hailing users, expected to reach 3.25 million by 2027. With our unique features, we've been able to offer a more convenient, economical and sustainable solution.How does Yango ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers, especially in the context of this region?The UAE gives great importance to road safety, and Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority regularly updates traffic laws to be stricter. In line with the country’s vision for safe roads, we have various safety features in the app including reckless driving technology and Safety Center in the app where passengers can access the SOS button, share their route with friends and relatives, or contact the urgent team which is available 24/7. Additionally, we plan to introduce in Dubai new safety technologies like the speed monitoring and driving style monitoring system to enhance safety further. These advancements prioritize the safety, comfort, and overall experience of everyone who uses Yango.Are there any upcoming features or services that Yango plans to introduce specifically for the Middle East market, like the recent one as Kids Service Class?Yango, as a technology company, is continuously innovating and introducing new services and products tailored specifically for the region’s market. One of the most exciting is Yasmina, an advanced Arabic-speaking human-like AI smart assistant. This digital companion goes beyond basic functions to transform the user experience with tailored, intuitive support for the region. Yasmina's human-like conversational skills are powered by a proprietary language model fine-tuned with input from content professionals in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and more, ensuring various dialect recognition.Sustainability is another area we're passionate about, especially given the UAE's ambitious vision. We're actively investing in enhancing systems that leverage the power of data analytics, AI, and Machine Learning to ensure optimal routing and reduce carbon emissions. The demand for EVs in the UAE is also on the rise, anticipated to increase by a CAGR of 30% leading up to 2028. We're exploring opportunities to integrate more EVs into our partner’s fleet aligning with the UAE's target to cut 40% of carbon emissions by 2030.Our presence in the region is expanding, with a new dedicated office space in Dubai Internet City slated to open by the end of 2023. This is part of our larger growth strategy, which also includes expansions in the UAE and even beyond the region, like Ethiopia.How does Yango ride-hailing service differentiate itself from other platforms operating in the region?Yango is a tech company dedicated to adapting global innovations into everyday services that enrich local communities. Operational in more than 20 countries, we have vast experience in transformation of technologies into daily services around the world and have tailored our services to the UAE market.As for our ride-hailing service, Yango stands out from others in the region through a combination of innovations and targeted service offerings at a good value for money. Our features, such as user-friendly apps, safety technologies integrated within the service, and partnership with Coca-Cola Arena, specifically address the challenges of the UAE clientele. We understand that we are not just providing a ride, but a tailored experience. This ensures we always stay ahead in providing unparalleled service.Can you share some stats or success stories that highlight Yango's growth in the UAE?We celebrated the one-year-anniversary of our operations in Dubai this September. We continue to experience 20% week-to-week growth at high season there and will expand to other emirates within the upcoming months.What is Yango's long-term vision for its operations in the Middle East, and how do you plan to achieve it?Vision of Yango ride-hailing service is to be at the forefront of smart urban mobility in the market and support urban connectivity goals. Our strategies include integrating state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring the high standards of safety, and exploring opportunities like incorporating electric vehicles (EVs), for example.

Global Media Congress 2023 set to showcase insights from leading global speakers

The conference at this year’s Global Media Congress, held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Presidential Court, will feature a stellar array of distinguished speakers, panellists and moderators from across government, media, academic and industry sectors.With the theme of ‘Shaping the future of the media industry’, the Global Media Congress takes place from 14-16 November 2023 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre – ADNEC, Abu Dhabi. Through a packed and extensive programme of keynote speeches and open floor sessions, the conference promises to deliver a diverse range of original insights on key themes affecting the media sector.  Senior UAE government leaders scheduled to speak include H.E. Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, UAE, who will deliver the Inaugural Speech, and H.E. Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, UAE, who will also give a keynote address. Through the conference’s engaging and informative ‘fireside’ chat format, attendees will be able to benefit from discussions led by H.H. Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahy?n, President and CEO of the UAE Independent Climate Change Accelerators, and H.E Mona Al Marri, Director-General of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO) in the UAE.Organized by Capital Events part of ADNEC Group in strategic partnership with the Emirates News Agency (WAM), the Second Edition of the Global Media Congress offers a critical platform for speakers to address leaders, business executives and professionals congregating from all over the world.Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director-General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM) and Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee for the Global Media Congress, said: “The diversity and importance of core media subjects under discussion at Global Media Congress testifies to the quality of this event as one of the leading gatherings in its sector. We are delighted to host an excellent programme of high-level speakers at the conference who will help attendees to better understand the rapid evolution of the media sector and the opportunities that are available for current and emerging professionals.”With sustainability being one of the key focus areas of this year’s edition, a much-anticipated session on 'Content Production in the Era of Sustainability' will feature a fireside chats with Laura Nix, an Oscar-Nominated and Peabody Award-Winning Director, who is based in the USA.Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Group CEO of ADNEC Group, said: “This year’s Second Edition of Global Media Congress will feature a world-class line-up of speakers discussing essential topics related to the future of the media. Drawing on the expertise of leaders from across the government and private sectors, the conference at the Global Media Congress will further consolidate Abu Dhabi’s position as a global leader in hosting international events that set the business agenda.”In the context of another key conference focus area of innovation and the latest technologies in media, Professor Charlie Beckett, Professor of Practice and Director of Polis at the London School of Economics in the UK, will give a keynote presentation on the Polis/LSE Journalism AI project.

Core42 sets new benchmark for Arabic large language models

Abu Dhabi– Core42, a G42 company and the UAE-based national-scale enabler for cloud and generative AI, announced the launch of Jais 30B, the newest and most proficient version of its open-source Arabic Large Language Model (LLM). Featuring 30 billion parameters, this new iteration of Jais follows the release in August 2023 of the 13 billion parameter model, underscoring Core42's commitment to provide a rich linguistic and culture-focused generative AI experience for the over 400 million Arabic speakers worldwide.Jais, born from the collaboration between Inception - now converged into Core42 -, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the world’s first graduate research university dedicated to AI, and Cerebras Systems, immediately set a benchmark in the Arabic LLM landscape. The model was trained on the Condor Galaxy-1 (CG-1) - one of the world’s fastest AI supercomputers, with 4 exaFLOPS of training compute, 54 million cores, and 64-nodes - built by G42 in partnership with Cerebras Systems. Jais 13B went from concept to fine-tuned, leading open-source model in less than four months. Notably, the production training run for Jais 13B was completed in 21 days on CG-1.The new Jais 30B model was trained on a substantially larger dataset than its predecessor, made of 126 billion Arabic tokens, 251 billion English tokens, and 50 billion code tokens and shows an increased performance across all key indicators. It offers 160% longer and more detailed answers in Arabic and a 233% increase in English, reflecting significant improvements in language generation. The model also presents better performance in summarization (53% in Arabic and 85% in English) and formatting (130% in Arabic and 134% in English). Jais 30B performance is now on par with monolingual English models and outperforms most open-source models in Foundation Model evaluations.Jais 30B’s enhancements have been tested and validated using heuristic, cross-model comparison, and human evaluations, showing that the responses of the model’s fine-tuned iterations outperform those of Jais 13B 96% of the time in Arabic and 97% in English.Reaffirming its dedication to responsible and safe AI practices, the developing team has also further enhanced its processes and policies to guardrail biases and the production of hateful or harmful content by the model, a process made easier by its open-source release.Jais’s versatility and unique capabilities in the Arabic language domain have already shown promise in applications across various sectors including telecommunications, energy, education, healthcare as well as innovative solutions for the marketing communications industry.Dr. Andrew Jackson, EVP, Chief AI Officer, Core42, said: "The launch of Jais 30B marks another significant milestone for Core42 and represents a giant leap forward for the Arabic-speaking world in harnessing the potential of generative AI. This release underscores the powerful synergy between Core42's technological leadership, our extensive partner ecosystem, and our shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field of AI. I eagerly anticipate close collaboration with our customers and partners to explore new applications and continually enhance the model's capabilities, as we intensify our efforts to create top-quality LLMs for various other languages."Andrew Feldman, CEO and co-founder, Cerebras Systems said: “Less than eight weeks after we introduced Jais 13B to the global Arabic-speaking community, the Core42 and Cerebras teams have delivered a new state-of-the-art LLM that is more than double in size. Jais 30B leverages the incredible, massive compute of Condor Galaxy 1 to set another record in bilingual performance and impressively fast training time.”Jais 30B is available for download on Hugging Face.Hugging Face foundational model: Face chat model:

Alex Malouf: Leading communication and EV transformation in the ME

Alex Malouf, the Board Director at PRCA MENA and Executive Director of Corporate Communications at the region’s first electric vehicle brand, is a prominent figure in the communication and PR industry in the Middle East. Apart from serving as a Board Director at PRCA MENA, he holds the position of Executive Director of Corporate Communications at the region’s first electric vehicle brand. With two decades of experience in the Middle East, Alex has resided in various countries across the region, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates. In this exclusive interview with Adgully Middle East, Alex Malouf offers insights into his journey, transitioning from a journalist to his current roles. He shares his passions and deep-rooted appreciation for the communications and PR industry. Furthermore, he delves into the Electric Vehicle sector of the Middle East and expresses his enthusiasm for this evolving industry. Excerpts from the interview:Could you share your professional journey and some of your notable achievements with our readers?I’ve been an analyst, a journalist, and I’ve worked in a number of communication agencies (some local, some global), and I then moved client-side. I’ve had the good fortune of working with some incredible people, teams, brands and organisations. I’ve also lived through some remarkable changes, such as the introduction of social media, the growth of influencers, and the rise of key issues such as sustainability. What I'm most proud of is helping organisations better understand and benefit from the potential of communications. I have also been dedicated to advocating for important societal issues, including the environment, gender equality, education, and learning.You've earned various recognitions, such as being named the first communications innovator in the MEA region by the Holmes Report and identified as a Rising Star and potential future Chief Communications & Marketing Officer by Provoke Media. How have you managed and successfully played all these roles in your career?I’ve always taken everything one step at a time, be it in terms of my learnings and education, my career path or my volunteering. I’m guided by a belief that communications can be a force for good when done well and ethically, and that we need to encourage more young talent to enter the industry. If you do good work, the accolades will follow.As a communications leader for the first Saudi Arabian vehicle brand, what can you tell us about your experience working with a new industry?Communication is always exhilarating, regardless of the industry. What's truly thrilling is being part of the initial stages of a once-in-a-lifetime transformation of society. There's a multitude of tasks at hand, including engaging with diverse audiences to generate enthusiasm for electric vehicles, demonstrating how smart mobility can enhance transportation safety, and discussing the pivotal role of technology in concepts like autonomous driving. Sustainability and eco-friendly transportation are also essential aspects to consider. Given the wealth of activities in this realm, we must carefully tailor our messages for various groups.How have you witnessed the evolution of the Public Relations industry over the years, and what positive changes have you observed?I’ve worked in the profession in the region for two decades, and it’s been great to see the maturing of the sector. When I started here, the focus was primarily on media relations. Now, there’s much more thought about a wider variety of stakeholders, including employees, community relations, government affairs and the like. We are also tackling bigger issues, such as sustainability and purpose. We still have much more to do to ensure that communications has a seat at the leadership table in every organisation, but we are getting there.Could you share some recent marketing and communications strategies that you have implemented? What changes can we anticipate in the vehicle industry as a result?With the rise of electric vehicles, we are witnessing the biggest change we have seen in the automotive sector for decades. What we have to do is get consumers excited about these changes, and make them want to be part of this change. There are challenges, such as the higher initial cost of EVs, a lack of charging infrastructure, the lost cost of petrol in the Gulf and the need for incentives and subsidies. I’m a convert, and I love my EV. I want others to feel the same, and that’s why communications is essential to making a convincing case for people to shift to EVs.What is your vision for the future of the vehicle industry in the Middle East?I want to see safer, smarter, more sustainable mobility across the Gulf. I think we can lead the transition to an electric future. Communications will play a major role in making the case for this change, and I’m excited about what we can do to get the region’s public excited about what EVs will mean for them, our cities and countries.

Trevor Kuna unveils QNET's path to e-commerce success

In this exclusive interview with Adgully Middle East, Trevor Kuna, Chief of Transformation and Reputation at QNET, delves into the company's innovative direct-selling business model, its response to the evolving e-commerce landscape, commitment to quality and sustainability, and future plans for enhancing well-being and enriching lifestyles. Trevor Kuna provides valuable insights into the strategies that have helped QNET thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce and the emerging industry trends that shape its future. Excerpts from the interview:QNET is known for its unique direct-selling business model. Can you explain how this model benefits both your customers and your independent representatives and how it aligns with your company's mission?QNET is a prominent lifestyle and wellness company that uses a direct selling business model to offer a wide selection of exclusive products that enable individuals to embrace a healthier, more balanced, more empowered life. Our direct-selling model aligns with the company's mission of empowering individuals, fostering entrepreneurship, and improving lives. It provides a vibrant platform where customers enjoy outstanding service, access exclusive high-quality products, and receive continuous support. Independent representatives can set up their businesses with minimal startup costs, benefiting from flexible schedules and simplified workflows, ultimately achieving financial independence while being part of a supportive community. Over and above that, QNET offers transformational opportunities to IRs (Independent Representatives) through mentoring, thus honing skills in personal development, sales, and leadership, to name a few.In recent years, the e-commerce landscape has evolved significantly. How has QNET adapted to these changes, and what strategies are you implementing to stay at the forefront of the industry in the region?In response to the evolving e-commerce landscape, QNET has implemented several strategies to stay ahead in the industry. Among these, our award-winning QNET mobile app takes center stage, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the overall shopping experience for our valued customers and distributors, anytime, anywhere. We understand that in today's digital age, mobile accessibility is paramount, and the app has been designed with that in mind. It has a user-friendly interface, making it easier for individuals to browse and shop for their favorite products. The mobile app not only simplifies the purchasing process but also offers a range of features, such as personalised recommendations, to make the shopping journey more convenient and enjoyable.Additionally, our transition to a 100% cloud-based computing infrastructure is a transformative step for QNET. The significance of this move lies in the agility and scalability it offers to our operations. Cloud computing allows us to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions, enabling us to scale resources as needed and keep up with the ever-evolving demands of the e-commerce industry. It enhances our efficiency and ensures a more seamless experience for our distributors and customers. With the cloud-based approach, we can also better utilize data and analytics, enabling us to make informed decisions and deliver a more personalized experience to our users. This shift not only streamlines our operations but also future-proofs our IT infrastructure, ensuring that we can continue to innovate and meet the expectations of our target audience in a dynamic digital marketplace.While focusing on customer experience, we place a strong emphasis on security to safeguard the trust and data of our customers.In line with the evolving e-commerce landscape, we've also ventured into social commerce, harnessing the power of social media channels for direct sales. QNET has expanded its online presence to international markets, tailoring its websites to accommodate different languages and currencies.These comprehensive strategies collectively enable QNET to adapt to the changing e-commerce landscape, ensuring adaptability and industry leadership while maintaining the highest standards of security and customer satisfaction.QNET offers a wide range of products and services across various categories. How does the company ensure the quality and authenticity of these offerings, and what steps do you take to maintain customer trust?QNET prioritizes the quality and authenticity of its exclusive products and services through a comprehensive approach that encompasses rigorous certification processes and transparent sourcing. At QNET, we are very particular when it comes to vendors and suppliers we work with, ensuring that our choices align with our ethical business practices and advocacies.Sustainability and ethical business practices are increasingly important to consumers. Can you share how QNET incorporates sustainability into its business operations and product offerings?Sustainability and ethical business practices are core principles at QNET. The company integrates sustainability into its operations and product offerings through various initiatives.QNET offers eco-friendly products utilizing sustainable materials, focusing on minimizing waste and using recyclable or biodegradable materials.For instance, QNET’s luxury brand, Bernhard H. Mayer, QNET’s luxury watch and jewellery brand, released cruelty-free, vegan leather straps in its Lurve collection watches. Very recently, at our V-Convention in Malaysia, we launched the OMNI watch collection, an exclusive line of designer watches made from recycled materials, resulting in unique, eye-catching timepieces that make a bold and sustainable fashion statement. Each stunning watch in the OMNI collection, named for the Latin word meaning “all,” incorporates an industry-leading 85% recycled high-grade stainless steel in its case, dial, buckles, and metal bracelets. Every recycled component is LEED- certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a globally recognised standard of ecologically sound manufacturing and production.QNET also recognizes that responsible consumption goes beyond the product itself—it encompasses every aspect, including packaging. That's why QNET has embraced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified packaging.QNET is committed to ethical sourcing, ensuring that raw materials come from suppliers adhering to fair labour practices and environmental regulations. Bernhard H. Mayer's "Timeless Tanzanite Collection" features exceptionally rare gems, and all of them have been ethically and sustainably mined, in addition to supporting employees’ livelihood and the local Tanzanian mining industry.Additionally, the company actively engages in green initiatives, such as tree-planting campaigns and waste-reduction efforts. Indeed, QNET's commitment to sustainability is further exemplified through the EcoMatcher programme, a groundbreaking initiative launched in the Philippines, Kenya, and the UAE. Through this programme and other NGO partnerships, QNET has planted over 10,000 trees, contributing to reforestation efforts and creating a positive environmental impact.The company also engages with local communities, supporting initiatives that promote sustainable living and economic growth. Lately, QNET partnered with “VeryNile,” an innovative initiative aiming to clean Egypt's Nile, particularly on Qursaya Island. The project involves removing plastic waste, increasing environmental awareness, and empowering local women. The collected waste is recycled and transformed by the women's island's residents into handmade crafts, offering economic opportunities for them.What are the major challenges and opportunities you see for QNET in the near future, and how is the company planning to address these challenges while capitalizing on the opportunities?Staying relevant in today's dynamic market is the foremost challenge for any company with a 25-year history. At our core, we center our efforts on continuous product innovation, the enhancement of our digital interfaces, and the provision of a world-class customer experience, both for our distributors and customers. We passionately believe that the companies that can capture the hearts and minds of today's consumers are the ones that will shape the future.However, amidst these challenges, we recognize significant opportunities in digital expansion, global market outreach, product diversification, eco-friendly initiatives, and harnessing the power of social media influence. To navigate these challenges and seize these opportunities, QNET is committed to forging strategic partnerships, investing in further development, elevating our customer service standards, ensuring meticulous regulatory compliance through meticulous planning, and prioritizing innovation. This comprehensive approach is designed to fortify our competitive position in the market and pave the way for our continued success.QNET's mission is to enhance the lives of its customers. Can you provide some insights into the company's future plans for product development and expansion, particularly in areas that promote well-being and an enriching lifestyle?QNET is proactively engaged in advancing health and wellness solutions, which includes both the development of new products and the improvement of our existing offerings. This initiative encompasses a focus on eco-friendly items and innovative technologies, all designed to enhance individual well-being.Furthermore, QNET is actively exploring opportunities in the realms of personal development, education, and experiential offerings, all aimed at fostering individual growth and personal fulfillment. Our commitment to these areas reflects our dedication to delivering holistic well-being to our customers.In our ongoing quest to transform the way we conduct business, we envision a future where our distributors can efficiently manage ten times the number of customers they do today with the help of a mobile app. Our goal is to minimize friction in the sales process, allowing our distributors to dedicate more time to nurturing deeper relationships with their customers. This vision aligns with our commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences.In addition, QNET is open to strategic collaborations with industry experts, with the aim of creating specialized products and services that further enhance our customers' overall well-being and lifestyle. These collaborations exemplify our dedication to continually expanding and enhancing our offerings.What are the latest trends in the industry?A range of exciting developments in the e-commerce landscape is on the horizon, and they are set to transform the industry. Augmented reality (AR) technology, for instance, is emerging as a significant trend. It's expected to become more widespread, revolutionizing the e-commerce experience by enabling virtual product trials and elevating customer interactions.Simultaneously, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its mark, powering chatbots and personalised recommendations that create tailored shopping journeys. The adoption of both AR and AI holds the potential to not only enhance customer service but also improve operational efficiency, ultimately driving profitability for e-commerce businesses.In addition to technological advancements, environmental concerns are increasingly influencing consumer choices. E-commerce companies that prioritize sustainability, from eco-friendly packaging to reducing carbon emissions, are likely to attract and retain environmentally conscious customers. The emphasis is on transparency and sustainability in product life cycles, with a growing shift towards regenerative practices, aiming to make a positive impact on the environment rather than merely being sustainable.Moreover, the preferences of younger consumers are evolving. They seek products that offer personal benefits, affordability, and the opportunity to make a social impact. The intersection of these factors is reshaping the e-commerce landscape.As industry evolves, trust is emerging as a fundamental currency. This trust extends to how customer data is handled, the integrity of supply chains, and the ability to offer products that genuinely make a difference in customers' lives. E-commerce businesses will need to prioritize and nurture trust as a cornerstone of their operations to succeed in this changing landscape.To simplify our relationship with distributors and reduce friction in the sales process, we aim to use AI to optimize distributors' time management, enabling them to promote products and build their sales teams more effectively. This commitment to streamlining operations aligns with our broader strategy of embracing technological advancements and addressing evolving consumer expectations.

Global Media Congress 2023 to feature Co-Production Majlis

Abu Dhabi : Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Presidential Court, this year’s Global Media Congress (GMC) will host an innovative and exciting Co-Production Majlis. This highly anticipated feature of the region’s most prominent international media event aims to create a fertile environment for collaboration on creative content throughout the media production ecosystem.  With the theme of ‘Shaping the future of the media industry’, the conference and exhibition will be held from 14-16 November 2023 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). Organized by Capital Events, a part of ADNEC Group, in strategic partnership with the Emirates News Agency (WAM), GMC is expected to draw media professionals from around the world to learn about the industry’s latest trends and challenges and contribute to vital knowledge sharing.An invitation-only space for industry leaders and innovators, the Co-Production Majlis will enable participants to network, exchange ideas and insights, discuss case studies, and explore new co-production and partnership opportunities across the media landscape. Designed to complement six well-established feature areas – Workshops, Innovate Stage & NexTech, Create Stage, Educate Stage, Media Roundtables, and Media Future Labs – the new Majlis will feature the active participation of prominent MENA production houses, streaming platforms, and leading broadcasters such as Starzplay, Dubai Media Inc, and ADTV along with many others.Mohammed Jalal Al Raissi, Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee for the Global Media Congress and Director-General of WAM, said: “The inclusion of the co-production Majlis in the Global Media Congress this year is aimed at bringing to the forefront the importance of quality media content and their effective dissemination in a commercially viable fashion. One of the key concerns of content creators across the globe is the best ways in which they could market their work and find suitable consumers. The Majlis will serve as a dynamic platform for content creators and content buyers to interact in a symbiotic manner. This is very much a part of our commitment to helping shape the future of the media industry.”Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Group CEO of ADNEC Group, said: “Given the rapid changes in the media industry, ADNEC Group is delighted to host the Global Media Congress as an ideal platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with global thought leaders, learn about the latest trends, and collaborate on new ideas. By providing an exclusive new platform for invited attendees, the Co-Production Majlis will facilitate productive connections between potential investors and like-minded professionals. This exciting new feature area shows our commitment to growing the Congress as a leading international media gathering.”With a specific focus on closing investment deals in Arabic entertainment, the Co-Production Majlis will provide both a knowledge sharing hub and a source of inspiration for dynamic new projects designed to shape the future of the industry.

Britain's M&S apologises for Christmas post compared to Palestinian flag

British retailer Marks & Spencer (MKS.L) apologised after posting a picture from its Christmas advert showing red and green paper hats in a burning fireplace that were compared to a Palestinian flag.The company, one of the best-known names in British business, apologised for "any unintentional hurt caused" after sharing the image on Instagram.Marks & Spencer, which started life in 1884 when Jewish immigrant Michael Marks came to the north of England, faced some criticism on social media over claims it was making a political statement.The retailer deleted the Instagram post, posting a statement on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, saying: "Today we shared an outtake image from our Christmas clothing and home advert, which was recorded in August, before the conflict broke out between Israel and Hamas." "It showed traditional, festive coloured red, green and silver Christmas paper party hats in a fire grate.""While the intent was to playfully show that some people just don't enjoy wearing paper Christmas hats over the festive season, we have removed the post following feedback and we apologise for any unintentional hurt caused."Global companies are trying to avoid getting entangled in conflict between Israel and Hamas as the fighting has prompted a rise in religious hate crimes.McDonald's franchises in some Muslim countries distanced themselves from a move by the company's Israeli restaurants last month to give free meals to the Israeli military.

HUAWEI MatePad PaperMatte shines at Dubai Biennale

 HUAWEI MatePad PaperMatte Editions were unveiled at the Dubai Calligraphy Biennale, featuring a Calligraphy Workshop known as "Created by Huawei MatePad." This workshop played a significant role during the closing weekend of the month-long Dubai Calligraphy Biennale event, which was organized by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai.The "Created by Huawei MatePad" platform is celebrated for its dedication to nurturing digital artistry while preserving traditional art forms in the digital age. This initiative showcases Huawei's unwavering commitment to innovation in the artistic medium.The workshop brought together 20 talented students from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority's Salama Magazine readership, all between the ages of 12 and 14, and filled with enthusiasm for art and drawing. They were guided by experienced Arabic calligraphy artists Narjes Noureddine and Bassem Zbeeb on a journey into the world of digital calligraphy. Equipped with the new and advanced HUAWEI MatePad PaperMatte and HUAWEI 2nd-gen M-Pencils, these young artists explored a wide range of artistic possibilities. Narjes Noureddine, with her expertise and mentorship, enriched their experience, while Bassem Zbeeb shared captivating stories that intertwined Arabic and Chinese culture.Narjes Noureddine is renowned for her mastery of Arabic calligraphy and brought her international acclaim and unwavering passion for art to the workshop. Her artistic journey goes beyond traditional calligraphy and encompasses classical plates, contemporary paintings, murals, and sculptures.The workshop also marked the highly anticipated launch of the all-new HUAWEI MatePad 11-inch and MatePad 11.5-inch PaperMatte Editions in the UAE. These remarkable devices introduce consumers to the HUAWEI PaperMatte Display, a breakthrough technology that minimizes reflections and glare, enhancing the viewing experience.

Oktopi & ITWorx present Nadwa – The UAE's premier tutoring marketplace

Dubai, UAE:– oktopi Edutech Ltd, owner of the oktopi workspace solution for education, and ITWorx, a full-service global technology provider, have announced a new partnership to provide an innovative tutoring marketplace aimed at providing much-needed support for students in the UAE.The new premium private tutoring platform, “Nadwa”, based on the oktopi Marketplace-as-a-Service platform, is integrating more than 25,000 licensed UAE educators who will offer sessions and craft immersive learning experiences. With a clear goal, Nadwa will provide a consolidated platform to connect UAE students and parents with highly skilled licensed teachers to help them with their academic progression."Introducing Nadwa is a key milestone for our platform, which is recognised and used by top education providers," said Emilie Thomas, co-founder and co-CEO of oktopi. "With over 50,000 global tutors, our expansion into the UAE signals strategic growth, anticipating vast opportunities in the Gulf and MENA region.""Our collaboration with oktopi on Nadwa emphasizes our commitment to pushing the boundaries in education” said Ali Jaber AlYafei, CEO of United Technology Holding, parent company of ITWorx. “ITWorx believes in the variety of learning channels, therefore it's crucial to provide students with all the support they need to excel in their academic success. This alliance not only complements our existing offerings but opens doors for our regional network to a vast reservoir of international tutors."“Nadwa's platform aligns with our commitment to innovating the educational landscape," shared Fadi Abbas, cofounder and co-CEO at oktopi. “In partnership with ITWorx, our vision goes beyond mere expansion, it's about infusing a blend of global insights and expertise into the heart of our educational approach."Parents and students are encouraged to explore Nadwa’s potential, discovering and booking sessions with expert tutors for top-tier, tailored learning experiences. Through a variety of exclusive offers, it provides the opportunity to experience a tutor's capabilities before committing to longer engagements, ensuring students feel aligned with the individual approach of the tutor to further enrich their learning.In a testament to their commitment to advancing education, ITWorx and oktopi will spotlight Nadwa at the upcoming GESS Dubai education event, officially backed by the UAE Ministry of Education.

OpenAI's Ilya Sutskever unlocks AI's future

Ilya Sutskever, the co-founder and chief scientist of OpenAI, envisions a future where humans could merge with machines, and where machines might attain human-like intelligence. These are some of the intriguing possibilities in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI).In an exclusive interview with MIT Technology Review, Ilya Sutskever shares his profound insights and perspectives on the AI, providing a rare glimpse into the mind of one of the leading figures in the field.Ilya Sutskever, renowned for his contributions to AI research, has been a key figure in the development of transformative AI technologies such as the GPT models and DALL-E. However, in this candid conversation, Sutskever reveals that his focus has now shifted towards ensuring the responsible development and control of AI, particularly superintelligent systems.Sutskever's new priority is addressing the hypothetical scenario of artificial superintelligence going rogue, a topic of paramount concern for the AI community and the world at large. He believes that discussions about the future of AI are vital, as they help raise awareness about the unprecedented power AI holds.Sutskever touches on various aspects of AI, including the intriguing notion that ChatGPT, OpenAI's chatbot, might exhibit signs of consciousness. He emphasizes the need for society to grasp the potential of AI and even speculates that some humans might choose to merge with machines in the future.OpenAI, under the leadership of CEO Sam Altman, has been at the forefront of the AI revolution, and its recent success with ChatGPT has drawn global attention. OpenAI's endeavors have captured the imagination of world leaders and ignited discussions about the trajectory of AI development.Despite the immense interest in OpenAI's work, Sutskever is known for his modest and contemplative nature. He leads a simple life and devotes his energies to understanding and shaping the future of AI, particularly with a focus on the monumental leap to artificial general intelligence (AGI) that he considers inevitable.Sutskever's journey in AI, from his early days with Geoffrey Hinton in Toronto to his time at Google and ultimately co-founding OpenAI, has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. He played a pivotal role in the development of neural networks and deep learning, and his contributions to AI research have had a profound impact on the field.The interview delves into the unexpected success of ChatGPT, which not only exceeded internal expectations but also reshaped the AI landscape. ChatGPT provided people with an accessible interface to the power of AI, fundamentally changing the way society views AGI.He predicts Artificial General Intelligence or AGI as the iteration of AI “AGI is not meant to be a scientific term. It’s meant to be a useful threshold, a point of reference,” he says. “It is the idea. It’s the point at which AI is so smart that if a person can do some task, then AI can do it too. At that point you can say you have AGI.”As AI discussions have evolved over the past year, AGI has transitioned from being a distant concept to a subject of active discourse. Sutskever believes that ChatGPT played a pivotal role in shifting this perspective, enabling machine-learning researchers to dream bigger and pushing governments and the public to take AGI more seriously.Sutskever expresses his vision for AGI, describing it as a technology capable of achieving extraordinary feats, such as revolutionizing healthcare, addressing climate change, and solving global challenges. While AGI remains a controversial and speculative idea, Sutskever's unwavering commitment to its realization has been a driving force throughout his career.In a surprising revelation, Sutskever reflects on the potential consciousness of large neural networks, a topic that has sparked debates in the AI community. He likens these networks to Boltzmann brains, suggesting that there may be more to their operation than meets the eye.Sutskever's anticipation extends beyond AGI; he envisions a future where machines possess artificial superintelligence, surpassing human capabilities in various domains. He points to AlphaGo's game-changing move in the world of Go as an example of narrow superintelligence, highlighting the potential for AI to outperform human reasoning.With his focus now squarely on superalignment, Sutskever, along with Jan Leike and OpenAI, is committed to solving the challenges associated with ensuring that superintelligent AI systems align with human values and goals. OpenAI has dedicated significant resources to this endeavor, emphasizing the need to address both the opportunities and risks posed by advanced AI models.“One possibility—something that may be crazy by today’s standards but will not be so crazy by future standards—is that many people will choose to become part AI. At first, only the most daring, adventurous people will try to do it. Maybe others will follow. Or not,” says Sutskever.

Izmir Token attracts a TL 10mln investment from

Dubai: Izmir Token, breathing fresh life into the fan token concept familiar to the crypto community and featuring its debut as the world’s first city token, has secured its initial round of funding from businessman Sedat Ocakc?. Sedat Ocakc?, Chairman of Izmir-based Ocakc? Holding, a trailblazer in the production and R&D of cutting-edge technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics under the Metay?ld?z and TPR Bili?im brands, has invested 10 million TL into the Izmir Token initiative.Speaking about his investment, Sedat Ocakc? remarked, “The crypto arena has been a hotbed for innovation. It’s truly exhilarating to see the city token concept, a world-first, springing from Izmir, Türkiye’s crown jewel. Our large 10 million TL investment shows our enthusiasm and unwavering faith in the project’s potential.”Elaborating on his dual role as both entrepreneur and investor, the Turkish magnate added, “I’m confident that my investment in the Izmir Token will yield substantial returns. I foresee its valuation skyrocketing. Hence, I’m keen on continuing to invest and personally championing this project to the network of influential local and international investors I’m connected with.”The digital pulse of social life in IzmirCrafted by Batufi Soft on the ERC-20 blockchain network and spearheaded by Izmir’s own entrepreneur and digital communication expert, Bar?? Turgut, the Izmir Token is envisioned as the digital pulse of social life in Izmir, a bustling metropolis on Türkiye’s Aegean coast. Bar?? Turgut commented, “Izmir’s intrinsic beauty and its inherent embrace of innovation drove us to pioneer the world’s first city token right here. Through Izmir’s tokenization, our ambition is to seamlessly weave the city into the fabric of cutting-edge technologies like software, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.The backing of Sedat Ocakc?, Chairman of Ocakc? Holding – a vanguard in championing Türkiye’s technological prowess in areas like drones and augmented reality on the global stage – is both a testament to our vision and a source of motivation. We’re earmarking this initial investment to bolster our marketing and R&D efforts, ensuring the Izmir Token resonates widely and is embraced by the masses.”To go on sale on the 100th birthday of the Republic of TürkiyeHighlighting the noticeable gap in having fan tokens without a dedicated city cryptocurrency, Bar?? Turgut observed, “We pioneered the world’s first city token, seamlessly integrating the vast potential of the blockchain with urban life to take advantage of this gap in the market. Envisioned as the digital heartbeat of Izmir’s social scene, the Izmir Token stands to benefit both investors and the city itself.Set for a value-driven pre-sale on Türkiye’s cryptocurrency exchange, Bzetmex, on 29 October – a date that marks the centennial celebration of the Republic of Türkiye – it holds great promise. We’re actively engaging with investors based in Dubai, Germany, and Qatar for subsequent investment rounds, targeting a range of 1 to 5 million dollars. We anticipate the Izmir Token to swiftly gain traction, carving out its distinct value and making waves on the global cryptocurrency stage.”Five-year vision plan that will transform Izmir into a crypto cityAfter its pre-sale, the value of Izmir Token will be determined by investors, influenced by the balance of supply and demand in conjunction with the evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency world. This digital currency promises to extend a slew of unique benefits to its holders, enriching their experiences within Izmir.Emphasizing the token’s role in fostering a deep sense of belonging among Izmir locals, expatriates, and aficionados of the city, Bar?? Turgut articulated: “Izmir Token is being crafted more as a utility token than a mere investment asset. Our ambitious five-year blueprint encompasses aspirations like catalysing citywide economic collaborations, invigorating Izmir’s social tapestry, bolstering support for the city’s student and alumni communities, and propelling Izmir to the pinnacle of global crypto metropolises. Having demonstrated the project’s effectiveness in Izmir, we’re positioned to replicate this success in iconic tourist hubs like Çe?me and Bodrum, and eventually in global powerhouses like Istanbul and Rome.”

Ideal Systems delivers brand new studios for Egypt’s first pan-Arab news channel

Ideal Systems Group announced today the successful completion of a turn-key project for Al-Ghad TV, to design and build visually stunning and technically advanced TV News Studios in Cairo, Egypt.Ideal Systems was selected by Al-Ghad TV which in English means Tomorrow, is the leading Arab news channel in Egypt as a one-stop-shop to migrate Al-Ghad TV from their existing broadcast facilities in Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) to the gleaming new facilities nearby which were fully designed and built by Ideal Systems.The Ideal Systems design team worked with Al-Ghad to create visually stunning news studios with a variety of sets to support different programming styles. The main studio design concept centres on a stylised globe as the core of the design. Curved features surround the globe providing additional visual impact which is captured by Sony studio cameras. These curved features become multi-layer backdrops for all the sets, expressing how Al-Ghad TV news platform is connected from the centre to the whole world. The dual level studio design also incorporates five sets of LianTronics LED display walls connected to the graphics systems, three of which are on motorized tracks with one on a rotating frame to allow for portrait or landscape content.The Ideal designed studio lighting system is fully IP based using the ArtNet Protocol, enabling sophisticated LED floor and ceiling lighting features for mood transformations that align with the essence of each show.Ideal Systems designed and integrated AVID’s iNews NRCS and Media Central Cloud UX Production Asset Management system (PAM) with VizRT’s V5 Graphics Engine including AR and VR graphics functionality. The Audio network is all IP utilizing DANTE, controlled by fully redundant S300’s and Tempest Control Rack from Solid State Logic (SSL). And also incorporates Sennheiser’s DANTE microphones and in ear monitoring systems. Ideal used Imagine Communications for playout, automation, routing, and core broadcast infrastructure with Lynx Technik Green Machines for additional AV processing.The full turn-key project included over 8,000 sqft of fixed and virtual studios over three floors, with redundant studio production control rooms plus transmission and master control rooms and a lines room for satellite bookings, seven near line edit suits, eight creative desks, and workstations for over one hundred and thirty journalists.<div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

From one client to a global force: Journey of Mad Influence with Gautam Madhavan

Gautam Madhavan, a 26-year-old entrepreneur, leads Mad Influence, a highly successful full-service digital marketing agency. The agency had humble beginnings in 2018 with just one client, but it has rapidly grown since then. Today, Mad Influence manages twelve to fourteen campaigns daily. Their early adoption of influencer marketing has propelled them to prominence in this global trend.In an exclusive interview with Adgully, Gautam Madhavan, CEO & Founder of Mad Influence, sheds light on the company's comprehensive scope of work.While emphasizing that Mad Influence is indeed an influencer management agency, he emphasizes that their services encompass more than just connecting content creators with brands. The company also specializes in digital marketing, social media management, content creation, and offers consulting services for businesses. Additionally, Madhavan discusses the rationale behind expanding Mad Influence to the Middle East and shares insights into the company's future aspirations for the region. Here are some excerpts from the interview:Can you please share your entrepreneurial journey?My journey in the world of entrepreneurship has been quite a dynamic and exciting one. I founded Mad Influence with a vision to revolutionize influencer marketing. It all started with a passion for connecting people and brands through the power of social media. Over the years, I've learned to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing and influencer collaborations. From humble beginnings, we've now grown into an international player in the industry.What inspired you to launch ‘Mad Influence’ and ‘Mad Studio’ at such a young age?The inspiration behind launching Mad Influence and Mad Studio at a relatively young age came from recognizing the immense potential and impact of influencer marketing. I saw the power that influencers held in shaping consumer behavior and driving brand engagement. Mad Influence was born out of the desire to create a platform that could bridge the gap between influencers and brands, making it accessible to a global audience. Mad Studio, on the other hand, was established to provide creators with a space to unleash their creative potential. Youth often bring fresh perspectives and a willingness to take risks, which can be advantageous in the digital landscape.The trend of social influencers has significantly risen in the past few years. How do you measure its success?The success of the influencer marketing trend can be measured in various ways. One key indicator is the engagement and reach of influencer campaigns. We closely monitor metrics like likes, shares, comments, and click-through rates to evaluate the impact of influencer content. Additionally, the conversion rates and sales generated through influencer collaborations are vital performance indicators. As the industry evolves, we also consider the authenticity and relatability of influencers as key factors in success. Ultimately, it's about the value that influencer marketing brings to both brands and influencers in terms of increased brand awareness, customer trust, and revenue.How do you connect Brands with Influencers? Do brands look for a certain Influencer for their campaigns?Connecting brands with influencers is at the core of what we do. We offer a marketplace platform where influencers and brands can register and connect. Brands often have specific criteria for the influencers they want to collaborate with, such as audience demographics, niche relevance, and engagement rates. Our platform allows brands to search and filter influencers based on these criteria. Alternatively, influencers can also apply for campaigns that match their expertise and audience. We believe in facilitating a seamless and mutually beneficial partnership between brands and influencers, ensuring that the right fit is made for each campaign.Mad Influence has recently forayed into the Middle East? What made you do so?The Middle East presented an exciting opportunity for Mad Influence due to several reasons. First, the region is witnessing significant growth in influencer marketing, with a diverse and engaged audience. Second, Dubai, in particular, is a multicultural hub with a large number of expats, making it an ideal place for pilot projects and micro-influencer campaigns to target specific audiences. Lastly, Dubai's strategic location allows us to work with various time zones, which is crucial for managing global influencer marketing campaigns effectively. These factors made the Middle East an attractive market for our expansion.What can you say about the influencer marketing platforms of the Middle East? What can you predict about it?The influencer marketing platform in the Middle East is rapidly evolving and holds immense potential. We anticipate that it will continue to grow, driven by the region's diverse and digitally active population. As influencer marketing becomes more mainstream, we can expect to see innovative campaigns and partnerships emerging from the Middle East. This region has the opportunity to become a global hub for influencer marketing, and we aim to be at the forefront of this growth.Have you formed alliances with social influencers or brands in the UAE?Yes, we've formed valuable alliances with both social influencers and brands in the UAE. We've had the privilege of collaborating with some well-known names in the region, including influencers and celebrities. We've also partnered with brands in various industries, including real estate, tourism, FMCG, lifestyle, and consumer products, to execute influencer marketing campaigns that have proven to be highly successful. These alliances have not only allowed us to expand our network but have also enabled us to create impactful campaigns that resonate with the local audience.Mad Influence has collaborated with and offers advice to the biggest companies on social media channels including YouTube, Meta, Sharechat, Moj, MX Takatak etc. Will this be in the MENA region as well?Absolutely, our expertise in collaborating with major social media channels and offering advice will extend to the MENA region. We believe in leveraging the full spectrum of social media platforms to create comprehensive and effective influencer marketing strategies. The Middle East presents unique opportunities, and we will continue to work closely with brands and influencers to utilize platforms like YouTube, Meta, Sharechat, Moj, and MX Takatak to drive successful campaigns in the region.What will be your strategies for making Mad Influence successful in the MENA region?Our strategies for success in the MENA region will revolve around understanding the local culture, consumer behavior, and the influencer landscape. We aim to establish strong partnerships with regional influencers and brands, ensuring that we offer tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Additionally, we'll continue to invest in technology and data analytics to provide insights and performance metrics that will drive successful influencer marketing campaigns. Our goal is to become the go-to platform for influencer marketing in the Middle East and make Dubai a global hub for this rapidly growing industry.

Sacheerome to invest $5mln in R&D

Dubai, UAE: India-headquartered Fragrance & Flavour (F&F) company, Sacheerome plans to invest over $5mn to set up a Research & Innovation Center, Application Lab, Evaluation Center, Sales office, and a Warehouse in the UAE over the next 3-5 years.With an eye on strengthening its business in the burgeoning UAE market, the company aims to drive 10X revenue growth over the next 36-60 months.“We have been supplying F&Fs in this region for decades. The Middle East is a confluence of cultures from across the world, and the business is remarkably fluid. Earlier London, Rome & Paris were the luxury market trendsetters but today, Dubai is as big a fashion & lifestyle powerhouse. Given our deep understanding of the pulse of consumers here and the backing of the partners we work with, we believe this is the time to expand and grow our business here,” said Manoj Arora, Managing Director of Sacheerome, at BeautyWorld Middle East 2023, where they are exhibiting at Sheikh Saeed Hall 3 | E 12.Currently, UAE’s FMCG industry generates $50 million worth revenue using Sacheerome’s line of products manufactured in India and the Gulf.Talking about the changing consumer preferences and buying trends in the Middle East, Mr Arora said: “The region has transformed into a global hub. Today, the consumer choices are more milder and fine fragrances. Oud and Natural Agarwood of Assam have become a big hit here.”Beginning in the 1900s, the Delhi-based company is a trailblazer in the fragrance & flavour industry, helping leading FMCG brands create sensory experiences for consumers, with over 10,000 products and a presence in 30 countries.On the new product & technologies Sacheerome is introducing in the UAE market, Mr Arora said: “We have pioneered four new technologies – Sach/Maxicap, Sach Veda, Sach/Natura, Sach/Odocon. These are aimed at providing superior fragrance experience for our consumers, boosting fragrance performance, with Indian naturals at the core of technology innovation.”Comparing the Middle East and Indian consumer’s choices, Mr Arora said: “While India is a huge price sensitive market, Middle East shoppers, with their strong purchasing power, are willing to spend more on high quality niche products.”According to an Expert Market Research report, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) flavours and fragrances industry reached a value of about $2.92 billion in 2023 and is further expected to hit approximately $4.16 billion by 2032.

New Native announces GAIA's Demo Day, showcasing 15 AI startups in Riyadh

New Native, a leading organisation at the forefront of artificial intelligence and investment, has announced GAIA's Demo Day, an event showcasing 15 hand-picked Artificial Intelligence startups. The event will take place on November 2, 2023, at The Garage, KASCT, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.This event will serve as a platform for these startups to present their generative AI-powered solutions, spanning various sectors such as E-commerce, Legal Tech, and Data Analysis. GAIA's Demo Day will put these startups in the spotlight, allowing them to showcase their transformative AI-powered solutions that have the potential to revolutionize their respective industries.GAIA, an initiative backed by the esteemed National Technology Development Program(“NDTP”) and The Saudi Data & AI Authority (“SDAIA”), has meticulously designed a 10-week program aimed at nurturing the potential of these 15 AI startups. They have been provided with advanced AI technology and top-tier mentorship, making it a transformative journey for each participant.Pawel Czech, New Native Co-Founder, stated: "The intersection of artificial intelligence and investment is one of the areas where we continue to see exciting opportunities for growth and change. GAIA's Demo Day is a reflection of our commitment towards driving human progress through innovative AI solutions. We look forward to showcasing these startups and their game-changing ideas on the global stage."Event Details:Date: November 2nd, 2023Location: The Garage, KASCT, Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaTime: 5:30 PM GMT+3Notable speakers at the event will include Dr. Esam Alwagait, Director of the National Information Center at SDAIA, who will deliver the opening speech. This will be followed by keynote speeches from Ibrahim Neyaz, CEO of the National Technology Development Program, and Pawel Czech, Co-founder of New Native.Furthermore, the event will feature pitching sessions and display booths from the startups, where they can impress potential investors, industry experts, and key stakeholders. Following these sessions, a networking session will foster collaborations and partnerships among attendees.“We are excited to lead the charge in AI innovation within the MENA region, with Saudi Arabia as a pivotal partner,” said Anas Agag, New Native’s MENA General Manager. “New Native is committed to making a lasting impact through AI solutions, and we look forward to showcasing the transformative potential of AI right here in the heart of the MENA region.”GAIA's Demo Day underscores New Native's dedication to fostering innovation and propelling human progress through its dynamic ecosystem platform. With a clear vision of nurturing AI innovation and facilitating the growth of technology-driven ventures, New Native has firmly established itself as a driving force in artificial intelligence.New Native invites you to join us at GAIA's Demo Day to witness the transformative AI solutions that are set to shape the future of various industries. This event promises to be a unique opportunity for investors, innovators, and industry enthusiasts to be part of the AI revolution.

E-Ramadan content market concludes setting record numbers

Dubai, UAE: - E-Ramadan Content Market (ERCM) held its annual two-day virtual platform with participants from across the globe, successfully facilitating more than 220 meetings between E-Sellers and E-Buyers, showcasing a wealth of exclusive content for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. ERCM witnessed a record-breaking turnout, highlighting its status as a premier platform for Ramadan content exchange.With producers, distributors and service providers joining from MENA, Turkiye, Europe, and the Indian Sub-Continent, ERCM proved its ability for international reach and influence in the global content industry. Buyers managed to meet key industry players like S Productions, Studio 100 Media, Abacus Media Rights, Antin TV, Toonz Animation, Blue Media, Afamia Production, Mako Kids, Rabee Alhajabed Art Production & Distribution and many more.Shoaib Ahmed, CMO, Ingenuity Productions (Pakistan), commented: “Returning for the second year in a row, the credit goes to the remarkable networking platform. A round of applause to their dedicated team for uniting an expansive international community of buyers and sellers on a single platform. E-Ramadan Content Market's seamless online portal and effective technical support have simplified the process, facilitating connections with the right individuals and organizations. We look forward to continued success!"Wafaa Yassine, Owner and CEO of Ovision (Lebanon), stated: "The entire experience has been incredibly smooth and successful. I deeply appreciate your invaluable assistance.”ERCM 2023 witnessed E-Buyers from over 15 countries engage in the event, including RTV Indonesia, Bahrain TV, BeIN, Shahid, Viu, Menassati, and DM Don Square Entertainment.Refat Alsahab, Acquisition Manager, IEN TV (Saudi Arabia), stated: "Many thanks for your outstanding efforts in this year's ERCM. The event was truly exceptional, boasting impeccable organization and perfect timing. The participants actively engaged and contributed to its success."Ihab El-Eraky, Scheduling Manager, Al Rai Media Group (Kuwait), remarked: “ERCM is a great opportunity for people in the media business to meet online without the hassle of leaving the office and getting to know more promising formats and titles for the purpose of licensing or production.”   Sama Moshgi, Head of Sales and Account Management, Dream Farm Studios (UK), commented: "Our experience with Ramadan Content Market was nothing short of outstanding. What stood out to us the most were the valuable connections we were able to foster, which we believe will be pivotal for our future endeavours. A special mention goes to the account managers and coordinators whose responsiveness and efficient follow-ups made the entire process seamless. The platform was user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish. We look forward to participating again and recommend this platform to anyone looking to expand their network in the content industry.”ERCM 2023 achieved its mission of connecting content creators and distributors with platforms seeking top-notch Ramadan content. The event's success reflects its pivotal role in shaping the content landscape during this significant time of the year.

Leejam Sports achieves record-breaking profits & membership growth in Q3 2023

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Leejam Sports Company, the largest operator of fitness centers in the Middle East and North Africa, achievedrecord-breaking results in terms of revenue and net profits in Q3 2023, with SAR 348 million and SAR 92 million, respectively. This represents a year-on-year increase of 32% and 35%, compared to Q3 2022. These results follow the strong performance and record profits Leejam reported in the first half of the year, where the exceptional performance in Q3 contributed to the results for the first nine months of 2023, reaching SAR 927 million in revenue, an increase of 27%, and SAR 227 million in net profit, a rise of 51% compared to the same period in 2022, reaching a total of 448,000 by the end of September 2023, marking the highest figures ever recorded for both the male and female sectors.In this context, Mr. Adnan Al-Khalaf, CEO of Leejam Sports Company, stated, "Leejam Sports has maintained consistent profit growth throughout 2023, setting record levels across all financial indicators during Q3, which culminates in continued exceptional performance since the beginning of the year. Much of this strong and continuous performance is attributed to the company's product quality, diverse services, integrated strategy for attracting members from all segments, and its commitment to enhancing the customer journey and enriching their experience. The opening of 11 new centers since the end of September 2022 demonstrates the company's dedication to expanding access to a variety of sports activities, contributing to building a vibrant community that promotes health, happiness, and activity in all areas it serves."Profits Across SectorsMale Centers: Segment revenues for the current year's Q3 and the first nine months reached SAR 263 million and SAR 696 million, with an increase of 33% and 27%, respectively. The number of male members reached 348,000 by the end of Q3, a historical high.Female Centers: Segment revenues for the current year's Q3 and the first nine months reached SAR 84 million and SAR 224 million, with an increase of 31% and 31%, respectively. The number of female members reached 100,000 by the end of Q3, a historical high.Corporate Sector: The growth in corporate segment revenues is partly attributed to the improved onboarding experience for sector members through easy, seamless, and multi-channel digital services.Leejam's Formula for Maintaining Profitability Amid Escalating CostsLeejam's operating profits saw significant growth in Q3 and the first nine months of the year, despite increased sales and marketing expenses, general and administrative costs, including expenses related to hiring and investments in new technologies. The company's profits before accounting for depreciation, amortization, interest, zakat, and taxes increased by 34% and 32% during Q3 and the first nine months of the year, amounting to SAR 191 million and SAR 481 million, respectively, driven by higher operating profits. Additionally, the company also recorded its highest-ever deferred revenue balance, propelled by increased subscription sales during the successful promotional campaign for Saudi National Day in September 2023. Membership and subscription revenues showed growth during Q3, reaching SAR 305 million, a 30% increase compared to Q3 2022. This increase can be attributed to the continuous and comprehensive improvement of customer experiences across all membership categories.Leejam's Expansion and Development StrategyWhen discussing Leejam Sports' strategy for growth and advancement, Adnan Al-Khalaf expressed, "At Leejam Sports, we focus on a clear strategy with two main tracks. First, we aim to grow and develop our existing clubs, renovating them and increasing their membership through the 'Your Club is Changing' project, which has already seen 40 clubs developed and is ongoing. The second track involves Leejam's announcement to expand with more than 100 additional clubs”.Commenting on the expansion plans of Leejam Sports Clubs, Adnan Al-Khalaf said during his interview with Al-Arabiya channel: “After opening 11 branches in the third quarter of this year, we are continuing with the expansion plans as we aim to reach 250 club by 2025 in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. We also expect during the current and next quarter to achieve the highest rate of openings for our clubs, whether for women or men". Pointing out that more financial data in addition to the company’s new strategy will be disclosed as part of the "Leejam Day" conference scheduled for November 6, 2023.Personal TrainingThe increase in membership numbers has boosted demand for personal training services, leading to a 37 million and 100 million SAR increase in sector revenues during the current year's Q3 and the first nine months, respectively. This is a result of the company's investment in training programs, whether in swimming, group exercises, or specialized exercises such as boxing, cycling, and other scientifically designed high-quality training sessions to provide a better experience for customers. The enhancements introduced on our digital platform dedicated to members in 2023 have facilitated members' experiences in purchasing, payments, reservations, and logging their sessions, significantly improving the quality of personal training services. Furthermore, enhancing the digitization of member experiences and their interaction with personal trainers through our electronic platform has allowed better utilization of personal trainers' capabilities, offering more opportunities to boost their activity and generate higher profits for both them and the company.

Beautyworld Middle East 2023 opens today

Dubai, UAE: Beautyworld Middle East 2023, the region’s largest beauty and wellness trade fair, opened today at the Dubai World Trade Centre.Running until 1st of November, Beautyworld Middle East offers visitors unrivalled access to nine of the industry’s fastest-growing segments: Fragrance, Cosmetics & Skincare, Hair, Nails and Salon Supplies, Personal Care & Hygiene, Beauty Tech, and Supply Chain & Services alongside Clean + Conscious (formerly Natural and Organic) and the launch of the shows newest category; PrestigePack, .Beautyworld Middle East is spread over 15 halls for the 2023 show, having grown 20% in size from previous events and is expected to welcome over 1,750 exhibitors from around 57 countries. This year's edition promises to capitalise on the success of last year’s Beautyworld Middle East which was the most successful and best-attended edition in the event’s history.This year’s show sees the return of the ‘Next in Beauty’ conference, which brings fresh thinking, new insights, and advanced business strategies to the fore. Running across all 3 show days, Next in Beauty provides a platform for over 40 industry experts to discuss topics such as sustainability, technology innovations, diversity and inclusion and data led insight into industry trends.Emirati entrepreneur and homegrown skincare brand founder Salama Mohamed is today’s headline keynote speaker. In a one-on-one conversation with Lauren O’Connell, Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan Middle East, Salama will share her personal experience and the inspiration behind the launch of her skincare brand Peacefull.“As we open the 27th edition of Beautyworld Middle East, this year's event is geared up to become the biggest and boldest yet. With increased participation from international pavilions and exhibitors, and an inspirational range of features and new show highlights for our expected 50,000+ visitors to enjoy, the growth and diversity of offering across all sectors is testament to the size of the opportunity for the industry in the region right now, and into the future,” explained Flyn Roberts, Portfolio Director at exhibition organiser Messe Frankfurt Middle East.Attendees to Beautyworld Middle East are promised an unparalleled opportunity to expand professional networks, discover new products and unlock the tremendous business potential in one of the world’s key trade hubs. Stay ahead of this dynamic and fast-evolving market between 30 October – 1 November to unlock a world of possibilities at Beautyworld Middle East 2023.

Emirates Celebrates One Year of A380 Operations in Bengaluru

Emirates today celebrates the first anniversary of providing its signature A380 services to Bengaluru. In addition to marking a successful year of operations on the double-decker aircraft to Karnataka, today also sees the introduction of the Premium Economy offering on its services from Bengaluru, allowing customers to have more choice when planning their travel. One year ago, Emirates proudly introduced its flagship A380 aircraft on the route from Dubai to the Silicon Valley of India. The much-loved aircraft has become a symbol of luxury, comfort, and cutting-edge aviation technology, enchanting passengers with its unparalleled signature services, including its iconic Onboard Lounge and Shower Spa. Since its introduction in 2022, the iconic aircraft has carried over 700,000 passengers on the route between Bengaluru and Dubai. Furthermore, Emirates is the only airline in Bengaluru operating the world’s largest passenger aircraft.  As Emirates celebrates one year of A380 operations to the Indian city, the airline’s Premium Economy cabins today made a debut on its A380 services in India, including Mumbai and Bengaluru. Commenting on the milestone, Mohammad Sarhan, Emirates’ Vice President –India & Nepal, said, "India is a vast market with a high demand for our services to Dubai and to unique destinations across our network. Ever since the A380 launch in Bengaluru, we have witnessed a tremendous response from Indian customers wishing to use our services to travel to our hub city or to other popular destinations. In our commitment to India, we are delighted to celebrate one year of our A380 operations in this city with an enhanced customer experience. The Premium Economy cabins provide choice for those seeking elevated luxury and comfort at great value."The introduction of Premium Economy is set to redefine the passenger experience, offering valued customers even more options and comfort during their journey. The Emirates A380, renowned for its exceptional extra legroom has been a steady and long-time favorite amongst travel enthusiasts. With the addition of Premium Economy, the airline surely sets new standards in luxury air travel with its cabins featuring 56 plush cream leather seats, generous legroom and additional perks including an elevated dining experience.  Furthermore, passengers can immerse themselves in the world of entertainment with our award-winning in-flight entertainment system, ice. With industry-leading screens across all cabins and over 6,500 channels of content featuring movies, TV shows, and albums in Kannada as well, every moment of the journey becomes an extraordinary experience.Emirates began operations to India in 1985 with its scheduled services to Mumbai and Delhi and has been serving customers in Bengaluru with its award-winning services since 2006. Emirates provides access to nine points in India, with customers enjoying seamless connectivity to its global network, with over 130 destinations currently.

REDTAG fall/winter collection 2023 is ‘functional fashion’ redefined

REDTAG, the Middle East’s leading fashion and homeware brand, known for its unwavering commitment to providing utmost quality, value-based pricing, and voguish styles, has launched the fall/winter collection 2023 — an ensemble that exemplifies ‘functional fashion’ by honouring the season’s chill while being effortlessly stylish.  Staying true to its theme “Winter Moments”, the new collection has incorporated wintry colours like brownstone and Bordeaux velvet, as well as retained a few vintage elements from the bygone era for a memorable and warm season. On the contemporary front, light-winter characterwear with Disney, Marvel, and DC personalities will certainly amaze kids, just as heavy-winter staples like cardigans and fur coats will delight adults. Solids dominate REDTAG’s fall/winter collection 2023, making it an all-around classy affair.   Shehbaz Shaikh, Chief Retail Officer, REDTAG, said the new collection pays homage to the vintage winter wardrobe while being evidently in sync with modernity. “REDTAG prides itself in being a brand that is striking the right balance between global trends and local sensibilities and closely catering to the region’s fashion-forward generation. The new collection brings the ‘Winter Moments’ that our customers will cherish for a long time,” Shehbaz added.  Solid lightweight jackets in creams, with the warmth of quilt and the convenience of zips, are every man’s friend in the coming season. Fleeced coats with contrasting collars and biker jackets from a broad winter colour palette give men’s fashion a new meaning. In women’s fall/winter collections, REDTAG’s “modern minimalist” design approach is at its best.  Faux fur overcoats in beige, vintage peacoats in exquisite colours like wine, checked plaid shackets with blocks of browns, and fuzzy coats in dark blue are among the seasonal specials set to give women a timely makeover. Those seeking a slow transition into winter will find just the right comfort in full-sleeved smocked dresses with subtle floral prints, with knitted woollen stoles adding the final touch.  “Winter clothes must be viewed through the prism of functionality due to the season’s implications for health and well-being,” Shehbaz explained. That emphasis is apparent in the kids' collection comprising quilted and fleece jackets with hooded options in soothing colours like bubble-gum pink. REDTAG presents adult-like attire, such as long blazers, checked sweatshirts, and puffer jackets, for poised and confident seniors.  REDTAG’s ongoing ‘New Lower Prices’ initiative, aimed at enhancing affordability and applicable to the new collection, means the “winter moments” will begin right after you step into the nearest brand outlet or visit the online store. The pricing initiative takes after REDTAG’s customer-centric approach, which has helped the brand build a tiered loyalty program — RT Rewards — of over 15 million members in the region.

Idrees makes Dubai go blue with ‘Changing Tree’

Founded in 2015, Changing Tree, a creative and tech company based in Bangalore, has gained recognition for its expertise in harmoniously merging creativity and technology, often referred to as the CT Effect. The company has recently taken a significant step in its growth journey by establishing an office in Dubai, expanding its presence to the Middle East. In a conversation with Adgully, Idrees, the Founder and CEO of Changing Tree, sheds light on why Dubai serves as the ideal location for their expansion and introduces their new "blue campaign." Excerpts:Please share your entrepreneurial journey with us? What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?My entrepreneurial journey has been a thrilling adventure, filled with uncharted territories, experiences, and lessons. What inspired me to become an entrepreneur was the belief in thinking differently and recognizing untapped opportunities. I began this journey by identifying a market gap and realizing that the fusion of creativity and technology could address brand challenges. This realization led to the birth of Changing Tree. I've always held a deep conviction in the power of execution. It's not just about having knowledge; the real power lies in implementing that knowledge. Becoming an entrepreneur, for me, was about following my passion, pursuing what I loved, and making a meaningful impact in the world.Changing Tree is quite a unique name. What is the motto behind naming it so?"Changing Tree" is not just a name; it's a promise. Picture a tree, with one side barren and the other lush. The barren side represents businesses stuck in old ways, but the green side signifies the potential they can achieve with a little help. "C" in Changing stands for Creativity, breathing life into ideas, and "T" is for Technology, providing the tools to soar. Therefore, just like that tree, with creativity and technology, businesses can change and grow.You have recently ventured into the Middle East by opening an office in Dubai. What made you take the brand overseas to Dubai?Our vision is to have a global footprint, allowing businesses across the world, regardless of their size, to benefit from the CT Effect (creativity and technology). Dubai, with its reputation as a hub of innovation and forward-thinking, serves as the perfect getaway. Its strategic location, connecting the East and West, aligns seamlessly with our mission. Choosing Dubai as our first step toward global expansion was an instinctive decision, introducing the CT Effect to a region ready for transformative changeThe Middle East, as we know, is the hub for creative and tech companies. What, according to you, sets Changing Tree apart from the competition?Absolutely, the Middle East is indeed a hub for creative and tech companies. However, what sets Changing Tree apart is that we're not solely a creative or a tech company. We are a distinctive blend of both, where creativity and technology converge to craft innovative solutions for our clients. This unique combination is at the heart of what differentiates us from the competition.What are the marketing and creative strategies adopted by the organisation to win the Dubai market?Our approach to conquering the Dubai market was marked by a meticulously designed three-phase campaign filled with suspense and intrigue. The culmination of this campaign was an impactful reveal where we introduced Changing Tree as the driving force behind Dubai turning blue. Beyond this, we actively participated in networking events and established a strategic digital partnership with the prestigious Icon Awards in Dubai. Leveraging our established reputation and recognized work in India, we've paved the way for our success in Dubai, cultivating valuable referrals and trust in the market.Your new ad campaign is brilliantly shot. What is the significance of the color blue in it?Thank you for noticing our campaign. The colour blue holds special significance for us as it represents our brand. It signifies the fresh and innovative approach that Changing Tree is introducing to the Dubai market. Blue is our way of making a statement about the change and energy we bring with us.

Sharjah Airport welcomes first flight of Air Cairo

Sharjah Airport received Air Cairo airline’s first flight, which started operating its scheduled flights to and from Sharjah Airport. This strategic move comes to reinforce the network of destinations in line with the surging demand for passenger and cargo flights and address passengers’ requirements efficiently and with high quality.The Egyptian carrier will operate six flights weekly with Airbus A320 aircraft, which includes four flights to and from Cairo International Airport on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. It will also have one weekly flight to and from Sohag International Airport on Saturdays and one weekly flight to and from Assiut International Airport on Tuesdays.The new destinations are a valuable addition to the existing network, which reflects the relentless efforts of the Sharjah Airport Authority to improve the airport’s position as a preferred hub for air transport and widen its network of international destinations. The move will contribute significantly to raising the status of Sharjah as an economic and tourist hub on the global level.

6th Arab Swimming Championships to take place in Abu Dhabi

The sixth Arab Swimming Championships will take place in Abu Dhabi, with the participation of 140 male and female swimmers from 16 Arab countries, at the Mohamed Bin Zayed City Swimming Pool. The competition will continue until 30 October, sponsored and organised by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in cooperation with the UAE Swimming Federation and Abu Dhabi Aquatics Sports Club.Teams from Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Yemen and the UAE are participating, with a total of 140 male and female swimmers representing their nations.Abdullah Salem Al Wahaibi, Championship Director and General Secretary of UAE Swimming Federation, confirmed that the organising committee is ready to launch the Arab event before a large gathering of spectators, following the success of the 2021 Arab Swimming Championships previously held in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi’s hosting of the sixth edition of this championship constitutes a milestone on the international sports calendar this year.Abdullah Salem Al Wahaibi said: “The championship will be an opportunity for the member Arab federations to prepare swimmers for upcoming global competitions, including the 2024 World Aquatics Championships in Doha and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.”Abdullah Salem Al Wahaibi also praised the great support provided by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council for the tournament’s success, which is scheduled over 4 days at the 50 metre Mohamed Bin Zayed City Swimming Pool. It is the site where all committees worked alongside the Arab Swimming Confederation to receive delegations and facilitate their tasks in training, ensuring that any difficulties were overcome before the start of the tournament.

Global Information Technology Challenge to take place in Middle East

Abu Dhabi is hosting the final round of the Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities 2023 from 25-27 October, making its debut in the Middle East and North Africa. The event will bring together 87 participants from 15 countries at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), while approximately 406 participants are joining online from 13 countries. The competition is organised by Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Care in South Korea and LG Electronics.The preliminary rounds of the competition saw the UAE qualify, with five out of eight UAE teams successfully securing their spot in the finals.This achievement was made possible through joint efforts led by Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, in collaboration with various local community organisations. They worked together to train and prepare student teams with disabilities to participate in the challenge, with support from government and private entities, including the College of Engineering at the University of Al Ain, the Cybersecurity Council, CyberGate for Cybersecurity, and Abu Dhabi Polytechnic University.The students underwent intensive training programmes to refine their skills at the College of Engineering labs in Abu Dhabi. Their training covered specialised areas, including challenges in creating and editing presentations using PowerPoint, Excel, research and information utilisation challenges to address daily life issues using the internet, an electronic creative challenge for smart cars that assessed their skills in using Scratch programming for self-driving cars, and an electronic creative challenge for the Internet of Things (IoT).The sessions were supervised by lab engineers and focused on equipping students with the necessary practical skills to compete in the competition.Asaad Hawas Al Sadid, Director of Project Management Office at Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, said, "We are pleased with the cooperation between the Zayed Higher Organization and its partners from the local community, in line with Abu Dhabi's Strategy for People of Determination 2020-2024, which supports people with disabilities in various stages of life."Assad Hawas Al Sadid emphasised that the students were successful in showcasing their capabilities during the competition, thanks to being provided with the necessary practical experience. The five UAE teams were supervised by specialised mentors and successfully qualified for the finals after presenting competitive projects related to research and information utilisation addressing daily life challenges using the internet.One of these teams presented a distinctive innovation, an effective device to help individuals with visual impairments detect obstacles using sound, vibrations, and colour contrast. Another team designed an alert system for wheelchairs that issues a warning when the wheelchair encounters any incident.Dr. Amer Qasem, Deputy President of Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi, emphasised the university's commitment to establishing inclusive partnerships and initiatives for people with disabilities in society. Dr. Amer Qasem also highlighted the university's dedication to empowering individuals with developmental disabilities and inspiring them to overcome challenges in information technology.Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Chairman of the Cybersecurity Council for the UAE Government, expressed his satisfaction with the performance of UAE teams in this global competition. He noted that this achievement resulted from effective collaboration among partners, emphasising that the participation of the Cybersecurity Council in this global event aligns with the council's strategy to promote a cybersecurity culture. Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti added that the competition aims to empower all members of society, especially young people with disabilities, to facilitate their integration into society, raise their digital awareness and enable them to access information independently without the need for assistance.Sardjan Babich, Chief Information Security Officer at Cyber Gate for Cybersecurity, said, "Through our strong commitment, we aim to achieve our main vision of providing a world that allows everyone to access technology. The Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities continues to evolve into a prominent international competition, thanks to the significant support provided by the Zayed Higher Organization primarily. These innovative initiatives are expected to yield transformative results by attracting more individuals and institutions that share the same vision to contribute to this noble cause."The competition features two prominent competitions on the first day: E-Creative Smart Car, which assesses participants' skills in using scratch programming for self-driving cars, and Electronic Content, which focuses on showcasing their creative abilities in creating and editing video clips on specific topics.The first and second days feature four challenges aimed at evaluating skills in creating and editing presentations, assessing the professionalism in using functions and formulas, data editing according to specific standards, measuring information search skills, and using them to address daily life challenges using the internet, as well as evaluating the ability to make life easier for people with disabilities.The Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities (GITC) started in South Korea in 1992 with the goal of reducing the digital divide for people with disabilities. Since 2011, GITC has expanded its reach to encompass youth with disabilities from around the world, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. The aim of the competition is to promote their participation in society by facilitating access to higher education and employment opportunities. In 2024, there are plans to further develop GITC to make it a more sustainable competition by enhancing its international reputation and ensuring the independence of participating countries.

Adjust & Mobmio announce strategic partnership to accelerate mobile industry

Dubai: Mobmio, a mobile performance network, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Adjust, a leading measurement and analytics company trusted by marketers to measure and grow their apps across mobile, web, CTV, PC & console, and beyond. With the substantial growth in mobile app usage across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) the partnership will bring innovative marketing solutions to the dynamic and diverse mobile market to help accelerate its growth and drive business success for customers.Mobile app development and marketing have been on a steep trajectory of growth, especially within MENA. According to Statista, total app market revenues for 2022 reached US$475.90bn, and they expect to see an annual growth (CAGR 2022-2027) of 8.58%, resulting in a market volume of US$755.50bn by 2027. According to Mobmio's data, the number of mobile sales in MENA grew by 20% in H1 of 2023 YoY, their GMV grew by 18.3%, and over half of all orders in the region are made through mobile phones.In the mobile app growth report 2023 by Adjust, it is stated that travel apps emerged as the winner among all app categories in MENA, with an impressive Growth Score of 42.6. A nice example of this is Wego, one of the top travel apps in the region, which reported a YoY growth of over 157% in February 2023. Shopping apps came in second with a Growth Score of 37.9. Mobile gaming and finance apps tied for third place in MENAT, both scoring 27.9.Adjust has consistently been at the forefront of providing growth marketers with tools and data-driven insights to optimize and maximize their user acquisition (UA) and retention strategies. A partnership with Mobmio, specializing in mobile app UA and CPI/CPL/CPA/Revenue share monetization services, will create a more powerful and efficient ecosystem for businesses seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving mobile landscape."As the mobile measurement landscape continues to evolve, Adjust is leading the way with next-generation measurement and optimization tools that marketers need to grow their apps from early-stage to maturity. Our strategic partnership with Mobmio opens up new possibilities for businesses looking to achieve their growth goals in the MENA region," said Yi?it Atakan, Sr. Partnerships Manager, MENAT at Adjust.Mobmio, known for its mobile performance marketing solutions, is equally excited about the partnership. Launched as a stand-alone business in 2023, Mobmio has already reached out to 500+ million mobile users, generated 50+ million interactions and acquired 15+ million new users for its customers worldwide. By merging its expertise in mobile marketing and Adjust's cutting-edge, cross-channel measurement and analytics capabilities, they aim to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to businesses looking to tap into the MENA region's immense potential."Mobmio has always focused on delivering performance and monetization solutions that help businesses unlock their full potential in the mobile space. We believe that this partnership with Adjust is the next step in our journey to provide unparalleled mobile performance marketing solutions in the MENA region," stated Aleksandr Kryvosheiev, CEO at Mobmio.

Dubai Chambers unveils Dubai Business Forum to shape the future of global trade

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Chambers has announced the launch of the Dubai Business Forum. The prestigious event will be hosted at Madinat Jumeirah from 1–2 November 2023 under the theme ‘Shifting Economic Power: Dubai and the Future of Global Trade.’ The landmark event creates exciting opportunities for Indian companies to leverage Dubai’s strategic location and favourable business environment as a launchpad for their expansion plans in the Middle East and beyond. According to Dubai Chambers’ figures, non-oil bilateral trade between India and the UAE reached a total value of US$ 49.5 billion in 2022, achieving an impressive year-over-year growth of 10.5%. Commenting on the launch of the forum, His Excellency Abdul Aziz Abdulla Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dubai Chambers, said: “This prestigious event will serve as a catalyst for change by creating an unrivalled platform for networking and dealmaking that will empower business leaders from across the globe. We look forward to hosting insightful sessions that will unlock fresh growth in trade and investments and transform the future of business.” India is the UAE’s second-largest trading partner and was the first country globally to enter into a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the UAE, unlocking a host of benefits for cross-border trade and investments. According to Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s data, 22% of total new member registrations during H1 2023 were businesses with Indian owners. Dubai International Chamber, one of the three chambers operating under the umbrella of Dubai Chambers, provides a comprehensive range of business support services to Indian companies through its representative office in Mumbai, which was launched in 2018 to strengthen bilateral ties and explore new avenues for economic cooperation. Currently, Indian entrepreneurs account for around a third of Dubai’s startup community. Previously known as the Global Business Forum, the Dubai Business Forum will gather visionary Heads of State, government officials, global business leaders, and major international investors to redefine the rules of success. The event is set to bring together leaders from sectors including technology, retail, finance, travel and hospitality, real estate, and healthcare to participate in insightful discussions on transforming business for the future. As part of the event, Dubai Chambers is also unveiling ‘The Deals Hub’ to unlock global trade and investment opportunities. The dedicated dealmaking space will host a full spectrum of agreements including major partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, large investments and fundraising rounds, government contracts, cross-border trade agreements, and memorandums of understanding.

Can Generation X marketers thrive in the age of AI?

Having been a part of the marketing industry for the past 25 years, I've witnessed numerous revolutionary changes. We often joke about the days when we relied on faxes and floppy disks ( to share information.When I began my career, it was difficult to imagine, and I'm certain none of us could have predicted how much the industry would evolve. And yet, here we are. AI is revolutionizing marketing and advertising practices by leveraging AI-driven analytics, personalization, content automation, and programmatic advertising to enhance the customer experience, ultimately driving business growth.When I talk with colleagues from my generation (X) who embarked on their careers around the same time as me, I sense a fear and concern about keeping up and adapting to this new era. However, as someone who always maintains a positive outlook and sees the glass as half full, I firmly believe that with the right mindset and a willingness to learn, not only can we keep pace with the evolution, but we can also leverage AI to our advantage, drawing upon our years of experience and expertise.Understanding the power and workings of AI is crucial if we want to continue navigating the marketing industry effectively.Embracing a more data-driven approach is essential, enabling us to make informed decisions. Although this is not entirely new—analyzing data and gaining insights has always been a part of our work—now we have more intelligent tools to aid us in these endeavours.Instead of viewing AI as a threat to our expertise, we should perceive it as a powerful tool that augments our capabilities. Embracing new technologies will enhance productivity and provide us with more time to focus on strategic thinking.I'm certain you'll agree with me that those of us who have chosen to be a part of this industry are constantly challenged and have always had inquisitive minds. Therefore, acquiring new skills and adapting to changes won't be a daunting task. We understand that continuous learning and upskilling are crucial for staying ahead in the ever-evolving marketing ecosystem.While AI can support and amplify our efforts in creating meaningful and impactful campaigns, it's important to remember that genuine human connection and emotional intelligence will always remain key in our industry. Throughout the years, we've gained tremendous knowledge by studying and analyzing customer behavior. AI can assist us in magnifying these efforts.It's worth noting that what works today may not work tomorrow. Hence, embracing a mindset of experimentation and agility is critical. AI equips us with the necessary tools and platforms for constant experimentation, enabling us to make strategic decisions more quickly.In a way, I believe we are privileged to have started our careers many years ago. We've witnessed groundbreaking changes and now have the opportunity to combine our expertise with the capabilities of AI. Rather than feeling fear and insecurity, let us embrace this new era as valuable contributors.(Asterios Chalkias is an award-winning marketing communications strategist with over 25 years of experience in top-tier international PR firms, advertising agencies, and research organisations. Based in Qatar, his expertise spans diverse industries, including sports, FMCG, automotive, technology, healthcare, and finance. He is renowned for his significant contributions to global sporting events like the FIFA World Cup in Qatar (2022) and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.)

MERED wins ‘New Market Entry’ at Construction Innovation Awards 2023

MERED, the reputed international real estate developer, has announced its coveted win for the New Market Entry category at the Construction Innovation Awards 2023. The awards ceremony held at Sofitel Dubai The Palm, MERED received recognition for its impactful entry into the UAE market with the aim of pushing the boundaries in the design and engineering of high-end destinations, and for its cohesive strategic direction aligned with the government's goals for the country's development. The company brings together industry expertise from around the world to craft exceptional lifestyles that enrich and prosper customers while remaining relevant for today and tomorrow. Inspired by the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, MERED masterfully designs and develops unique destinations that become an integral part of customers' lives. The brand is backed by a global portfolio and strategic real estate partners known for their dedication and expertise in creating cities' landmarks. Their approach merges innovative design with contemporary urban trends, ensuring unmatched quality and elevated living standards within well-located developments. MERED works closely with world-class architects, contractors, and service providers, bringing its ambitious vision to life. In 2023, Dubai's upscale property market continued to shine, generating nearly $850 million (AED3.1 billion) in H1 through the sale of approximately 335 luxury properties by July. Anticipated growth in prime residential property prices is set to soar between 6% and 7.9% for the latter part of 2023, marking the world's fastest-growing rate. Furthermore, the market saw a significant 40% year-on-year increase in Q3 2023, reaching AED97.5 billion in sales. In H1 2023, apartment sales surged by 63% compared to the previous year, indicating the success of MERED's forward-thinking luxury real estate strategy. Starting the UAE chapter in Dubai, MERED announced its first project in Dubai Internet City, an ultra-high-end residential project that is set to become a landmark visible from across Dubai. Located in a key area connected to hotspots like Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, the project showcases top-notch architecture and world-class amenities that spotlight the company's visionary approach to destination building. With architecture crafted by Pininfarina, a reputed name in architectural design across the world, the project blends technology and aesthetics, presenting a development that will leave its mark on Dubai’s urban scene.  For its flagship project, MERED has teamed up with Mirage, a consultancy known for projects such as the Address Grand Creek Hotel and Bluewaters Island. The combination of Mirage's deep-rooted local expertise and MERED's international experience promises a residential project that stands out in terms of high-end finishing and offers a carefully curated range of world-class amenities tailored to the needs of its residents.  "Dubai is a city renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, visionary leadership, and highly attractive real-estate landscape, making it an opportune time for MERED to enter the UAE market. We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the New Market Entry award," said Ramil Guliev, CEO of MERED. "It is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication. We are honored to be recognized in anticipation of the world-class projects we are developing in this dynamic city. "

Mazen Mroueh joins Publicis Media Middle East as Head of Performance Product

Publicis Media Middle East, the media vertical of Publicis Groupe Middle East, has appointed Mazen Mroueh as Head of Performance Product and Operations. Mazen’s role will be pivotal in fostering innovation, driving operational transformation, and elevating the Groupe’s media offering to new heights in line with the refreshed approach to performance. Mazen will report to Elie Milan, who was recently appointed Chief Performance Officer for Publicis Media Middle East. Mazen is a digital native who brings close to 15 years of experience in leadership roles overseeing performance marketing, digital media planning, adtech/martech, product marketing, measurement, and transformation for both agency and client-side across the Middle East, Europe and Asia. His early career started with Publicis Media more than a decade ago with a focus on performance marketing, and he is re-joining from his last role with Techcombank, a leading financial institution in Vietnam, where he served as an Advisor on integrated marketing, measurement and digital transformation. “I’m thrilled to welcome Mazen back to Publicis Media Middle East at this crucial stage of growth and innovation. His addition to the team will accelerate the Groupe’s digital leadership agenda, rooted in helping clients address their business challenges and transformation ambitions”, said Tony Wazen, Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Media Middle East. Commenting on the appointment Elie Milan, Chief Performance Officer, Publicis Media Middle East said “As a true performance media heavyweight, his global experience and intricate knowledge of every aspect of our industry will serve as a driving force, propelling our business and our talent to surpass the ordinary and set new growth benchmarks for our clients and partners across the region”. Mazen boasts an impressive list of accolades, in 2015, he was recognised as one of the top 10 most engaged marketers in the UAE, and in 2020, he earned a place on the ‘Future 50 Drum’s List’ as one of the top 50 global marketers. He has served as a jury member for prestigious media and advertising awards including WARC, MMA Smarties and Campaign Asia, and he has been an active member of industry committees globally including Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).“I am overjoyed to return to Publicis Media Middle East and the wider Groupe. It’s a homecoming that fills me with deep personal satisfaction and professional excitement. What sets Publicis Groupe Middle East apart is its unwavering commitment to innovation, a culture that fosters creativity and adaptability, and a bold vision under the dynamic leadership of Bassel Kakish. I am thrilled to work alongside Elie Milan, Tony Wazen and the talented team here, helping shape the next chapter in this agency’s remarkable story,” said Mazen Mroueh.

Think Equal Workshop of gender equality by Weber Shandwick and Marketing Socity

Ensuring enough flexibility to manage work around life is considered one of the most important actions for organizations that are serious about nurturing an environment where more women leaders can rise to fulfil their potential. This was one of the key findings at a mixed-gender event by The Marketing Society and Weber Shandwick, an Official Partner of Think Equal, the initiative which aims to accelerate gender equality in leadership across the marcomms industry in the MENA region.A diverse panel that represented perspectives from brands, agencies, marcomms, human resources, talent development and operations, shared views around inclusive leadership styles, challenges, real-world observations, and opportunities. Monica Hernandez Alarcon, Director of Human Resources, General Motors Africa & Middle East, Tracy Faulkner, Group Chief Communications and External Relations Officer, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and Ziad Hasbani, Regional CEO of Weber Shandwick MENAT, joined the panel moderated by Mariaan Valero, Head of Marketing and Content at Weber Shandwick MENAT.Following the discussion, attendees at the event identified over a dozen actions that can help to support the acceleration of women in leadership. They then collectively ranked these actions into the top recommended actions for organizations and individuals.For organizations, the top recommendation was ensuring flexibility to manage work around life, an operational approach that is especially significant to support working women, though all employees can benefit from this. The second most impactful suggested action was to implement personal branding sessions, followed by training for professional development.For individuals, both men and women, the leading recommendation was to show up with authenticity. This reflects insights shared by the panel about the importance of individualism, and recognition of the fact that each leader also brings their own personality and experiences to a role. In second place, was to mentor and coach others, whether extending business acumen in a specific industry, or enhancing soft skills to get the best out of people. The top three actions were rounded out with a call for being empathetic to different lived experiences.“The extent to which women can achieve their career ambitions depends not only on them, but also on the organizations they join, and the support they receive there. As such, we must remain open-minded about things we can do today – as organizations, colleagues, individuals, and partners – to ensure we’re playing our part in the creation of a positive environment where women have an equal opportunity to thrive and grow into the roles where they can make a difference,” said Ziad Hasbani, Regional CEO of Weber Shandwick MENAT.Alasdair Hall-Jones, Global Director of The Marketing Society, opened the event and Noura Al Sarraj, Deputy MD Abu Dhabi, Weber Shandwick shared an inspiring welcome highlighted by her experiences of growth and development. Hayley Hilton, social media coach and host of the Social Sauce podcast, led an exercise to optimize both their female and male energies.

Star studded new global sport conference concludes in Riyadh

The inaugural New Global Sport Conference co-hosted by the Saudi Esports Federation and Saudi Arabia Ministry of Sport, featured industry heavy weights including Cristiano Ronaldo, Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, Toshimoto Mitomo, Executive Vice President at Sony and Justin Yuan, CEO of Moonton Games.Speakers discussed the convergence of esports and sports, the growing global gaming audience and identifying ways to unlock the full potential of the growing sector. The conference attendees were the first to witness the unveiling of the Esports World Cup trophy on stage. Ralf Reichert, co-founder of ESL was appointed as the CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation as its CEO. Speaking at the event Ralf Reichert, newly appointed CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation said: “My purpose was always to build something for the players, so it becomes an industry. And although I think esports is in good shape, it still misses a global stage for all players across games and for those superstars. The Esports World Cup is the next logical evolution, this is the real deal, this is what can bring the industry together and forward.” Danny Tang Co-founder of VSPO commented on the announcement: “It's a momentous announcement and a huge moment for our industry, not only for participants like us but also for fans worldwide. An investment of this scale and commitment of this kind, provides multiple opportunities and opens up new experiences for the players and fans. For everyone that works in esports, it is a strong reminder of why we are here - to build something that connects people across the world.” Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports added: “The Esports World Cup is an exciting milestone for the esports industry because it is all about supporting teams, which is an important factor for Guild Esports. What is just as important is that both the current crop of pro-players and the budding esports talent of this generation now have a clear pinnacle of the sport to aspire to. To finally have that within esports is incredibly meaningful.”

Samer Mohamad discusses Yasmina: Yango's breakthrough AI Assistant in MENA

In this exclusive interview with Samer Mohamad, Yasmina Regional Director for MENA at Yango, Adgully delves into the remarkable unveiling of Yasmina, Yango's most human-like AI assistant, at GITEX 2023. This cutting-edge technology promises to redefine the AI landscape, offering users an experience like never before. Mohamad sheds light on the intent and innovation behind Yasmina, highlighting the seamless fusion of AI intelligence with cultural nuances. He says that Yango's mission is to not just provide information but enhance the human experience in a profound way. Read more to understand how Yasmina combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of Middle Eastern culture. Excerpts:Can you tell us more about Yango's most human-like AI assistant unveiled at GITEX 2023 and what sets it apart from other AI assistants in the market?What makes Yasmina unique is the intent and the technology behind Yasmina. Our mission at Yango was to merge AI intelligence with cultural awareness.Yasmina's technological foundation consists of natural language understanding, speech recognition, and speech synthesis. To build the speech recognition component of Yasmina, we worked with hundreds of people from Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and more. This wide variety of voices, spanning various ages and genders, empowered Yasmina to recognize diverse speech nuances and dialects.Our intent is to continuously evolve Yasmina, so it becomes a part of the social and cultural environment and contributes to improving the quality of life for people locally.Yasmina helps people make informed decisions, use precious resources like time more wisely and run their homes, offices, and lives better. Lending a helping hand to parents, Yasmina is capable of recognizing if the user is a child and activates age-appropriate content and language for children. In short, Yasmina helps people enjoy a higher quality of life — exactly what we wanted to achieve at Yango.How do you see the Middle East market responding to this new AI assistant, particularly in terms of its "Khaleeji personality"?The Middle East has one of the oldest heritages in the world and the governments and communities have successfully retained their unique identities, cultures and values while making remarkable progress in business and development. The people are very tech-savvy, well aware of the potential of technology and at the same time rooted in their culture and traditions.Yango has invested considerably in understanding the preferences and needs of the people of this region, and we have used all our research and people’s engagement to build the unique personality of Yasmina.The feedback that we received from early adopters was all very positive; people simply loved Yasmina and found the assistant to be funny and human-like. The name for the voice assistant was also carefully selected via popular vote.Yasmina is still learning, so we would like to invite people from the UAE to sign up for public beta testing at We would love to learn more from them about their interaction with Yasmina and make the assistant even more local.Given your role as Yasmina Regional Director for MENA at Yango, what are the specific challenges and opportunities you anticipate when introducing this AI assistant in the Middle East?Our biggest and most significant challenge from the stage of conceptualizing has been to understand how we can add value to the rich and diverse society of the Middle East with our product while staying true to the mission of merging AI intelligence with cultural awareness.We have invested significantly in understanding the countries, rich heritage, and aspirations of the people and using these insights to build our unique offering - the most human-like AI assistant.Another opportunity for us was to go GLOCAL – think global and work local.We involved a large number of regional content professionals who brought local understanding and awareness to us. They perfected thousands of dialogues, which were then used to fine-tune the assistant's model and train Yasmina to speak fluently and naturally.Could you elaborate on how this AI assistant's "intellectual smartness" and "cultural awareness" will enhance user interactions and experiences?What sets Yasmina apart from other assistants is the ability to maintain engaging, fun, and consistent dialogues that feel like you are talking to a real person. Yasmina’s ability to engage in a human-like conversation is based on a proprietary large language model that was thoroughly fine-tuned with the help of hundreds of content professionals, who edited and perfected Yasmina’s dialogues. Yasmina recognizes if the user is male or female, understands the major Arabic dialects, speaks Khaleeji fluently, and will soon be able to both speak and understand English.On a more practical level, Yasmina works as a smart home center: you can ask Yasmina to adjust the room temperature, turn on the vacuum, or dim the lights. More than just an app on your phone, Yasmina can be built into other apps and smart home devices, including smart speakers.In your view, how does this AI assistant change the perception of AI from being a tool for providing information to becoming a valuable addition to our human experience?Yasmina is built as a technology enabler weaving Artificial Intelligence into the lives of people to enhance the quality of their life. For us, Artificial Intelligence is a tool that enriches the human experience in our daily lives, homes, offices, and social and cultural interactions. AI will be much closer to the people, for example, transforming homes into smart homes that can “think” of the likes and preferences of the homeowner; smart assistants helping professionals to manage their busy lives and entertain and educate their kids; and tools to enhance efficiency and convenience.As a licensed Project Management Professional (PMP), how do you plan to manage and oversee the expansion and deployment of this AI assistant across the MENA region? What strategies are you implementing to build relationships between clients and stakeholders in the MENA region, especially in the context of this new AI assistant?Yango is all about Bridging Innovations and Enriching Communities Globally.Our mission is to bring global innovations to local communities, fostering connections and enhancing everyday living experiences. As the Yasmina Regional Director for MENA, I carry the legacy of Yango and our people-first approach in my work.Our strategic decision was to launch Yasmina at GITEX 2023 which attracts MENA stakeholders, and build a stronger presence in the UAE, the most remarkable hub of innovation and technology today.Yango's educational journey is an interesting blend of technical knowledge and business dynamics. How do these experiences contribute to your approach to the regional launch of the human-like AI assistant ?Yango aspires to provide local communities with choice when it comes to deciding which products to use — global or local ones.We will follow our regular route: offer consumers to beta-test our product and then choose the best version of Yasmina together. Add great sound quality and CMF to the mix and you have an advanced AI product that’s also your best buddy at home.We are continuously refining Yasmina and we want to enhance the assistant’s fluency, creativity, and versatility.Can you provide insights into user feedback and initial reactions to the launch of this AI assistant at GITEX 2023, and how Yango plans to iterate and improve based on this feedback?As for any business that creates a new product, our biggest challenge (which is also our biggest opportunity) is to build value for the people of the UAE and the Middle East. Understanding user experiences and feedback is not only vital, but central to our design approach; hence we have opened the first public beta testing of Yasmina for our community across the region at yasmina.yango.comInitial reactions from GITEX visitors were very inspiring. We saw users enjoy their interactions with Yasmina and bring back friends to test the new assistant.But our team is working hard on the beta testing, and we really look forward to shaping the assistant into its best version while revealing it to thousands of early adopters in the region..

Sharjah Media City's impressive showcase at MIPCOM Cannes

Sharjah: Sharjah Media City "Shams" announced its meetings with several international television, entertainment, and advertising companies during the international content and entertainment exhibition "MIPCOM 2023" in Cannes, France. These companies, hailing from various countries, including Canada, Italy, India, Brazil, Turkey, and others, praised the facilities and offerings provided by Shams aimed at attracting major production projects for the Emirate of Sharjah.Sharjah Media City "Shams" affirmed its commitment to providing benefits and incentives to companies that decide to establish representative offices within Sharjah Media City "Shams." This comes within the framework of capitalising on business growth and competitive openness in the Emirate of Sharjah, which offers numerous investment opportunities supportive of achieving attractive and sustainable economic returns.The delegation from Sharjah Media City "Shams" met with several leading media service companies on the sidelines of its international participation. The delegation attracted entrepreneurs and global companies to the Emirate of Sharjah by introducing the integrated infrastructure and technological means of Shams, which includes packages of licenses, offices, production services, and premium studios. It also offers a wide range of media, content distributors, all of which collectively support unique creative industries capable of driving progress and enhancing community well-being."MIPCOM 2023" brings together a selection of the largest companies in various media fields, specializing in the production of diverse content such as films, series, and programs. It provides a comprehensive platform for display, purchase, and sale, as well as for forming international partnerships, contracts, and deals in the fields of production and business development. Participants have the opportunity to explore production projects, fund them, and develop media content, television programs, and entertainment.

Turbocharging customer loyalty: The need for CRM strategies

In an age where data drives customer service and customization, it is sad to experience a situation where a leading telecommunications company fails to make use of the wealth of information at its disposal.In view of the customer service week a few days ago, I would like to share the experience I had recently with one of the largest telco companies in the GCC region, and it was a stark reminder of how poor customer service and a lack of personalization can drive customers away and benefit competitors.A few weeks ago, I received a call from this telco company, in which they attempted to offer me an upgraded mobile package. In theory, this should have been a straightforward and potentially beneficial interaction for both of us. However, it soon became apparent that they had not taken the time to study my profile or understand my needs before reaching out to me.The first issue was their insistence on pushing me towards a higher-tier package, even though a careful analysis of my data usage would have shown that I was not utilizing all the data included in my current plan. It was evident that the company's representatives had not taken the time to examine my consumption habits or preferences. This oversight, in my opinion, highlights a fundamental flaw in the telco company's approach to customer engagement.This incident serves as a stark example of a major telco company's failure to develop a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy that resonates with its customers. When a company of this stature, which has access to a treasure of data about its users,neglects to employ it to customize its offerings and improve customer experience, it undermines not only its reputation but also the loyalty of its customers.As a marketing professional with over 25 years of experience, I am well aware of the importance of understanding the customer's needs and preferences, developing messages, customer journeys and strategies that resonate with them, and ultimately, creating brand experiences that enhance their daily lives. This experience left me deeply disappointed, especially coming from a telco company that has access to all the necessary customer data to do better.The outcome of this encounter was double:• First, I decided to re-evaluate my mobile package and opted for a more cost-effective option that better suited my needs, still staying with the same telco company.• Second, the poor customer service and the inability of the telco company to provide a tailored offering led me to explore alternative options for my home internet needs. I found myself actively considering packages from other service providers, and finally decided to opt for another telco company.This is a clear example of how a poorly executed customer retention strategy can not only damage the relationship between a company and its customer but can also carelessly promote the interests of its competitors.It highlights the need for telco companies, as well as businesses in general, to invest in data-driven, personalized CRM strategies.My recent experience with one of the biggest telecom companies in the GCC region was a reminder that even giants in the industry can fail when it comes to understanding their customers and providing a level of service that aligns with their preferences. This episode should serve as a cautionary tale for companies that have access to a wealth of customer data, urging them to leverage that information to create meaningful, customized interactions and secure customer loyalty.Failure to do so not only risks alienating existing customers but also presents opportunities for competitors to swoop in and provide a more personalized, customer-centric experience.

Amazon Payment Services gets license from UAE Central Bank

Amazon Payment Services, a regional leader in digital payments operating across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, has been granted a Retail Payment Services license by the UAE Central Bank. Marking a significant milestone for the business, this license enables Amazon Payment Services to unlock an enhanced offering for its merchants across the country, through unique products and services, directly improving the experience for their customers. Obtaining the license reinforces Amazon Payment Services’ position as a trusted payment service provider in the UAE, where the company facilitates payment processing for hundreds of merchants including Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). This license enables Amazon Payment Services to invest in operational efficiency to deliver more streamlined payment processing and continues to support merchants of all sizes through its various hassle-free products and services.SMBs in the UAE accepting, or considering, online payments are set to gain the most from the regulated payment processing solution by Amazon Payment Services, with a range of benefits enabling faster onboarding and lower cost of payments, which aims to support their growth and success through a secure and reliable platform.Peter George, Managing Director for Amazon Payment Services in MENA, said: “It is a privilege to have earned the trust of the UAE Central Bank and been granted this license which not only instils trust and security for merchants and customers alike, but also allows us to take our offering to the next level. We look forward to continuing to work with key local stakeholders as we expand our offering and invest in our operations across the UAE, facilitating seamless, secure, and fast payments for merchants of all sizes and customers. At Amazon, we insist on the highest standards, and this license is a true testament of this.”Amazon Payment Services continues to offer seamless and secure payment solutions to merchants across new and diverse sectors such as travel, insurance, and education. With this license, the company joins a select group of payment providers operating a regulated retail payment service locally, contributing to instilling trust and promoting further adoption of digital payments in the UAE.

Central Hotels & Resorts supports Dubai Fitness Challenge with free bike rentals

Central Hotels & Resorts, a leading hospitality brand renowned for its commitment to guest well-being and community engagement, has announced its active participation in the Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) 2023. As part of this annual health initiative, Central Hotels & Resorts is offering complimentary bike rentals to hotel guests throughout the month-long challenge. The complimentary bikes will be offered at Canal Central Business Bay, C Central Hotel The Palm, and Royal Central Hotel The Palm. Typically, the hotels offer bike rentals for a fee, but during this health initiative, the service will be available free of charge for one hour per guest, empowering them to ride around while improving their fitness and taking in the breathtaking views. The Dubai Fitness Challenge, a signature initiative by the Dubai Government, aims to inspire a culture of fitness and well-being in the city by motivating residents and visitors to embrace an active and healthier lifestyle. Central Hotels & Resorts shares the vision of the DFC and is committed to making a positive impact on the health and well-being of its guests. "The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a fantastic initiative, and we are thrilled to be part of it. We believe that health and well-being are paramount, and our commitment to offering complimentary bikes for exploring The Palm and Business Bay reflects our dedication to promoting a healthier lifestyle within the community. We encourage all our guests and fellow Dubai companies to embrace this initiative and make fitness a part of their everyday lives,” comments Abdulla Al Abdulla, COO and General Manager of Central Hotels & Resorts. Furthermore, Central Hotels & Resorts is excited to announce its active participation in the highly anticipated Dubai Run, scheduled in November. Team members from various Central Hotels locations will be lacing up their running shoes to take part in this exhilarating marathon, reinforcing the brand's commitment to leading by example in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Majid Al Futtaim shares findings from '25 Years of Impact in Egypt' report

Majid Al Futtaim, the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, is celebrating a significant milestone this month as it marks a quarter century of operations in Egypt. To explore the impact of its history and operations in the country, the company has commissioned a report with thought partner Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Today, the initial findings of the report have been shared by Chief Executive Officer of Majid Al Futtaim Holding, Ahmed Galal Ismail, who was in Cairo to discuss with a small group of media. Over the past 25 years, Majid Al Futtaim has transformed the retail, real estate, and entertainment landscape in Egypt. In 2002 the opening of City Centre Maadi marked a revolutionary addition to the country’s retail offering, bringing the concept of modern malls to a nation that traditionally enjoyed a ‘high-street’ model. The success of this opening brought opportunity, and today, Majid Al Futtaim’s Egypt portfolio, which spans 14 cities and welcomes more than 90 million visitors per year, accounts for 21%[1] of the market share of modern Egyptian retail and includes four destination shopping malls and 70 Carrefour stores, including four Supeco and five Myli stores. For the leisure market, there are six family entertainment centres which include an indoor ski experience and one-third of the country’s modern cinema screens (44 screens), as operated by VOX Cinemas.Ahmed Galal Ismail, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim – Holding, said: "As we commemorate the 25th anniversary of Majid Al Futtaim’s presence in Egypt, we could not be more proud of the role we have played in contributing to the delivery of the Republic’s national growth agenda in that time. We have witnessed first-hand the cultural shift in consumer habits our destination shopping malls, entertainment venues and retail centres have enabled, establishing community hubs that have created investment opportunities to reshape landscapes and create countless employment opportunities for the country’s remarkable talent.Our investment of $2.5 billion over the last two decades is a testament to our unwavering support for the country while our future investments include robust growth plans for Carrefour and Supeco stores and our aspiration is to achieve EGP 100 billion in revenues over the next decade. However, the Majid Al Futtaim journey in Egypt extends far beyond direct capital spend, supporting key initiatives in support of Vision 2030, such as of education, employment, sustainable and economic prosperity. As Egypt continues to unlock its full potential, Majid Al Futtaim is immensely proud to contribute to the Republic’s people, its progress, and its prosperity."A Continued Partnership Majid Al Futtaim remains steadfast in its commitment to create great moments for everyone, everyday across Egypt. With 25 years of positive impact in the country, the Group continues to place the Egyptian community at the heart of its sustainable growth agenda with an unwavering focus on fostering economic progress and community development.Significant investments are planned for the coming years, with a solid ambition from Majid Al Futtaim Properties to invest EGP20 billion in new projects, plus extensions and refurbishments of existing malls and entertainment centres by 2030. A further EGP4.6 billion is slated for local market investment by the Retail business, specifically focusing on the expansion of the Carrefour network to reach 130 stores across 25 cities in Egypt by 2025, and scaling operations of Supeco which will grow to 144 stores by 2030.The VOX Studios business, which was launched in 2021 and produced ‘Voy Voy Voy’ is also to be the recipient of investment and growth. The studio is currently on track to produce 25 Arabic films by 2025.Community ImpactMajid Al Futtaim’s commitment to the communities in which it operates has actively driven strategic investment decisions, totalling more than US$2.5 billion over the last two and half decades. These investments have catalysed urban and social development positioning Majid Al Futtaim as one of Egypt’s largest non-oil foreign investors, directly employing 9,000 people in Egypt and contributing to thousands of indirect employment opportunities through construction projects, tenants and through entertainment assets.In order to build a sustainable future for the company in support of the national agenda, it is recognised that the creation of employment is not enough, and the need to upskill in an evolving labour market and offer access to education that supports that is critical. In line with the Company’s ESG commitments, Majid Al Futtaim has actively engaged in partnerships to equip its Egyptian workforce, as well as youth and underserved societies. This has included collaboration with UNICEF in support of the ‘No Last Generation’ initiative which has enabled access to education for over 2 million children and extended support to an additional 1 million young people in partner countries, in addition to fund-raising campaigns and donations to aid those in need.Majid Al Futtaim has always understood that to build a legacy that lasts, it must be built with an understanding of its impact, whether that be its customers, the environment or, more broadly, the economic growth opportunities that emerge because of its success. Decision-making is driven by the company’s “Dare Today, Change Tomorrow” strategy, and is aligned to 14 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which constantly analyses the issues that are most relevant and important, to respond in a responsible way. This focus is as much about the community as it is the company’s stakeholders, supply chains and governments.Proof of this strategy lies in the Group’s local Egyptian partnerships and initiatives. The exploration of solutions to address renewable energy production and water scarcity in Egypt, the company’s ability to generate 4,700,000 kWh of renewable energy on-site at Mall of Egypt, City Centre Al Maza, City Centre Alexandria and City Centre Maadi and a partnership with Engazaat, Egypt’s first integrated independent power and water producer (IPWP), developer, and operator, which focuses on enabling businesses with sustainable and affordable clean-energy and water utilities.The Majid Al Futtaim 25 Years of Impact Report will be released later this year.

Saudi Festival of Creativity unveils 10+ speaker lineup

With a little over a month to go for Saudi Arabia’s largest, most vibrant, and dynamic festival for the creative marketing industry, Motivate Media Group and TRACCS, organisers of Athar – Saudi Festival of Creativity, today unveiled an impressive four-day programme and exceptional speaker lineup of over 100 national and global industry strategists, innovators, and experts. The announcement was made in the presence of key representatives from Saudi Conventions & Exhibitions General Authority (SCEGA), a strategic partner, and MBC Media Solutions (MMS), a co-partner of the festival, which promises to be a groundbreaking event that celebrates and nurtures creativity in the Kingdom.Held from 13 to 16 November 2023 at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC, Athar Festival will be able to accommodate around 1,500 delegates from across the globe, including participation from some of Saudi’s top companies such as Saudi Tourism Authority, Red Sea Global, STC, Saudi Aramco, SAUDIA, HungerStation amongst others.Athar Festival will feature 12 academies for young professionals, along with CMOs and the Maheerah Women’s Programme which is open to 10 high-potential women in the creative marcomms industry. The festival will culminate with the Athar Awards Gala Dinner which will feature the Legacy Awards of the Decade and Special Awards, which will be presented to the agency, network, brand, creative leader, and marketer of the decade among others. The awards will also feature the winners of the 24-hour hack competition part of the young talent academies.Amjad Shacker, Acting CEO of SCEGA said, “Creativity and innovation are at the core of Saudi Vision 2030, and as part of our ambition and role as a facilitator of global business collaboration and partnerships, it is our responsibility to attract and support new and high potential industries. Identifying new business streams is imperative to the Kingdom’s thriving economic growth, and we believe that unlocking the full potential of the local creative industry is vital for Saudi Arabia to achieve its transformation aspirations. As a strategic partner of Athar Festival, the first and largest of its kind in the country, we are realizing our goal of truly attracting high calibre international events.”Emphasising the festival's significance in promoting creativity across various sectors, Ian Fairservice, Chairman of Athar Festival and Managing Partner & Group Editor-in-Chief of Motivate Media Group, said, “Athar Festival will be the largest gathering of the creative marketing industry ever staged in the Kingdom. Our main objectives are aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, focusing on enriching the local innovation, advertising, and creative ecosystem. We are thrilled to bring together the best minds and talents from all over the world, creating an environment of collaborative learning and innovation, showcasing the boundless potential of creativity as a force for business, for change, and for good."Citing the recent description of Saudi Arabia as the biggest success story of the 21st century by the Kingdom’s Crown Prince, Mohamed Al Ayed, Vice Chairman of Athar Festival and CEO of TRACCS said, “For centuries, Saudi Arabia has been the global epicentre for trade, shaping its identity with a distinctive blend of culture, commerce, and creativity. Time is rife for us to truly celebrate and recognise the power of creativity as a key accelerator and enabler of the Kingdom’s sustainable, thriving, and future-forward economy. Athar Festival is a unique platform where imagination will flourish, industry aspirations will be renewed, and new collaborations will be forged, creating infinite possibilities for Saudi Arabia and its people. I am positive that Athar Festival will leave a lasting mark on the Saudi landscape.”Ahmed Al-Sahhaf, CEO of MBC Media Solutions (MMS), added, “It is our great pleasure to be a part of Athar Festival as it brings together the region's most influential brands and individuals to foster connections and spark creativity. Athar Festival allows us to showcase our creative solutions and connect with creative individuals and make a difference. Being a part of Athar Festival is not only an exciting experience but also a testament to our commitment at MMS to push innovation and growth."Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in an engaging agenda that features a distinguished lineup of speakers who will deliver thought-provoking insights across six content themes, namely, Technology as a creative driver; Strategies that help grow brands; Inspiration and idea generation; Work culture and talent; Bringing a positive change to society; and Saudi Arabia - a thriving market for the creative community.These themes and the main lineup of activities will be divided across two primary stages which will run in parallel and feature two days of inspiring content including a series of keynotes, in-depth panel discussions, informative talks, fireside chats, and engaging and interactive workshops. The Cultivation Stage, themed 'The Impact of Strategy,' will spotlight the transformative power of strategy and technology in the creative marketing sphere. Meanwhile, the Momentum Stage, themed 'The Art of Creativity,' will delve into the realms of inspiration, culture, and talent, exploring how these elements contribute to groundbreaking creativity.The festival promises to showcase a diverse lineup of speakers to learn from, including creative business leaders representing some of Saudi’s top companies across myriad sectors. Attendees can expect to hear from the likes of H.H. Princess Loulwa Bint Yazeed Al Saud, Founder & CEO, +966 And CEO, RiseUp Saudi; Asmaa Quorrich, CMO of Saudi Tourism Authority; Mohammed Abaalkheil, Vice President Corporate Relations, STC; Tracy Lanza, Group Head of Global Brand Development, Red Sea Global; Khaled Tash, Group CMO of SAUDIA; Mohammed Jifri, CMO of Hungerstation; and Kirk Collingwood, Director of Brand & Communication at Saudi Aramco, to name a few.Creative industry veterans and representatives of the foremost creative agencies in the region and beyond, such as Fernando Machado, Global CMO of NotCo, USA; Khalid Abdulaziz, Head of Strategy, The Fullstop; Dani Richa, Chairman and CEO, Europe, Middle East and Africa at BBDO; Bassel Kakish, CEO ME and Turkey of Publicis Groupe; Elda Choucair, CEO, Omnicom Media Group; Mohamed Sehly, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett; Mohammed Bahmishan, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, FP7 McCann KSA; and Rayyan Aoun, Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson among others, will take to the festival’s stages to share their invaluable insight.Offering a broader perspective on commerce and creativity at the global level, some of the world’s most recognizable companies and brands will also partake in the festival and will be represented by their most creative thought leaders. Some of them will include Ali Cheikhali, Creative Strategy Lead at Google; Garrett Olexiuk, Campaign & Creative Manager at Amazon; Hala Zgheib, Head of Retail at Snapchat; Sasha El Jurdi, Head of Content Programming, TikTok; Jacqueline Bourke, Senior Director, Creative, Getty Images; and Aamir Allibhoy, Regional CMO, Tim Hortons MENA to list a few.For more information on the festival, the registration process, and the festival’s programme, please visit

Omaima Saad's journey: From translator to innovator at BAB Middle East

BAB Middle East, excels in the art of mind-reading and skillful expression. The company is renowned for delivering innovative, affordable, and rapid custom language services and copywriting expertise, tailored to foster cultural connections and meet industry demands. In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary business, AI emerges as a promising force with its learning and improving capabilities, and BAB Middle East is at the forefront of harnessing this potential.Within the realm of BAB ME's content creation, AI's brilliance harmonizes with innate human creativity, infusing an authentic human touch into the content. As a result, BAB ME has unveiled its pioneering copy-shop, a hub designed to offer AI-powered translations, copywriting solutions, interpretation services, and meticulously perfected proofreading tasks, all under the watchful eye of human experts.In an exclusive interview with Adgully, Omaima Saad, Managing Partner and Arabic Creative Director at BAB Middle East, sheds light on the unique and practical copy-shop dedicated to crafting creative, cost-effective copies. Here are some excerpts from the interview:Can you please share your career journey with us? Have you experienced any highs and lows in your career that you would like to mention?I started as a translator in Beirut right after my graduation, then I moved to Dubai where I started my advertising career, I joined Grey Group as an Arabic copywriter and stayed for almost 15 years. I have always been passionate about the Arabic language, looking for new creative ways to craft it. Not to forget the challenges we had back in the days, when we had to come up with new Arabic terms to reflect everything happening in the world of technology in our mother tongue.Could you tell us about BAB Middle East - its inception, its success, and its ideology?BAB Middle East is a translation and copywriting company, founded by women, and operated by women to make communication easier for everyone. For us, it is a small world when we communicate with each other, and we aim at making it smaller and smaller with our new app and our endless determination to communicate.BAB Middle East recently launched a Mobile App to provide AI-powered translations, copywriting solutions, etc. Could you share some details about it and explain how it will make life easier for the users?We've made the conscious choice to embrace AI as a powerful learning tool. Instead of considering it a hindrance, we've chosen to turn it from a potential curse into a valuable blessing. Our approach is all about harnessing the machine's capabilities to provide our clients with cost-effective and swift content solutions, saving them both time and money.Our user-friendly mobile app simplifies the process: You upload your file, receive a cost estimate and a deadline, give your approval, and we take care of the rest. We offer a range of services, all enhanced by AI: AI-powered translations, perfected by human touch; Copywriting solutions, crafted by human creativity; Interpretation services, carried out by our skilled team; and proofreading tasks, meticulously completed by humans.At BAB Middle East, we maintain the perfect synergy between technology and the human touch. We're here to save time and money while delivering copies that are refined to perfection. Our app is not just a tool; it's your one-stop copy-shop for creative and cost-effective content.How is AI changing the business landscape in the Middle East? What are your predictions for its future in the region?The scene is very much different with AI, but this breakthrough will never replace the irreplaceable. It will never excel without the human touch. True art lies in harmonizing AI's capabilities with the depth of human insights. One needs to picture AI as a fledgling learner under our guidance. By embracing it as a collaborator, businesses will continue to streamline processes, elevate content, and ensure that the true driving force – human expertise – remains at the helm of success.What are your views on women leaders in the region? What progress have Middle Eastern nations made in terms of women's leadership?They lead by example, I get motivated every day seeing a new achievement signed by a woman here in, so I always feel the urge to compete, excel and shine.What are your future plans and growth projections for BAB Middle East?My goal is to transform the BAB Middle East App into the go-to copy-shop for anyone seeking cost-effective and creative content. Our mission is to facilitate effective communication, making the world a smaller place, and empowering more women to contribute to the betterment of our global community.