Saudi minister Salman Al-Dosari unveils media training and digital projects

Saudi Minister of Media Salman Al-Dosari unveiled an array of cutting-edge media training and digital initiatives at the inaugural 'Media Partners' gathering, which took place at 'Via Riyadh' in the Saudi capital on Monday. The event showcased the introduction of several projects spanning diverse sectors, all geared towards bolstering the talents within the media industry.Over 200 specialists, experts, and government and private sector officials in the realm of communications and media from across the Kingdom converged at this meeting. Its primary objective was to fortify the collaboration between the ministry and its government and private sector partners within the media domain.In his address, Al-Dosari underscored that the event emanated from the ministry's fervent commitment to nurturing relationships with various stakeholders in both the government and private sectors. This was seen as a pivotal step in realizing the objectives outlined in Saudi Vision 2030, with a central focus on enhancing global competitiveness through the development of human capital. This entailed investing in national talents, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, skill refinement, and capacity-building to pave the way for a thriving economy driven by highly proficient domestic resources.During this event, the ministry formally introduced several groundbreaking media initiatives. First in line was the 'Communication Academy,' designed to enhance the advertising sector in the Kingdom and provide aspiring individuals with opportunities to hone their digital advertising skills.Following suit was the 'Tawasul+,' an integral component of the 'Ignite Initiative' under the Saudi digital content program, which aspires to offer training prospects in the realm of digital content creation. The third project, 'Media Leadership Training,' was aimed at preparing a new breed of media leaders, empowering them to assume leadership roles within local and regional media institutions, and honing their leadership skills and management techniques.The event marked the inception of the 'Media Zone' project, intended to establish a collaborative workspace for practitioners in various media disciplines, thereby facilitating the dissemination of media knowledge and skills through contemporary methods. Last but not least, the 'Speakers+' initiative was unveiled to nurture and empower leaders within government agencies and the private sector by imparting media expertise through a series of training programs.On the sidelines of the 'Media Partners' gathering, an exhibition showcased some notable media projects, including the 'Saudi Treasures' initiative, which featured its most noteworthy artistic creations.A significant memorandum of cooperation was signed during the event between the Government Communication Center at the Ministry of Media and the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF). This memorandum was geared towards the advancement of talent in the media industry, involving training, qualification, and the development of local professionals to incentivize their involvement in the digital content creation sector. Furthermore, it sought to consolidate and localize various professions within the media sector, encompassing digital advertising, digital gaming, digital audio, and video.The agreement also paved the way for leveraging HADAF's programs and products, including the Income Support Program, HADAF Leadership Program, National E-Training Platform (Doroob), Vocational Professional Certificates Support Program, On-the-job Training Program (Tamheer), HADAF Training Support Program, and the Skills Program.

Saudi Arabia to launch new channel 'Saudia Alaan'

Saudi Arabia is set to launch a new channel called 'Saudia Alaan' (Saudia Now) to coincide with the celebration of the 93rd National Day on September 23rd. Salman Al-Dosari, the Minister of Media and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA), made the announcement, stating that the channel will serve as the official platform for broadcasting all official events, entertainment activities, and programs in Saudi Arabia.The primary objective of 'Saudia Alaan' is to showcase the significant growth and rapid development occurring in the Kingdom, along with the extensive array of events being organized as part of its ambitious Vision 2030 initiative. These events encompass a wide range of local, regional, and international activities and conferences, spanning political, economic, educational, and entertainment domains.Al-Dosari emphasized the importance of the media in keeping pace with this development, highlighting that it serves as an indicator of the Kingdom's progress through the coverage of events, activities, occasions, and conferences. He also noted that media plays a crucial role in reflecting the national image and is aligned with Saudi Arabia's soft power approach to present itself to the global community. Al-Dosari described this initiative as a small part of the broader efforts undertaken by SBA to boost local content and achieve transformation goals.Mohammed Al-Harthi, CEO of SBA, confirmed that all preparations for the new channel's launch have been completed. He explained that 'Saudia Alaan' will focus on covering events, occasions, and activities within the Kingdom, aligning with SBA's mission to contribute to the development of all sectors and collaborate with partner entities. The channel will allocate dedicated time slots for live event coverage and integrate with social media platforms to reach a broader audience and foster public interaction.Al-Harthi also noted that SBA has formed partnerships with various organizations to enhance the channel's content and provide high-quality services. The decision to launch the channel comes in response to the growing demand for coverage of events, exhibitions, and conferences across the Kingdom, with a remarkable 367 percent increase in event licenses issued in 2022 compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the channel is expected to support the strategies of companies and institutions seeking to engage with a diverse segment of the Saudi public.