Eywa & Flick Join Forces for Luxury Kiosk at Dubai's DWC VIP Terminal

Adgully Bureau |

Eywa, a real estate project focusing on sustainable living, has announced a partnership with Flick Advertising. This collaboration marks a significant move in targeting high-profile clients in luxury settings.

By setting up a direct sales kiosk at Dubai's DWC VIP Terminal for private jets, Eywa aims to leverage Flick Advertising's extensive media assets to reach VVIP travelers effectively. This strategic collaboration underscores Eywa's commitment to sustainable living and luxury lifestyle, aligning with its motto of "In 5 Dimensions With 7 Senses," as highlighted by CEO Alex Zagrebelny.

With over 54,000 VVIP travelers annually passing through DWC VIP Terminal, Flick Advertising's dominance of media assets in the terminal provides a prime opportunity to engage with this affluent demographic. The targeted advertising strategy ensures precision and minimizes waste, essential for effectively reaching a market characterized by high purchasing power.

The strategic partnership between Flick Advertising and Eywa marks the convergence of innovation and creativity in the realms of marketing and real estate. Flick Advertising, known for its cutting-edge and dynamic promotional strategies, joins forces with Eywa, a pioneering force in the real estate industry. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way properties are showcased and marketed. By integrating Flick's expertise in digital advertising and Eywa's commitment to architectural excellence, the partnership aims to create compelling narratives that bring real estate projects to life.

Furthermore, Flick Advertising's expansion plans beyond Dubai to locations such as Abu Dhabi, London, Paris, Oman, and Morocco demonstrate the scalability and potential global impact of this partnership. This expansion indicates a broader reach for Eywa's message of sustainable living and luxury lifestyle, positioning the company as a leader in the niche market of high-end real estate development.