Local Planet launches in the MEA region with regional expertise

Adgully Bureau |

Local Planet, the world's largest privately-held media and communication agency network, has officially launched its operations in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Headquartered in Dubai, Local Planet MEA promises a potent combination of international expertise and regional knowledge.

Strategic Partnerships Fuel Expansion:

To ensure a successful local foothold, Local Planet MEA has partnered with established regional players:

Tonic International: A leading creative marketing agency with extensive experience across the MEA.

RMS Media: A specialist in media planning and buying across the Middle East.

Curiosity Africa: Experts in integrating marketing technology solutions and providing data-driven insights.

Together, these partnerships create a unique offering for clients in the region, combining global best practices with deep local understanding.

Market Penetration and Growth:

Local Planet MEA will operate across 63 regional markets with 37 offices strategically located in key countries like the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. This wide reach ensures clients can tap into diverse audiences across the MEA landscape.

Industry Leaders Express Optimism:

Martyn Rattle, Global CEO of Local Planet, said: "We're thrilled to join forces with our valued partners to power Local Planet MEA. Their deep regional expertise is invaluable as we serve clients in this dynamic market."

Arnaud Verchere, Group CEO of Tonic International and Chairman of Local Planet MEA, said: "Partnering with Local Planet marks a significant expansion for us. Our combined strengths will offer unparalleled solutions for brands across the MEA."

Carine Conradie-Haffejee and Alexei Pashkov, Co-Founders of Curiosity Africa, said: "We're excited to contribute our data-driven approach and marketing technology expertise to Local Planet MEA, empowering clients to make informed decisions and achieve growth."

Local Planet MEA's launch signifies a major development in the region's media and communication landscape. With its strong partnerships, comprehensive reach, and commitment to local expertise, Local Planet MEA is poised to become a key player in helping brands build meaningful connections with audiences across the diverse MEA region.