Yango unveils AI-powered entertainment super App Yango Play

Yango, transforming global technologies into everyday services tailored to local needs, today announced the launch of Yango Play, the first AI-powered entertainment service that combines video streaming, music, and mini-games in one place. Yango Play offers a diverse range of entertainment options, featuring exclusive premieres of both Arabic and international movies and series, personalized music streaming, and interactive mini-games, all enhanced by Yasmina, an AI-based Arabic voice assistant. Now available in the KSA, UAE, and other GCC countries, the service provides subscribers with cross-platform access on smartphones and TVs. The new super app places significant emphasis on upholding authentic content, celebrating regional production studios and artists. The platform not only serves as a launchpad for local talent but also ensures the diversification of the current entertainment landscape by providing its subscribers with a selection of original content that resonates with their cultural identity.  Yasmina: The Arabic-Speaking AI Assistant Yasmina, the bilingual AI assistant integrated into Yango Play, interacts with users in Arabic and English and redefines their entertainment experience. Fluent in Khaleeji and able to understand major Arabic dialects, including Egyptian and Lebanese, Yasmina suggests the songs for listening, chats with you, and answers all kinds of questions — anything from today’s weather to this year’s Ramadan dates. Yasmina guides you through the Yango Play app and makes your experience more enjoayble. Personalized endless music streamCentral to Yango Play's innovation is an AI-powered endless music stream that tailors personalized playlists for users, spotlighting regional gems based on their preferences. This ensures each user's experience is unique and reflects their personal choices. As the product continues to evolve, its recommendation technology will also adapt, ensuring a highly personalized and relevant user experience that resonates with unique preferences and cultural nuances. Commenting on the launch of the super app, Roman Shimansky, MENA Region Business Director at Yango Play, "At Yango Play, we're devoted to crafting a joyful entertainment experience, offering a selection of diverse content that turns every moment into a delightful adventure. Our ever-evolving platform uses AI to provide more seamless and intuitive experiences by understanding your preferences—whether by curating uplifting music for your drive, engaging shows for family time, or quick games for a brief pause in your day. We are deeply committed to enhancing these experiences through our original content and strategic collaborations with regional creatives, ensuring that each choice on our platform is a step towards discovering vibrant new emotions." With titles like the biggest Arabic blockbuster of 2023 ‘Mr. Ex’ and the sequel of the beloved classic ‘Awlad Harim Kareem’ already in its lineup, Yango Play is set to reveal the full catalog with the best acquired and produced films and series in the near future. Upon joining, every user receives a 60-day free subscription, followed by a paid plan (29.99 AED for multiple devices per month in the United Arab Emirates).

Yango supports football fans and local talents during Africa’s biggest Festival

Yango, an international tech company and one of the leading ride-hailing services in Africa, is not standing on the sidelines of this African football celebration ongoing in Côte d'Ivoire.  Football unites different nations and people. This championship is not only a celebration of football in Africa, but also a competition of national teams. To show its support and enhance the journey of the fans, Yango has produced an anthem for a regional campaign “Ride the moment” dedicated to the event. The YANGOOOAL song was written by artists Shado Chris and Paulo Chakal. The campaign is accompanied by a challenge open to everyone on social media. By making a video to this song to show their love for African football, fans can try to win tickets for the semi-finals, 3rd place play-off and the final match of the competition scheduled for 11 February. Fans across Africa can share great experiences and special moments and post the video on social networks using the hashtag #yangoooal.Soro Kadotien, Country Director of Yango Côte d'Ivoire, said: ‘‘Yango is happy to be part of the party and what better way to celebrate than with good music. We hope that a massive number of football fans will take part in this competition and give themselves a chance to experience the final matches in person. He added, ‘We're delighted to offer the best affordable, safe and convenient mobility solution during this great celebration of football. It's truly the moments that propel us forward. Whether it's moments with loved ones, new experiences, emotions, or achievements. We hope with this contribution, to amplify football fans' excitement, support this celebration by choosing fans who will create a video showcasing football and share their emotions. Yango reaffirms its attachment to Africa, where the company has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the leaders in tech that transforms global sourced technologies into everyday services for local enrichment.'’ One of the songwriters, Shado Chris said: “We are proud that Ivory Coast is hosting this championship and to share this song with all fans. We are delighted to have been selected to work on this project by the Yango team trying to unite countries and fans across Africa by sharing Yangoooal beats and lyrics. Yango is a major international company demonstrating its closeness and support to the people of Africa. We are sure the party will be great with this beautiful song.” Yango invites football enthusiasts to celebrate their love for the game while riding every moment with Yango. To enter the 'Yango Anthem' contest:- Create a video showcasing football passion with Yango, set to the 'Yangoooal' song.- Share video on social media using #yangoooal - Accumulate the most views by February 3rd to win exclusive prizes. Prizes include match tickets for and VIP experiences in African countries to watch the finals.  In addition, Yango is putting in place a variety of activation events across the continent to enhance the unforgettable sports festival experience for fans, reinforcing its dedication to safety, affordability and accessibility across Africa.

Yango unveils the future of AI and LLMs

Yango, the global technology company that recently launched Yasmina, the human-like AI assistant, has offered insights into the future of artificial intelligence, AI assistants, and large language models (LLMs) for the year 2024 and beyond.Samer Mohamad, Yasmina Regional Director for MENA at Yango, said: “While Artificial Intelligence is a source of both huge excitement and apprehension, it is now time to turn our attention to how it will play out in the future. Based on our experience with creating a human-like AI assistant, we understand that LLMs and AI, in general, have a long way to go and can identify a number of upcoming trends.”Yango's predictions for 2024Smarter and easier to use:Smart assistants are poised to become even more intelligent and human-like by integrating with LLMs. Developers will focus on merging assistants with more advanced LLMs, such as ChatGPT-3.5 and 4, to enhance their context-awareness, creativity, and emotional intelligence. The result will be assistants capable of spontaneous storytelling and accurate responses to context-dependent queries, transforming them into ultimate AI companions.More culturally customized:AI and smart assistants will be increasingly tailored to diverse cultural and linguistic nuances. This includes support for multiple regional languages and dialects, as well as a deep understanding of local customs and social norms. Yango envisions assistants responding consistently in the same dialect as the speaker, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.Universal translators:LLMs are already proficient at translating text, and this capability is expected to improve further. Yango anticipates a future where LLMs or LLM-powered software and devices will possess mastery over all languages, offering seamless translation for any language pair.Smarter assistants for smarter homes:Smart assistants will play a pivotal role in advancing smart home development. Yango envisions a scenario where users can delegate tasks to their AI assistants, seeking guidance on configuring smart home scenarios and discovering efficient ways to use connected devices. Whether it's recommending the right appliances or providing advice on optimizing existing devices, the AI assistant becomes an indispensable resource for creating intelligent and efficient smart homes.Yango invites tech enthusiasts, developers, and AI aficionados to stay tuned for these exciting developments in the coming year as the company continues to push the boundaries of AI innovation with Yasmina, the human-like AI assistant.

Yango ride-hailing service introduced new safety features for UAE

International ride-hailing service Yango, part of technology company Yango, has launched new safety features for UAE users, demonstrating its commitment to advocating road safety consciousness of e-mobility users across the country - the speeding control and driving-style monitoring. This offering builds upon the existing range of safety features, which encompass SOS tap buttons for contacting local authorities, route-sharing capabilities, and a Safety Center that integrates the most up-to-date and pre-existing features. The speeding control and driving-style monitoring technologies are designed to enhance road safety and reduce the risk of accidents. Through GPS control, the system proactively monitors drivers’ speed during rides, promptly alerting them with notifications when necessary. The driving-style monitoring technology is sensitive to harsh mobile vibrations, such as hard braking. When the system detects these fluctuations, notifications are promptly dispatched to the drivers. In cases of recurrent violations, access to the service is revoked. Additionally, Yango evaluates driving style based on passengers’ feedback. These features align with the UAE’s vision for road safety, where local transport authorities regularly update traffic laws to be more strict. Constantly innovating to make its roads safer, the country has embraced advanced technology to implement equipment such as smart cameras to detect swerving, sudden lane changes or illegal turns. Dubai alone has introduced 53 strategic initiatives for traffic control, vehicle and highway engineering, and traffic awareness, continuously aiming to reduce the number of road accidents in the country. Apart from these features, Yango continues to work on a number of technologies that will bring the safety of rides to a whole new level. Among those is an AI-driven route monitoring system that will allow the support team to monitor deviations from the planned route during rides in real time. The feature will be tested in a number of markets before the end of 2023. Yango believes that combining the monitoring features with those developing will establish the region's safest ride-hailing service, bringing the bar of quality to an unprecedented height and ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers. Islam Abdul Karim, General Manager, Yango GCC, stated: "Safety of passengers and drivers remains one of our first priorities. Through these enhanced safety features catering to both passengers and drivers, Yango is setting a benchmark for road safety in ride-hailing and ensuring a safe and responsible ride experience for all. Our overarching goal is to empower the UAE with state-of-the-art technological solutions in ride-hailing, especially as the industry is set to have 3.25 million users in the country by 2027. Our commitment to safety is long-term, and we are dedicated to continuous upgrades of our safety features across UAE and other markets, driven by valuable feedback from passengers and drivers." Before starting a trip, riders can view their driver’s profile, which has a rating score based on feedback from past rides. This profile also features a current photo of the driver, facilitating easy identification. This is also reaffirmed by vehicle document checks. During the trip, riders benefit from the Safety Centre, which offers an SOS button for riders to promptly alert local authorities in case of an emergency, while the share route button allows for the easy sharing of trip details with their contacts. Additionally, there is a dedicated incident support team available to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the ride.

Yango unveils Arabic-speaking AI assistant Yasmina

Yango, a global tech company, has unveiled its current project – an Arabic-speaking, human-like AI assistant called Yasmina. According to a company release, this smart assistant is an empathetic companion that goes beyond basic tasks like streaming music or turning on smart home appliances.What sets Yasmina apart from other assistants is the ability to maintain engaging, fun, and consistent dialogs that feel like you are talking to a real person. Yasmina’s ability to engage in a human-like conversation is based on a proprietary large language model that was thoroughly fine-tuned with the help of hundreds of content professionals, who edited and perfected Yasmina’s dialogs. A great number of people from different locations, like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and more, were involved in training Yasmina to recognize a wide variety of speech patterns, intonations, and dialects.Yasmina can distinguish the user's gender, comprehend various Arabic dialects, is proficient in Khaleeji, and is in the process of acquiring proficiency in English, both in speaking and comprehension.On a more practical level, Yasmina works as a smart home center: you can ask Yasmina to adjust the room temperature, turn on the vacuum, or find a new recipe. More than just an app on your phone, Yasmina can be built into other apps and smart home devices, including smart speakers.Samer Mohamad, (pictured above), Yasmina Regional Director for MENA, Yango: “Our mission at Yango is to transform global technologies into everyday services for communities around the world. This is why we created an Arabic-speaking smart assistant that makes everyday chores fun and fits perfectly in any GCC home. Right now, we are fine-tuning Yasmina’s LLM to make the assistant even more fluent, creative, and emotionally intelligent.”You can sign up for the public beta testing of Yasmina at

Yango to showcase cutting-edge innovations and business achievements at GITEX

Yango, an international tech company, is gearing up toparticipate in one of the largest annual technology events globally, GITEX 2023. Beingcommitted to leveraging the power of technology to improve the lives of the customers,Yango will present a brand new service and insights tailored to the MENA region's evolvingdemands.Ride-hailing solutions and global expansionIn the UAE, projections show a significant rise in ride-hailing users, expected to reach 3.25million by 2027. This aligns with the Dubai Urban Plan 2040’s aim to reduce congestion andcreate a ‘20-minute city’. The UAE's commitment to sustainability is evident with 2023 being theYear of Sustainability, and the nation’s ambition to reduce emissions by 40% this year. ForYango, this represents a unique opportunity to support and contribute to the country's goals byoptimising urban mobility, particularly as transportation holds a substantial 24% share of globalcarbon emissions.In just a year, the number of active Yango users globally has tripled, marking a 200% growth andover 150 million rides. These figures emphasise the increasing demand for Yango's innovativeplatform, showcasing its monumental success in over 20 countries, including 12 new marketslaunched within the past year.The GCC region is very important for Yango. The results of successful business in the UAE will bedemonstrated at the exhibition, as well as global plans for further expansion of the company inthe region will be announced. Attendees will also gain insights from panel discussions and aspecial Tech Talk hosted by Adeniyi Adebayo, CBDO, Yango who will deep dive into thetechnology that sets the company apart at “Mobility as a Service x Global Pioneers” panel on 17October 2023.Islam Abdul Karim, General Manager, Yango GCC remarked, "Our presence at GITEX showsYango's commitment to reshaping urban transportation to support this and providing smart citysolutions. We're not merely providing rides; we're integrating advanced technology to craft asafer, more streamlined, and interconnected urban transportation ecosystem. Our globalgrowth, with a tripling of rides and users within a year, underlines our dedication to innovationand our larger vision for the region"A brand new serviceYango, as a tech company that transforms global technologies into everyday services for localenrichment, is planning to demonstrate its strong commitment to innovation in various fieldsand bring to GITEX a brand new service. The new service is designed to open up newopportunities in people's daily lives, bringing-cutting edge technologies to every user.Visit Yango at Hall 14, Stand F40 at GITEX 2023 to experience the cutting-edge solutions thatpower Yango’s model. Visitors can look forward to exclusive giveaways, enticing promo codes,and interactive demos of the brand’s latest devices.

Coca-Cola Arena partners with international ride-hailing service, Yango

Dubai: Concert and event goers can now enjoy a seamless guest experience at Dubai’s home of live entertainment owing to Coca-Cola Arena’s latest collaboration with popular ride-hailing company, Yango. As an official partner of the arena, Yango will provide premium ride experiences catering to different requirements, at affordable prices.To elevate the event experience, guests can use the Yango app and choose from comfortable Business, Business XL for groups, and Premier ride options. Yango app users will receive a 20 per cent discount upon booking their first ride for pick-up or drop-off services to enjoy their favourite artists perform live at Coca-Cola Arena.Commenting on the partnership, Mark-Jan Kar, General Manager of Coca-Cola Arena said, “Yango’s commitment to smart tech, great service and convenient options aligns with our objective to ensure unforgettable guest experiences for the season ahead with mega events such as Trevor Noah, KISS – End of the Road World Tour and Bryan Adams on the calendar.” Islam Abdul Karim, General Manager, Yango GCC commented, “Our app launched in the GCC towards the end of 2022, and since then our company is developing actively and continues to grow. In line with UAE’s sustainability goals our app uses its own mapping and routing system along with sustainable safety features. We have an impressive car fleet including Lexus ES and Mercedes-Benz S-class to provide high-level service and the utmost comfort to our passengers.”“Coca-Cola Arena is an iconic event venue, and we’re proud to tie up with them to ensure both residents and tourists have a hassle-free commute and enjoy memorable experiences at the arena,” added Karim.Yango is available for free download on Android and iOS in English, Arabic and many other languages.

Yango launches its own loyalty programme in the UAE - Yango Plus

 Yango, an international ride-hailing app, announces the launch of its own loyalty programme for Dubai: Yango Plus. The programme is available for all users and aims to make each ride even more pleasant and rewarding.The programme allows any Yango user who joins it via the app to receive 10% from a ride as cashback points. These points can be spent to pay for up to 100% of the next ride. Users can receive cashback points from rides paid by card and spend them in both Business and Premier served with no limit: more rides mean more points. One Plus point is the equivalent of 1 AED.Yango is an international ride-hailing service that was launched in Dubai in September 2022. It provides users with quick car dispatch and an excellent user experience. Users can order rides via the app choosing between the Business service class, with premium class cars such as Lexus ES and experienced drivers, and the Premier service class, with luxury cars including GMC Yukon, Mercedes S-class, BMW 7 Series and supreme level of customer service for a slightly higher price.The service already operates in more than 20 countries across the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. Unlike other online services available, Yango app uses its own technologies, for example, smart order distribution. These technologies can help reduce the net cost of the trip and the time that a driver spends seeking a customer, ensure the efficient use of drivers’ time while providing predictable and affordable service to riders.