Google releases the top trending searches of the year in MENA

Google released today the top trending searches of 2023 for the Middle East and North Africa. The annual lists reveal the most trending search queries which experienced a higher volume of search over a sustained period in 2023 compared to 2022. The lists included the top searched news, platforms, events, movies, TV series, tournaments and personalities. Egypt: In the news list, the war in Palestine ranked first, followed by the devaluation of the Egyptian Pound and the earthquake that happened in the country earlier this year. As for the Personalities list, the Egyptian footballer Emam Ashour was ranked first, followed by Jory Bakr and Bassem Youssef following his interview with Piers Morgan. Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom has been searching for football throughout the year, with many events and tournaments happening on-ground. The match between AlHilal SFC and Real Madrid CF was ranked top in the football tournaments list. As for the personalities list, footballers remain at the top list with Aleksandar Mitrovi? and Karim Benzema amongst others. The war in Palestine was the top searched topic in the news list, which also included the devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee, and Buerger's disease. There has also been interest in local platforms such asd, Absher, Jadarat, Etima amongst others.UAE: In the UAE, there was huge interest in cricket matches. The Cricket World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka was the top searched tournament. Local and regional events made it to the list this year including Gitex 2023, COP28 and UFC 294. People in the UAE also used Google Search to follow the news in Palestine, as well as the devastating events that happened earlier this year including the Earthquake in Turkey, Syria, and Morocco.The full lists of top 2023 trending queries can be found on Google Google Trends website.Egypt: Arabia: Lists in MENAUAESaudi

42 Abu Dhabi to showcase its students’ AI-powered projects at GITEX 2023

42 Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital’s innovative and disruptive coding school that provides a unique peer-to-peer, gamified learning methodology, is set to showcase its students’ AI-powered projects at GITEX 2023, a leading event specializing in technology in the region. GITEX will be held from 16-20 October 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre.In line with the theme of GITEX 2023, “The Year to Imagine AI in Everything”, 42 Abu Dhabi will showcase a range of new projects which were developed by its students using AI technologies. These include “Talent Hub”, a platform designed to streamline recruitment processes for enhanced efficiency and “Synaera”, an app that bridges communication gaps for sign language users by converting sign language into text and speech.As a step towards a sustainable future, the school will also showcase an eco-friendly robotic tour guide which the students designed from recycled plastics and biodegradable components. Additionally, 42 Abu Dhabi will unveil “Tahlili”, an app which utilizes cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV) technologies to decipher complex medical terminology, providing clear and understandable medical insights.Marcos Muller Habig, Acting CEO of 42 Abu Dhabi said: "Our participation in GITEX comes in line with our efforts to highlight the achievements and innovative projects that our students have developed to make an impact on their community. GITEX will serve as an opportunity to shed light on 42 Abu Dhabi’s key role in fostering a new generation of digital leaders who are at the forefront of building the digital future of vital sectors through their coding skills. We look forward to connecting with tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and innovators from across the globe at this large-scale event.""42 Abu Dhabi’s participation under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi government’s pavilion cements its role as a talent incubator that is driving the Emirate’s tech-enabled future and upskilling coders to empower them to develop advanced technologies that will accelerate the Emirate’s digital transformation," he added.Since its launch, 42 Abu Dhabi has enrolled 584 students, including 152 UAE national students, to further support Abu Dhabi’s efforts to create a diverse and inclusive education infrastructure that enables a future-ready workforce.42 Abu Dhabi is an innovative and disruptive coding school, launched in 2020 as an initiative of the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), to drive Abu Dhabi’s ongoing development through multi-faceted investments in business, innovation, and people.

Honeywell to showcase the latest 5G, ML and sensing innovations at Gitex 2023

Dubai: At GITEX 2023, Honeywell will present its newest digital solutions in important industries, helping customers accelerate their digital transformation efforts. The event will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from October 16-20.“Digital transformation is bringing about widespread change and significant impact throughout the region. Honeywell is an established leader in digital transformation across the Middle East, and through Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based solutions, we have enabled many of the region’s major projects to improve performance and efficiency,” said Taylor Smith, vice president and general manager of voice automation at Honeywell’s Productivity Solutions and Services business. “We look forward to showcasing the key solutions that are contributing to fast-growing developments in the region, which is a key priority for local governments.”At the event Honeywell will highlight a diversified portfolio based on software-enabled technologies, including:Fit for purpose tools for industry: Honeywell’s mobility solutions, including the CT30 Handheld Computer, include the technology designed to help transportation, logistics, warehouse and retail workers complete their tasks faster and deliver a superior customer experience.Voice automation technology: Currently available in more than 40 different languages, Honeywell Voice can help oil and gas companies streamline repair and inspection processes while documenting every step to ensure strict compliance with regulations or standard operating procedures. Utilizing machine learning, mobile workers can speak in their native languages to quickly complete tasks.Healthcare technologies: With the Real-Time Health System (RTHS), Honeywell solutions can help save clinicians’ time and limit unnecessary interruptions for patients. The RTHS captures and records patients' vital signs both within the hospital setting and remotely using a wireless device paired with an app. Caregivers can access real-time respiratory and heart rate, skin temperature and posture from a central location, enabling more targeted interventions.Honeywell Building Technology offerings: These ready-now solutions include Smart Cities that connect more than 100,000 IoT sensors, Data Center solutions to optimize uptime, reduce costs and achieve sustainable operations and Cybersecurity technology to help customers protect brand, assets and people. Honeywell has been operating in the Middle East for more than 70 years, creating value for customers and ultimately supporting long-term national development visions and economic diversification. GITEX attendees can experience Honeywell’s offerings at Hall 5, Stand B1 at the DWTC.

Yango to showcase cutting-edge innovations and business achievements at GITEX

Yango, an international tech company, is gearing up toparticipate in one of the largest annual technology events globally, GITEX 2023. Beingcommitted to leveraging the power of technology to improve the lives of the customers,Yango will present a brand new service and insights tailored to the MENA region's evolvingdemands.Ride-hailing solutions and global expansionIn the UAE, projections show a significant rise in ride-hailing users, expected to reach 3.25million by 2027. This aligns with the Dubai Urban Plan 2040’s aim to reduce congestion andcreate a ‘20-minute city’. The UAE's commitment to sustainability is evident with 2023 being theYear of Sustainability, and the nation’s ambition to reduce emissions by 40% this year. ForYango, this represents a unique opportunity to support and contribute to the country's goals byoptimising urban mobility, particularly as transportation holds a substantial 24% share of globalcarbon emissions.In just a year, the number of active Yango users globally has tripled, marking a 200% growth andover 150 million rides. These figures emphasise the increasing demand for Yango's innovativeplatform, showcasing its monumental success in over 20 countries, including 12 new marketslaunched within the past year.The GCC region is very important for Yango. The results of successful business in the UAE will bedemonstrated at the exhibition, as well as global plans for further expansion of the company inthe region will be announced. Attendees will also gain insights from panel discussions and aspecial Tech Talk hosted by Adeniyi Adebayo, CBDO, Yango who will deep dive into thetechnology that sets the company apart at “Mobility as a Service x Global Pioneers” panel on 17October 2023.Islam Abdul Karim, General Manager, Yango GCC remarked, "Our presence at GITEX showsYango's commitment to reshaping urban transportation to support this and providing smart citysolutions. We're not merely providing rides; we're integrating advanced technology to craft asafer, more streamlined, and interconnected urban transportation ecosystem. Our globalgrowth, with a tripling of rides and users within a year, underlines our dedication to innovationand our larger vision for the region"A brand new serviceYango, as a tech company that transforms global technologies into everyday services for localenrichment, is planning to demonstrate its strong commitment to innovation in various fieldsand bring to GITEX a brand new service. The new service is designed to open up newopportunities in people's daily lives, bringing-cutting edge technologies to every user.Visit Yango at Hall 14, Stand F40 at GITEX 2023 to experience the cutting-edge solutions thatpower Yango’s model. Visitors can look forward to exclusive giveaways, enticing promo codes,and interactive demos of the brand’s latest devices.

Mandiant showcases AI-driven cybersecurity solutions at GITEX 2023

As GITEX 2023, the leading technology event in the Middle East and Africa, prepares to open its doors, Mandiant, part of Google Cloud, announces its participation to guide businesses and individuals on their cloud transformation journeys. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies and insights gained from frontline incident response engagements, Mandiant aims to advance cybersecurity postures for organizations, whether they operate on-premises or are transitioning to the cloud.  Mandiant's participation in GITEX 2023 aligns with Google Cloud's ongoing investment in the Middle East and Africa, following the launch of Google Cloud instances in Qatar and upcoming launches in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Mandiant plays a crucial role in securing customers' cloud journeys, making its presence at GITEX 2023 a strategic move for both Mandiant/Google Cloud. At the exhibition, Mandiant will focus on the pressing cybersecurity issues of today, including supply chain vulnerabilities, ransomware, and geopolitical threats. The company will showcase its Mandiant Advantage platform, an integrated solution covering Threat Intelligence, Attack Surface Management, Security Validation, and Breach Analytics.  Visitors to GITEX 2023 can engage with Mandiant consultants and experience the Mandiant Advantage platform firsthand. The company has been involved in mitigating some of the world's most high-profile cyber-attacks. Mandiant aims to address key challenges such as the shortage of skilled resources, the increasing sophistication of threat actors, and the complexity of managing security controls.  As companies navigate through the lasting impact of what Mandiant terms a 'Zero-Day Summer,' the cybersecurity landscape is becoming increasingly complex. This year has already seen 62 zero-day vulnerabilities, up from 55 last year. A significant portion of these zero-day vulnerabilities are targeted at governments and sectors like technology and telecommunications, which are typical targets for cyber espionage by nation-state actors. Cybercriminals, on the other hand, are leveraging zero-days in financially motivated attacks like ransomware, as they typically don't target governments where there's no money to be made. The threats are evolving; social engineering attacks are becoming more sophisticated due to the adoption of Generative AI, and there's a rising trend in the theft and sale of valid credentials. “The UAE, like many other regions of the world, is a desirable target for cyber threat actors because of its dominant position in the Middle East and its advanced economy. Local or regional disputes are a source of cyberattacks on the global stage, particularly when they have either a political or financial goal. This year at GITEX, we are committed to assisting enterprises in acquiring a thorough grasp of their current and emerging threat actors, the efficient security measures they have in place, as well as the knowledge and intelligence supporting them. The key takeaway Mandiant aims to impart is the importance of being prepared: do not test the preparedness of your security team in a security incident. Leverage Mandiant to help you detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats more efficiently," commented Jamil Abu Aqel, Head of Mandiant systems engineering for MEA and Emerging region, Google Cloud. Mandiant emphasizes the need for a layered defense strategy. The first layer focuses on identifying and protecting assets, while the second layer is geared towards detecting, responding to, and containing breaches. Given the evolving threats, organizations should operate under the assumption that breaches are inevitable, preparing accordingly. In this challenging cyber landscape, Mandiant is pioneering the use of AI, particularly generative AI (genAI), to augment defenses. Mandiant is committed to harnessing gen AI to stop threats, reduce toil, and scale cybersecurity talent. It enables quicker threat detection and response, reduces the burden on security specialists, and bridges the talent gap in the cybersecurity industry. By leveraging genAI, Mandiant aims to give defenders a significant edge, allowing them to stay ahead of evolving threats and respond more effectively,” commented Renze Jongman, Threat Intelligence Advisor, MEA at Mandiant.