Idea Bakery selects Saudi Arabia as first base for International expansion

US-based brand strategy firm, Idea Bakery, has selected Saudi Arabia as its first overseas base as part of its international expansion. This was announced at the Athar Festival of Creativity, which took place from 14-15 November in Riyadh.This can be an interesting development for Idea Bakery as expanding internationally can open up new opportunities and markets for the brand strategy firm. Choosing Saudi Arabia as the first overseas base suggests a strategic move to tap into the growing market and creative landscape in the region.Moreover, the decision to make the announcement at the Athar Festival of Creativity is also noteworthy. It indicates a desire to align the expansion news with a platform that celebrates creativity, possibly aiming to establish a connection with the local creative community.As Idea Bakery positions itself as a "boutique yet global brand strategy company," it suggests that they aim to maintain a personalized and tailored approach to their services while still operating on a global scale. This could be appealing to clients who seek a more individualized and unique strategy for their brands. Its clients include Google Global, Bayer Global, Coty, Coca-Cola and Unilever.Idea Bakery has been active in Saudi Arabia for the past decade across the food & beverage, technology, tourism, banking, health and wellness, retail, mobility and entertainment sectors. It helps build and strengthen brand strategies, run agency pitches, develop creative briefs and bolster the capabilities of marketing teams at all levels.Idea Bakery will open and operate an office in Riyadh as its first international expansion.It will be interesting to see how Idea Bakery adapts its strategies to the cultural and business environment in Saudi Arabia, and how it navigates the challenges and opportunities that come with expanding into a new international market.

Coca-Cola introduces ‘drink of the future’ using AI

Coca-Cola, known for launching various limited-edition mystery flavours, has announced its latest mystery flavor, Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, using AI.According to the brand, Coca-Cola Y300 is “the first futuristic flavor co-created with human and artificial intelligence.” The flavor is designed to celebrate an optimistic future through "the connections we make" and was created by tapping into both human and artificial intelligence as a way to understand how people envision the future. The taste of the Y3000 beverage was a two-step process. First, researchers at Coca-Cola collected ‘key flavour preferences and trends to understand what consumers imagine and think the future tastes like’. Then, that information was crunched by Coke’s artificial intelligence system to ‘help develop flavor profiles and pairings.’Coca-Cola doesn’t describe what the new flavor tastes like in any of its materials, but the drink comes in regular and zero sugar varietals. The use of AI, for Coca-Cola Creations, is a natural step that positions the drink in a way that could attract the interest of younger consumers who will want to try it, before potentially increasing their consumption of other Coca-Cola products. This latest version of Coca –Cola, doesn’t promote or reveal a flavor profile, such as cola, cherry or vanilla, but rather a mood or experience.Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy, The Coca Cola Company, said,“We hope that Coca Cola will still be as relevant and refreshing in the year 3000 as it is today, so we challenged ourselves to explore the concept of what a Coke from the future might taste like. The ‘Real Magic’ brand platform celebrates unexpected connections that make the ordinary extraordinary, so we intentionally brought human intelligence and AI together for an uplifting expression of what Coca Cola believes tomorrow will bring.”While Y3000 is the first flavor developed with AI from Coca-Cola, it's not the first, nor the most unique flavor from the brand. Last summer, the brand released a "pixel-flavored" soda, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte.

Coca-Cola Arena partners with international ride-hailing service, Yango

Dubai: Concert and event goers can now enjoy a seamless guest experience at Dubai’s home of live entertainment owing to Coca-Cola Arena’s latest collaboration with popular ride-hailing company, Yango. As an official partner of the arena, Yango will provide premium ride experiences catering to different requirements, at affordable prices.To elevate the event experience, guests can use the Yango app and choose from comfortable Business, Business XL for groups, and Premier ride options. Yango app users will receive a 20 per cent discount upon booking their first ride for pick-up or drop-off services to enjoy their favourite artists perform live at Coca-Cola Arena.Commenting on the partnership, Mark-Jan Kar, General Manager of Coca-Cola Arena said, “Yango’s commitment to smart tech, great service and convenient options aligns with our objective to ensure unforgettable guest experiences for the season ahead with mega events such as Trevor Noah, KISS – End of the Road World Tour and Bryan Adams on the calendar.” Islam Abdul Karim, General Manager, Yango GCC commented, “Our app launched in the GCC towards the end of 2022, and since then our company is developing actively and continues to grow. In line with UAE’s sustainability goals our app uses its own mapping and routing system along with sustainable safety features. We have an impressive car fleet including Lexus ES and Mercedes-Benz S-class to provide high-level service and the utmost comfort to our passengers.”“Coca-Cola Arena is an iconic event venue, and we’re proud to tie up with them to ensure both residents and tourists have a hassle-free commute and enjoy memorable experiences at the arena,” added Karim.Yango is available for free download on Android and iOS in English, Arabic and many other languages.