talabat launches 'The Hangout' at Al Safa Park

talabat, the region's leading online food delivery platform, has announced the launch of "The Hangout," a new series of community-focused events aimed at fostering connection and engagement in partnership with Dubai Public Parks. The inaugural edition kicks off at Al Safa Park, offering residents a unique opportunity to enjoy movie nights under the stars alongside a curated selection of food and beverage options.Entertainment for all ages:The Hangout features a diverse lineup of classic films suitable for families and individuals of all ages. From timeless favorites like "The Lion King" and "Finding Nemo" to action-packed adventures like "Top Gun: Maverick," the program caters to a broad spectrum of tastes and interests.Strategic partnerships drive experience:talabat promises to deliver a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for attendees. A dedicated popcorn kiosk will be stationed on-site, offering a delicious movie-going staple. Additionally, renowned restaurants like Zaatar W Zeit and Cinnabon will be present, providing attendees with a convenient selection of their most popular offerings.Community engagement:The Hangout runs every weekend from Saturday, February 24th to Saturday, March 9th, with two movie screenings each night at 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM. This extended schedule allows for maximum participation and fosters a sense of community through shared experiences.

Talabat hosts second annual partners' event, recognizing shared success

Cairo: talabat, the MENA’s leading platform for everyday deliveries, held the second edition of its Annual Partner Gala to recognize the shared success and impact with its partners and showcase the positive impact of cooperation, technology, and innovation on society. The event, , featured inspiring stories and experiences from partners who have been part of talabat’s journey. Over the past three years, the customer base of partners has grown by more than 130%, while sales have increased by over 200%.The event brought together government officials, partners, suppliers, NGOs and corporations from both local and foreign firms that have contributed to the impact generated across the ecosystem. With over 10,000 partners across 25 cities, 50% of which are SMEs, talabat reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the local economy and further enabling the flourishing ecosystem.During the gala, talabat presented the 2023 round of its "Partner Awards", curated to recognize strategic partners that deliver an amazing experience while contributing to positive economic and social impact. Among the winning partners, Krispy Kreme was honored with the "t-Star" award for delivering the best overall experience and Abu Auf was awarded for achieving the fastest growth rate with talabat mart in 2023. While La Poire won the “Rider’s Favorite” award, for being the highest rated partner by riders this year.As part of its ongoing effort to support partners in Egypt and enable their sustainable growth through technology, talabat announced a strategic partnership with Cartona, the fastest-growing B2B E-commerce marketplace. This partnership aims to directly and conveniently connect partners to FMCG producers and wholesalers, significantly facilitating business. Under this partnership, partners will have access to a wide assortment of products, fast delivery, secure payment methods, and exclusive discounts.talabat also highlightedits corporate social responsibility initiatives alongside six local charities. Under its #Tech4Good strategy, talabat has facilitated over EGP 25.5 million in donations and provided 480,000 meals to communities in need since April 2021.The company reiterated its dedication to riders, offering additional income opportunities to over 14,000 individuals, on average earning EGP 7,000 per month, and up to EGP 15,000 EGP, in addition to being the first everyday delivery platform to provide life and accident insurance coverage to the out-sourced fleet. More recently, the company introduced the "Tare2na Wahed" program, which offers riders a range of benefits and easier access to financing and maintenance support.Hadeer Shalaby, Managing Director of talabat Egypt, expressed her pride in organizing the annual event for the second year, and emphasized its importance in recognizing shared achievements. Shalaby highlighted talabat's vision of enabling partners and driving SME growth through technology and strategic partnerships.Mohamed Sekkina, General Manager of talabat Mart, noted the continuous growth of the quick-commerce service since its launch in 2020, which has enabled its primarily local and SME supplier base of over 280 partners to scale their businesses, resulting in an average of 200% sales increase across 37 dark stores in nine governorates. Sekkina also announced plans to further expand the current 37 dark store network in 9 governorates to serve more customers and further support local suppliers.It’s worth mentioning that Cairo serves as the second regional tech hub headquarters, investing in cutting-edge data technologies with a dedicated team of over 430 engineers and product managers.

Ananth Narayanan: Charting the course for Mensa Brands in the UAE and beyond

Mensa Brands, a company known for partnering with digital brands to help them grow significantly, has recently made its entry into the UAE market. In this move, they have introduced some of their brands on various digital platforms within the country. Mensa Brands has launched three brands – Villain, Pebble, and Folkulture – on platforms like Amazon and the Saudi e-commerce platform Noon. Additionally, they have introduced MyFitness peanut butter, which is part of their Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) portfolio, on quick commerce platforms Talabat and Noon Minutes.In an exclusive interview with Ananth Narayanan, the Founder and CEO of Mensa Brands, Adgully delves into the company's future plans in the UAE. Narayanan, who previously served as the CEO of Myntra, discusses the motivation behind digitally launching these brands in the UAE, his future goals, and how the UAE market differs from the Indian market. Excerpts:Mensa Brands has recently entered the UAE market. What are your goals and aspirations for the Middle East?The UAE's strategic location as a crossroads connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa positions it as an ideal entry point. This geographical advantage enables us to efficiently reach not only the local market but also extend our products to the broader Middle East and beyond. Furthermore, the cosmopolitan population in the UAE aligns perfectly with Mensa Brands' commitment to delivering premium products to a discerning consumer base. The market appreciates quality, which aligns with our brand values. The substantial expatriate community in the UAE is another asset. Leveraging this multicultural community offers us a remarkable opportunity for paving the way for comprehensive regional expansion plans.What prompted MENSA to launch its brands like Pebble, Villain and Folkulture on Amazon UAE? What can you predict about their success?Our decision to launch brands like Pebble, Villain, and Folkulture on Amazon UAE is underpinned by a strategic rationale. This choice derives from Amazon's robust logistical capabilities, a widespread marketplace presence with access to a diverse consumer base, the wealth of market research and insights it offers and the potential to enhance brand visibility and credibility. Our research and analysis support the success of these brands on Amazon UAE, as they align well with local preferences.You've introduced MyFitness peanut butter on Talabat. What are your expectations and goals for it?With a population which has a preference for healthier alternatives, and substantial purchasing power, the UAE market presents an exceptional opportunity for MyFitness. Talabat's commitment to operational excellence and their expansion into Q Commerce and dark stores across the UAE make them an ideal partner.You are the man behind the success and international expansion of Mensa. What are the strategies and campaigns that have been initiated for the UAE market?We aim to expand our product offerings to cater to a wider range of customer preferences. Building customer loyalty is crucial in the competitive e-commerce landscape, and we plan to initiate targeted activations, such as partnerships with local influencers, to boost engagement and raise brand awareness in the UAE market. Additionally, we plan to collaborate with top-tier marketing agencies to execute data-driven, culturally relevant campaigns that resonate deeply with the UAE market, aligning our messaging with local values and trends.What are your views about the UAE market? How is it different from India?The UAE market, though smaller in population compared to India, offers unique advantages. Its higher per capita income and significant purchasing power set it apart. This concentrated consumer base allows businesses to tap into a financially capable and receptive audience, offering opportunities for growth and profitability that may be harder to attain in larger but less affluent markets.Will you be employing any social influencers in the UAE for establishing Mensa the country?We plan to implement an influencer activation strategy by collaborating with renowned UAE-based lifestyle and fitness influencers. Through these partnerships, we aim to promote our brand, products, and values to the target audience, enhancing brand recognition and establishing a genuine connection with consumers who resonate with these influencers.What are your strategic plans for Mensa in the Middle East in the coming years? Where do you envision the company in five years?Our vision for the next five years is centred around several key initiatives. We are committed to introducing our other brands in the Middle East. Local collaborations with celebrities and influencers will not only enhance our brand's cultural relevance but also strengthen community engagement. Furthermore, we intend to capitalise on opportunities such as the 'Yellow Friday Sale,' 'Black Friday Sale,' and other noteworthy events to establish deeper connections with our target demographic. We are also exploring opportunities to establish manufacturing capabilities within the UAE to streamline operations.

UAE-startup Growdash secures $750,000 pre-seed funding to drive GCC expansion

Dubai: UAE-based restaurant-tech startup Growdash has closed a $750,000 pre-seed round of funding, which will help drive expansion across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Cairo-based seed and early-stage venture capital firm Flat6Labs led the round along with participation from Plus Venture Capital (+VC), Judah VC, TPN Investments and several angel investors, such as former Talabat CEO, Abdulhamid Alomar, and serial entrepreneur Zeid Husban.The new capital will be deployed to hire new talent, further augment its offerings with innovative features and expand its services across the wider region, the company said in a statement.Talabat and Deliveroo alumni Sean Trevaskis and Enver Sorkun founded Growdash in 2022. The startup helps restaurants unlock the power of analytics and business intelligence to build and execute growth strategies that positively impact bottom-line profitability.  Growdash currently operates in the UAE and Kuwait. The company is set to launch its SaaS solution in Qatoar and Saudi Arabia this year, followed by expansion into the wider region in early 2024.“We have grown by over 500% this year, so far, which validates the problem we are solving for restaurants,” said Sean Trevaskis, Co-Founder & CEO of Growdash. “This funding will help us further accelerate our growth and achieve our goal of empowering restaurants everywhere to stand out in the highly competitive online food delivery landscape,” he added.