Churn charm! Magid's survey unveils the silver lining for streamers

In the fast-paced realm of streaming services, where the battle for subscribers is fierce, the term "churn" has often been deemed en ememy. However, a groundbreaking research from Magid suggests that churn is not bad after all. Just as there is good and bad cholesterol, there is bad churn and strategic churn, with the latter proving to be a catalyst for long-term health and growth in the streaming industry."Churn" has long been synonymous with subscriber losses and headaches for service providers. Magid's research challenges this narrative, introducing the idea of strategic churn.According to Magid's Subscription Science practice, not all churn is detrimental. In fact, certain high-value subscribers, even those prone to eventual departure, play a crucial role in shaping the success of a streaming service. Enter SubScape, Magid's innovative analytics tool, revealing distinct subscriber segments and shedding light on the strategic importance of appealing to specific audiences.One such segment, termed "Hypers," represents a goldmine for streaming services. These subscribers not only return for new and attractive programming but actively engage in word-of-mouth promotion on social media, creating valuable buzz. Characterized by their high-income status and a penchant for subscribing to multiple services, Hypers emerge as a strategic asset for streaming platforms.On the flip side, Magid identifies another group—freeloaders—who engage in temporary subscriptions, often relying on borrowed passwords and quickly dropping services after free trial periods. While they may contribute to subscriber numbers, their fleeting loyalty and spending habits on digital platforms like YouTube and TikTok make them less valuable for long-term growth.In a landscape where streaming services experience a delicate equilibrium of gains and losses, Magid challenges the conventional focus on churn rates, advocating for a shift toward the metric of total subscribed months. By enticing high-churn subscribers to return sooner and stay longer, services stand to unlock substantial revenue streams.The key, according to Magid, lies in consistently delivering culturally relevant content. It's not always the big-budget series that capture the elusive Hypers; rather, programmes like the World Cup, The Flash, Euphoria, and Ted Lasso have proven to be powerful magnets for this valuable segment. In the ongoing streaming war, understanding and leveraging the dynamics of strategic churn may well be the key to long-term success.

TikTok, Emirates Nature-WWF team up to empower climate action

Dubai: - TikTok, the leading digital platform, and Emirates Nature-WWF, the renowned environmental NGO, have joined forces to launch "Nature Diaries," an exclusive video series aimed at democratizing climate action and fostering climate literacy. This collaborative effort seeks to inspire and educate viewers, especially the youth, fostering a deeper understanding of conservation and climate challenges.Ahead of the COP28 climate summit, the Nature Diaries series - exclusively produced for TikTok - marks a significant step in encouraging collective climate action. By seamlessly integrating innovative content and the educational outreach aspects that the platform is famed for, the series will present viewers with concrete steps for actionable change, simplify complex environmental concepts and dismantle misinformation.The Nature Diaries series will be exclusively available on the Emirates Nature-WWF TikTok account and promoted under the #LearnOnTikTok and #ClimateAction hashtags in the run-up to COP28, to deliver an immersive experience that combines education, adventure and climate volunteerism.At its heart, Nature Diaries focuses on making climate-related content as accessible, engaging and relatable as possible. The series spotlights Emirates Nature-WWF’s conservation scientists, offering first-hand glimpses into their conservation work on the ground in the UAE, and how they involve the community to participate in driving impact via the Leaders of Change program made up of 4000+ active volunteers. These include their championing of conservation efforts at various sites across the UAE, especially the lesser-explored and unique projects across the country touching on themes of rural farming, surviving in the wild, nature-based solutions and more.Each episode, infused with captivating storytelling and expert insights, equips viewers with authoritative resources to combat climate conspiracies and debunk myths. Through captivating narratives, it encourages you to embrace a sense of shared responsibility and contribute to collective sustainability steps. This will be made possible by exploring a range of fascinating and diverse themes, including the cultural importance of bees and desert flora/fauna identification, to understanding carbon capture through mangroves and survival skills training, such as finding water.Ian Gill, Global Head of Sustainability at TikTok, said: “With its utility as a platform that is committed to transforming climate anxiety into empowerment, TikTok has evolved into a platform for climate advocates and experts to help our communities become informed and engaged. Through the Nature Diaries series, we aim to engage and inspire viewers by providing them with credible information, deepening their understanding of environmental challenges and encouraging truly meaningful, actionable efforts.“This collaboration with Emirates Nature-WWF also recognizes the commitment of the TikTok creator community, especially the youth, in advocating for sustainability and driving climate action.Rasna Al Khamis, Chief Marketing Officer at Emirates Nature-WWF commented, "At Emirates Nature-WWF, tackling nature's greatest challenges and fostering climate literacy in the community is at the core of our mission. Through the Nature Diaries series, a collaborative endeavor with TikTok, we hope to engage and inspire audiences — especially the youth — by harnessing the platform's power of storytelling. The idea is to ignite passion and action among viewers to work proactively in addressing the solutions we need in place to protect the one planet we call home".TikTok and Emirates Nature-WWF invite viewers to enjoy Nature Diaries for an experience that inspires hope and climate action over anxiety. Amidst the global climate challenge, viewers can be inspired to transform awareness into impactful steps to work towards a sustainable future, helping to make a positive difference for our planet.

Anghami triumphs with 'Sound of Saudi' campaign

Recognized by MENA Effie, a symbol of marketing excellence spanning five decades, this distinction reflects Anghami’s commitment to create effective music initiatives that resonate across the region.Earlier this year, Anghami teamed up with TikTok and the Saudi Music Commission to launch “Sound of Saudi” competition, a fully-digital contest aiming to discover, elevate and boost Saudi musical talents to global recognition. The success of this initiative was made possible through the support of XELEMENT Agency, the award-winning Saudi Arabian advertising agency whose collaboration played a pivotal role in bringing Anghami’s vision to life.The campaign was also shortlisted in the highly competitive categories of “Social Media” and “Media Innovation: Existing Channel, Emerging & New Channels.”Representatives of XELEMENT Agency, Anghami & TikTok MENAMarian Bahader, VP of Marketing at Anghami, commented: “The most gratifying type of work is the one where creative energy can be channeled to help others. Through strategic partnerships with the Saudi Music Commission and TikTok, the competition drew over 32,000 participants and achieved 970.7 million views, reaching 35.8 million users. The whole team at Anghami worked relentlessly around the clock for many months to make this a possibility and I am grateful to each and everyone of them.”“We’ve been privileged to witness a surge of exceptional talents from the Kingdom. The fact that we could create a talent hunt on TikTok allowing so many hidden gems to participate from the comfort of their home and stand a chance to reach their musical goals – was just remarkable. The songs are now accessible to all music lovers on Anghami,” added Kamil Abi Khalil, Head of Production at Anghami.As Anghami continues to score big, the team continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of the music and entertainment industry.

Dove teams up with animated influencer Lennnie for mental health campaign

Dove has collaborated with the animated social media influencer Lennnie for a mental health initiative on both Instagram and TikTok.Lennnie, an animated character, addresses topics related to mental health, positive self-talk, and overcoming obstacles with a soothing voice and musical expressions.The push is part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, aimed at addressing the negative effects of social media-driven comparison resonates well with the contemporary challenges posed by digital connectivity. Capitalizing on Lennnie's popularity, coupled with endorsements from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Aniston, positions Dove to reach a wide audience and contribute positively to mental health awareness. Notably, Lennnie has amassed over 4 million followers on TikTok and Instagram and has garnered support from high-profile figures like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Aniston.The campaign's central focus on instilling confidence and spreading messages of love and positivity is both timely and crucial. Dove's commendable consistency in efforts to assist the younger generation in cultivating a positive relationship with their appearance, thereby alleviating appearance-related anxiety, is praiseworthy.Employing animated characters as social media influencers is a savvy move to connect with the digitally savvy younger demographic and effectively convey messages of encouragement and self-empowerment. The collaboration with the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of West England further enhances the credibility of Dove's initiatives.In summary, this campaign appears well-crafted to fulfill its objective of promoting mental health and positive self-esteem, skillfully combining elements of popular culture with academic expertise in its approach.

Growing momentum for TikTok boycott in Saudi Arabia

TikTok, the popular social media platform, has been under scrutiny for several years, and the call for a boycott has gained momentum in Saudi Arabia. The hashtag "Boycott TikTok" is trending as users in the country report account suspensions and the removal of pro-Saudi content. Allegations include the deletion of Saudi accounts and the removal of videos supporting Saudi causes, while allowing content that portrays the country negatively.Recent incidents, such as the removal of a Palestinian man's TikTok account for praising Saudi aid during the Hamas-Israel conflict, have fueled the boycott. This movement has led to a decline in the number of Saudi users and a drop in TikTok's rating from 4.4 to 4.3 on app stores. Renowned Emirati artist Ahlam and other celebrities have announced their boycott in solidarity with Saudi Arabia.In response to the growing boycott, TikTok's official Middle East account posted a statement on the platform. While the post is in Arabic, a translation emphasizes TikTok's pride in its Saudi community, rejecting the allegations as contradictory to their policies and values. The statement asserts TikTok's commitment to community guidelines governing content management.Despite this response, the boycott continues to gain strength in Saudi Arabia, with the "Boycott TikTok" movement showing no signs of waning.

Unilever and TikTok elevate #CleanTok collaboration with awards, branded content

Unilever and TikTok are extending their #CleanTok collaboration, with Unilever's Cleanipedia serving as the exclusive sponsor of the popular hashtag on TikTok. The collaboration, which began in June, has seen #CleanTok videos amass an impressive 98.5 billion lifetime views, showcasing increased engagement. Moreover, Unilever's Cleanipedia online portal, providing cleaning tips, has garnered 2.8 billion impressions and witnessed a 30% rise in web traffic.Building on this success, Unilever has unveiled the next phase of its global #CleanTok partnership with TikTok. This includes the introduction of a creator awards initiative and a new branded content campaign. The content campaign, titled "Dirty Deeds: A Kitchen Crime," comprises five short episodes and a teaser video. Developed in collaboration with creator Sam Cotton, the series will be featured on TikTok's dedicated #CleanTok hub and Unilever's Cleanipedia website.Additionally, the #CleanTok Awards will be launched by both companies to recognize innovative influencers, or "cleanfluencers," on TikTok. Unilever aims to sustain the positive impact of its partnership, resulting in increased web traffic and enhanced favorability for brands like Cif Cream Cleaner in the U.K.Interest in #CleanTok peaked during the pandemic, driven by Gen Z on TikTok, their preferred social media platform. Surveys indicate that 56% of TikTok users also seek comedy sketches on the platform. Leveraging this insight, "Dirty Deeds: A Kitchen Crime" was created, a soap opera-style series featuring animated versions of Unilever brands. This series is part of Unilever's Dirt is Good project, tailored for different markets. The storyline, revolving around a humorous love rivalry, was developed with influencer Sam Cotton and promoted by agency Gravity Road.The #CleanTok Awards will acknowledge excellence in categories like "Most Helpful Hack," "Most Motivational Sunday Reset," "Most OMG Extreme Clean," and "Most Satisfying ASMR." Winners receive complimentary Unilever Home Care products. A separate Spotless Creator competition offers a €4,000 cash prize for the most impressive cleaning transformations.Unilever's focus on #CleanTok aims to connect with new audiences, particularly Generation Z, and tap into purchasing behaviors influenced by TikTok's creator community. The trend of influencers using Cif Cream Cleaner for cleaning white sneakers led to a 38% increase in UK adults under 28 purchasing the brand, according to Kantar Worldpanel data cited by Unilever.

Victoria Webb appointed as new Managing Director of Incubeta MENA

Victoria Webb has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Incubeta, MENA region. Backed by over 18 years of experience in both traditional and digital media marketing, Victoria’s elevation to this leadership role is testament to her skill, dedication, and outstanding contributions to the agency since she joined in 2017.Having started as the Client Services Director for the SSA region, Victoria had an immediate impact on the company and swiftly climbed the ranks, most recently holding the title of Regional Growth and Innovation Director at Incubeta MENA since 2022. Her tenure at the company boasts several notable achievements, such as spearheading growth in the SSA market while retaining tier 1 clients, driving regional expansion by leading winning pitches across the MENA region, and solidifying our key regional partnerships including with TikTok and Google.In her new role as Managing Director, Victoria is committed to enhancing Incubeta’s position as the leading digital solutions partner in the MENA region, with a focus on delivering tangible business benefits to clients and partners through seamlessly integrated marketing strategies. This will be accomplished by increasing investment in four critical areas: innovation, talent, client relationships, and partnerships. Incubeta’s strategy also involves diversifying its current service offerings to align with market demand and emerging technologies, with a particular focus on leveraging Incubeta’s Cloud solution.“I’m deeply honored to be stepping into the role of Managing Director for Incubeta MENA,” commented Victoria Webb, Managing Director, Incubeta MENA. “Over the years, I’ve been privileged to witness and contribute to our dynamic growth and evolution, and I am incredibly excited to be leading our team as we strive to further innovation, nurture new talent and foster stronger, long-lasting client relationships that will shape the digital landscape of the MENA region.”Neal Patel, the outgoing MD, has been Managing Director and Partner of Bruce Clay since 2017 and saw it through its acquisition by Incubeta in 2022. Under his leadership the company grew exponentially, with the workforce expanding from 5 to over 120 members of staff, and attracted some of the most well-known brands in the world including Johnson and Johnson, McDonald’s and Saudi based destination, AlUla. He will be leaving to focus on other entrepreneurial ventures in the fields of AI, Edtech, Cloud based marketing and creative technology.“We’ve already seen a great deal of success in the MENA region, and I am certain that this will continue and grow under Victoria’s leadership,” added Lars Lehne, Global CEO, Incubeta. “She has had a significant impact on the company ever since she joined and was the perfect candidate for this position. I am also incredibly grateful to Neal for his hard work, passion and commitment to the business, and I’m pleased that he will stay close to the business in a senior advisory capacity”

TikTok goes Out of Phone with its latest ad solution

TikTok is expanding its advertising horizons with a new solution known as "Out of Phone." This innovative approach allows TikTok to extend its presence beyond the confines of mobile screens and venture into various physical locations, such as billboards, kiosks, cinemas, bars, restaurants, cars, airports, gas stations, and retail stores.This expansion has already kicked off with TikTok's Out of Home (OOH) initiatives, which includes a partnership with GSTV, a video network provider. For instance, the skincare brand CeraVe, under the L’Oréal umbrella, was among the first brands to take advantage of this development by extending its TikTok advertising campaign to OOH screens through a partnership with Adomni.According to Dan Page, the Global Head of Distribution for new screens at TikTok, "With Out of Phone, we're bringing TikTok into our daily lives beyond our mobile devices." This solution empowers brands to launch campaigns on TikTok, foster growth within the platform's communities and among creators, and subsequently expand their reach to other platforms, potentially reaching new audiences.In addition to TikTok's partnerships with entities like Redbox and Vevo, brands are already exploring the possibilities offered by Out of Phone. For example, "Out of Phone: Billboard" takes existing campaigns and projects them onto billboards on a global scale. Meanwhile, "Out of Phone: Cinema" replicates the on-platform experience onto cinema screens, captivating viewers during the pre-show by showcasing TikTok's top content alongside brand advertisements.

Disney the most talked about stock on social media

Disney is the most talked about stock on social media, new research has revealed. The entertainment giant has the highest number of videos published and viewed, and the most hashtags used across TikTok and Instagram.  The findings come from a new study by online trading provider City Index, which analysed every company in the S&P 500 based on how much content on their stocks and shares had been created and viewed on TikTok and Instagram. The study revealed that there have been 80 million views of videos with the hashtag of #disneystock, #disneystocks, or #disneyshares, the highest amount out of all the 500 companies that were included in the in-depth analysis. Those views have come from 6,151 videos – also the largest amount in the study – as creators discuss the company’s financial performance, and whether it is a good time to invest in the stock.  In total there are 44,177 hashtags related to Disney stocks and shares, and the company’s share price has been around $85 in recent weeks. It is down more than $100 from its all-time high above $200 in March 2021, which came after California health officials confirmed theme parks would be allowed to reopen as COVID restrictions eased. The second most popular stock on social media is Netflix, which has more than 13 million video views on TikTok and Instagram. The global streaming service is the subject of 1,384 videos about its financial performance, with 4,635 hashtags mentioning #netflixstock, #netflixstocks or #netflixshares. Netflix shuttered its mail order DVD business at the end of September, and its most recent earnings report revealed it had added 5.9 million new subscribers in the second quarter of 2023. The company’s stock price is currently around $380, which is down from its all-time high in November 2021, when it peaked just above $690. Amazon places third in the ranking with more than 5.9 million video views about its stocks and shares, along with 17,278 hashtags, and 725 published videos. The company reported that for the second quarter of 2023, ended 30 June, it had net sales of $134.4 billion, while its share price has steadily risen this year, and is currently around $128. Social media’s fourth most popular stock is Tesla, which has 739 videos dedicated to it on TikTok and Instagram. They have received more than two million views, while there are 1,898 hashtags related to the electric car company’s stocks and shares. Tesla’s share price is around $260 and it has a market capitaliszation of $813 billion, which is the second highest out of the companies in the top five, behind Amazon on $1.32 trillion. Fifth in the social media stocks ranking goes to Walmart, with more than 4.7 million views of videos discussing its financial performance, along with 2,570 dedicated hashtags. The top ten is rounded out by Costco in sixth, Microsoft in seventh, 3M in eighth, Nike in ninth and Starbucks in tenth.  Commenting on the figures, a spokesperson for City Index said: “This data paints a fascinating picture of which companies’ financial performance attracts the most interest, excitement and discussion on social media. The companies at the top of the list are some of the biggest brands in the world, which highlights how the general public are most comfortable approaching the complex world of the stock market through the businesses and brands with which they are most familiar.  “The strong appetite for advice and guidance on trading is demonstrated by the fact that videos on the top ten companies in the list have more than 117 million views in total. As trading continues to become more accessible to people who aren’t working in the finance industry, and following the rise of so called ‘meme stocks’ over the past two years, it will be interesting to see how the discussion of the best trading and investment opportunities continues to develop on social media.” The study was conducted by City Index, an award-winning, multi-asset financial services provider with 40 years' experience in supporting clients – providing instant and secure access to global markets.

TikTok, The Walt Disney launch ‘Disney 100 Hub’

TikTok and The Walt Disney Company are all set to launch a first of its kind content hub, the Disney 100 hub, that promises to celebrate a century of Disney’s magic.Commencing on October 16, this partnership commemorates The Walt Disney Company’s remarkable 100th anniversary, and it is poised to leave Disney fans around the world spellbound. The Disney100 activation on TikTok will offer Disney enthusiasts an unprecedented interactive experience. They can immerse themselves in a world of stories, magic, and memories.This hub will include content from Disney, Disney Parks, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and ESPN. Moreover, to help brands stay on the pulse of impactful moments on the platform, Disney will also become a TikTok Pulse Premiere publisher partner, allowing marketers to run ads in brand-safe slots alongside entertainment and sports content from Disney. TikTok announced: “Beginning on October 16th, in honor of The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, we’re giving the passionate community of Disney enthusiasts on our platform a first-of-its-kind destination within TikTok that invites Disney fans to a unique interactive experience where stories, magic, and memories come together.”Nicole Lacopetti, Global Head of content at TikTok, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with Disney to celebrate the company’s undeniable impact on entertainment and on families around the world, starting by giving TikTok’s passionate community of Disney fans unique access to content and experiences they can’t find anywhere else.”Asad Ayaz, Chief Brand Officer, The Walt Disney Company, said: “With over 240 billion views across Disney’s portfolio of brands and experiences, TikTok has become a go-to destination for Disney fans to create, engage and connect around their favorite Disney films, shows, characters and experiences, so we’re thrilled to partner with them as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company.”

TikTok highlights shopping behavior trends in the GCC in new report

Dubai: TikTok has released its first-ever What’s Next: Shopping Trend Report to explore shifts in shopping behaviors and culture on the platform, and how brands can take on a more active role in community commerce.The latest in TikTok’s What's Next series, the report breaks down key community insights into actionable takeaways and trend analysis, supported by data and case studies, to equip businesses with the tools they need to engage with audiences on TikTok.Commenting on the report launch, Aref Yehia, Head of Retail & E-Commerce Business Partnerships at TikTok MENA, said: “By blending community, entertainment, and shopping, TikTok is reimagining the face of modern retail. As customers continue to turn to the platform for product discovery, brands of all sizes and across all industries have an amazing opportunity to connect with their own unique audiences on TikTok. We hope the What’s Next: Shopping Trend Report will help brands seize this opportunity and build lasting relationships with customers.”Our world is cluttered with everyday stressors for regular shoppers. When their relationship with a brand is weak, shopping can feel less like an event and more like a chore. Friendship is the key to brand love and loyalty, and TikTok is one of the only platforms on the internet that fosters friendship between brands and audiences to drive deeper connections, love and loyalty.The findings of the What's Next: Shopping Trend Report are broken down into three key 'Layers of Love' that underpin shopping culture on TikTok, accompanied by the relevant 'Shopper Trend Signals' that show emerging behaviors and interests.It's a Match: Relatable creators and attention-grabbing storytelling are the keys to finding your brand's ideal audience.Audiences are constantly shopping and making active connections to the content they see on TikTok. Here, users decide in seconds whether or not to engage with content. If brands don't immediately communicate added value, users are inclined to swipe away.If brands want a spark from audiences, they should avoid overt product marketing at the starting point. Instead, build and maintain user trust with unique, honest, and authentic perspectives to create longer-form content, connections, and partnerships, eventually leading to long-term loyalty from audiences.METAP brands that advertised on TikTok consistently over an extended period increased their trust with viewers by 41%. Moreover, TikTok ads were found to spark positive first impressions. After seeing an ad on TikTok, viewers in Saudi Arabia were found to trust the brand 24% more, and were 42% more likely to be loyal to the brand.Getting to Know You: Build the foundation of a friendship through personal identity and community to engender real value in your audience's lives.Brands often only share at the surface level, not digging into the motivations, communities, and aesthetics that inspire impulse and long-term purchase decisions. Tapping into identity and community unlocks new pathways for audiences to learn more about themselves, their communities, and their favorite brands.Moreover, communities influence purchasing decisions; in fact, 44% of TikTok users in the GCC buy something to fit in with friends, community, or because everyone is talking about it. Additionally, TikTok users make purchases that spark joy, with 41% of users in the GCC shopping to lift their spirits or as a treat for themselves.Shopping on TikTok is a safe, engaging and entertaining experience where users can discover and engage with products they love; 60% of TikTok users globally feel communities on TikTok are supportive and inclusive.Growing Together: Drive user intent and brand loyalty by repeatedly making the shopping experience more fun.It is easy to get lost in the instant gratification of product 'sell out,' 'virality,' and 'hype.' While TikTok is a catalyst for these moments, the real shopping magic is in the sustained fidelity established through the platform, which keeps products selling out and has customers begging for more.Positive customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and organic word-of-mouth lead to sustained brand growth. TikTok generates double the post-purchase content creation than other platforms. In the GCC, 57% of TikTok users create a post about a product or brand they purchased from.Moreover, TikTok users are 1.2 times more likely to buy from the same retailer again when TikTok is part of the purchase journey.The full What's Next: Shopping Trend Report is available for download here:

PromoMedia Selected as Exclusive TikTok Representative in Iraq

PromoMedia, a prominent tech media company affiliated with JGroup, a leading Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising provider in the MENA region and Africa, has announced its exclusive representation as the media partner for TikTok in Iraq. This strategic collaboration empowers PMENAromomedia to deliver distinctive advertising strategies for brands and enterprises aiming to connect with TikTok's expanding user base in the country.Being the sole media representative for TikTok in Iraq, PromoMedia gains access to the platform's cutting-edge advertising tools and capabilities, enabling the company to offer more targeted and successful advertising solutions to its clientele. With TikTok's surging popularity in Iraq, this partnership presents a significant prospect for brands to engage with young, dynamic audiences through one of today's most innovative and captivating platforms.Patrick Haber, Managing Director of PromoMedia and Vice President of JGroup, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are excited to collaborate with TikTok in Iraq, and we firmly believe that our advertising expertise in Iraq and the region, coupled with TikTok's pioneering technology, will yield unparalleled results for our clients. This partnership reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch advertising solutions to brands and businesses across the MENA region and beyond."Shadi Kandil, General Manager, Global Business Solutions, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe - TikTok, stated, "We are pleased to appoint PromoMedia as the official TikTok reseller in Iraq, especially as our local community in Iraq continues to grow and thrive. With this appointment, advertisers in Iraq gain access to unique digital advertising formats that no other platform can provide, along with faster turnaround times and local service capabilities."The partnership with TikTok, which came into effect in May, marks another significant milestone in PromoMedia's journey to deliver the finest advertising solutions to its clients.

YouTube ad revenue to reach $30.4 billion in 2023 HL

Dubai: YouTube continues to maintain a formidable position in the online video advertising market, as confirmed by recent insights from WARC Media Platform. The platform is actively seeking ways to foster deeper connections with viewers, creators, and brands through its multi-format video strategies.YouTube has surpassed Netflix to become the largest TV streaming platform in the United States. Accounting for 22.9% of over-the-top (OTT) viewing in March 2023, YouTube dominates as the go-to channel for catching up with sports news among US Gen Z viewers. Additionally, YouTube claimed the title of the most popular platform for music and podcast listening in the US last yearAd investment with YouTube is projected to rise by 4.0% in 2023, reaching a substantial $30.4 billion. This marks a significant turnaround from Q4 2022 when ad revenue experienced an 8.8% decline due to a shift in investment towards retail media and search. Growth is expected to resume in 2023 at more than double the rate recorded in 2022. WARC Media forecasts an accelerated revenue growth of 10.3% for YouTube in 2024, reaching an estimated $33.5 billion by year-end.With a strong emphasis on Shorts and Connected TV (CTV) engagement, YouTube is spearheading innovations such as unskippable 30-second ads and "pause experiences" on TV, enabling marketers to effectively engage audiences across various screens while achieving their performance and brand-building objectives.Key Takeaways from WARC Media Platform Insights:1. Commerce brands are anticipated to spend $4.1 billion on YouTube ads in 2023, representing a 4.6% increase from 2022. While retail remains YouTube's primary category for ad investment, growth from other sectors has proven to be more challenging. However, certain categories are expected to experience double-digit spending increases in 2023, notably technology and electronics (+13.9%) and toiletries and cosmetics (+12.1%), while figures elsewhere show more modest growth.2. YouTube advertisers have the opportunity to reach approximately half of all internet users worldwide. With over one billion hours of video watched daily on the platform, YouTube maintains its position as the world's most popular online platform. Its adult advertising reach is estimated at an impressive 2.07 billion people, nearly double that of TikTok and Instagram individually. While YouTube Shorts (60 seconds or less) provides marketers with opportunities to engage new audiences, its daily viewer total of 50 billion still trails behind Instagram Reels' 140 billion daily views. Notably, the under-18 demographic spends an average of 60% more time on TikTok than on YouTube content.According to Kantar research, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is a pivotal growth area for YouTube, particularly in domains such as live shopping, Shorts, and gaming. In Latin America, YouTube demonstrates cost-effective brand impact compared to other video platforms.These remarkable insights demonstrate YouTube's unwavering position as a leading force in the online video advertising market, presenting abundant engagement opportunities for brands, creators, and viewers alike.

TikTok highlights the three trend forces that will define the year

TikTok has announced the launch of the What’s Next Report 2023, the company’s third annual trend forecast. The global report, which includes data from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, is designed to help marketers understand how consumer wants and needs will change this year, and what that will mean for their strategies, both on and off TikTok.2022 saw entertainment reimagined by the global community on TikTok as brands and users shared real, personal stories that brought communities together and helped others discover new ways of thinking. The latest What's Next Report is a deep dive into how consumers' wants and needs will change in 2023, unpacking long-term TikTok-first cultural forces and the implications for brands to succeed on the platform.Commenting on the launch, Shadi Kandil, General Manager, Global Business Solutions, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Pakistan - TikTok said: “Now in its third year, TikTok's What’s Next Report has provided actionable insights for marketers both globally and here in the region, to amplify their voices and create impactful content leading to real-world business results. From making the time for joy and tapping into niche communities, to actionable entertainment that captures attention, 2023 looks to be an exciting year for brands on TikTok."According to the report, 67% of users engage with TikTok during platform-focused occasions, such as when taking a break or winding down at the end of the day, and based on global research studies, TikTok predicts that three macro trend forces will shape the platform this year: actionable entertainment, making space for joy, and community-built ideals.Actionable entertainment: In 2023, TikTok-first entertainment will inspire people to test out new products and ways of thinking and behaving.People are weary of misleading thumbnails and videos that start with "wait till the end" in the interest of sharing a rote call to action. In 2023, marketers need to make videos that grab attention while also earning trust. Capturing attention comes down to a video's entertainment value. TikTok ads are considered entertaining when they're funny, personalized, and uplift viewers. These creative elements will be essential for driving success on the platform, as content that focuses on a selling point will get diminishing returns.Trust, however, boils down to who's telling your brand story. Our users love to see content from relatable people. If a TikTok creator shares traits or interests with your audience, their content will feel more relevant and meaningful to viewers. Ultimately, when you make ads that are good, fun, and engaging, it won't just improve your storytelling clout—it will also help with your bottom line.Making space for joy: In 2023, messaging on TikTok—and beyond—should speak to this desire for levity and encourage people to make more room for themselves.After the pandemic, people reevaluated their priorities regarding work, hobbies and relationships, and many of them have come to the same conclusion: they're burned out. They want to create real, meaningful space for themselves in 2023, and much of that will come from prioritizing joy in all its forms.Humor is a great way to make users feel happy on TikTok. It helps them connect with each other and tell stories—not to mention the power it has to help marketers reach their audiences. Audio trends, in particular, let you tap into what users find funny and provide a little levity. Marketers can also give users ideas on how to indulge at any budget level with at home hacks. When brands tap into these corners of the platform, they help people carve out moments of joy in their lives. Globally, joy is a growing factor in peoples' purchase decisions. In fact, 50% of TikTok users said the platform boosts their mood and makes them feel happy and/or positive, with a further 41% saying that “lifting their spirits” is key in motivating them to make a purchase. By making content that helps users discover their avenues to happiness, brands can better connect with audiences and drive success in 2023.Community-built ideals: It's not just about aspiration. It's about users finding people who fundamentally understand them, which inspires them to change things for themselves.One-size-fits all ideals are on their way out as people embrace specific and varied lifestyles. TikTok communities, which are both specific and deeply relatable, help users quickly bond over these new interests and priorities. From there, they broaden each other's horizons and inspire one another to make changes in their lives.TikTok is not a town hall meeting, it's a collection of hyper-personal spaces, where people can explore their passions and live their lives. In fact, TikTok is 1.8 times more likely than other platforms to introduce people to new topics they didn't even know they liked. As people seek out ways to break the status quo, they'll look to peers and role models on TikTok who are already living the way they want to. A number of TikTok trends facilitate this kind of connection and exploration. For example, users often turn to TikTok to find answers to specific questions and needs, like cooking advice and parenting tips. This year, marketers should lean into the specificity that makes TikTok communities special. This will leave audiences feeling more understood and validated. Once you understand these groups, you can amplify the voices that define them and augment the honest, authentic conversations that people care about, particularly through Creators within those communities. In fact, after watching Creator content on TikTok, more than 2 in 5 users agreed that it made them feel like a part of the Creator's community.

UK teens shun news channels; turn to Insta, TikTok, YouTube

Ofcom’s News consumption in the UK 2021/22 report shows that, for the first time, Instagram is the most popular news source among teenagers used by nearly three in ten in 2022 (29%). TikTok and YouTube follow closely behind, used by 28% of youngsters to follow news.BBC One and BBC Two – historically the most popular news sources among teens – have been knocked off top spot down to fifth place. Around a quarter of teens (24%) use these channels for news in 2022, compared to nearly half (45%) just five years ago.BBC One remains the most used news source among all online adults, although it is one of several major TV news channels to reach fewer people in 2022. News viewing to BBC One, BBC Two, BBC News channel, ITV and Sky News is now below pre-pandemic levels, resuming a longer-term decline in traditional TV news viewing.TikTok clocks up millions more news usersConversely, TikTok has seen the largest increase in use of any news source between 2020 and 2022 – from 0.8 million UK adults in 2020 (1%), increasing to 3.9 million UK adults in 2022 (7%). This brings it onto a par with Sky News’ website and app.TikTok’s growth is primarily driven by younger age groups, with half of its news users aged 16 to 24. Users of TikTok for news claim to get more of their news on the platform from ‘other people they follow’ (44%) than ‘news organisations’ (24%).Teenagers today are increasingly unlikely to pick up a newspaper or tune into TV News, instead preferring to keep up-to-date by scrolling through their social feeds.And while youngsters find news on social media to be less reliable, they rate these services more highly for serving up a range of opinions on the day’s topical stories.Yih-Choung Teh, Ofcom’s Group Director for Strategy and ResearchTV news remains trustedTV news remains the most trusted news source among UK adults (71%), with news on social media considered the least reliable (35%). CNN (83%) and Sky News (75%) are highly trusted by their viewers for news, while the public service broadcasters are also trusted by the majority of their viewers – BBC (73%), ITV (70%), Channel 4 (66%) and Channel 5 (59%). Sixty-seven per cent of newcomer GB News's viewers trust its news reporting.Among teens, half of YouTube and Twitter users think they provide trustworthy news stories (51% and 52% respectively). Despite its popularity for news, fewer than a third of youngsters (30%) trust TikTok’s news content.Decline in print news appears to accelerateThe combined use of print and online newspapers among adults is 38% in 2022, a significant decrease from 2020 (47%) and 2018 (51%).This is being driven by the substantial decrease of print newspaper reach in recent years, with the trend seen pre-pandemic appearing to accelerate, likely exacerbated by the pandemic. Less than a quarter (24%) of UK adults use print newspapers for news in 2022, compared with more than a third (35%) in 2020, and two in five (40%) in 2018. Use of newspapers among teenagers fell from 19% to 13% in the last five years.INTERNATIONAL3 MINUTES TO