Diriyah Season partners with UM and FP7 McCann KSA to fuse TikTok with OOH

Diriyah Season has teamed up with advertising giants UM and FP7 McCann KSA to introduce a pioneering campaign that merges the realms of TikTok and out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Termed "Out of Phone (OOP)", this innovative initiative marks a regional first, aiming to extend the reach of TikTok content beyond the digital sphere.The campaign, set against the backdrop of Diriyah Season's annual festivities, embarks on a journey to encapsulate the cultural richness of Diriyah, a significant region within Saudi Arabia. With a focus on cultural activations, the collaboration between TikTok and OOH advertising seeks to illuminate the essence of Diriyah and its profound resonance with the Saudi population.One of the distinguishing features of the campaign is its portrayal of Diriyah Season experiences through OOH ads that mirror the captivating allure of TikTok content. Renowned creators from the Saudi TikTok community have been enlisted to capture the essence of their Diriyah Season encounters, transforming ordinary billboards into vibrant showcases of cultural celebration.These captivating moments are then broadcasted across strategically positioned OOH screens in Riyadh, including prominent locales such as Riyadh Boulevard and City. By turning everyday individuals into billboard stars, the campaign not only amplifies the reach of TikTok content but also fosters a sense of inclusivity and community participation.Commenting on the collaboration, President of Diriyah Season and Group CEO of Diriyah GateDevelopment Authority, Jerry Inzerillo, said: "In collaboration with UM and FP7 McCann KSA, we've embarked on an exhilarating journey to redefine the essence of Diriyah Season through our latest campaign utilizing TikTok OOP. This innovative fusion of tradition and technology not only captures the spirit of our heritage but also showcases the vibrancy of our modern-day celebrations. It's a testament to the harmonious collaboration between multiple teams, all working tirelessly to ensure that our campaign stays true to the heart of Diriyah while highlighting the myriad exciting experiences within Diriyah Seasons."Commenting on the impact of the campaign, Nadeem Ibrahim, Head of Digital, UM KSA, said: “With a brand as significant as a Giga project in Saudi Arabia, we embraced the challenge set by the client to craft a groundbreaking media first. TikTok OOP was the perfect fit for us. What better way than to make people in Riyadh billboard famous? The campaign sparked conversations across Riyadh, solidifying the enduring presence of Diriyah Seasons, while fundamentally reshaping our approach to audience engagement. By seamlessly integrating the influence of digital platforms with the expansive reach of out-of-home advertising, this initiative highlights the transformative potential of innovative collaborations in shaping brand experiences and captivating audiences in novel and captivating ways.”Echoing this sentiment, Mohammed Bahmishan, CEO of FP7 McCann KSA, added: “Diriyah Season embodies a truly unique brand – it's the birthplace of the people, for the people, and represents their experiences. We needed to break away from conventional mass brand advertising and find a creative solution that truly resonated with the brand's essence. It wasn't a straightforward brief, but we met it head-on with an amazing synergy of creativity, media, and technology."The Season aims to offer visitors an unrivalled authentic experience that combines arts and culture, live performance, and experiential experiences to showcase nearly six hundred years of history and heritage in a compelling and entertaining way.

Saudi Advertising Creative Leader Mohammed Bahmishan

FP7McCann has announced that Mohammed Bahmishan will join its Saudi agency as both Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer, effective November 1, 2022. Mr. Bahmishan is an award-winning Saudi creative leader who ranks among the top ten creative leaders in the MENA region, according to the One Club for Creativity in their 2022 Rankings. He has also served as a jury member at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity this year.Mr. Bahmishan will lead the FP7 McCann Saudi office based in Riyadh. Current clients comprise a mix of leading Saudi and international companies, including Al Rajhi Bank, Samsung, Tadawul, Aramco, Neom, and SABIC. He is replacing Marc Lawandos, FP7 McCann KSA Managing Director, who has taken on a new role as Executive Director at MCN.Said Tarek Miknas, CEO of FP7 McCann MENAT: “We are thrilled to have Mohammed Bahmishan on board as CEO and Chief Creative Officer. He brings over 20 years of creative and business leadership experience to our operations in Saudi Arabia. One of only a few Saudi creative leaders recognized globally for their award-winning work, his appointment to lead our operations in Saudi reflects our commitment to the Saudi market. Besides his professional caliber, he fits our culture and embodies our values.”Mr. Bahmishan said: “I am excited to be leading such a world-class creative agency in Saudi Arabia, and by working closely with our sister agencies, we will be able to provide full-service communications solutions for our existing and potential clients. From branding and advertising to social media, public relations, media buying, and events, FP7 McCann has an unmatched integrated approach to communications.”Mr. Bahmishan was the first Saudi to be featured at festivals like the Cannes Lions, The One Show, Art Director's Club, EPICA, CLIO, Dubai Lynx, AdFest, New York Festivals, Gerety, Effie's, and Caples. His experience with brands spans both global as well as regional and local Saudi brands including Unilever, Kodak, Volvo, P&G, Ikea, Al-Baik, ARAMCO, Saudia Airlines, McDonald’s, AMC, Almarai, Jeddah Season, Rabea Tea, Savola, and Goody.