Hypermedia unveils new website offering immersive experience

Hypermedia has unveiled a new website, underscoring its dedication to delivering a distinctive and immersive Out-of-Home (OOH) media experience. The website, aptly titled 'Creators of Impact,' serves as a virtual gateway, guiding visitors through Hypermedia's OOH media assets showcased in prominent locations across Dubai.A standout feature of the website is its interactive 3D city, seamlessly incorporating Hypermedia's OOH media assets into Dubai's urban landscape. This cutting-edge platform enables users to explore and interact with Hypermedia's presence in key locations such as the Dubai Metro, Expo City, Nakheel's Palm Jumeirah, communities, the Z-Gallery – Art of Media network on Sheikh Zayed Road, and the expansive retail media network within malls and hypermarkets.Ghada El-Kari, W Group CMO, underscores the website's significance as a milestone for Hypermedia and the wider W Group family. Positioned as a beacon, the platform aims to disseminate media expertise throughout the region, leveraging digital transformation, intelligent solutions, and real-time data analytics. The overarching objective is to revolutionize Out-of-Home media experiences not only in the UAE but also beyond its borders.The website embodies Hypermedia's mission to transcend conventional screens and media platforms, aspiring to transform OOH into an unforgettable and innovative encounter. It reinforces the company's commitment to crafting a digital engagement that resonates with visitors, providing them with a seamless and memorable exploration of Hypermedia's media offerings. This initiative aligns with the broader industry trend of leveraging technology and digital platforms to elevate and redefine traditional advertising experiences.

TikTok goes Out of Phone with its latest ad solution

TikTok is expanding its advertising horizons with a new solution known as "Out of Phone." This innovative approach allows TikTok to extend its presence beyond the confines of mobile screens and venture into various physical locations, such as billboards, kiosks, cinemas, bars, restaurants, cars, airports, gas stations, and retail stores.This expansion has already kicked off with TikTok's Out of Home (OOH) initiatives, which includes a partnership with GSTV, a video network provider. For instance, the skincare brand CeraVe, under the L’Oréal umbrella, was among the first brands to take advantage of this development by extending its TikTok advertising campaign to OOH screens through a partnership with Adomni.According to Dan Page, the Global Head of Distribution for new screens at TikTok, "With Out of Phone, we're bringing TikTok into our daily lives beyond our mobile devices." This solution empowers brands to launch campaigns on TikTok, foster growth within the platform's communities and among creators, and subsequently expand their reach to other platforms, potentially reaching new audiences.In addition to TikTok's partnerships with entities like Redbox and Vevo, brands are already exploring the possibilities offered by Out of Phone. For example, "Out of Phone: Billboard" takes existing campaigns and projects them onto billboards on a global scale. Meanwhile, "Out of Phone: Cinema" replicates the on-platform experience onto cinema screens, captivating viewers during the pre-show by showcasing TikTok's top content alongside brand advertisements.

BackLite Media partners with Place Exchange for programmatic OOH buying

Dubai-based digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising company BackLite Media has announced a partnership with Place Exchange, the SSP for programmatic out-of-home (OOH) media, to accelerate the programmatic transformation of DOOH in the UAE and increase opportunities for DOOH to be included in omnichannel marketing strategies.BackLite Media offers premium DOOH media opportunities across a diverse array of settings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, ranging from bustling highways like Sheikh Zayed Road to upscale malls and destinations. This expansive coverage across the UAE ensures that BackLite Media effectively reaches individuals throughout their daily journeys and at key destinations. The integration with Place Exchange enables advertisers to seamlessly tap into this extensive inventory through their DSPs with a variety of programmatic buying options, including open auction, programmatic guaranteed and private marketplace deals.Sean Gadsby, Head of Programmatic at BackLite Media, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Place Exchange, highlighting the potential to unlock new revenue streams and attract interest from global buyers. "Place Exchange is a prominent name in the industry, and we're eagerly anticipating the prospects this partnership brings on a global level. The collaboration with Place Exchange will empower our clients with unparalleled programmatic capabilities and a seamless workflow to incorporate BackLite Media in omnichannel purchases."“There is growing demand by local and global advertisers for DOOH inventory in this market,” said Nick Bennett, SVP of Partnerships at Place Exchange. “Through this integration with BackLite Media, they can now deliver high-impact OOH messaging to audiences throughout the UAE with scale, automation, and flexibility like never before.”The BackLite Media and Place Exchange integration heralds a new chapter in programmatic OOH media evolution in the UAE. This collaboration will enable advertisers to seamlessly leverage BackLite Media's comprehensive DOOH inventory while capitalizing on the benefits of programmatic buying and streamlined workflow integration. As the partnership gains momentum, it stands poised to contribute to the continued evolution of programmatic advertising in the UAE market.