Saudi Sports for All Federation launches fitness campaign

 The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) has launched a brand campaign under the hashtag #MoveYourWorld. This campaign aims to inspire all societal groups in Saudi Arabia to engage in physical activity both indoors and outdoors, under all kinds of climatic conditions, to sustain, encourage and raise physical activity levels. SFA strives to accomplish the goals of the awareness campaign which runs through August 8th, by using digital methods, platforms, and billboards that reach the various sectors of society. Subsequently, to raise and capture the public’s awareness of the value of exercise, the campaign collaborated with numerous influential individuals and groups to encourage people to follow its social media accounts, and share content under the hashtag #MoveYourWorld. All of which is supported by the campaign’s main video, and spreading motivational phrases that aid in raising community awareness of the importance of exercising.This campaign falls under the Saudi Sports for All Federation’s vision toward creating an active and healthy community in line with achieving the Saudi Vision 2030. In addition to reflecting SFA’s dedication to improving the physical fitness of society by developing initiatives that promote physical activities that are suitable for various conditions.The Saudi Sports for All Federation is working on numerous awareness campaigns to reach all facets of society, including the #MoveYourWorld campaign within the community sports system, to achieve a more healthy and energetic life, where contemporary virtual reality technologies are employed to offer appropriate alternatives to physical activity, to increase participation rate and social interaction in various conditions and atmospheres on a regular basis. As well as increasing the percentage of physical activity levels among the various social groups to make them more receptive to engaging with the objectives of community sports. The SFA encourages the community to move through experiencing an exciting digital experience that takes the user around the museum of extinct mobility. In addition to a series of weekly challenges on the SFA mobile application.The Saudi Sports for All Federation works together with several specialized agencies in the public and private sectors. This helps to contribute to the success of the initiatives and awareness campaigns it launches.

Saudi Sports for All Federation signs MoU with Arab Open University

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Arab Open University (AOU) in Riyadh to cooperate on implementing sports programs and promoting a sports culture with the common objective of building a healthy and active society. The MoU will further see the two entities work together to promote community sports and build a healthy lifestyle among university students.The MoU was signed in the presence of HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, President of the Saudi Sports for All Federation, and Dr.Ali bin Mohammed Al-Shahrani, Rector of the Arab Open University.Under the MoU, the Saudi Sports for All Federation will use AOU's sports facilities to launch initiatives, implement sports capacity development initiatives and sports groups, organize community sports events, and motivate students to participate in events organized by the SFA.Commenting on the collaboration, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, President of the Saudi Sports for All Federation, said: "The signing of the MoU forms part of our strategy to launch partnerships with several relevant entities, most notably the Arab Open University, where we will work together to promote a sports culture among students by organizing sports events and activities."He added: "Through this agreement, we will work together to organize community sports events and programs at the Arab Open University. We will also cooperate with the university in the fields of research, studies, data, and statistics to enhance our objective of attracting a large number of university students to participate in sports and physical activities. This will help achieve our strategic objectives."Dr. Ali Al-Shahrani, Rector of the Arab Open University in the Kingdom, said: "We are pleased to sign this MoU with the Saudi Sports for All Federation, through which we seek to provide an integrated educational environment for our male and female students by launching initiatives, sports events, and community programs within the university's facilities. This agreement will help promote a sports culture among our students."Al-Shahrani added: "Through this memorandum, we aim to provide multiple opportunities for people to participate in sports and physical activity in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases."SFA is the main body responsible for promoting a healthy lifestyle in the Kingdom by providing opportunities for Saudi society members to participate in sports activities. The Federation will continue partnering with government entities, sports executives, sports federations, and the wider public and private sectors to achieve its objectives of promoting a healthy lifestyle.SFA focuses on four strategic priorities to increase physical activity rates: education, community, and volunteering, fitness and health, campaigns, and promotions. This strategy has been designed for women, men, youth, the elderly, and people with special needs across the Kingdom. The Federation also adopts a dynamic international networking program to introduce the brand to the sports community.The Arab Open University is a regional university located in nine Arab countries. It was founded in 1996 by HRH Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as a non-profit institution and a non-traditional education academic entity. The institution focused on scientific, social, and cultural fields. In 2002, the academic institution partnered with the Open University in the United Kingdom and transformed into an integrated university.