Foodics celebrates 3 years in Egypt with a remarkable business growth

On the occasion of its 3rd anniversary in the Egyptian market, Foodics in Egypt, the leader in restaurant management solutions in Egypt and the Middle East, conducted a comprehensive review of its future business strategy, remarkable business volume, and the exceptional services extended to its partners in Egypt.Foodics' visionary approach aims to revolutionize restaurant management systems in Egypt by offering a one-stop-shop restaurant management ecosystem. This strategic direction is in perfect alignment with global and technological trends, marking a significant step forward for the country. By spearheading the digitization and advancement of the F&B sector, Foodics actively supports Egypt's Vision 2030 for digital transformation."Our company places great emphasis on empowering restaurant owners and merchant owners," stated Belal Zahran, General Manager of Foodics in Egypt. "We are committed to providing them with a comprehensive cloud-based POS system to enrich their operations and cater to a wide range of activities within the F&B sector.”Zahran further commented, "Over the past three years, Foodics has made remarkable strides in the Egyptian market. We are proud to have achieved a 3-fold increase year over year in our business volume. This growth can be attributed to the expanding network of Foodics partners who have embraced our diverse cloud solutions. Our partners range from international and local merchants, cloud kitchens, dine-in restaurants, local bakeries, food trucks, quick service restaurants, franchises, and even large-scale restaurants located across multiple governorates in Egypt."He also added that Foodics has raised a record US$198 million through multiple rounds of series funding. With the latest US $170 million in Series C funding boosting its innovation capabilities to better serve business owners. This substantial investment paves the way for Foodics to expand its footprint both regionally and globally, solidifying its presence in key markets. Furthermore, the infusion of funds amplifies the company's merger and acquisition strategy, positioning Foodics as a frontrunner in the industry. By leveraging the power of cloud technology, Foodics remains at the forefront of emerging companies in the region, embracing a forward-thinking approach that sets it apart from its competitors.From its humble beginnings with just four employees and three departments, Foodics in Egypt has experienced remarkable growth. The company now boasts a team of 108 employees across eight departments in addition to a dedicated local support team, catering to the diverse needs of its partners. This strategic expansion is driven by the company's unwavering commitment to addressing the diverse needs of the market and develop tailored solutions that precisely align with the unique requirements of its partners in Egypt.He outlined Foodics' ambitious roadmap for 2023, which encompasses several key objectives. Firstly, the company aims to double its partners by expanding its reach to a broader range of restaurants and cafes.. Furthermore, Foodics is actively forging robust partnerships with different stakeholders, fostering collaborative efforts that will drive the digital transformation of SMEs in the F&B sector.Foodics provides a diverse range of innovative solutions and systems designed to streamline restaurant operations and drive its growth. At the core is Foodics POS system, a comprehensive cloud-based solution that empowers restaurant management with seamless control and efficiency. Additionally, Foodics offers Foodics Pay, which enhances and facilitates the checkout experience through the integration between payment devices and Foodics cashier app, which eliminates manual intervention of the cashier in the card payment process by decreasing daily end-of-day operations. Furthermore, Foodics Enterprise presents a powerful Multi-Branch Management Solution, enabling businesses to effortlessly oversee and optimize operations across multiple branches from a unified platform.Adding to that, Foodics Kiosk, the latest solution offered by Foodics in Egypt, is a self-ordering system that helps increase average order volume while reducing operational costs by improving efficiency. Additionally, Foodics Online, which allows customers to order and pay electronically without any intermediary or external commissions. Also, there is Foodics Marketplace which offers various external applications that can be integrated with Foodics systems to improve the overall experience of managing restaurants and cafes. Finally, Foodics Accounting, which is set to be launched soon, offers a comprehensive accounting solution, designed for the F&B industry, and integrates seamlessly with Foodics RMS, allowing for automatic and real-time mapping and syncing of all transaction and financial data. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that restaurants accounting records are accurate, secured and always up-to-date.With the rapid digitization of the F&B sector, it has become crucial for businesses to adapt and leverage technology to stay competitive. Zahran concluded, “We are dedicated to empowering the F&B sector with innovative digital solutions that enable businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Our goal is to provide the sector with the tools it needs to enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable growth”.

Baaz partners with Petal Ads

Petal Ads, a leading advertising platform by Huawei, and Baaz, the first Arabic social media platform, have inked a new agreement, strengthening the two companies’ successful collaboration. The signing ceremony took place at Huawei premises in Cairo, Egypt on July 18th. Through leveraging Petal Ads' innovative capabilities, Baaz aims to accelerate the growth of its social network throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.Baaz is a social media platform specially created in the Arab world for the Arab world. Baaz incubates diverse communities enabling users to connect with others who share similar interests, hobbies, and passion, all while upholding the region’s numerous significant cultural and societal values. Baaz Empowers those communities by providing them with innovative features enabling them to connect, conduct their conversations and share their content in a healthy environment. The platform employs advanced encryption technology that follows international laws and regulations to ensure privacy and data protection, and offers users a safe space for sharing authentic information through its easy and secure verification process. The official Baaz app is available on HUAWEI AppGallery and has already surpassed 6 million downloads in Egypt alone.Petal Ads, Huawei’s revolutionary next-generation advertising platform, enriches ads with premium features and utilizes big data analytics to perform meticulous multi-dimensional targeting in order to deliver them with pinpoint accuracy to users throughout HUAWEI Mobile Services’s smart ecosystem and beyond. In addition to Huawei’s own media, Petal Ads provides additional coverage in MENA’s major third-party apps and media. Currently, there are over 18,000 apps integrated with Petal Ads, attracting millions of users per month and enabling partners to communicate key information on a vast new scale.Petal Ads supports the creation of niche audiences through the Data Management Platform (DMP) for enhanced targeted advertising, as well as unobtrusive one-click installation, allowing users to download an app without having to navigate to a new page. Furthermore, with automatic bid adjustment, partners can improve conversions while drastically reducing cost-per-conversion, maximizing the effectiveness of any advertising budget.The Managing Director of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Eco Development and Operation, North Africa, stated: “We are overjoyed to share the establishment of this new partnership between Petal Ads and Baaz. HUAWEI Mobile Services prioritizes supporting the growth of local companies that can make a difference through their groundbreaking offerings and share our vision for a smarter AI world for all. We are confident that the unparalleled multidimensional targeting, excellent cost-effectiveness, and adaptability of Petal Ads will add more value to Baaz's vibrant social media platform.”The previous partnership between Petal Ads and Baaz during the fourth quarter of 2022 yielded exceptional results. The social network’s Petal Ads-powered installs campaign achieved an impressive amount of AppGallery installations and a competitive CPI rate in comparison to other advertising platforms. Building on this accomplishment, Baaz opted to extend its collaboration with Petal Ads through the second half of 2023, investing in always-on campaigns to drive strong app growth by tapping into Huawei's massive user base of over 730 million.“The partnership with HMS widens the horizons of collaboration to better serve our mutual and huge Egyptian users' base. At Baaz, we constantly seek partnerships that enhance our users' experience, empower them to purposefully lead communities, and encourage meaningful discussions around their interests,” said Mossab Sharayri, Chief Executive Officer at Baaz. “We have adopted a philosophy that thrives on change, new technology, teamwork, and partnerships within and beyond our organization, and Huawei’s innovative advertising platform, as well as its broader open, and smart ecosystem, align perfectly with our vision for developing the next generation of social media.”In addition to the revolutionary advertising capabilities of Petal Ads, HUAWEI Mobile Services provide partners with exclusive benefits throughout the company's ever-evolving smart ecosystem. HMS shares its knowledge and expertise to assist in the development of cutting-edge apps and creative digital services for regional users, while its partners gain access to a vast and active audience, resulting in genuine joint success.

Visa study: 91% of Egypt consumers at risk of responding to scammers

Over-confidence is leaving consumers in Egypt open to becoming victims of fraud, according to Visa’s latest Stay Secure study released today. Despite more than half of respondents (58% vs. 56% global average) claiming to be savvy enough to sidestep online and phone scams, the reality is that nine out of ten (91% vs. 90% global) are likely to disregard the warning signs that suggest online criminal activity.Conducted by Wakefield Research in countries across Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (CEMEA), finds that just over one in two people (53%) in Egypt has been a victim of a scam at least once, compared to the global average of 52%. Even more alarming is the finding that 14% of the victims have been tricked multiple times, against the global average of 15%.“In today’s digital-first world, scams are evolving in sophistication with criminals using new approaches to trick unsuspecting consumers. Whether it’s a parcel held up at customs, a streaming subscription claiming to have expired, or a free voucher for a favorite brand, scammers are adopting extremely persuasive tactics to deceive their victims. With the rapid growth in digital payments, it is essential now more than ever that consumers in Egypt understand the language of fraud and act with a high level of caution,” explains Leila Serhan, Senior Vice President and Group Country Manager for North Africa, Levant and Pakistan (NALP), Visa.The Stay Secure Study is a part of Visa’s annual Stay Secure Campaign, which reflects Visa’s commitment to raising consumer awareness, strengthening education, and building confidence to combat social engineering threats. The campaign aims to pave the way for a secure and seamless digital payments experience.“Costly Confidence”: The Disconnect Between Awareness and ActionKey Findings of the Visa Stay Secure Study:Knowledgeable or naïve. Considering themselves knowledgeable might make people even more vulnerable, as false confidence can propel someone to click on a fake link or respond to a scam offer. It is concerning that those who consider themselves more knowledgeable are more likely to respond to a requested action from scammers compared to those who say they are less knowledgeable, including a positive news (74% to 75% for Egypt vs. global 74% to 67%) or urgent action (69% to 60% for Egypt vs. global 65% to 55%).People worry about the vulnerability of others. While respondents feel confident in their own vigilance, over half (47% vs. 52% globally) are concerned that their friends or families will fall for a scam email offering a free gift card or product from an online shopping site. Around 47% (compared to 36% global) of respondents are concerned about children or minors, as well as retired people falling prey to online scams.What makes people suspicious. In addition to notices involving orders, product offers, or feedback, people are most suspicious of password requests. Less suspicious types of communications are updates regarding delivery or shipping (just 40% listed as a top three source of suspicion; 42% globally), marketing communications regarding a sale or new product offering (46% vs. global 41%), or an invitation to provide feedback on a recent experience (40% vs. global 37%) – all of which can be used by scammers.Overlooking telltale signs. Only 51% (vs. global 57%) reported looking to ensure a communication is sent from a valid email address, while 60% (vs. global 52%) will check if the company name or logo was attached to the message. Fewer than half of respondents look for an order number (41%; global 45%) or an account number (48%; global 43%). Interestingly, only 34% vs. 33% globally look to ensure words are spelt correctly. Decoding The Language of FraudScammers try different approaches to craft messages that appear genuine and compel recipients to take immediate action. The Visa Stay Secure Study identified prevalent patterns in the language most associated with scams – and how vulnerable respondents in the surveyed countries are.Orchestrating Urgency: Cybercriminals often feign urgency to spur people into action, such as clicking a link or responding to a sender. Up to 41% of respondents (compared to 40% globally) will fall for messages about a security risk, such as a stolen password or a data breach, while a notice from a government entity or law enforcement can trick 36% (vs. 36% global).  Sharing Positive News: 74% (vs. 71% global) of respondents would take action if a message had a positive hook, like “free gift,” “you’ve been selected,” or “you’re a winner.” Gen Zers are more likely to act on a giveaway (36% vs. 39% global) than a notice from the government (21% vs. 31% global), while 41% of respondents (vs. 44% global) would click on a link or reply to a message that offered a financial opportunity.Action Required: 65% (vs. 60% globally) would respond to action-required phrases though respondents are most suspicious of requests to reset their password.Spot The Signs: Education and Awareness to Catch Scams in ActionConsumers can better protect themselves by taking a few extra moments before clicking, including understanding the language scammers use.Among simple but effective best practices:Keep personal account information to yourself.Don’t click on links before verifying that they’ll take you where they say they will.Regularly check purchase alerts, which provide near real-time notification by text message or email of purchases made with your account.Call the number on corporate websites or the back of your credit and debit cards if you are unsure if a communication is valid.

Amazon Egypt hosts local seller summit to foster growth in online businesses

Amazon Egypt hosted its second annual Seller Summit for local third-party sellers, aimed at recognizing and empowering successful selling partners, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), while encouraging their continued operations and providing them with valuable opportunities to best leverage Amazon’s capabilities. Attended by hundreds of existing selling partners, the Summit allowed participants to explore Amazon Egypt’s advanced innovative solutions, tools, and programs, encompassing shipping, delivery, marketing, and brand-building, among other benefits. The Summit also focused on opportunities for selling partners to maximize their sales during the peak shopping season, including White Friday.In line with Egypt Vision 2030 to create an environment that unlocks business opportunities, broadens the economic base, and creates jobs for all local sellers, Amazon’s Seller Summit brought together local and regional experts from Amazon to share knowledge with hundreds of existing selling partners across Egypt.“We are thrilled to have met hundreds of our selling partners during Amazon’s Seller Summit,” said Ahmed El-Sobky, Head of Marketplace, Amazon Egypt. “Our goal is to help sellers realize their potential, discover innovative solutions, and leverage our fulfillment and brand-building tools to strengthen their business and reach millions of customers on We also provided businesses with the information, skills, and tools needed to ensure a successful upcoming shopping season, including White Friday. As we move into the next phase, we remain dedicated to enhancing the operations of our valued selling partners and delivering even greater opportunities for growth.”The Seller Summit also recognized top sellers by presenting awards to top performing sellers across several categories. The sellers were acknowledged for their performance related to customer satisfaction, delivery speed, and use of Amazon seller tools, among other criteria. Some of the businesses awarded at this year’s Seller Summit included Mesery, Dala’ Mobilek, and Testa Toro.Joining the Amazon Egypt network grants selling partners access to millions of customers and helps build trust in their brand. With over 30 product categories, ranging from home and kitchen supplies, cosmetics, fashion, health, sports, electronics, groceries, baby products, and more, Amazon actively promotes selling partner products, particularly during sales and deal seasons. The highly anticipated White Friday sales event, scheduled for November, presents an excellent opportunity for selling partners to boost their business by offering competitively priced items, while customers can benefit from attractive discounts, fast shipping, and reliable delivery services.To facilitate convenient and seamless product delivery, Amazon Egypt also provides selling partners with various shipping options. These options include Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which enables entrepreneurs to focus on product creation and business expansion, while Amazon Egypt handles packaging and shipping on behalf of the sellers. Yasmine Fekry, Co-founder of Raw African, shared her experience with stating: “Through my brand, Raw African for natural cosmetics and skincare, I was able to grow my business and reach more customers through I started my project in 2016 with a capital of only EGP 500. After selling on, my sales growth witnessed a 50% increase.” She added, “During sales seasons such as Eid and Ramadan Sale events, my sales increased by 88%.”Selling partners interested in joining the Amazon seller network can upload required documents through The registration process includes providing a national ID card, email address, cellphone number, tax registration number, tax/VAT registration certificate, and commercial registry for companies.

24 startups join Flat6Labs’ StartMashreq Growth Track Program

 Flat6Labs, the MENA region’s leading seed and early-stage venture capital firm, announced the selection of 24 startups for its StartMashreq Growth Track program.The startups - founded in Jordan, Lebanon & Iraq - operate in diverse sectors such as fintech, healthtech, e-commerce, and agritech, also including 5 startups cofounded by female entrepreneurs, operating in Edtech, Energy Tech, and Proptech.The startups collectively generate a total annual recurring revenue of USD 20.8 million and have raised a total of USD 38.5 million along with creating around 700 direct job opportunities across the three countries. By joining the StartMashreq Growth Track program, they have the ability to access new markets, scale their operations, provide more job opportunities and increase their impact on their respective economies.“We are delighted to partner with Flat6Labs to support these promising startups from the Mashreq region, especially those founded by women,” said Abeer Shalan, Senior Operations Officer at the International Financial Corporation (IFC). “Mashreq startups can demonstrate resilience and innovation in the face of challenging circumstances and prove their ability to create value for their stakeholders by venturing into new markets. By providing them with funding and resources, we hope to help them reach their full potential and contribute to the development of the regional startup ecosystem.”Ragia Amr, Program Director of StartMashreq at Flat6Labs, said: “We are very excited to welcome the 24 startups to our Growth Track program. We have been impressed by the quality and diversity of the applications we received and we are confident that they have what it takes to succeed in their markets. Through our program, we will offer them tailored support and guidance to help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. We look forward to working with them over the next six months and beyond.”The StartMashreq Growth Track program kicked off in June 2023 and will run until December 2024. The program is part of StartMashreq's broader vision to inspire and support displaced entrepreneurs, empower female-led startups in the Mashreq Region, create more investment-ready businesses, and integrate the regional startup ecosystem. This will be fulfilled through a myriad of activities, exposure, and legal support. The activities will include workshops and mentorship by international experts, business networking events, investor mixers, and participation in international events and roadshows.The 24 startups, who joined StartMashreq’s Growth Track program, are:LebanonCompost BaladiEcomzKamKalimaMoodfitPresentailPurplShelvzIraqKESKLezzooMidient/PadashOrderiiToolmartJordanAlgebra IntelligenceArab TherapyDinarakHello World KidsInvoiceQJordilightKonn TechnologiesLittle Thinking MindsNestromPalmearRepzoShop4Me

Fawry and Tamatem Plus join forces to enhance e-payment experience for Egyptian

Cairo: Fawry, Egypt's premier e-payment solutions provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Tamatem Plus, a leading online store catering to gamers’ needs worldwide. This collaboration aims to offer Egyptian gamers easy and seamless access to the market through enhanced e-payment solutions without having to rely on banking services or going to unsecure foreign websites.Under this partnership, Tamatem Plus users will have access to two of Fawry Accept flagship services: card payment and Fawry Pay reference code. With a network of over 310,000 Fawry retail outlets and 230 FawryPlus branches, users can conveniently make payments using their preferred method.Fawry Accept payment gateway services, including card payments and Fawry Pay reference code, will enable Tamatem Plus users to make secure and hassle-free transactions. Users can pay with their cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Meeza) directly on the Tamatem Plus platform. Alternatively, they can visit the nearest Fawry retail network and pay in cash using the Fawry Pay reference code.Upon placing an order on the Tamatem Plus platform, users will receive a 48-hour valid reference code through a pop-up message, email, and SMS, which will serve as a unique identifier for the transaction"We are very pleased with our partnership with Tamatem Plus, the online platform that provides a convenient way for users to top up their accounts and enjoy in-app purchases often without having access to a bank account," said Bassem Lotfy, Head of Acceptance - E-Commerce at Fawry.Faisal Bitar, Managing Director of Tamatem Plus, added, "We are excited to collaborate with Fawry and bring their secure and widely accepted payment solutions to our platform. This integration aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing a seamless gaming experience for our users in Egypt." announces Eid Sale with up to 75% off

Cairo:, the Middle East’s leading online shopping destination, announces its Eid Sale of 2023, live from the 28th of June until midnight on the 2nd of July. The sale event is packed with up to 75% off hundreds of thousands of items, exciting bank offers, and split payment solutions. Fashion offers on noon.comWith prices starting at 49 EGP, you can save up to 75% off fashion brands like American Eagle, DeFacto, and Adidas, as well as the latest eyewear and watches from brands like Fossil, Cassio, Tommy Hilfiger, and Boss. Get up to 70% off beauty and fragrance products from renowned brands like Maybelline, Braun, Calvin Klein, and CeraVe.Bank offers and zero interest installment plansCustomers can now apply for the noon-branded "CIB noon Credit Card," in collaboration with CIB and Visa, to improve their shopping experience through interest-free installments of up to 15 months and 5% off (up to 150 EGP) all purchases.Customers can use noon’s Buy Now, Pay Later options and benefit from 3 month split payments with no interest, purchase fees, or downpayment thanks to noon's partnership with Paynas, powered by valU. Shoppers using valU can benefit from 60 month installment options with zero downpayment or purchasing fees, and get 25% off unlimited Sketchers and Anta purchases. National Bank of Egypt cardholders can get up to 12 month interest-free monthly installments for their noon purchases.Electronics & home appliances deals on noon.comCustomers can save up to 35% on smartphones from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Infinix, as well as up to 60% on electronics like TVs, laptops, and home appliances from well-known companies such as LG, Lenovo, Carrier, and Fresh, as well as coupons for up to 500 EGP off Samsung and LG TVs until 30th of June.Customers can get 10% off Neoflam, Nouval, and Trueval and up to 70% off kitchen and home necessities from brand favorites like Bosch, Grandi, Nouval, and Englander (from just 20 EGP). Bosch, Black & Decker, and Kenwood appliances come with a discount coupon worth up to 1500 EGP until 30th of June. Baby and toys deals on noon.comBaby brands like Molfix, Philips Avent, and Johnson's are available for up to 65% off (from just 20 EGP), and Bebem products are on sale for 400 EGP. Get 40 EGP off, Buy 3, Get 1 Free deals on Molfix and BabyJoy products, and up to 60% off toys from Bestway, Intex, and Nilco.Super saver grocery offersCustomers can also stock up on grocery essentials with up to 70% off from brands like Oxi, Papia, Lipton, and Crystal for as little as 18 EGP.noon Minutes’ crazy offers delivered in 15 minutesnoon Minutes is also offering massive discounts of up to 65% off. Various products are on offer from brands like Fresh, L'Oreal, Dettol, and Temry, starting from 15 EGP with speedy delivery in as little as 15 minutes.noon’s Eid Sale is live from June 28th until midnight on July 2nd, with super-speedy delivery and thousands of amazing deals across fashion, beauty, home, electronics, appliances, and toys ready to wow customers.

Capgemini Egypt appoints Hossam Seifeldin as CEO

Cairo – Capgemini announces the appointment of Hossam Seifeldin as CEO Capgemini in Egypt. In this role Hossam is responsible for building and growing the Group’s newest Global Delivery Center team of experts that serves global clients with a focus on Europe and the Middle East region. Capgemini’s Global Delivery Center in Egypt has been set up to meet growing client demand for its offerings in Cloud Infrastructure Services, Intelligent Operations, Engineering, Research and Development, and Data and Artificial Intelligence. Through its network of Global Delivery Centers, - now including Egypt, Capgemini provides large organizations with 24/7, multi-lingual business and transformation services. Thanks to its time zone, the new Egypt Global Delivery Center is ideally placed to provide services to clients across Europe and the Middle East.“After spending a number of years working in the region Hossam is returning to his homeland of Egypt to establish and grow Capgemini’s first delivery center in the country,” comments Aiman Ezzat, CEO of the Capgemini Group. “He is an accomplished business leader and technologist, with a strong track record in building and leading new organizations as well as ensuring delivery excellence. I am delighted to welcome Hossam to the Group and wish him every success in his new role.” “In leading Capgemini’s newest Global Delivery Center, I will combine the skills that I have accumulated over the years in serving global clients, as well as building and shaping new business units and teams founded on trust and an inclusive culture,” said Hossam Seifeldin. “The work that we are undertaking for clients spans the fast-evolving fields of cloud, data and AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms. The rich talent pool in Egypt has a well-matched skill set. I am really looking forward to growing our portfolio of services and welcoming new team members to Capgemini, from graduates and developers through to data scientists and engineers.”Prior to joining Capgemini, Hossam worked for 27 years in IBM where he held several leadership positions across the different business units and geographies. In 2013 he was appointed as the Middle East & Africa (MEA) Vice President, where he led the IBM Transformation across MEA and delivered strong performance across the different metrics. He also led the Operations, Transformation and Strategy since 2008 whereby he developed and executed the Operational and Strategic operating model across MEA. In addition, he has held several leadership roles on top of his VP responsibilities: General Manager for Saudi, Gulf, and Pakistan from 2019 till end of 2021 and General Manager Africa from 2014 to 2016. Hossam started his career in IBM Egypt in 1996 as a Systems Engineer.Hossam is passionate about building new business units and creating inclusive culture with trust, teamwork and speed with execution at the center.He holds a B.Sc. in Engineering from Ain Shams University in Cairo and a Diploma in Management from Henley University (UK). He is also certified board director from International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group.