Haltia.AI CEO Talal Thabet: Ethical AI, personalization, and privacy

In this interview with Adgully Middle East, Talal Thabet, CEO Haltia.AI, paints a picture of how Haltia.AI and similar technologies will transform the way we interact with technology, offering personalized experiences that enhance productivity, well-being, and human connection. This interview provides a deep dive into this AI startup’s vision, technology, and impact on the future of AI interaction, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of personal AI experiences.How is Haltia.AI redefining personal AI experiences in the UAE, considering the unique cultural landscape and user needs?Haltia.AI recognizes the importance of cultural sensitivity in crafting a personal AI experience. Moreover, Haltia.AI champions member empowerment and respects the spirit of self-sovereignty, in alignment with the cypherpunk principles of our co-founder and CTO, Arto Bendiken. Here's how we address this in the UAE:On-device processing: Member data stays entirely on their devices, maximizing control and privacy. I see privacy as equal to dignity. This aligns well with the cultural emphasis of the region.Multilingual capabilities: Catering to the region's diverse languages, Haltia.AI will incorporate advanced language processing for seamless interaction in Arabic and other prominent languages.Culturally-aware knowledge base development: We're building an AI with a knowledge base that acknowledges local customs, etiquette, and sensitivities relevant to the UAE and regional context.Member-controlled persona development: The AI personalizes the companion's interaction style based on the member’s usage which offers more formal or respectful speech patterns to align with cultural preferences.Can you elaborate on how Haltia.AI goes beyond basic automation and truly personalizes the user experience with adaptive intelligence?Firstly, at Haltia.AI we do not have “users”. We have “members”. “Users” are for social media and drug dealers. When a service is free, a user and their data become the product. To answer your question, Haltia.AI's core strength lies in its Adaptive Personal AI technology. Here's how it personalizes the experience:Learning from member interactions: The AI continuously learns from member behaviour, preferences, and communication patterns.Predictive capabilities: Based on learned patterns, Haltia.AI anticipates member needs and proactively suggests actions or information.Contextual awareness: The AI understands the context of member queries and tailors responses accordingly, providing more relevant and helpful information.Evolving knowledge base: As members interact with the AI, the knowledge base personalizes itself to their specific interests and needs.With the constant evolution of AI, how is Haltia.AI ensuring its technology stays adaptable and relevant in the long run?We are committed to continuous innovation at Haltia.AI:Dedicated R&D team: Our team actively researches advancements in AI, focusing on areas like real-time knowledge capture and large language model optimization for mobile devices. A team that has already published several prominent papers and will continue to do so.Open architecture: Our technology is designed to be adaptable and integrate with future AI developments, and consequently, can be customized for both the public and the private sectors too.Collaboration with developers: We offer developer kits, fostering a community that builds upon our core technology, accelerating innovation.As AI becomes more integrated into daily life, how is Haltia.AI addressing potential ethical concerns around user privacy and bias? Should AI be regulated? What are your thoughts especially in the backdrop of the recent AI law passed by the EU?At Haltia.AI, ethical considerations and user privacy are paramount. We are one of the few startups that has a dedicated Ethicist on our payroll who directs our compass towards the ethical values that are essential to us as a brand. In addition, we have nine cypherpunks on our advisory board that are all privacy advocates who are happy to ring the alarm should they find that we have not lived up to our brand promise of unbreachable privacy. This direction and keen desire to maintain privacy is because we believe in empowering members with complete control over their data. That's why our core innovation lies in on-device processing.Data never leaves the device: Unlike traditional AI assistants, Haltia.AI processes all information entirely on your smartphone or device. This eliminates the risk of data breaches entirely, as your data never travels to the cloud.Focus on member control: Members have complete autonomy over what information they share with the AI and how it's used.Bias detection and mitigation: We actively address potential biases in our AI by employing diverse datasets and rigorous testing methodologies. We're fortunate to have a senior AI ethicist on our team, leading these efforts and ensuring responsible development.Industry standards and best practices: While we may not advocate for heavy-handed regulation, we believe in responsible AI development and support industry standards that promote user privacy and mitigate bias. The EU's AI Act highlights some valuable considerations in this regard.By prioritizing on-device processing, member control, and leading with an AI ethics expert, Haltia.AI offers a future of AI interaction built on trust and transparency.Does Haltia.AI have ambitions to expand its reach beyond the UAE and cater to a global audience? If so, how will it adapt to diverse cultural contexts?Global presence is an obvious part of our vision. Here's how we'll adapt:Multilingual support: We'll offer extensive language processing capabilities to serve users globally from launch.Culturally-aware knowledge base development: We'll work with local partners and experts to tailor the knowledge base to specific regional contexts.Customizable member interfaces: The UI will be adaptable to accommodate different cultural preferences for design and interaction.Working with the enterprise sector clients that have a similar geographic canvas to roll out the service across their footprint.How will Haltia.AI and similar technologies transform the way we interact with technology in the coming years?Personal AI companions like Haltia.AI will change human behaviour and create a new era of human-tech interaction:More intuitive and natural interaction: We'll move away from keyword searches and towards a more conversational way of interacting with technology.Increased efficiency and productivity: AI will anticipate needs and handle routine tasks, freeing up human time for more creative endeavours.Personalized experiences: Technology will adapt to individual members, providing a more seamless and enriching experience, whether at work or in a member’s private life.Haltia.AI and similar companions, not just assistants, will evolve into the companions that provide assistance, guidance, advice, coaching, promotion, motivation, and dare I say, allow the members to feel supported, loved, and cared for. Human behavior will undergo a transformation, with stress levels decreasing, and instances of overwork and burnout diminishing. Consequently, society will witness greater unity and tolerance among individuals, as Haltia.AI democratizes intelligence just as the internet democratized information.

UAE's Haltia.AI credits Dubai for meteoric rise in AI landscape

 Haltia.AI, the UAE's foremost adaptive personal AI, credits Dubai for its significant growth in the AI domain. The company attributes its success directly to Dubai's robust government support system, which distinguishes the city as a prime hub for AI startups. With a blend of opportunities, supportive regulations, a talent-friendly environment, tax incentives, and avenues for global collaboration, the UAE has propelled Haltia.AI from a startup to a global AI influencer. This success story underscores the crucial role of government support in fostering startup growth, driving innovation, and enhancing international competitiveness.At a time when everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is redefining our lives, startups like Haltia.AI are emerging as the new leaders of innovation. Haltia.AI represents a significant leap forward in how technology can enhance our daily lives and improve our social interactions. However, the journey of AI startups from concept to global influence is fraught with challenges, necessitating a supportive ecosystem that can fuel their growth. Herein lies the importance of government support, a lesson well articulated by the successes of the forward-thinking UAE in fostering a thriving startup ecosystem and illustrated by establishing the first AI ministry in the world back in 2017.The UAE's model of nurturing innovation through comprehensive support mechanisms offers invaluable lessons for countries aiming to bolster their AI sectors. By providing startups with funding opportunities, regulatory frameworks conducive to growth, and platforms for international collaboration, the UAE has positioned itself as a global hub for technological innovation or, as some would call it, the Silicon Valley of the East. This support is not merely about financial backing but encompasses mentorship, access to state-of-the-art facilities, and an environment that encourages experimentation and innovation.Haltia.AI is a prime example of a company reaping the benefits of this supportive ecosystem. The startup's unique proposition of offering a secure and adaptive AI underscores the need for governments to prioritize not just the incubation of technology businesses but also to ensure they operate within a framework that champions security and adaptability. "In an age where data privacy concerns and the need for personalized technology are paramount, and demand will continue to grow, government support can significantly amplify our efforts to create AI solutions that are both innovative and trustworthy," states Talal Thabet, (pictured above), CEO of Haltia.AI. "The UAE's approach to supporting startups like ours through a blend of regulatory guidance, advisory support, access to cutting-edge resources and international networking opportunities is a blueprint that could well serve as a global standard."For governments looking to replicate the UAE's success, the path involves more than just drafting policies. It requires a commitment to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the AI sector, fostering partnerships between public and private sectors, and investing in the foundational aspects of technology innovation such as education and research. As Thabet emphasizes, "Talal Thabet. "Support from the government is not just about aiding startups with incorporation services or navigating the labyrinth of corporate taxation but building an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, adapts to the evolving tech landscape, with events, relevant expertise, connecting the social graph, and improving working and living standards."The potential benefits of such support can be illustrated in several interests and requirements of government. For one, it can accelerate the development of groundbreaking technologies that address societal challenges, from healthcare to environmental sustainability. Moreover, by fostering a competitive technology sector, governments can drive economic growth, create high-skilled jobs, and establish their countries as leaders in the digital age.As Haltia.AI and other AI startups navigate the complexities of innovation, the role of government support becomes increasingly critical. The UAE's success story offers a compelling narrative on how such support can catalyze the growth of startups, turning them from local ventures into global pioneers. Talal Thabet concludes by saying, “As the world continues to embrace AI, the synergy between startups pushing the boundaries of technology and providing solutions to further humanity and government support will undoubtedly be a defining factor in shaping the future of the world.”

Haltia.AI champions ethical AI revolution

As the global focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) intensifies, Haltia.AI, a cutting-edge AI startup rooted in the UAE, is setting the standard for ethical AI application. As the company gears up for its highly-anticipated alpha release, the co-founders - CEO Talal Thabet and CTO Arto Bendiken - emphasise that ethics are not just a component of their AI platform, but the company’s north star."We keenly aware of the transformative power of AI and its potential consequences. It’s not just about building smarter machines; it’s about aligning them with the values that make us human," asserts Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder of Haltia.AI. "This approach is deeply ingrained in our superstar team, guided by leading experts such as AI Ethicist Steve Cobb."Steve Cobb concurs, "We are setting a new paradigm. In a world where AI technologies are advancing at breakneck speed, we’re committed to shaping an AI landscape that is ethical by design, drawing on the combined decades of experience and leadership provided by Talal and Arto."With this commitment to ethical practices in mind, Haltia.AI recognises its influential role in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, calling for responsible innovation. Haltia.AI highlights the unparalleled expertise of its engineering team, each of whom is hand-picked for their prowess and commitment to excellence while rooted in ethical considerations.Consistent with the UAE leadership’s vision for international impact and technological advancement, Haltia.AI invites companies and institutions worldwide to collaborate. "The UAE stands as a beacon for global innovation and we aim to contribute to the UAE government’s legacy by spearheading partnerships in the ethical sphere," says Talal Thabet.As the company transitions from stealth to spotlight with its impending alpha release, this ethical stance serves as both a corporate mission and an industry call to arms."Our focus on ethics isn't a trend—it's a non-negotiable responsibility," concludes Talal. "We have the expertise and vision to not only implement ethical AI but to also guide other organisations in doing so."

Unprecedented collaboration: nine cypherpunks, one AI company, one goal

Today marks a seismic shift in the technology landscape as Dubai-based startup Haltia.AI emerges from three months of meticulous planning and stealth operations to make its grand entry onto the global VC stage. For the first time in history, nine cypherpunks, revered as the philosophical backbone of a more secure, private digital world, are uniting to push the boundaries of what's possible in AI and privacy."Cypherpunks are more than just visionaries; they are our philosophical backbone and the best and brightest in the tech and AI fields have assembled under the Haltia.AI banner,” says Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder, with an illustrious track record in the European tech scene. “We've carefully curated an extraordinary dream team enriched with applauded brain capital - experts in machine learning, natural language processing, voice interaction, user experience, computer vision, core building, and fine-tuning. The inclusion of a celebrated AI psychologist and a top-tier AI ethicist amplifies our commitment to not just technology but also the ethical and emotional complexities of AI in modern society."The strategic choice of establishing Haltia.AI in the UAE amplifies the company's formidable mission. "The UAE is a tech entrepreneur's utopia, having astutely created an AI ministerial role as early as 2017," Bendiken adds. "Their foresight and robust investment in AI development have made them a global AI leader, offering cutting-edge research facilities, world-class infrastructure, and top-tier talent. The nation is synergistically aligned with our mission to not only push technological boundaries but also to make a lasting, positive impact on global quality of life."Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder with a portfolio of successful startups, underscores the strategic advantages of the UAE. "In an ecosystem enriched by progressive government policies, such as The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031, we find ourselves on an accelerated trajectory towards delivering transformative AI solutions," Thabet states. "Conversations for Series A funding are already underway with potential investors in both the UAE and Silicon Valley, making the business-friendly regulatory environment in the UAE the ideal launching pad for Haltia.AI."Haltia.AI's team comprises an extraordinary blend of globally recognised pioneers, not just technologists. "We are already experiencing significant traction, as evidenced by our growing waiting list of users pre-launch," Thabet elaborates. "This positions us uniquely in the investor landscape, offering substantial partnership opportunities and allowing us to be highly selective in choosing the ideal lead investor for our Series A round."Anchored by its vision of privacy and ethical AI development, Haltia.AI is steadfast in its commitment to have a transformative impact on industries and individual lives around the world.