Haltia.AI publishes groundbreaking research on LLM performance on smartphones

Haltia.AI, a UAE-based AI innovator, has just released a significant academic paper, marking a substantial contribution to the field of artificial intelligence. The study, titled "A Performance Evaluation of a Quantized Large Language Model on Various Smartphones," represents a breakthrough in understanding and optimizing Large Language Models (LLMs) for use on mobile devices.This research, endorsed and peer-reviewed, evaluates the performance of a specific LLM applied across all iPhone models. It represents a comprehensive and empirical examination of running state-of-the-art LLMs on smartphones, a first of its kind in the AI industry. The study meticulously analyzes factors affecting performance, such as power throttling and thermal effects, providing valuable insights into effective AI processing on portable devices.As a rising startup, Haltia.AI’s investment in such high-level research underscores its commitment to advancing the AI field. "Our aim is to not only develop innovative products but also contribute meaningfully to the scientific community," said Dr Tolga Çöplü, Head of Research at Haltia.AI. "This paper showcases our team's ability to conduct significant research, placing us in a league different from most startups in the AI space."The study's findings are crucial for understanding how to effectively run LLMs on mobile devices, opening up possibilities for AI applications where data privacy, security, and offline functionality are critical. The study indicates that recent iPhone generations can effectively run on-device LLMs, though advancements in power management and system integration are needed to maximize performance."We're excited about the implications of this research for the future of AI in everyday life," said Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder of Haltia.AI. "Our work demonstrates that advanced AI can be more than just a cloud-based service; it can be personal, private, and accessible anywhere."Haltia.AI plans to continue its research efforts, and to delve deeper into model compression and acceleration techniques. This ambitious goal highlights the startup’s dedication to being at the forefront of AI innovation and its commitment to contributing to the global AI community.

Haltia.AI unveils the most private personal AI assistant in the world

 Today marks an industry-defining moment as Haltia.AI emerges from stealth to announce its AI assistant, currently in a limited beta program shared exclusively with investors. This unveiling, set against the visionary backdrop of uncompromising privacy and ethics, promises a new standard for what personal technology could and should be. It merges unparalleled security with ethical responsibility and delivers an exceptional user experience.Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder states "In the crowded marketplace of smart assistants, we've created a premium experience that isn't just smart, but 'insightful.' Haltia.AI is more than an app; it's a masterpiece of engineering and privacy, akin to a Swiss watch in your pocket." Filling a gap in the market for state-of-the-art personal AI assistants, Haltia.AI is an all-in-one app-based solution. It’s designed for anyone looking to save precious hours in their day, from corporate executives and high net worth individuals to working mothers juggling the demands of family and career. Halford (“Hal”) and Tiana (“Tia”), the default avatars, go above and beyond standard AI capabilities, offering utility that ranges from basic tasks to complicated, predictive functionalities. Uniquely tailored to augment the iOS user experience, Haltia.AI will seamlessly integrate with Apple products and offer the best user experience on the newly unveiled iPhone 15, with plans for Android compatibility on the horizon.Elevating everyday tasks into effortless experiences, these AI assistants can read and respond to emails, capture new knowledge, conduct in-depth research, draft speeches and content, manage calendars, and even offer critical feedback on documents—all through natural voice interactions.  “In an era when technology is often under scrutiny for ethical and privacy concerns, we have engineered Halford and Tiana as fortresses of data security and privacy, ensuring that your data never escapes your personal devices and your ultimate control, thereby making cloud data leaks categorically impossible,” says Arto, elaborating on the product's ethical foundation and advanced security protocols.  "The essence of Haltia.AI is the gift of time. As lifelong companions, Halford and Tiana evolve alongside you, unlocking new features over time," says Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder. "For anyone who's ever felt there aren't enough hours in the day, I invite you to discover how Haltia.AI can free up your time. Join our waiting list and be among the pioneering few to experience it globally.""As we approach the launch of our Series A funding, we're on the lookout for investors who resonate with our vision—those who grasp the immense potential of Haltia.AI and share our excitement about its capacity to empower humanity to truly live the life they've imagined," adds Talal.The anticipated premium client release for Haltia.AI is set for Q1 of 2024. Halford and Tiana will undergo regular updates, enhancing features and capabilities that are set to transform the interactions of clients with the technology. Operating on a subscription-based model complemented by in-app purchases, Haltia.AI is tailored to cater to both individual and corporate clientele. The pricing structure has been meticulously designed to engage the company's initial goal of 1 million premium clients. Moreover, these premium members will be paired with dedicated relationship managers, ensuring a guided and enriched experience throughout their journey with Haltia.AI.Behind Haltia.AI is a team of tech savants and ethical warriors, a diverse cohort of talent combining years of experience in both tech and business ethics, AI and security. The team is united in its quest to elevate digital experiences while ensuring privacy and ethical considerations are at the forefront. Arto concludes, "This is just the beginning. We're building a legacy, not merely a product, and we are excited for the next phase."

Haltia.AI champions ethical AI revolution

As the global focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) intensifies, Haltia.AI, a cutting-edge AI startup rooted in the UAE, is setting the standard for ethical AI application. As the company gears up for its highly-anticipated alpha release, the co-founders - CEO Talal Thabet and CTO Arto Bendiken - emphasise that ethics are not just a component of their AI platform, but the company’s north star."We keenly aware of the transformative power of AI and its potential consequences. It’s not just about building smarter machines; it’s about aligning them with the values that make us human," asserts Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder of Haltia.AI. "This approach is deeply ingrained in our superstar team, guided by leading experts such as AI Ethicist Steve Cobb."Steve Cobb concurs, "We are setting a new paradigm. In a world where AI technologies are advancing at breakneck speed, we’re committed to shaping an AI landscape that is ethical by design, drawing on the combined decades of experience and leadership provided by Talal and Arto."With this commitment to ethical practices in mind, Haltia.AI recognises its influential role in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, calling for responsible innovation. Haltia.AI highlights the unparalleled expertise of its engineering team, each of whom is hand-picked for their prowess and commitment to excellence while rooted in ethical considerations.Consistent with the UAE leadership’s vision for international impact and technological advancement, Haltia.AI invites companies and institutions worldwide to collaborate. "The UAE stands as a beacon for global innovation and we aim to contribute to the UAE government’s legacy by spearheading partnerships in the ethical sphere," says Talal Thabet.As the company transitions from stealth to spotlight with its impending alpha release, this ethical stance serves as both a corporate mission and an industry call to arms."Our focus on ethics isn't a trend—it's a non-negotiable responsibility," concludes Talal. "We have the expertise and vision to not only implement ethical AI but to also guide other organisations in doing so."

Unprecedented collaboration: nine cypherpunks, one AI company, one goal

Today marks a seismic shift in the technology landscape as Dubai-based startup Haltia.AI emerges from three months of meticulous planning and stealth operations to make its grand entry onto the global VC stage. For the first time in history, nine cypherpunks, revered as the philosophical backbone of a more secure, private digital world, are uniting to push the boundaries of what's possible in AI and privacy."Cypherpunks are more than just visionaries; they are our philosophical backbone and the best and brightest in the tech and AI fields have assembled under the Haltia.AI banner,” says Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder, with an illustrious track record in the European tech scene. “We've carefully curated an extraordinary dream team enriched with applauded brain capital - experts in machine learning, natural language processing, voice interaction, user experience, computer vision, core building, and fine-tuning. The inclusion of a celebrated AI psychologist and a top-tier AI ethicist amplifies our commitment to not just technology but also the ethical and emotional complexities of AI in modern society."The strategic choice of establishing Haltia.AI in the UAE amplifies the company's formidable mission. "The UAE is a tech entrepreneur's utopia, having astutely created an AI ministerial role as early as 2017," Bendiken adds. "Their foresight and robust investment in AI development have made them a global AI leader, offering cutting-edge research facilities, world-class infrastructure, and top-tier talent. The nation is synergistically aligned with our mission to not only push technological boundaries but also to make a lasting, positive impact on global quality of life."Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder with a portfolio of successful startups, underscores the strategic advantages of the UAE. "In an ecosystem enriched by progressive government policies, such as The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031, we find ourselves on an accelerated trajectory towards delivering transformative AI solutions," Thabet states. "Conversations for Series A funding are already underway with potential investors in both the UAE and Silicon Valley, making the business-friendly regulatory environment in the UAE the ideal launching pad for Haltia.AI."Haltia.AI's team comprises an extraordinary blend of globally recognised pioneers, not just technologists. "We are already experiencing significant traction, as evidenced by our growing waiting list of users pre-launch," Thabet elaborates. "This positions us uniquely in the investor landscape, offering substantial partnership opportunities and allowing us to be highly selective in choosing the ideal lead investor for our Series A round."Anchored by its vision of privacy and ethical AI development, Haltia.AI is steadfast in its commitment to have a transformative impact on industries and individual lives around the world.