Ski Dubai in partnership with Dubai Sports Council to host DXB Snow Run

Dubai: Ski Dubai in partnership with Dubai Sports Council are excited to announce that the fourth edition of the DXB Snow Run will take place on 21 May. The unique running experience is open to anyone between the ages of 15 and 70 and will see participants navigate the slopes of Ski Dubai in -4?C.DXB Snow Run was launched in 2020 and was one of the first snow sports competitions in the world to take place post-lockdown. Due to popular demand, it has become an annual event and last year a record 500 athletes from various nationalities took part.Mohammad El Etri, Vice President, Global Snow, Majid Al Futtaim Leisure, Entertainment & Cinemas, said, “Ski Dubai is delighted to partner with Dubai Sports Council once again to host this unique event, which enables members of the community to stay fit and active as the weather heats up. We’re also excited to introduce a team’s category this year for added camaraderie. DXB Snow Run is just one of many events we host throughout the year as part of our commitment to improve community wellbeing by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.”Ali Omar Al Balooshi, Director of Sports Events, Dubai Sports Council, said, “We are always delighted to partner with Ski Dubai on initiatives such as the DXB Snow Run. Our partnership is built on our shared commitment to bring the community together through sport. We are confident that by hosting regular community events and sport initiatives, we can improve the overall health and wellbeing of Dubai residents.”The first race starts at 6.30am and runners can choose from two distances – 3km (3 loops) or 5km (5 loops). A new teams category has been added this year which allows groups of five people to take part in the race where they will be competing against other teams. Each person that crosses the finish line will receive a commemorative medal. Registration is now open (until 18 May) and participants can secure their spot on PremierOnline.Ski Dubai was recently awarded the Best Sport / Adventure-Based Entertainment at the 2023 MENALAC Awards, which are the benchmark of excellence in the leisure, entertainment and attractions industry, in recognition of its commitment to foster a snow sports culture in the MENA region.

91% of MENA professionals feel optimistic about 2023 – survey

A new survey by, the Middle East’s #1 job site, spotlights the career goals Middle East professionals will focus on in 2023. The 2023 New Year’s Resolutions Poll reveals that a majority of MENA professionals (91%) feel positive about 2023 and 88% have made resolutions for the new year.Personal AmbitionsAlthough 79% of respondents are pleased with their professional and personal growth during 2022, most MENA professionals are focused on improving aspects that have a direct impact on the quality of their lives. Among professionals who are making personal resolutions, popular ones are saving money (63%), exercising and following a healthy diet (18%), spending more time with friends and family (14%) and taking more vacations (5%).Interestingly, most respondents are optimistic about their ability to stick to their resolutions – 31% said that they have achieved all their resolutions for 2022 and 35% said they have achieved most of their resolutions for the year.Ola Haddad, Director of Human Resources at said: “A majority of MENA professionals are not only up for a challenge next year, but also view it as a means to enrich their professional and personal life. MENA professionals display a growth attitude, as they are eager to learn and develop and have ambitious goals for 2023. To attract and retain talent, companies must provide the incentives, work-life balance, and professional progression possibilities that employees demand.”Career AmbitionsCareer-related New Year's resolutions are popular among MENA professionals who aim to improve their career prospects in the coming year. These include finding a new job (56%), learning new skills at work (21%), getting a promotion or a salary raise (20%) and improve relationships with colleagues and managers (3%).Among professionals who are looking for new jobs, a whopping 74% are thinking of making a complete change in the industry they currently work in. Whilst looking for new jobs in 2023, respondents will look for career growth opportunities (31%), work-life balance (25%), flexible work arrangements (25%) and competitive salary (20%). Survey respondents use online job sites (69%), company websites (18%), social media (9%) and virtual job fairs (4%) to look for new jobs.Professionals in the MENA region also shed light on their expectations from employers and areas of improvement that could be taken into consideration in the new year. These include providing more training and learning resources (53%), more rewards and benefits (20%), more feedback and support (15%) and being more flexible with timing (12%).Data for the New Year’s Resolutions Poll 2023 was collected online from November 2 to December 4, 2022. Results are based on a sample of 2,988 respondents from the following countries: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Sudan among others.

Good health insurance is top priority after high salary for MENA professionals

A new survey by, the Middle East’s #1 job site, revealed a variety of insights about lifestyles of professionals and how employers can elicit a healthy change in the workplace. According to the ‘Health and Wellbeing in the MENA’ survey, the majority of respondents (94%) have the intention to become regularly active and follow a healthy diet and 80% reveal that their work schedule allows them to allocate time for physical exercise.Interestingly, 92% of respondents believe that employers should be involved in the health and wellbeing of their employees. Further, 28% of respondents prefer working for an employer who provides health insurance over a higher salary, 13% believe that higher salary is more important and 59% believe that they are both equally important.Ola Haddad, Director of Human Resources at said: “Our latest survey highlights how an increasing focus on health is shaping MENA job seekers’ choices and what employers can do to promote a holistic approach to wellness at the workplace. The main aim of our research is to help both professionals and companies create a supportive environment to boost happiness and give rise to important conversations in relation to wellbeing.”Professionals in the MENA region look for multiple health and wellbeing aspects while searching for jobs. These include relaxed and friendly environment (58%), flexible work hours (23%), health insurance (12%), gym facilities or free memberships (5%) and healthy meals or snacks (2%). In fact, 84% of respondents claim that they will exercise more if their workplace had a gym or offered subsidized gym memberships.On a positive note, 70% of respondents say that their employer provides them with a health and wellbeing plan, workshops, or educational sessions. 80% believe that their current workplace provides a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Additionally, two-thirds of professionals (66%) are satisfied with the level of communication that exists within their organization.According to survey respondents, employers can take several actions to contribute in reducing stress at the workplace. These include offering a flexible workplace environment (53%), providing time / resources for physical activity (24%), organizing more social activities for the team (17%) and encouraging healthy eating habits (5%).Data for the ‘Health and Wellbeing in the MENA’ survey was collected online from October 3 to November 2, 2022. Results are based on a sample of 2,833 respondents from the following countries: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Sudan among others.