Al-Futtaim IKEA's 'Bring on the Mess' campaign embraces the beauty of chaos

Al-Futtaim IKEA, the franchisee operating IKEA stores in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman, in alliance with FP7 McCann, has launched its latest campaign ‘Bring on the Mess’.The new promotional ad wants people to change their mindset about being messy. It encourages them to get messy as well as be happy with mess around them. FP7 Mc Cann, which recently acquired IKEA’s global ad account, has executed both the video as well as print campaign for Al-Futtaim IKEA. The campaign has been launched in video and print across the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman.The ad film encourages everyone to get messy, be it a kid playing with toys or a husband making a romantic dinner for his wife. It supports the idea that ‘mess is freedom’ and ‘mess is your happy place’ and finally ends with the slogan that ‘IKEA’s got your back’.The advertisement illustrates how IKEA's storage solutions can effectively organize and manage clutter. This video campaign is complemented by a print campaign featuring everyday individuals in their regular living spaces, demonstrating the transformative effect of these solutions on their clutter.Carla Klumpenaar, General Manager – Marketing, Communication, HF and Retail Design in UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman at Al-Futtaim IKEA, shares: “Our campaign is the story of mess throughout life. But let’s remember, mess isn’t just about things and stuff. It’s about life’s surprises, the things that make it unpredictable and uniquely special. It’s that feeling when we don’t know what’s coming next, when we’re not in control for a moment. It’s exciting, emotional, and always changing. And with every mess, there’s a new possibility to make life better. It’s one of the things that makes life extraordinary.”The campaign aims to share the message that people’s space is a canvas and to fill it with their life is to fill it with their mess and embrace it.Federico Fanti, Chief Creative Officer, FP7 McCann, said: “Bring On The Mess is an ode to the beautiful messes of our lives that give character to every corner of our homes, making them unique, unexpected, and endearingly us.”