Meta Mulls Paid Ad-Free Facebook, Instagram for EU Users

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is reportedly considering introducing ad-free paid versions of its social media platforms for users in the European Union. Under this proposed plan, users could pay around 10 euros (approximately US$10.46) per month for an ad-free experience on Facebook or Instagram on desktop, with an additional charge of about 6 euros for each linked account. On mobile devices, the cost for a single account would increase to around 13 euros due to fees from Apple's and Google's app stores.This move comes in response to evolving regulatory requirements in the EU, as Meta seeks to address concerns about user data and advertising practices. Earlier this year, the company was fined 390 million euros by Ireland's Data Privacy Commissioner and was instructed not to use the "contract" legal basis for delivering personalized ads based on users' online activities.Meta has informed European regulators of its intention to launch this ad-free subscription plan, referred to as Subscription No Ads (SNA), in the coming months. While the company emphasizes its commitment to providing free services supported by personalized ads, it is exploring these options to ensure compliance with evolving regulations.Both Meta and relevant regulatory bodies, including Ireland's Data Protection Commission and the European Commission, have not provided additional comments on this matter as of now. The New York Times initially reported Meta's consideration of paid ad-free versions for EU users, though pricing details were not disclosed.This potential shift underscores Meta's efforts to adapt to changing privacy and data protection regulations in the EU and provide users with more choices regarding their online experience.