Yalla!Hub empowers over 105 brands as it conquers new markets

Yalla!Hub, the leading quick-commerce as a service (QAAS) platform, today announced a series of groundbreaking initiatives to propel the e-commerce revolution in the MENA, which is set to grow by 24 percent between 2020 and 2024 to reach $20 billion. Several services and marketplaces, such as Amazon, Noon, and NowNow, have already integrated the features the company has to offer, such as SEO optimization and professional design of item cards to attract more customers and increase brand awareness. Over the past year, Yalla!Hub has played a pivotal role in enabling over 105 brands to expand their reach into the UAE, Saudi Arabia and beyond. The brands include VkusVill, Ingresso Roasters, Narzan water, Elfbar, Bite Beauty, Minimalist Jewelry, Merries, Bio Cera, mi&ko, Daigo, Rada Russkikh, Romanovamakeup, Pusy Beauty, among others. These brands, spanning diverse industries from groceries and vitamins to housekeeping, baby products, and electronics, have leveraged Yalla!Hub's robust infrastructure and expertise to seamlessly navigate the complexities of the MENA e-commerce market. Furthermore, some of these brands have become favorites in the market and shown rapid growth since their launch. This includes Romanovamakeup with a sales growth of 10560%, Merries with 2790%, Legend of Baikal with 1063%, Chikalab with 650%, and Lotos LLC (Chiedocover) with 469%, among others.The company's ambitious expansion plans and unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and partnerships position Yalla!Hub is at the forefront of shaping the region's digital retail future. In 2024, Yalla!Hub is poised to revolutionize the fashion segment, leveraging the explosive growth of TikTok and the burgeoning social e-commerce landscape. In fact, global social media advertising spending is projected to more than double and exceed an all-time high of $262 billion by 2028. With fashion becoming the epicenter of social commerce in the Middle East, the company empowers fashion brands to capitalize on this trend and connect directly with their target audience in the UAE and Saudi Arabia."We are witnessing the meteoric rise of TikTok and its transformative impact on social commerce," remarked Leo Dovbenko, CEO of Yalla!Hub. "Fashion, with its inherent visual appeal and social influence, is the ideal industry to harness this paradigm shift. Yalla!Hub is at the forefront of this disruption, empowering fashion brands to engage with their audience, showcase their products, and drive sales through the power of social media."Beyond fashion, Yalla!Hub is rapidly expanding its reach into new markets, setting its sights on conquering Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In summer 2023, the company secured a seed investment round of $6 million to fuel this expansion. These funds will be instrumental in refining the IT platform for order aggregation, expanding the network of partner marketplaces, and accelerating the company's growth in these new territories.With its innovative spirit, unwavering commitment to partnerships, and strategic expansion plans, Yalla!Hub is poised to become the driving force behind the MENA e-commerce sector, which is estimated to reach a market volume of $50 billion by 2025, according to a recent Deloitte study. The company's vision is to revolutionize how brands operate and consumers shop, creating a dynamic and interconnected e-commerce ecosystem that caters to the region's diverse needs."Yalla!Hub is not just another e-commerce platform; it's a catalyst for change," affirmed Dovbenko. "We are empowering brands to reach new heights, expanding consumer choices, and shaping the future of e-commerce in the MENA region. With our innovative approach, strategic partnerships, and unwavering commitment to growth, Yalla!Hub analyzes trends and offers its clients the most profitable ways to promote themselves on the market."

YallaHub partnering with WEE Marketplace to digitalize the industry

Leveraging a shop-in-shop format and making the UAE e-commerce omnichannel, YallaHub's collaboration with WEE will facilitate the sale of goods through both YallaMarket and WEE marketplace. The companies aim to enhance the GCC e-commerce market through their fastest innovative solutions for sales and delivery opening new opportunities for Emirati and foreign suppliers.In 2023, YallaHub raised $6M for MENA expansion into Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The effort underlines the company’s stated mission, which is to provide brands with technologies and infrastructure to scale within the GCC region. Providing comprehensive services ranging from product assortment consultancy, logistics, and customs clearance, to various marketing services, YallaHub enables local businesses to enter the large market of MENA countries.“This collaboration with WEE Marketplace signifies a major step forward in our mission to revolutionize e-commerce through digitalization in the UAE and GCC, making market entry and operations smoother both for customers and businesses. With this partnership we’re able to extend the reach of brands to a wider audience," stated Leo Dovbenko, CEO of Yalla!Hub.Positioned uniquely in the UAE marketplace, WEE is known for its fast delivery services. WEE marketplace, which operates like the American Target Plus model, will now feature goods from YallaHub prominently on their platform. This partnership empowers consumers in Dubai to order goods with delivery within an hour, extending to next-day delivery for the rest of the Emirates. The commingled efforts will enable WEE to continue its tradition of onboarding reliable suppliers and high-quality goods.“WEE Marketplace and YallaHub are absolute leaders of the UAE fast e-commerce market, and this partnership opens new horizons for brands, allowing them to enter at once both platforms. We choose the brands very carefully aiming to give the best products to our customers,” said Anastasia Kim, CEO and co-founder of WEE marketplace.Launched last year, the WEE marketplace is known for good service both for sellers and clients. YallaHub's partnership further enhances this impression by enabling businesses to showcase their high-quality, reliable goods on the WEE marketplace.The e-commerce market in the Emirates has reached $12.8 billion (according to Statista's estimate in 2022), and it is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2027. Express delivery accounts for 5.5% of the total merchandise turnover, which is approximately $700 million. Among express delivery categories, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, flowers, and food products are leading the way.