Netflix announces Dubai Bling

In its latest Arabic reality show, Dubai Bling, Netflix takes you behind the velvet rope to experience the glitz and glamour of life for the rich and famous in Dubai. Premiering on October 27th, this high-value production docu-soap follows 10 Arab millionaires who are living their wildest dreams in the Bling City, Dubai.Dubai has earned a global reputation as the land of wealth and opportunities. Sitting at the forefront of trade, business and innovation, Dubai has long attracted the bold and ambitious who will stop at nothing to make their dreams come true. The cast of Dubai Bling embody this determined spirit, giving you behind-the-scenes access to the daily lives of the trailblazers who are at the top of their fields, from real estate, to entertainment, to socialites and influencers. From the enterprising businessman to the free-spirited who pursued their passion, the cast of Dubai Bling, built their empires from the ground up. Reflecting the melting pot of cultures in the city, the predominantly Arab cast stars some well-known faces from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Iraq as well as expats from as far afield as India and Australia, who now call Dubai home. Despite the casts’ diverse backgrounds, nationalities and occupations, they all have one thing in common: getting to the top and staying on top! Set against the backdrop of luxury cars, runway-fresh fashion, exotic resorts and exclusive access to the city’s most popular restaurants and late night hotspots, we follow the cast in their daily lives. It’s not long before the competition between friends heats up and secrets are revealed, causing problems, sassy clapbacks and a whole lot of drama. Every episode of this explosive Arabic reality show is packed with pizazz and guaranteed to keep you glued to your screens as you soak up the extravagance, luxury and intense drama of these 10 millionaires, living their version of the Dubai Dream.