MarTech firm Reputation House receives AED600mln worth of potential new partners

DUBAI: Reputation House, one of the world’s leading online reputation management companies based in the USA, today revealed that they firm has received AED600 million ($163 million) worth of potential buyers out of 457 visitors to their booth. 35 companies set up exclusive meetings with Reputation House and discussed collaborations. The martch firm confirmed that four companies have pledged to move forward with the partnerships.With 10 years in the market, Reputation House has helped establish a strong online reputation for more than 1000 international corporations including governments, private entities, non-profits, and individuals. Reputation House is known for its expertise in enhancing and safeguarding online reputation, developing AI software to monitor, analyze and timely respond to mentions on the Internet, such as Reputation House App for large-scale online data analysis and My Reputation App for small businesses and personal use.On the sidelines of the show, a panel titled Creating Dynamic Social Content at Marketing Mania where the Reputation House spokesperson was a panelist, discussed how one can create impactful content that resonates with brands and create an impact on the audience.Mr. Nikita Prokhorov, Executive Director of Reputation House, said: “We are relatively new in the UAE. And we are impressed to see the visitors turn up and the impact of the show. New partnerships at the show boosted our confidence for our expansion in the UAE and wider MENA region. We thank new partners who trusted in our solutions and move forward for collaborations. We thank the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy and Gitex Global who provided an excellent platform to demonstrate our unique services for both government corporations and private entities. At the panel discussions, we learned a lot from UAE experts and shared our US and Hong Kong experiences. The show created a lasting impression on us. Based on our success at the show, we plan to come up in a bigger way with more specialised services next year.”Expand North Start and Marketing Mania in collaboration with Gitex Global, are the largest and specialised startup investors and marketing trade show in the MENA region which gathered international, regional and local companies and experts. The organisers of the show said more than 1800 startups exhibited, while more than 1000 visitors from across 65 countries attended the show.Reputation House, based in the USA, is one of the world’s leading online reputation management agencies with offices in the UAE, Hong Kong, Moldova, and the USA. The agency specializes in detecting issues and fixing online performance: Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), online mentions monitoring, online reputation analytics, lead generation, deleting information from websites and search engines, and evaluating digital engagement and coverage.

Experts Rethink the enterprise in the Era of Rapid Digitalisation: Gitex Global

The 43rd edition of GITEX GLOBAL took place from October 16-20, 2023, the blockbuster tech showpiece once again reaching full capacity at the Dubai World Trade Centre as it hosted more than 6,000 exhibitors. GITEX GLOBAL and Expand North Star (which took place at Dubai Harbour, from October 15-20) comprised a combined 41 halls spanning 2.7 million sq. ft of exhibition space, a 40% growth year-on-year with 1,800 startups across both shows. The events converged the best minds and most visionary companies to scrutinise, challenge, define, and empower the digital agendas of the world.Data Centres, the Lifeblood of the Digital EraA report released during GITEX GLOBAL 2023 by Khazna Data Centres explored the growing demand for data centres due to the increasing importance of digitalisation for business success.The report found that 89% of business leaders believe digitalisation will be critical to business success, triggering a reassessment of data center requirements. Consequently, 45% of large and extra-large organizations reported that they are looking to expand their IT footprint to achieve greater flexibility, while around 36% aspire for greater levels of digital innovation, and approximately 36% hope to improve their customer experience.Hassan Alnaqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Centers, noted that the digital revolution has underlined the central role of digital strategies. He added that as the demand for robust digital infrastructure continues to grow, data centers are emerging as an essential cornerstone.New Data Exchange Platform to Streamline Data-Driven DecisionsModern enterprises and government institutions rely on data for decision-making. However, they face data challenges such as data silos, privacy issues, and cross-border data exchanges. To overcome these challenges, Mercedes-Benz has launched Acentrik, a data exchange platform that enables secure and compliant data ecosystem building. Mercedes-Benz announced at GITEX GLOBAL that Acentrik is now available in the UAE after success in the EU and APAC markets.Acentrik offers various opportunities for collaboration, data transfer, and monetisation, among different entities. Its unique feature is its compute-to-data approach with edge computing capabilities. This allows secure and private computation of data without moving the raw data. Acentrik brings algorithms to the data instead of the other way around.According to Jochen Kaiser, Head of Data Ecosystems at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Acentrik heralds a new future for data sharing and ecosystems. He said that access is essential for organisations' data-driven decisions and strategies.Laying the Building Blocks for the City of the FutureGITEX GLOBAL hosted an exciting discussion on the digital city of the future, during which experts calculated what the world and cities would look like in 2050. They asserted that the 'city of the future' would be an interconnected matrix of information, data, and technology that will continue to revolutionize how we live, work, and play.While opportunities abound, they also cautioned about the challenges inherent in building a smart city. Technical obstacles can be overcome with the right technology. However, getting people on board necessitates educating and dramatically shifting the public's attitudes about emerging technology. Given the rapid pace of technological advancements, it's crucial to stay informed about the current state of technology and its future direction, to meet specific needs effectively, they opined.Experts on the panel included David Tan, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, JTC Corporation, Singapore; Anas Naim, Managing Director, Middle East & Turkey, Orange; Daniel Diez, Chief Transformation Officer, Magic Leap, USA; Dr. Muneer Zuhdi, CTO Enterprise MEA, Nokia; Petr Hlavacek, Deputy Mayor, City of Prague, Czech Republic; and Roberto Frongia, Director of Strategy and Operations, TONOMUS Compute, Saudi Arabia.Cybercrime Leaves a Trail of Corporate CarnageGlobal cybercrime damage could rise to $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025. Driving this dangerous trend are the increasing sophistication and scale of cyberattacks, growing reliance on digital technology, and lack of cybersecurity awareness and education. Behind these statistics is a global trail of devastation for individuals, businesses, and governments.Leading public and private CISOs discussed the global nature of cybercrime and the critical need for transnational efforts. They included Ali Abdulla Hassan, Chief of Information Technology, Bahrain; Celia Mantshiyane, Chief Information Security Officer, South Africa; Robin Lennon Bylenga, VP, Information Security Awareness, Education and Communications Lead, DWS Group, United Kingdom; Sanusi Drammeh, Director of Cybersecurity, Gambia; and Solomon Soka, Director General, Information Network Security Administration, Ethiopia.Cyberspace is borderless, so is cybercrime. While each country must adopt its own cyber defence mechanisms based on local conditions, collaboration with local and global communities is paramount. The panellists highlighted the need for cyber diplomacy based on bilateral agreements to share threat intelligence, wherein an incident identified in one country is shared across all. They also recommended continent-wide and even global security operation centres (SOCs), which can go a long way in securing the world and humanity.

Abu Dhabi Government continues to showcase efforts in data & AI at GITEX Global

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The Abu Dhabi Government has continued its announcements of projects and initiatives as part of its participation at GITEX Global 2023.The Abu Dhabi Government pavilion has witnessed a number of major launches and announcements at the event, including the Smart AI Vehicle Inspection by the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT); the ‘Unlocking the Potential of Data for the Greater Good’ initiative and the launch of Insights and Foresights Platform (IFP 2.0) by the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD); and the Department of Energy (DoE)’s third phase of the heatmap project which aims to measure the intensity of water and electricity consumption in buildings using three-dimensional techniques.The entities presented their cutting-edge contributions to the Emirate’s digital future, reaffirming the government’s status as a leader in advancing AI and data-driven progress.SCAD’s ‘Unlocking the Potential of Data for the Greater Good’ project aims to develop state-of-the-art technological solutions to establish a unified virtual database. This database enhances the approach of data governance and integration in a secure environment, allowing decision-makers from government entities and the business community - including local, international and emerging companies - to access data repositories from various sectors and sources, with the aim of leveraging this data to make informed decisions. The project also enables ensuring confidentiality and privacy of data; harnessing the latest artificial intelligence techniques for analysis; and providing reliable proactive insights while improving data quality.As part of the centre's unwavering commitment to optimising data, SCAD also announced the launch of the second version of Insights and Foresights Platform (IFP 2.0). This release incorporates advanced features and enhancements to meet user requirements, such as customising platform settings to generate statistical comparisons; creating interactive dashboards; and issuing analytical reports based on geospatial data. Additionally, the enhanced AI-based platform relies on cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to offer timely nowcasts and forecasts through AI-powered models, equipping decision- and policy-makers with reliable proactive analyses into Abu Dhabi’s economic and social landscapes.His Excellency Abdullah Gharib Al Qemzi, Acting Director General of Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi, said: “The ‘Unlocking the Potential of Data for the Greater Good’ project represents a significant leap towards achieving data-driven excellence. By harnessing the potential of data and utilising the latest artificial intelligence technologies, SCAD aims to facilitate data access, foster collaboration and integration within the business community in the emirate. This is aimed at improving data quality, management and analysis, providing reliable proactive insights and enhancing efforts to protect the security, confidentiality and privacy of data, using it responsibly as we move towards a new era of progress and development."Meanwhile, DMT’s Smart AI Vehicle Inspection project harnesses AI and advanced technologies to conduct thorough vehicle inspections. This initiative incorporates sensors, cameras, machine learning algorithms and computer vision techniques to analyse various aspects of a vehicle's condition, enhancing safety and regulatory compliance.In parallel, DoE introduced the third phase of its game-changing 3D energy and water use intensity heatmap, an advanced system with elevated capability to reduce human intervention in displaying and analysing data by up to 90% while greatly enhancing the level of awareness among consumers in understanding the rate of consumption.The system also provides complete data for more than 350,000 buildings in a period of no more than a minute, and the system provides visual data for more than 72 million monthly readings on a single dynamic map, ensuring comprehensive insights that help make reliable and effective decisions.His Excellency Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Undersecretary of the Department of Energy, said: "This project reflects the Department’s continued commitment to pioneering digital government initiatives that aim to enhance efficiency in energy use. GITEX Global 2023 is an ideal platform to unveil this significant project that will enhance our ability to make informed decisions while issuing policies and creating programmes to efficiently manage water and electricity consumption in Abu Dhabi buildings.”Other key showcases from Abu Dhabi Government throughout the exhibition included the Department of Health (DoH) project, Unlocking Better Healthcare, which featured four initiatives: an AI Patient Assistant to help patients navigate the healthcare system; an AI Virtual Doctor enabling patients to access virtual healthcare; an AI-Powered Physician Platform for physicians to access and use data; and an AI Anomalies Detection system to collate and monitor data relating to issues such as medication prescription.Similarly, the Family Development Foundation (FDF) introduced the Digital Social Observer system, automating social phenomenon and issue monitoring to predict and address emerging social challenges and develop tailored programmes to meet the community’s needs. The Digital Integration initiative, also on display, encourages and enables full participation in digital life for senior citizens.Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (ADSSA) launched its Enhancing Customer Experience initiative, designed to streamline, align and ultimately digitalise processes involved in supporting dependent national families with the aim of improving the customer experience.The Abu Dhabi Chamber showcased Chamber ChatGPT, an AI tool specially designed to enable members to engage with the Chamber’s platform naturally and intuitively leverage natural language processing (NLP) technology.Thus far, the Abu Dhabi Government pavilion, led by the Department of Government Enablement (DGE), has showcased some 20 projects and signed nearly 30 MoUs. The government's continued presence at GITEX Global, now in its twelfth year, is testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation and progress, building on past successes and driving the future of technological advancement.

Ericsson & etisalat by e& sign MoU to collaborate on Cloud RAN testing

Ericsson and etisalat by e& have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the ways in which Ericsson Cloud RAN solution can support the development of the 5G mobile broadband network of the Communication Service Provider (CSP). The signing ceremony took place during GITEX GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).Ericsson and etisalat by e& will test Ericsson Cloud RAN solution in the network and identify areas where its introduction would best complement the existing purpose-built radio access network (RAN) infrastructure. They will also examine the potential of the solution to address a variety of 5G deployments and use cases with increased flexibility, faster service delivery and greater scalability.As an initial step, the two partners will conduct a proof of concept (PoC) for the new technology in a lab environment in the UAE.Ericsson Cloud RAN is based on cloud-native principles and open architecture with standardized interfaces that are compatible with the deployed Ericsson Radio System products and solutions, enabling etisalat by e& to evolve its network to its architecture of choice.Marwan Bin Shakar, Senior Vice President Access Network Development, at etisalat by e&, says: “Our innovation-driven alliance with Ericsson aligns with our continued commitment towards leveraging the latest technologies in the telecommunications industry to meet the rapidly evolving needs and high-performance expectations of our customers and enterprises. We look forward to strengthening the capabilities of our 5G network with Ericsson Cloud RAN.”Ekow Nelson, Vice President and Head of Global Customer Unit for e& at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says: “Today’s collaboration is another step in etisalat by e&’s 5G journey. Ericsson Cloud RAN will enable etisalat by e& to seamlessly evolve towards cloud-native technologies and open network architectures, with the vision that it can deploy cloud-native networks on any site, any cloud, and any server platform.”Ericsson Cloud RAN delivers network capabilities that enable service providers to pursue new business opportunities and diversify 5G use cases. announces expansion to KSA, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, one the UAE’s fastest growing digital ecosystems, announced its expansion across the MENA region with offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey during GITEX Global 2023. Driven by the success of its two platforms – collect and market – had already expanded its operations across the UAE with offices in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, in addition to a dedicated sales and technology office in India. By bringing both its platforms to new countries in the region, is now enhancing access to its entire ecosystem beyond the UAE, from trading recyclables through market to logistics and movement of goods through’s geographical expansion comes with its exponential growth in 2023, surpassing its performance indicators from 2022. Last year, market -’s online recyclables trading platform - recorded transactions worth over AED 100 million and over 100,000 tonnes of material bought and sold. has surpassed last year’s performance within the first six months of 2023, recording transactions worth over AED 150 million and over 130,000 tonnes of material traded, further driving the circular economy. Similarly, collect, which “uberises” moving and logistics, recorded a 150% increase in trips and a 15% increase in number of users in the first half of 2023, as more people and businesses leverage the platform’s access to simple, convenient and affordable logistics services.Commenting on the venture’s expansion, Salim Al Owais, Chief Executive Officer at, said: “We are fortunate to have demonstrated success in serving customers from the UAE as well as across borders, contributing to local economies, driving circularity and accelerating logistics services. has now established new offices in Abu Dhabi and Dammam, KSA. We are also planning our offices in Jeddah in KSA, and Egypt, Turkey and Jordan. Through this strategically planned network of offices, we are looking to add further value to the local and regional economies, while setting up mutually beneficial business relationships.”In the UAE, has offices in Sharjah, its headquarters, as well as in Abu Dhabi, supporting objectives to enhance employment and the local economy within the emirate. In Dammam, KSA, has already established a base of customers leveraging the collect platform for shipments from the UAE. With a new office in Dammam, seeks to further strengthen the logistics corridor to the UAE with cost-effective services via collect offers several moving and logistics services that can be conveniently booked from the app, including home moving, B2B logistics, renting a truck or fleet, and its most popular service, cross border shipments.As a manufacturing hub, Dammam is also an ideal location to introduce market, with factories having the opportunity to unlock new revenue streams by trading scraps and other recyclables across several categories. Similarly, recyclables traders can use the platform to trade better, faster and more market offers a variety of bidding options, including time-limited bidding, bid-free transactions, partial bidding, spot sales, and spot buys. The platform enables trade across a variety of recyclables categories, including paper, e-waste, wood, glass, plastic, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, aggregates, recyclable road base and rubber. market sees over 400 bids a month with over 650 enterprises registered on the platform.Similar to Dammam, sees huge potential to make positive impact in Jeddah, KSA, as well as in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, which are centres for manufacturing, shipping and business in the region.Through market, businesses can unlock value from their waste through recyclables trading. With collect, businesses can accelerate logistics needs with cost-effective options as well as send and receive shipments from the UAE with enhanced ease. During GITEX Global, also announced the addition of a new service on collect to rent earthmoving equipment, offering businesses and project managers the opportunity to complete construction work without high upfront investment and long-term maintenance costs of a specialised fleet.“Digitalisation is the need of the hour – it is demanded by customers and becoming a necessity for business functions and processes,” added Salim Al Owais. “With this expansion, is offering businesses in more countries the opportunity to digitalise aspects of their business quickly and cost-effectively, without the need to invest in building their own platforms from the ground up. Through our new offices, we look forward to furthering the impact of market and collect while adding value to new economies.”Since its launch, has won multiple awards for the transformative impact of its platforms. Some of its awards include the “B2B platform of the Year” at the 2023 E-Business Awards by Entrepreneur Middle East, “Specialist Trading Solution of the Year” at the 2022 and 2023 Innovation and Excellence Awards by Corporate Livewire, and “Technology Innovation of the Year” at the 2022 Middle East Waste and Recycling Awards.

Microsoft unveils an AI-powered future at GITEX Global 2023

Microsoft is offering a glimpse into the AI-powered future of cities and workplaces at GITEX Global 2023, which opened at the Dubai World Trade Centre today. Under the show's theme "The Year to Imagine AI in Everything," Microsoft's will demonstrate how AI will revolutionize the way we live and work.Participating alongside 32 of its partners, Microsoft is showcasing the latest AI solutions and services designed to transform the region’s key industries - from government services to healthcare, education and financial services- and provide them a state-of-the-art platform from which to develop their own innovative technologies that suit their individual needs. Microsoft speakers will also be participating in workshops and talks around the responsible use of the new technologies. Demonstrating what government services of the future could look like, Microsoft has partnered with Kagool on building the ‘Citizen Companion’ – an AI-powered interface that seamlessly communicates with visitors in their native language and provides assistance on various government services such as renewing their driving license, applying for a UAE Golden Visa, or paying a traffic fine. Personal services are unlocked through residents’ Emirates IDs and save users time and effort and increasing governmental efficiencies by taking over administrative tasks that would have previously involved multiple journey’s to government offices.Speaking at the event, Naim Yazbeck, General Manager, Microsoft UAE, said that GITEX Global serves as an indispensable venue for collaboration, enabling companies like Microsoft to not only demonstrate their commitment to driving technological advancement but to also help shape the future of industries, economies, and societies. “We are witnessing the new era of digital transformation. AI has gone from being an abstract concept to revolutionizing industries and societies while shaping the digital world of tomorrow. At Microsoft, we believe that by empowering organizations of all sizes and industries to harness the power of AI responsibly, we can transform cities, reimagine workplaces, and ultimately, improve lives. GITEX Global 2023 is our stage to showcase these incredible possibilities, and we are thrilled to pioneer the potential for this technology to create a better, more connected future for all."Highlighting the synergy between the event's theme and Microsoft's mission to empower organizations and people to achieve more, Yazbeck said that 'The Year to Imagine AI in Everything' aligns with the company's commitment to democratizing access to AI. "Our goal is to empower organizations across the public and private sectors with cutting-edge tools and resources. We want to equip them to not only harness the transformative capabilities of AI, but to also create their own innovative applications, catalysing a paradigm shift within their respective industries and economies."Microsoft’s stand in Hall 7 will feature a dedicated booth for Xbox, in addition to a Surface Zone, Tech Talk arena, F&B stand, entertainment stage, and meeting room. Visitors at the VIP Demo Area can also have their picture taken at the stand before having it drawn by the AI Robotic Sketch Bot, which creates art in seconds using advanced AI and machine learning technology.

Schneider Electric drives regional efforts toward data center sustainability

Dubai: Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, is unveiling energy-efficient solutions to tackle data center challenges for artificial intelligence workloads in addition to a host of energy-efficient technologies at GITEX Global to be held from October 16 to 20 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The company will showcase solutions aligned with its three-step approach: 'Strategize, Digitize, and Decarbonize,' emphasizing a comprehensive path to decarbonization."Combining digital transformation, energy efficiency, and AI integration is our strategy for a sustainable future in the region. GITEX Global serves as an enabler to demonstrate these solutions to industry leaders and customers. This year, we are excited to shine a spotlight on Schneider Electric’s continuous efforts and initiatives in the region to advance innovation, digitalization, operational efficiency, and harness the potential of AI like never before,” said Mouna Essa-Egh, MEA Vice President for Secure Power, Schneider Electric.Over the five-day tech conference, a host of Schneider Electric industry and tech experts will be available to guide customers and visitors on tailored-made and sustainable solutions to create a solid foundation for Datacenters, Buildings and Industries of the Future.GITEX Global visitors can also stop by the dedicated ‘Partner Experience Zone’ at Schneider Electric’s stand in Hall 5, booth 40, where AVEVA, Stratus, SEMEA, Cisco and Dell will be featured along with their integrated solutions. At GITEX Global, Schneider Electric’s global and regional leadership will convene for an exclusive media roundtable discussion on October 18 to highlight the impact of digital transformation on data centers in the Middle East and Africa; the role of Electricity 4.0 and how it is forging a path for sustainable data centers.According to the International Energy Agency, data centers and data transmission networks account for nearly 1% of energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which contribute to rising global temperatures and climate change. To reach net zero by 2050, emissions must be cut in half by 2030.The roundtable will also host the official Middle East launch of Schneider Electric’s latest SmartUPS Ultra, designed to drive more power, more space and more equipment at the edge. Schneider Electric’s regional leadership will also participate in panel discussions to zoom in on the evolution of AI in the region and its impact on data centers in the telecom sector.

IDDA empowers Azerbaijani innovators at GITEX GLOBAL and Expand North Star Dubai

Dubai: The Innovation and Digital Development Agency (IDDA), an institution in Azerbaijan to promote the country’s technological development, has announced its participation at GITEX GLOBAL, as well as Expand North Star Dubai, the world’s largest event for startups and investors, taking place between 15-18 October. IDDA, represented by its Chairperson Inara Valiyeva, Advisor to Chairperson Shahin Aliyev and Deputy Chairperson Rashad Khaligov, will be bringing along three local startups as part of the Azerbaijani delegation to showcase the country's growing innovation ecosystem.At its premier appearance at the events, IDDA plans to talk about the digital development of Azerbaijan and how it creates and fosters an ecosystem for local and foreign ICT businesses there. Through a set of meetings and active networking, the agency plans to grow its expertise, while promoting the successful projects they have at hand, including the rapidly evolving ‘Relocation Program’ and the educational initiative launched in collaboration with Holberton School.Elaborating about IDDA’s participation Inara Valiyeva says: “It is an honour for IDDA to be amongst the IT market leaders that have gathered at GITEX GLOBAL and Expand North Star Dubai this year. This is a great chance for us to learn from the best, while sharing our own unique experience of transforming the digital landscape of Azerbaijan, which is a country with an actively developing innovation ecosystem. IDDA’s mission is to foster a culture of innovation, support the development of innovative products and services, and drive economic growth through technology, entrepreneurship and digital transformation. We do all that through enabling the environment in the country for local and foreign ICT companies, investing in human capital and supporting the infrastructure that helps startups develop their potential. Building new business relations here at the event will help us accelerate our efforts to ensure Azerbaijan’s continuous digital growth and provide it with a competitive edge internationally.”One of the key discussion points at the event will be the ‘Relocation Program’, launched last year by the Agency to attract global ICT talent and companies. It currently has over 60 residents who have benefited from the technopark residence law introduced in 2023, which offers IT companies a significant set of benefits, including multiple tax waivers for 10 years and no work permits for relocating ICT specialists. Currently 6 international companies are in the process of obtaining technopark residence. As part of the ‘Relocation Program’, IDDA offers businesses comprehensive support - from relocation advice to work permit procedures.In addition, as part of its mission to develop skilled professionals in the ICT sector locally, IDDA has initiated a collaboration with the globally renowned Holberton School. Over two thousand applications have been received to date and 60 students have already enrolled in the program. Known for its unique peer to peer tech programs that match Silicon Valley benchmarks, Holberton will play a significant role in fostering the emerging ICT talent in Azerbaijan.IDDA also has its own Technest scholarship program, launched in 2021. To this day, it has already granted over 3,500 scholarships and aims to grow to 11,000 recipients in its fourth year, covering up to 100% of tuition for selected candidates.The IDDA stand will be located at Expand North Star in the new Dubai Harbour venue, where the three Azerbaijani startups - Bonpara, SchoolPlus and Imajin - will be featured as well to showcase their talent and technologies. As a sponsor, "PASHA Holding" will have a reception desk in the IDDA booth.

Usetech is a bronze sponsor of GITEX 2023, the largest technology event in Dubai

GITEX Global, one of the largest technology events in the Middle East, will be held in the UAE from October 16-20, 2023, bringing together cutting-edge companies and startups under one roof.Usetech will present software development services, independent testing, IT consulting, business process automation and integration, design and engineering of design systems (UI, UX, and CX), and deep expertise in modern technologies to a wide audience:— Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services, like analysis and consulting; AI project planning and development; Implementing an AI solution together with Machine Learning or Data Science; Model Development and Training; Integration and Deployment.Based on your needs and requests, we analyze your company's existing AI solutions using current technologies and tools, and advise the business on the implementation of AI-based solutions. Usetech can also support the seamless integration of ML models into existing systems and workflows. We help you deploy models in the cloud or in-place, depending on your needs.— Big Data Services. We provide a couple of Big Data development offerings to pave your project road to success. Cloud and cluster computing technologies and modern tools that we use will help us reach effective results. As part of this service, we can offer: Data engineering, Data analysis and visualization, Data and pipeline migration, Customer behavior, Fraud detection and security.We help businesses analyze the data and draw the right conclusions, as well as properly visualize it and present it to decision makers.— Data Science Services. Doubting in the need of using Data Science in your business? Or can't properly obtain and analyze data? Usetech can provide you with a consultation and highlight the benefits of Data Science for your business.— IoT Development Services, and BI Services. Usetech helps businesses become more efficient with these solutions and increase profits. Our experts, who have extensive experience in different areas and with different projects, will help improve business strategy and business behavior with BI and IoT solutions.During the event, you will be able to personally communicate with product and service architects, familiarize yourself with the products on demo stands, discuss implementation plans, agree on testing and ask questions. Our team will show you already implemented cases and digital products in real time, as well as select solutions tailored to your tasks and business.Usetech team will talk about the following products:Teal HR provides HR services to small and medium-sized businesses. It emphasizes the importance of HR automation and how it can benefit companies of any size. We offer a range of services, including HR management, payroll, and employee benefits. Teal HR also provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple for businesses to manage their HR needs.UseBus AI-Integration is an integration platform with artificial intelligence that allows to form a unified IT landscape for companies of any size and from any industry. The platform's intuitive interface allows you to build your first corporate integration within 30 minutes of getting familiar with the platform. Architects, analysts, developers, and other specialists will be able to reduce time to market. Your business will become faster than your competitors, freeing up time and money to conquer new horizons. And Usetech team will help you do it.Octopus is an automatic server hardware balancer. With the help of Artificial Intelligence technologies, Octopus provides optimal mode of data center system resource consumption, allows you to increase server performance and save data center resources by at least 30%.Usetech team will be waiting for you at booth H26-4 in Hall 26, will answer your questions, and will also present branded gifts. Besides, every GITEX visitor will be able to take part in the drawing of valuable prizes.