Keko Dubai set for transformation with new leadership

The creative agency Keko Dubai has named Patrick Pesch as Managing Director, and Alberto Rader as Executive Creative Director. As a result, the brand is poised for a fresh transformation under its new management team.By leveraging their collective expertise and creative vision, Keko aims to transform the way brands connect with audiences in the region.Launched in 2019, Keko Dubai is a creative agency that specialises in influencing modern affluent consumers with contagious creativity. The company is known for providing its clients growth solutions across the whole customer journey with a shared mission to bring the most compelling, engaging and relevant creativity into the world.Patrick Pesch has two decades of experience in international marketing and strategic management. Prior to joining Keko, Pesch was serving as Marketing Director of Porsche China and Ferrari Greater China. He was instrumental in developing the Chinese market for luxury sports car brands. His deep understanding of cultural nuances, consumer behaviours, and market dynamics has helped him develop effective strategies tailored to specific regions and target audiences.Joining as Executive Creative Director is Alberto Rader, who brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach to lead the creative team at Keko Dubai. Rader brings a vast amount of experience, having worked for top global clients such as Absolut, Porsche, Burberry, Converse, and Johnnie Walker, at various agencies in the role of Creative Director across Asia and Europe, where he most recently was leading the creative team of Paysafe.Brigitte Kemper, CEO, Keko Global, shared her excitement about the new Dubai team. She said: “Their exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment to excellence align perfectly with our global vision. With their guidance, Keko Dubai is poised to reach new heights and deliver exceptional results for our clients.”