Arab Telemedia Studios participates in the International Broadcasting Conference

In line with Arab Telemedia Studios commitment to keeping pace with technological advancements and digital innovations in the field of studios and broadcasting services, the company is participating in the 2023 International Broadcasting Conference taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from September 15th to 18th.The conference serves as a dynamic platform where significant global technological developments unfold, bringing together international media outlets and everything related to the entertainment industry and modern technology. It showcases the latest cutting-edge technologies that offer viewers a delightful and entertaining experience, catering to their diverse preferences and interests.Furthermore, the conference, with its diverse activities, serves as a magnet for leading companies in the film and television production sector. They convene to discuss technological advancements and how to harness them to meet the requirements of viewers who follow a variety of artistic works with different themes.This year's conference attracts a substantial number of companies and individuals to attend sessions and seminars related to digital and technological broadcasting. Participating entities aim to share success stories and exchange expertise and knowledge.The conference boasts over 37,000 participants representing nearly 170 countries and features specialized exhibitions, expected to surpass 1,000 exhibitors. It will host 250 speakers from various parts of the world during discussion and dialogue sessions covering a wide range of technical and technological topics and issues.