Top female leaders express optimism about growth despite ongoing challenges

An overwhelming 77 percent of female executives surveyed in KPMG's Global Female Leaders Outlook (GFLO) anticipate gender equality in the corporate world within the next 15 years or sooner. This encouraging statistic stems from a comprehensive survey of 839 top female managers worldwide, marking the fourth consecutive study since 2018 tracking their perspectives on global business trends. Notably, half of the companies where these female executives are employed report revenues exceeding $500 million.The report indicates that a significant three-quarters of respondents foresee progress in the realms of diversity and inclusion in the coming years. Yet, regional variations are apparent, with female managers in North America displaying higher optimism levels compared to their counterparts in other regions. In Qatar, the enthusiasm towards gender equality initiatives is equally strong, reflecting a growing commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces and supporting women in leadership positions.The importance of gender diversity at the C-level cannot be overstated, as 75 percent of respondents regard it as a pivotal factor for future growth. This aligns with Qatar's commitment to gender equality and its recognition of the vital role women play in driving innovation and success within the business ecosystem.Addressing the gender pay gap, the report reveals that the pay gap for leadership roles currently stands at 38 percent. Encouragingly, 45 percent of participants confirm transparency within their companies regarding equal pay, while 33 percent report a lack of transparency. An additional 22 percent indicate a need for further data collection on the pay gap issue.Positive Outlook Amidst Challenges: Female Leaders Embrace the FutureIn addition to matters of equality, this year's Global Female Leaders Outlook delved into the growth prospects envisioned by female executives for their companies and personal careers. Despite ongoing challenges and uncertainties, the outlook remains overwhelmingly positive. Remarkably, 84 percent of female respondents anticipate growth for their companies over the next three years, even as tasks become more complex (90 percent). Additionally, 72 percent see opportunities for personal career advancement in these dynamic times, showcasing their resilience and adaptability.Barbara Henzen, Partner and Head of Tax at KPMG in Qatar, remarks, "As female executives continue to navigate the evolving business landscape, their resilience and optimism are commendable. In Qatar, we are witnessing a growing recognition of the importance of gender diversity in driving innovation and success. By nurturing an inclusive culture and supporting women in leadership, we can contribute significantly to Qatar's business ecosystem's growth and development."Huda Ibrahim, Clients and Markets Manager at KPMG in Qatar, adds, "Having grown up and built my career in Qatar, I have personally witnessed the evolving business landscape. At KPMG in Qatar, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity. We take pride in actively supporting women in leadership roles and believe in paving the way for greater opportunities for all professionals in Qatar."Increasing Emphasis on Personal NetworksRegarding the structural conditions for a successful career, the report highlights a significant increase in the importance of personal networks, with 57 percent of respondents emphasizing their role in career advancement. This aligns with Qatar's business culture, where relationships and alliances are highly valued.Image by CoWomen on Unsplash