Fast Company Middle East: Celebrating innovators

Fast Company Middle East, a leading platform for innovation and business excellence, has invited companies across the Middle East to participate in the prestigious Most Innovative Companies List for 2023.The annual Most Innovative Companies list, initiated in 2022, aims to recognize and celebrate the transformative power of innovation in businesses and society. This year, the focus is on companies that have made exceptional contributions to the growth and development of the Middle East. Over 240 companies have already submitted their nominations.The Most Innovative Companies list by Fast Company Middle East is the definitive acknowledgment of innovation in the region. The nomination process is open until October 10, 2023, with early submissions increasing the chances of being shortlisted.Why Companies Should Participate:1. Brand Amplification: Being named a winner signifies a company's unwavering commitment to creativity and impact. It offers visibility by featuring in the 2023 edition of Fast Company Middle East magazine and Connect with Industry Pioneers: Join a list that provides opportunities to interact with some of the most pioneering companies in the Middle East. Engage with innovators and gain fresh perspectives.3. Join an Inspiring Community: Honorees become part of Fast Company's expansive community, recognized as go-to sources for events, including the World Changing Ideas, Impact Council, and Green Goals Summit.4. Funding and Stakeholder Engagement: The Most Innovative Companies list opens doors to funding and strategic partnerships. Recognition here demonstrates a company's value to industry peers, investors, and potential collaborators.5. Attracting Talent: In a world of possibilities, top-notch professionals are drawn to organizations that prioritize innovation and social impact. Winning companies become magnets for talent looking to make a meaningful difference.Winning organizations will receive the coveted Fast Company Middle East stamp of approval for their groundbreaking innovations, along with prominent features on Fast Company Middle East’s website.Nominations are now open for a limited time. For inquiries and submissions, please contact the dedicated support team by emailing