iCubesWire Appoints Mazen Bahnassy as Assoc. Business Director, MENA Influencers

iCubesWire, a leading global AI & ML Mobile Marketing Platform, has announced the elevation of Mazen Bahnassy to lead Influencer Marketing business across the MENA and GCC regions, focusing on UAE, KSA, Qatar, Egypt. This move aligns with the company’s upcoming expansion plans to strengthen its grip in the region. Mazen has more than 8 years of professional experience across marketing roles. His expertise spans across the marketing industry, including influencer marketing, campaign strategy development and partnerships management. Mazen’s leadership skills and multifaceted experience make him a valuable asset to the leadership team. His earlier tenures and solid ground coverage is marked by long-term client relationships and exceptional campaign management for notable brands.Commenting on the elevation, Sanjeeda Khan, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, MENA region, iCubesWire, states, “With Mazen’s addition, we have created another pillar for the company’s leadership team. His expertise across industries and ability to see marketing endeavours from a wide perspective will prompt our growth plans for influencer marketing in key regions. We are confident that the team will continue to excel under his leadership.” Adding further, Mazen Bahnassy, Associate Business Director, Influencer Marketing, iCubesWire, said, “I am super excited to take on this responsibility of driving the influencer marketing business. With the dynamic team at iCubesWire, I am certain we will continue strengthening our position in the region and drive sustainable growth for the company.”

Exploring the future of ad-tech: A 2024 outlook

Authored By Sahil Chopra, Founder CEO, iCubesWireIf you've been closely following the dynamic tech scene in the Middle East, you're well aware of its continuous innovation. Brace yourselves, because 2024 is poised to be a pivotal year for the region's advertising technology (ad-tech) industry. Let's delve into the anticipated trends that are set to shape the landscape throughout the upcoming year.Programmatic Ads: An ever-evolving star of advertisingIn 2024, the spotlight is more on programmatic ads, a global trend that the Middle East is eagerly adopting. Picture this: automation, real-time bidding, and data-driven decision-making. Advertisers will precision-target specific audiences with customised content, reminiscent of precision ninjas operating at an unprecedented scale.The power duo of AI and Machine LearningArtificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are set to play a pivotal role in the ad-tech industry. By 2024, advertisers will harness these technologies for sniper-like precision targeting, optimising ad placements, and delivering personalised content that feels tailor-made. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are reshaping our interactions with ads, moving beyond mere algorithms.Video content takes center stageWhile binge-watching may seem like a global phenomenon, the Middle East's ad-tech scene is embracing video content. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and irresistible OTT services are taking centre stage. Prepare for immersive and interactive video ads to become the new norm, offering captivating content that resonates with audiences.The future of advertising with AR and VRAugmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are crashing the party, bringing mind-blowing experiences to the forefront. Advertisers are planning interactive encounters, allowing users to virtually try on sneakers and experiment with AR filters. The Middle East's innovative spirit is undergoing a high-tech makeover, revolutionising how brands connect with consumers.Privacy takes the leadIn alignment with global trends, the Middle East's ad-tech sector is prioritising privacy. By 2024, advertisers will adopt privacy-centric methods, responding to consumer demands for transparency and adhering to stricter regulations. Technologies like federated learning and differential privacy will be employed to strike the delicate balance between personalised ads and respecting user privacy.E-commerce integration in ad feedsShopping without leaving your favourite app is becoming a reality as advertisers integrate e-commerce into the ad-tech landscape. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are driving this trend, enabling users to make purchases directly through ads. Social commerce is on the rise, offering advertisers valuable insights into consumer shopping habits.Cultural sensitivity mattersIn 2024, diversity is celebrated, and advertising strategies are evolving to embrace the unique cultures and languages of the Middle East. Advertisers are prioritising cultural nuances in content, aiming to connect with audiences on a deeper level, regardless of their location.Partnerships and collaborationsSuccess in the ever-evolving world of ad-tech is a team effort. Advertisers, tech experts, and content creators are joining forces to create advertising magic. Cross-industry collaborations are the secret sauce for 2024, bringing together the best minds to deliver high-quality advertising solutions.Ads with a purpose: CSR and sustainabilityAdvertisers are championing sustainability, and 2024 will witness the rise of eco-friendly campaigns and purpose-driven ads. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming a central theme in advertising, contributing to positive change.Dynamic regulatory landscapeIn the fast-paced game of ad-tech, keeping an eye on regulations is crucial. The industry's dynamic nature suggests that the regulatory landscape will experience some changes. Advertisers need to stay nimble, adapting to shifts in consumer protection, data privacy, and digital advertising regulations to stay at the forefront.In 2024, the Middle East's ad-tech is set to redefine the way we experience advertising, blending cutting-edge technology, engaging content, and cultural relevance. It's not just about following trends; it's about navigating the future with style and innovation. It's time to get ready for an exciting ride in the realm of Ad Tech!

iCubesWire elevates Erick Maalouli as Business Director for Dubai, KSA markets

iCubesWire, a leading global Ad Tech platform, has announced the elevation of Erick Maalouli to lead its business development and strategic planning operations in the Dubai and Saudi Arabia markets. This move is aligned with iCubesWire’s strategic expansion plans and its commitment to asserting its dominance in the region. Erick Maaloulitakes the lead in one of the most fast-paced industries as the Business Director for iCubesWire in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. With a career spanning over 15 years in media and sales management, Erick has a proven track record of driving growth and innovation. His tenure at organizations like Choueiri Group andBayut&Dubizzleis marked by transformative leadership and strategic prowess in marketing, client servicing, and team management. Commenting on the role, Sanjeeda Khan, Co-Founder&Chief Growth Officer, MENA region, iCubesWire, states, “Erick’s elevation is followed by our focus on creating strategic and innovative leadership. Erick’s deep expertise and strategic approach to the Ad Tech industry make him the ideal choice to drive our growth initiatives in these key markets. His leadership is critical as we continue strengthening our market share and delivering cutting-edge solutions.” Erick’s appointment at iCubesWirespeaks of his exceptional ability to create strong client relationships, spearhead effective sales operations, and consistently achieve customer retention success. Under his leadership, iCubesWire has seen a substantial expansion in the MENA region, onboarding renowned clients across diverse sectors and strengthening its position as a leader in ad tech solutions. Erick Maalouli, the appointed Business Director, expressed his strategic outlook, “I am delighted to take on this challenge. With an emphasis on leveraging our advanced Ad Tech platform, creative content studio capabilities, and expansive influencer network, we are poised to enhance our offerings and deliver superior value to our clientele in the region. Our goal is to strengthen iCubesWire’s leadership in the marketplace and drive impactful ad tech solutions.” iCubesWire is known for its comprehensive ad tech solutions, including a content production studio and influencer marketing expertise. With a global presence that includes six international offices, a team of over 350 digital experts, and partnerships with over 500 esteemed brands, iCubesWire is eyeing unprecedented growth under the leadership of Erick Maalouli.

iCubesWire pushes the pedal on its global expansion plans by entering the SA

iCubesWire, a leading global Ad Tech Audience Platform with Content Production Studio and Influencer Marketing capabilities, hasWe announced expansion into the Saudi Arabia market with a new office in Riyadh. With 6 offices worldwide, a team of 350+ digital experts, and collaborations with 500+ renowned brands under its umbrella, the company is set to strengthen its global presence across diverse markets. This strategic move strengthens the company’s commitment to creating a strong foothold within the MENA region’s thriving digital advertising sector, which is projected to surpass $9 billion by 2025. With its entry into the Saudi Arabia market, iCubesWire is heavily investing in local talent. The expansion is set to bring in a group of digital experts, aligning with the company’s ethos. The new Riyadh office will serve as a new hub for spearheading dynamic digital strategies, shaping influential partnerships and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Commenting on the expansion, Mr. Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, shared, “With the launch of our Riyadh office, we are poised to make a significant impact on the Saudi Arabia market. There is a wealth of untapped potential in Saudi Arabia, and our team is committed to providing our clients with bespoke, cutting-edge solutions. Our presence in Saudi Arabia is a pivotal step towards leading the global AdTech landscape.” Adding further, Sanjeeda Khan, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer – MENA Region, iCubesWire, said, “Launching in Riyadh marks a crucial chapter for iCubesWire, as we are expanding geographically and establishing our presence in the very fabric of the region's AdTech sector. Furthermore, we are allocating significant resources to ensure that our team in Riyadh has an edge in the local market, driving growth and setting new benchmarks.” iCubesWire's global trajectory has been marked by a series of strategic office openings, from Dubai to Indonesia, and now Riyadh, each strengthening its global presence. The company's expansion is fuelled by a shared vision of innovation, a passion for digital excellence, and a commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations.

ICubesWire secures influencer marketing partnership with Himalaya

iCubesWire, a leading global Ad Tech Platform with full-fledged Content Production and Influencer Marketing capabilities, has bagged the Influencer Marketing mandate for Himalaya, the multinational wellness and personal care brand. This strategic partnership aims to elevate brand awareness and customer engagement in the booming markets of the Middle Eastern markets.In the thriving markets of the Middle East, Influencer Marketing is experiencing significant growth, with an estimated market value of $1.3 billion. Specifically, in the UAE, the sector is valued at around $80 million. Himalaya Wellness has been a steadfast presence in the UAE since the year 2000, offering a diverse range of products, including Pharmaceuticals, Face Care, Baby Care, Body Care, Men's Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, and Animal Care.The mandate involves iCubesWire leveraging its strategic content production and niche network of influencers and creators to spotlight Himalaya's range of products. The synergy aims to tap into consumer behaviour in these regions, where a growing number of individuals look up to influencers for lifestyle and wellness recommendations.Commenting on the partnership, Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, said, "Himalaya is an iconic brand in the wellness space, and we couldn't be more thrilled to collaborate with the team in the Middle Eastern markets. Combining Himalaya's trusted legacy with our data-driven influencer strategies, we're not merely aiming to participate in the conversation around wellness; we intend to be the thought leaders shaping it in the coming months."

iCubesWire Bags Influencer Marketing Mandate for Dabur in the MENA region

iCubesWire, a global Audience Ad Tech Platform with full-fledged Content Production and Influencer Marketing capabilities,has secured the influencer marketing mandate for Dabur, one of the world's leading FMCG brands.In the fast-paced markets of the Middle East, Influencer Marketing is growing rapidly, matching the region's estimated market value of $1.3 billion. Dabur, a prominent Indian brand, has been broadening its product portfolio,focusing intensively on its operations in the Middle East. Dabur offers a wide range of products in the Middle East, including Oral Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, and more, reflecting its adaptability to the regional market demands.Under this mandate, iCubesWire will craft specialized content and spearhead strategic influencer marketing campaigns, focusing specifically on the MENA region and other emerging markets by leveraging its unique network of influencers. The influencer marketing campaigns for Dabur will concentrate on hair care and skin care categories.Commenting on this partnership, Mr. Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, said, "We are truly honored to collaborate with an esteemed brand like Dabur. In an age where brand narratives can often get lost amidst digital noise, we aim to harness the trust Dabur has built over a century and amplify it using our cutting-edge influencer and content production strategies. As we move forward, we are committed to delivering campaigns that resonate and create lasting impressions in the targeted markets."Mr. Pravin Kumar, Head of Digital & ecommerce at Dabur, said,"At Dabur, we have always been at the forefront of innovation and consumer engagement. Partnering with iCubesWire ensures that we extend this ethos into the realm of influencer marketing. We are hopeful and confident that this collaboration will not only help us penetrate deeper into our target markets but also build authentic and enduring relationships with our consumers. Our primary objective remains to craft genuine narratives around our products and foster trust."

iCubesWire increases footprint in MENA with Dubai office expansion

iCubesWire, a leading Digital Marketing Ecosystem established in 2010, has strengthened its presence in the MENA region with key hirings and client acquisitions. The company serves 500+ brands across industries, with offices in India, Singapore and Dubai. In addition, the agency is heavily investing in expanding its Dubai office to increase its footprint in the Middle East.Sharing his plans for the future, Mr. SahilChopra, Founder&CEO, iCubesWire, adds, “Our Dubai office and the region is doing exceedingly well, and we look forward to making key acquisitions in the region to strengthen our footprint. We have aggressive plans in the coming months to expand into EMEA and NAM region as well”.After successfully delivering strategy-led campaigns for more than 50+ brands in Middle East, the company israpidly increasing workforcetoadd more brands to its clientele. The company’sDubai office, located in the Media City, is headed by Sanjeeda Khan, Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer, along with DivyankNayal, acting as the Country Head.Danish Ahmed, Online Marketing Manager, Alshaya Group, comments on the news, “Our partnership with iCubesWire has been nothing short of phenomenal. The team keenly understands the business and has delivered successful campaigns with out-of-the-box thinking and seamless execution. We hope to reach greater heights with iCubesWire as our digital partner.”Commenting on the news, George Achkouty,Head of Digital - OMD KSA & Lower Gulf, says, “Our collaborations with iCubesWire for performance marketing campaigns have always proved to be fruitful. The team’s customer-centric approach has led us to consistently meet campaign objectives over the months with the right support, planning and seamless execution.”iCubesWirestrives to capture the market rapidly owing to a comprehensive portfolio including Digital Branding, Media Buying & Planning, Influencer Marketing, Performance Marketing and Video Production. The agency caters to brands across categories and has delivered digital campaigns for brands such as Amazon,, Bloomingdales, Emirates, fnp, Under Armour Sun and Sand Sports, Air Arabia, Gulf Air, and more.