This World Water Week, PepsiCo AMESA recognizes key milestones of its Net Water

In observance of World Water Week, PepsiCo AMESA recognized its key water stewardship milestones in progressing towards the vision of becoming net positive by 2030. Guided by pep+, PepsiCo’s strategic end-to-end transformation for driving long-term sustainability, PepsiCo AMESA highlights its multi-pronged approach to watershed management through water-use efficiency on farms and in manufacturing facilities, water replenishment, watershed health improvement and safe water access for communities. Water Stewardship is of topmost priority to PepsiCo’s Positive Value Chain agenda.PepsiCo AMESA has avoided the use of approximately 5 billion litres of water in 2021 compared to 2020 by changing the way farmers irrigate crops, focusing on at-risk locations and improving water-use efficiency.Since 2021, PepsiCo AMESA estimates that it has improved water efficiency by a historic 50% in company-owned high-water risk sites across the region (excluding Pioneer Foods facilities in Sub Saharan Africa).PepsiCo AMESA further estimates that in 2021, it has replenished 2.5 billion litres of water through community partnership projects in 6 high risk watershed areas through with science-based interventions.PepsiCo Foundation in AMESA has invested more than $8 million in safe water access programs, impacting about 27 million people’s daily lives since 2018. “Collaboration with local stakeholders plays a key role in understanding the water circuit and implementing meaningful climate action in the most effective direction. We continue working hard to use water even more efficiently, replenish it in high-risk areas and bring safe water access to people in need. For the latter half of 2022, we look forward to more partnerships and targeted initiatives and look forward to exploring the potential for even more partnerships at COP27,” said Eugene Willemsen, CEO – Africa, Middle East, and South Asia, PepsiCo. “AMESA as a region is a very diverse and culturally rich sector and this demands the need for local solutions. We have been partnering with key regional and local governments to help them in their ambitions to achieve each country’s sustainability goals while using location-specific specialized solutions. Water disparity may look different for each country, however action towards water conservation must be united by one major focus – elevating the value of water and its equitable use by all in the watershed,” said Manali Desai, Sustainability Lead, AMESA, PepsiCo.