DV’s ABS maximizes benefits for L’Oreal and UM MENAT

DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, has deployed its Authentic Brand Suitability (ABS) solution for L’Oreal Middle East. L’Oreal has been working with UM MENAT, the region’s leading media agency and has used ABS to optimise its campaign performance and successfully manage placements in brand-suitable environments.ABS is DV’s most advanced pre-bid solution, enabling advertisers to create a centralised set of brand safety, suitability and fraud controls. Aligning pre-bid filtering and post-bid measurement functionalities allows advertisers to significantly lower block rates, drive performance and, ensure the ad placement is suitable for the brand. Raja Yazigi, Media Director at L’Oréal, said: “The superior performance of DV Authentic Brand Suitability on cost efficiency and brand protection proved that this test is scalable towards a wider and safer advertising environment for our brands, coupled with cost savings we can re-invest.”L’Oréal deployed the campaign across the open internet in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. From the day it was activated, ABS decreased the block rate of ads for L’Oréal by 82 percent over the duration of the campaign. Media waste costs also decreased by 77 percent.Johara Abdelmoumen, Business Director, DoubleVerify said, “Ensuring consumers see your ads is critical to the success of any campaign, but a lack of knowledge over how much the creative has been viewed can lead to wasted spend. Thanks to DV Authentic Brand Suitability, advertisers like L’Oréal can gain clear insight into the campaign’s performance and optimise their media spend whilst ensuring the ads run in brand suitable environments.”Rohan Sawant, Digital Lead, UM MENAT commented, “Venturing into programmatic with the right measurement partner goes a long way in covering a brand from all aspects. DoubleVerify helps to provide deep insights and has proven that reach is not the key metric, the quality of reach is what drives impact.”