BARB consults on extending reporting to video-sharing platforms

BARB has reported programme audiences for SVOD services such as Disney+ and Netflix, and service-level viewing of video-sharing platforms like TikTok and YouTube, since November 2021. It is now looking to expand this reporting to encompass all television and television-like content on video-sharing platforms.The aim of the consultation is to establish an industry-wide consensus on what is meant by television-like content. As a starting point, BARB has identified three requirements that align with the principles in the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive and public statements made by advertisers. These requirements are:Videos and channels should be under the editorial control of a professional media services provider.They should operate to industry-agreed standards for brand safety.They can be classified by genre to help advertisers and agencies know the editorial environment in which their ads appear.BARB has appointed Paul Evans as an independent adviser to lead the consultation. Evans is a former advertiser, most recently as Global Head of Media for Vodafone. The consultation will invite practitioners from across the industry – media agencies, advertisers, broadcasters and video-sharing platforms – to help shape the definition of television-like content. Evans will present findings to BARB’s Strategy Board in the autumn.BARB will use these findings to articulate a definition of television-like content that can underpin its specification for establishing a trusted BARB panel measure of this viewing.Justin Sampson, BARB’s Chief Executive, said:“Innovation carried BARB to a significant milestone last year. Since November 2021, we’ve been delivering daily audience data for SVOD and video-sharing services. This enhances what was already the most comprehensive and granular measurement service for all forms of television on all devices.“Now we are ready to specify the next evolution in our industry’s gold-standard measurement of what people watch.”

BARB appoints Matt Laycock as Audiences Director

Matt Laycock joins BARB on September 26th 2022 and will be responsible for ensuring that BARB’s audience-reporting solutions continue to meet the expectations of the UK television and advertising industry.Specifically, Matt will be responsible for delivering BARB’s four strategic priorities:Enhancing data accessibility for users.Extending BARB’s reporting of TV and TV-like viewing across linear, BVOD, SVOD and relevant content on video-sharing platforms.Further developing BARB’s Advanced Campaign Hub for agencies and advertisers and overseeing BARB’s input into the development of CFlight.Overseeing the delivery of an effective communications programme.Matt will work closely with Caroline Baxter, BARB’s recently appointed Research Operations Director, to ensure that users’ needs are understood and met effectively by BARB’s research contractors.Matt joins BARB from InSites Consulting, where he has been overseeing a wide range of market research projects for global consumer businesses. Prior to this, he spent nine years at The Walt Disney Company, most recently as Research Director – UK & Ireland, with responsibility for insight analysis across multiple lines of business. Before this, he was Research Manager – Sponsorship and Online Ad Sales for Channel 4, where he delivered research and insight analysis for the advertising sales teams in these sectors.Justin Sampson, BARB’s Chief Executive, said:“Synthesising the needs of the industry with research agency capabilities is at the heart of what the BARB team does. Matt’s instinctive skills and extensive experience of using our data complement Caroline’s expertise in delivering research solutions. I’m delighted he’s agreed to join BARB.”Matt Laycock added:“Given the ongoing evolution of TV services, video content and viewing, this is an especially interesting time to be joining BARB. With an expansion to the reporting panel in 2024, and following the innovations in reporting for SVOD services and video-sharing platforms, I look forward to joining the BARB team in delivering continued innovation and high quality data for the UK TV and advertising industry.”