World of Coffee Dubai 2024 to shape a more sustainable future for the industry

The World of Coffee Dubai 2024 is set to boost the sustainability of the coffee industry, promote eco-friendly and responsible agricultural practices, and ensure the continuity of the coffee supply chain by merging the collaborative efforts of traders, farmers, manufacturers, and consumers. The exhibition, which is known to draw thousands of professionals, will bring together a diverse community of coffee enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders from across the globe, attributing to its status as one of the largest and most important international exhibitions focusing on the coffee industry. The global event, organised by DXB Live, the integrated event management and experiential agency of Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), will be held from January 21 to 23, 2024, during which it will highlight the sustainable coffee movement.The third edition of the exhibition symbolises the remarkable growth and development in the coffee market in the region, offering an important platform to shed light on to latest innovations, sustainable practices, and solutions in coffee cultivation, production, and distribution. It is in response to the surging demand for certified sustainable coffee production, as its market is anticipated to expand by 15 to 20 per cent during the remaining months of 2023.Samir Mash'al, the CEO of Seed Coffee Roasters, said: “At Saeed Coffee Roasters, we affirm our steadfast commitment to offering the highest quality coffee, sourced through sustainable methods that not only safeguard our planet but also support local communities. We are delighted to be part of the World of Coffee Dubai 2024 to highlight our latest innovations solutions, and approaches designed to drive sustainability within the coffee industry. In our relentless pursuit of meeting our customers’ expectations and ensuring a greener planet for future generations, we are dedicated to offering sustainable coffee products. This commitment extends from eco-conscious coffee cultivation methods to environmentally friendly packaging and unwavering support for local farmers.”The exhibition will emphasise sustainable practices in the coffee industry, focusing on eco-friendly packaging like biodegradable and recyclable coffee bags, carbon-neutral coffee production using renewable energy and advanced waste management, and reducing waste during production with methods such as advanced drying, optimised supply chains, organic farming, and pesticide substitution.Jimmy Brown, the CEO of Coffee Planet, said: “We believe in the significance of promoting sustainable practices across the coffee industry. Our unwavering commitment involves constantly improving and implementing the best practices across our operations, from farming to roasting and packaging processes. These practices are deeply rooted in environmental conservation principles, and they aim to improve the well-being of both coffee farmers and local communities. Through our participation in the World of Coffee Dubai 2024, we are excited to present our latest innovations and solutions that are integral to realising this vision. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional, high-quality coffee that truly reflects our steadfast commitment to sustainability."The World of Coffee Dubai will focus on empowering and supporting coffee farmers and workers by providing guidance on sustainable farming practices and essential resources, using source verification programs. This exhibition will also address the sustainable coffee movement's role in conserving water resources, as the coffee sector is a significant water consumer and aims to enhance coffee quality, positively impacting market value.Shouq BinRedha, Exhibition Manager of World of Coffee Dubai 2024 said: “We are delighted to organise a series of workshops in conjunction with the upcoming World of Coffee Dubai 2024. The exhibition will set an ideal platform for international industry experts to participate and share their insights and experiences to attain our objective of promoting sustainability within the coffee industry and it represents a comprehensive endeavour that begins in the coffee fields to ends in the coffee cup. During the process we must meticulously examine each step, commencing with environmentally conscious agricultural practices in coffee cultivation. The journey continues through the roasting process, where the intrinsic flavours of the coffee are preserved and extends to packaging methods in a way that maintains the quality while minimising their ecological footprint. The exhibition will focus on driving innovation in the coffee industry and developing a roadmap for a more sustainable future for this sector.”The sustainable coffee movement prioritises eco-friendly farming methods, including reduced pesticide and chemical fertiliser use, as well as growing coffee under tree canopies to mimic natural forest conditions. This approach enhances ecological balance, biodiversity, and coffee quality. Labels like 'Shade-Grown Coffee' (grown under tree cover) and 'Direct-Trade Coffee' (sourced directly from farmers) are used to promote such practices, ensuring fair payment for farmers and high-quality beans for roasters and consumers.World of Coffee Dubai 2024, a DXB Live initiative, focuses on enhancing collaboration among key stakeholders to address pressing challenges, foster a harmonious balance between profit, the environment, and societal well-being while ensuring a coffee supply for current and future generations and shaping a more sustainable coffee industry for future.

DXB LIVE Marks 20% Business Growth in H1 2023

DXB LIVE, the experiential agency of Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), announced a 20% business growth in the first half of 2023, compared to the corresponding period in 2022. The agency successfully served 100 distinguished events, including 35 exhibitions, three conferences, 21 diverse public and entertainment events, and a range of concerts and graduation ceremonies. The number of events organised outside the UAE reached 15, and the agency designed and constructed 120 exhibition stands, covering a total area of over 250,000 square feet.Overseas ExpansionThe first half of 2023 saw DXB LIVE expanding its operations into international markets, constructing exhibition stands at various international events in cities such as St. Petersburg (Russia), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Marrakech (Morocco), Istanbul (Turkey), Düsseldorf (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), and Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The agency also participated in several international exhibitions to boost its brand awareness, including events in Germany, the United States, and Greece.Building Extensive ExperienceKhalid Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President of DXB LIVE, said: "We aim to increase our operations in foreign markets, including European and American countries, and in the Middle East and Gulf region, particularly Saudi Arabia, which is experiencing promising growth in the commercial, entertainment, sports, and festivals sector.We are also forging alliances with international companies to organise and manage events and construct exhibition stands worldwide. We are steadily moving towards becoming one of the largest integrated event service providers globally, leveraging our three-decade-long experience and innovative services for global exhibitions, conferences, entertainment events, national events, and festivals."GITEX AfricaAmong the most notable events DXB LIVE served outside the UAE was GITEX Africa's inaugural edition in Marrakech, Morocco. Additionally, it designed and constructed five exhibition stands for HPE, Oracle, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Rubrik IT Solutions, and Schneider Electric. The exhibition drew the attention of global technology leaders to Africa's vast potential.World of Coffee Attracts 10,000 VisitorsIn January, the second edition of the World of Coffee exhibition, organised by DXB LIVE, attracted over 10,000 specialised visitors, and showcased 1,500 companies and brands from 44 countries, reinforcing Dubai's status as a regional hub for the coffee industry.Three Prominent Conferences"DXB LIVE organised three important conferences, including the 'ICOPLAST Congress', which attracted about 1,500 doctors specialising in plastic medicine and surgery from 112 countries, with the participation of over 60 international associations. It entered the Guinness World Records by organising a session that included the largest number of plastic surgeons (480) and the greatest number of participating nationalities (89).Main Contractor for 20 Major EventsDXB LIVE served as the main contractor for 20 major events and was responsible for constructing all 100 event areas, spanning a total area of over 200,000 sq. ft. These included major events like Gulfood, GISEC, CABSAT, Dubai International Boat Show, Intersec, Jewellery Show, Middle East Lighting Expo, and many more.Modesh World Attracts 200,000 Visitors AnnuallyModesh World, one of the most remarkable events crafted and managed by DXB LIVE, in association with the Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation, has been consistently drawing around 200,000 visitors each year. The festival spans an impressive area of more than 300,000 square feet and is renowned for its array of offerings. Visitors can experience over 90 exciting games and rides, alongside a diverse set of activities in dedicated areas. The event also features theatres, live performances, and a selection of restaurants, catering to a wide range of tastes.In addition to Modesh World, DXB LIVE organises several long-standing events throughout the year. These include the DWTC’s Ramadan Majlis, and Dubai Sports World.Success at Middle East Events Awards 2023DXB LIVE received the "Best Stand Design & Build" award at the Middle East Events Awards 2023 for Sharjah Digital Office stand at GITEX. This prestigious award further underscores DXB LIVE's leadership in providing integrated event services.50% Growth in the Weddings BusinessThe first half of 2023 saw a 50% increase in revenues from wedding parties held at DWTC. The creative efforts of the weddings team in organising spectacular events have reinforces DWTC’s position as a preferred destination for hosting large wedding parties.