Bloomberg, SRMG partner for first-ever power players summit in KSA

Bloomberg Media and SRMG are joining forces to present the inaugural Bloomberg Power Players Summit, taking place on March 7, 2024 at the Jeddah Yacht Club, amidst the excitement of the Formula One Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.Who's Who and What's New:Imagine this – renowned industry leaders like Saudi Arabia's Investment Minister Khalid Al-Falih, McLaren CEO Zak Brown, and esports pioneer Ralf Reichert sharing their insights on the future of sports. This exclusive summit brings together over 150 influential figures to explore critical topics like:The impact of private equity on sports investments.Evolving dynamics in the global football landscape, with a focus on the MENA region.The booming esports sector and its potential for disruption.More Than Just Talks:Expect dynamic discussions hosted by Bloomberg's Business of Sports Chief Correspondent Jason Kelly, alongside networking opportunities with CEOs and decision-makers from leading sports companies. And if you can't be there in person, don't worry! Catch all the action through global coverage on Asharq News, Asharq Business with Bloomberg, and Bloomberg's television, radio, and digital platforms.Karen Saltser, CEO of Bloomberg Media, said: "This summit is a powerful platform for game-changers in sports, entertainment, and business. With Saudi Arabia's growing prominence in the sports world, it's the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversations."Jomana R. Alrashid, CEO of SRMG, said: "This is a chance to share ideas on the future of sports and highlight investment opportunities in a thriving industry. Saudi Arabia's commitment to sports innovation is driving positive change, and we're proud to partner with Bloomberg Media to host this landmark event."Why This Matters:The Bloomberg Power Players Summit marks a significant expansion of the existing partnership between SRMG and Bloomberg Media. This event signifies their shared vision to provide insightful content and foster collaboration within the dynamic sports and entertainment industry, particularly in the MENA region.

Abu Dhabi Gaming to integrate with Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi

In a strategic move to advance the gaming industry's growth in the emirate, Abu Dhabi Gaming (AD Gaming) has integrated with the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi).The collaboration reaffirmed DCT Abu Dhabi’s commitment to nurturing the gaming and esports ecosystem to position the emirate as a global gaming hub.His Excellency Saood Abdulaziz Al Hosani, Undersecretary of DCT Abu Dhabi, said: "As gaming grows in popularity around the world, we are working to harness its potential to bolster the UAE's journey towards economic diversification and innovation-driven growth. Bringing AD Gaming under the umbrella of DCT Abu Dhabi is the next step in that journey, adding a new dimension to our aspirations for creative industries.""Abu Dhabi's thriving gaming and esports sector is a cornerstone of the emirate's digital transformation and a core driver of creative industry expansion, and we eagerly anticipate the boundless possibilities this partnership will unlock."James Hartt, Gaming and Digital Development Department Director of AD Gaming, said: "The gaming industry is growing faster in the MENA region than anywhere else in the world and Abu Dhabi has a clear role in spearheading this growth. Gaming businesses across the world are looking to tap into this growth, which will lead to considerable job creation within the emirate’s gaming sector in the coming years.""Now operating as part of DCT Abu Dhabi’s cohesive ecosystem, the opportunity for AD Gaming to deliver further value to both local and international gaming businesses, and to the UAE’s economy, has never been clearer."Key AD Gaming projects include: The AD Gaming Hub; located in Yas Creative Hub, the AD Gaming Hub is a dedicated space to showcase the latest gaming technologies, content ideas, and development. The AD Gaming Hub fosters creativity to generate high-quality gaming content. It also facilitates access to partners, including publishers, developers, artists, and freelance talent.The second AD Gaming project is Unity Centre of Excellence; Unity Technologies, a leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, joined forces with AD Gaming to provide support to students, professionals, and small businesses across the MENA region in the game development industry. The first Unity Centre of Excellence in the MENA region is situated in the AD Gaming Hub, offering in-house support for partners.The projects will also include university partnerships. Unity Technologies and AD Gaming have formed strategic alliances with UAE universities to upskill and empower students by providing training, courseware, support and examinations. This initiative equips students with the skills needed to enhance their employability and gain game development qualifications alongside their degrees.The final project is the BLAST Premier World Finals. AD Gaming collaborated with global esports giant BLAST Premier to bring the Counter Strike: Global Offensive world final tournament to Abu Dhabi as part of a three-year deal. The first edition of the tournament was held in December 2022 and became the most-viewed esports event ever in the region.To establish a thriving gaming and esports ecosystem in the UAE capital and nurture innovation, talent development, and economic growth, earlier this year DCT Abu Dhabi revealed its plans to drive job creation in the e-gaming industry, with the positions distributed among more than 20 new companies.AD Gaming also works with the education sector and strategic partners to train the next generation of gaming industry professionals, while supporting local studios in their mission to create great games.Founded in 2021, AD Gaming is a government-led initiative that focuses on developing talent, games and esports. AD Gaming has boosted the expansion of the region's gaming industry, offering career opportunities to aspiring talent and producing world-class content in the emirate. It has become the largest concentration of gaming companies in the MENA region, with more than 70 companies operating across the gaming sector.

GosuGamers Revamps and Partners with GRID to Empower Gaming Communities

Global esports media, GosuGamers, is proud to announce a transformative rebranding initiative that marks a pivotal moment in the delivery of premier esports content, news, insights, and partnerships. This evolution is powered by a strategic partnership with GRID, the official esports and gaming data platform, heralding a new era of enriched user experiences and dynamic content provision.The global gaming market revenue is set to amount to USD 187.7 billion in 2023, with esports playing a key role in this projected growth. The popularity of esports has surged, captivating not only consumers but also drawing significant interest from investors. This has led to a rise in growing opportunities for engagement activities, increased viewership numbers and ticket sales, and sustained demand for tournaments. In response to the growing regional demand, GosuGamers has also since expanded its international footprint with dedicated websites in Vietnam, India, and Indonesia, with upcoming plans to venture into new territories in the near future. Through white-labelled solutions offered by GosuGamers, brands will be able to share key messages, interact and strengthen their relationships with the gaming community on the platform based on their desired scale. On top of working with GosuGamers for hosting and logistics capabilities, brands can also amplify their reach and engagement through gaming entertainment solutions such as brand partnerships, influencer marketing and content production. With this rebrand, GosuGamers will also be launching its community tournament platform, GosuBattles - a new gaming platform made for the world’s diverse gaming communities, organisers, and brands. “With the esports community remaining at the core of our vision, we are thrilled to embark on a journey of new beginnings,” remarked Samson Oh, CEO of GosuGamers. “As we broaden our services and extend our influence to global communities, we hope to continue to empower untapped talents, advocate for an inclusive gaming industry, all while building towards a new generation of entertainment through gaming media.”With GosuGamers going through major changes, all its products and innovations will continue to be powered by official esports data coming from GRID. This partnership is a continuation of a long-standing commitment to unlocking the potential of data-driven entertainment in esports.Mikael Westerling, Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder of GRID said, “GosuGamers has always embodied a visionary approach to entertainment in esports, and their pioneering recognition of the potential that in-game data holds within this space is the quality that brought our long-standing partnership to life. Their evolution as a company in esports demonstrates this mindset, and we are glad to continue powering their revamped platform and innovations with official game data as they explore this potential in Southeast Asia and foster a global esports community.” Being an esports media powerhouse, GosuGamers is committed to connecting brands with targeted gaming communities seamlessly and effectively. The partnership between GosuGamers and GRID signifies a collaborative effort to continue innovating in the esports media landscape, leveraging data to create compelling and engaging content for a rapidly growing audience.GosuGamers and GosuBattles are designed with brand touchpoints and a seamless player user journey in mind. Learn more about innovative solutions to engage with the gaming community on GosuMedia.

The third season of Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports UAE begins

Dubai: Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports, the premier university education and esports project, has announced the launch of its third season in the MENA region, which promises to be bigger, better, and more exhilarating than ever before. The previous season of Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports saw participation from more than 1,500 students from over 75 universities across the MENA region. Globally, the competition held more than 100,000 students from 26 countries, making it one of the most prominent intercollegiate esports tournaments worldwide.As of 2023, the MENA region is the world's fastest-growing domestic gaming market, with over 377 million gamers, competing with Europe and America. Globally, there are 3.24 billion gamers. A Statista Global Consumer Survey shows that the UAE has the world's highest percentage of adult gamers, with nine out of ten participating.The country is investing heavily in the gaming sector with the ‘Abu Dhabi Gaming’ initiative, launched last year, striving to develop regional talent and host year-round gaming events. Sponsors to keep growingFor the third consecutive year, Amazon is the main sponsor and namesake of the project. This demonstrates Amazon’s continued support for the growing esports and education sectors.Shahid, the first video-on-demand (VOD) service in the Arab world, powered by MBC Group, has reaffirmed its commitment to this project. In addition to their continued support in KSA, Shahid is expanding its sponsorship to UAE, further fueling the growth of esports in the region.Much more than just an esports competitionAs with the previous season, the third season will include a wide range of educational activities, workshops, and the UNIVERSITY Tour. The tour visits universities across the country, introducing students to the exciting esports ecosystem and providing insights into potential career paths.Moreover, this season continues to provide students with unparalleled opportunities to gain their first professional experiences within esports. From broadcasting to marketing, management, and beyond, participants will have the chance to explore diverse career options and develop valuable skills.“We are excited to kick off our third season with the support of Amazon," said Mario Pérez, CEO of MENATech. "This season promises to be our best yet, with even more universities, participants, and opportunities for students to learn and grow within the esports industry."

Savvy Games Group appoints Majed Al-Muhanna as Chief Human Resources Officer

Savvy Games Group (“Savvy”), the games and esports company founded to drive the long-term growth and development of the games and esports industry worldwide, announced today the appointment of Majed Al-Muhanna as Chief Human Resources Officer.In his new role, Majed will lead the development and implementation of Savvy’s human resources strategy, including overseeing talent development and attraction of both local and international games specialists. As a member of Savvy’s leadership team, he will also drive progress towards Savvy’s strategic objectives, and contribute to Savvy’s work in support of Saudi Arabia’s National Gaming and Esports Strategy.Majed brings wide-ranging experience of human resources leadership roles at major financial and consumer-facing organisations across the investment banking, retail, and manufacturing sectors. He was previously Chief Human Capital Officer of SNB Capital, where he was a member of the organisation’s leadership team and drove its human capital strategy.In addition to his role at Savvy, Majed currently serves as Chair of the Human Resources Committee of the Capital Market Institutions Committee, which supports the development of the capital market sector in Saudi Arabia. He will report to Savvy’s CEO, Brian Ward.Commenting on the appointment, Brian Ward, CEO of Savvy, said, “We are excited to welcome Majed Al-Muhanna to Savvy’s executive leadership team as Chief Human Resources Officer. Majed’s expertise in nurturing talent pipelines and implementing wider organisational human resources strategies will enable Savvy’s continued growth and the success of our team. Majed joins Savvy at an exciting time for our business and the wider gaming and esports industry – we are delighted to have in on board.”

ME emerges as major force in esports to help the industry to untap potential

The gaming industry is experiencing massive growth, with an estimated 3 billion gamers worldwide. However, there is still significant untapped potential, with only 500 million identified as esports fans. BCG's latest gaming report titled ‘Let the Game Begin: How Esports is Shaping the Future of Live Entertainment', explores the emerging power of esports and its potential in the Middle East.Esports, while drawing parallels with traditional sports, is centered around competitive video gaming. Unlike traditional sports, esports has a unique ecosystem that includes game publishers and licensing partners. Each game has its own set of rules and tournament structures. Esports has emerged as a dominant form of entertainment, captivating audiences both online—with events racking up over 100 million hours watched—and in-person, as evidenced by the rapid sell-out of tickets for major live tournaments. The industry has witnessed a rise in both the number and caliber of tournaments, with notable increases in prize pools over the years. As of now, the esports audience stands at 500 million, a fraction of the global gamer population, indicating the potential for further growth in the sector.The report highlights the Middle East as an emerging force in the world of esports, offering significant potential for the industry. The region boasts a large population of gamers and a track record of recent investment, making it a promising destination for the global esports ecosystem. Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of the esports industry in the Middle East, captivating audiences with the creation of the largest independent esports event, Gamers8. With 12 esports competitions hosted during 2023 with an unprecedented $45 million prize pool, Saudi Arabia is demonstrating its commitment to esports and support for esports clubs and athletes.With gaming hubs and prestigious global events, the UAE has also become a hub for esports. Abu Dhabi Gaming serves as the home for the Nigma Galaxy esports club and has hosted top-tier events like the BLAST Premier World Final for CS:GO. Dubai has cemented its status as a premier esports destination by hosting the electrifying PUBG Global Championship in 2022. Additionally, the region has its own captivating local events, such as the Dubai Esports Festival, the Games for Change summit in Abu Dhabi, and an anime and gaming festival in Al Ain.Alexander Schudey Managing Director and Partner at BCG said: "The Middle East's emergence as a leader in esports is a testament to the region's dedication and investment in the gaming industry. With its large population of gamers and a thriving esports ecosystem, the Middle East is set to shape the future of live entertainment. The ambitious initiatives undertaken by countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE demonstrate their commitment to positioning the Middle East as a global hub for esports. These forward-thinking moves will not only attract global audiences but also pave the way for local talent to flourish in the world of competitive gaming."The Middle East's involvement in esports is noteworthy. However, the esports industry itself is multifaceted with various stakeholders, especially game publishers. This intricate landscape demands a deep understanding of its dynamics.The Complex Ecosystem of Esports and the Middle East's Holistic Engagement:The esports industry is characterized by its intricate ecosystem, comprising various stakeholders, each playing a pivotal role in shaping its future. For the Middle East to solidify its position in this landscape, a holistic engagement with all these stakeholders is imperative.Stakeholder Contributions in the Esports Industry:Esports Clubs: Globally, esports clubs are undergoing rapid professionalization, with top-tier teams emerging across a variety of games. Many clubs, including several in the Middle East, are diversifying their business models, evolving into media and entertainment entities.National Governments: Some governments worldwide recognize the potential of esports. The Middle East, particularly KSA, is actively embracing this trend, showcasing their commitment to the esports industry.Multi-national Bodies: Organizations like the IOC are considering the inclusion of esports in their agendas, further validating its significance. Their endorsement can elevate the status of esports on a global scale.Esports Federations: These federations are crucial for talent development, implementing programs to identify and nurture potential esports athletes. In the Middle East, such initiatives ensure a sustainable career trajectory for individuals in esports.Brands: Brands are tapping into the esports fervor, using it as a channel for product promotion. Their involvement not only provides financial backing but also enhances the overall viewer experience through sponsorships and partnerships.Media Companies: Media entities are leveraging the esports trend to diversify their content. For instance, Time Warner/Telefonica's Movistar esports aims to dominate Spanish-speaking esports content. Such endeavors amplify the reach of esports, making it accessible to a broader audience.The scale of esports continues to expand, it's attracting attention from diverse stakeholders. Their collective efforts, especially in the context of the Middle East, are instrumental in driving the industry forward, offering unique content and marketing opportunities.As the esports industry continues to mature, it faces challenges in finding a sustainable business model. Concerns include alignment and investment, as well as the lack of unified rules supporting esports athletes. However, the forward-thinking initiatives undertaken by countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE demonstrate their commitment to support global stakeholders in solving these challenges and bring sustainability to the whole esports ecosystem, and if they succeed, it will position the Middle East as a global hub for esports.

Quest Esports aims for greater global influence with appointment of Elie Gemayel

In a strategic move to enhance its global influence in the esports industry, Quest Esports today announced Elie Gemayel, the co-founder and driving force behind the company’s acclaimed Dota 2 initiatives, will take the reins as new CEO. The significant leadership change will be effective immediately.Gemayel, renowned as a Middle East esports visionary, has had an illustrious trajectory in the gaming world. Beginning his journey with a fervent passion for Dota 2 in 2004, he has been instrumental in nurturing regional talents and propelling them to the limelight in global tournaments. Under Gemayel’s stewardship, Quest Esports’ Dota 2 team has not only emerged as a top contender in international championships but has also qualified for “The International”, the world’s most prestigious esports tournament featuring a prize pool of US$20 million.As Quest Esports charts its course for the future under the dynamic leadership of Gemayel, it is propelled by a vision that extends far beyond gaming. The organization has set its sights on nurturing a holistic esports ecosystem in Qatar and the broader region, taking decisive steps to revolutionize the industry with innovative ventures, such as the construction of esports hotels. These establishments promise to be a haven for enthusiasts, offering immersive experiences that synergize luxury and gaming culture.In addition, Quest Esports is fostering education in the sector by developing comprehensive esports educational programs. Collaborations with tech pioneers in the educational landscape are in the advanced stages of planning, with the goal of birthing esports academies that will stand as a beacon of knowledge and skills development in the region, nurturing the next generation of esports talent.Under Gemayel’s aegis, Quest Esports is poised to deepen its roots in the region while branching out to set new benchmarks in the global esports panorama, fostering innovation, and paving the way for unprecedented growth in the industry.“We stand on the threshold of a transformative era for Quest Esports,” the company said in a written statement. “With Gemayel at the helm, wielding unmatched expertise and a forward-thinking approach, we foresee a horizon broadened further in the esports realm. Our core commitment is not only to evolve as a global entity, but to raise Qatar’s flag high in the esports community worldwide.”Gemayel, detailing his vision for the future, added: “This new chapter symbolizes our elevated ambition to enhance, expand, and exemplify. To our partners, we promise renewed vigor and excellence; to our dedicated team, a future brimming with limitless opportunities; and to the global gaming community, innovative experiences that will set new benchmarks."

BMW Group ME strengthens esports commitment with Nigma Galaxy partnership

Dubai: BMW Group Middle East, the iconic premium automotive manufacturer, has unveiled its partnership with Nigma Galaxy, one of the biggest esports teams in the MENA region. This exciting collaboration underscores BMW Group Middle East's involvement in the esports community, further supporting the rapidly growing local gaming scene.Nigma Galaxy, a global esports brand, emerged in 2019 through the merger of Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer, and has quickly risen to prominence in the gaming world.Founded by four of the most successful players in the esports realm, Nigma Galaxy boasts 6 esports teams competing across different games, including popular titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, and more. At the forefront of developing esports infrastructure and nurturing local talent in the MENA region, Team Nigma has a very active presence in the gaming arena in the region and beyond, participating in top events such as Gamers8, currently taking place in Riyadh until August 31, 2023.BMW Group Middle East has been steadily expanding its presence in the esports landscape the last few years, following a number of exciting partnerships with Publicis Groupe. The Nigma Galaxy partnership, which was defined and driven by Publicis Groupe together with BMW Group Middle East, will further accelerate the automotive brand’s presence in esports, elevating the gaming experience for enthusiasts around the world.Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, Managing Director at BMW Group Middle East, said, "As a gamer myself, I am very thrilled to join forces with Nigma Galaxy, a leading player in the esports domain. BMW Group Middle East will continue to play an active role in the gaming community as part of its commitment to encourage and foster talents in the region. As we embark on this partnership, we aim to engage with gaming enthusiasts and create unforgettable experiences that reflect both Nigma Galaxy's and BMW's community values."Emphasising the shared values that underpin this partnership, Christoph Timm, co-founder of Nigma Galaxy said, "This collaboration with BMW Group Middle East resonates deeply with our vision and values. BMW's passion for excellence and constant innovation aligns seamlessly with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of esports. Together, we aim to inspire and empower a new generation of gamers, supporting their dreams and aspirations in this exciting world of competitive gaming while creating unforgettable experiences that bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds."The partnership between BMW Group Middle East and Nigma Galaxy is also sound when viewed around the latter’s core values of passion, innovation, people and sportsmanship. Both brands embody a relentless passion for what they do, striving to exceed expectations and elevate their performance to new heights. Innovation is deeply ingrained in their DNA, with BMW's commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology aligning with Nigma Galaxy's pioneering spirit in the esports industry.The human element is central to their operations, as both organisations recognise the crucial role played by their teams and communities. Finally, sportsmanship serves as the foundation of their competitive spirit, whether it's while pushing the limits on the road or dominating the esports arena.To announce the partnership, the brands unveiled a collab video featuring two of Nigma Galaxy’s top names, Hamody and LORD. The gamers put their skill and focus to the test while in the backseat of a BMW M5 Competition, demonstrating their exceptional abilities as they engage in esports while on the move in the dashing sports saloon at the Dubai Autodrome.As Nigma Galaxy furthers its pursuit of nurturing local talent and promoting esports on a global stage, BMW Group Middle East is committed to supporting this mission through its extensive expertise and resources. With its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Nigma Galaxy is uniquely positioned to develop talents in the Middle East, creating a stronger bond between the international esports league and the MENA region, while simultaneously opening doors for local talent to flourish.The BMW-Nigma Galaxy partnership marks an exciting chapter in the esports industry, combining the legacy and innovation of the automotive brand with the talent and ambition of the esports team. Together, they strive to elevate the esports experience, create unforgettable moments for fans, and inspire the next generation of gaming enthusiasts.éline-gauthier-darnis-on-ad-tech-future

CTV, retail media, gaming: Equativ's Céline Gauthier-Darnis on Ad Tech future

In the dynamic world of business development, experience and expertise are paramount, especially within the intricate landscape of ad tech. Céline Gauthier-Darnis, the Executive Vice President of MENAT & APAC at Equativ, brings her extensive background in fostering growth and strategic partnerships to the forefront of the ad tech industry. With a deep understanding of market trends and a penchant for innovation, she has successfully navigated the complexities of this realm. In this exclusive interview with Adgully, Céline sheds light on her approach to bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers, her insights into Equativ's programmatic solutions, strategies for navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape, team management in a fast-paced environment, and Equativ's unique communication and marketing strategies. Furthermore, Céline delves into emerging trends and challenges within the MENAT and APAC regions, revealing her plans to tackle these issues head-on. Let us explore the dynamic world of ad tech through the lens of Céline Gauthier-Darnis, an industry trailblazer and a driving force behind Equativ's success.Can you tell us about your experience in business development and how it relates to the ad tech industry?Business development involves creating and implementing growth strategies to expand a company's market presence, increase revenue, and enhance profitability. My business development expertise is grounded in fostering growth, innovation, and strategic partnerships to thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape such as the ad tech industry. It has also helped me understand market trends, form strategic relationships, and continuously adapting to the evolving needs of advertisers, publishers, and consumers.As the EVP MENAT & APAC at Equativ, how do you ensure that the interests of both advertisers and publishers are effectively served?In my role, its key is to act as a bridge between advertisers and publishers, ensuring that their interests are aligned and that the partnership benefits all parties involved. This involves proactive and transparent communication, strategic decision-making, and a commitment to fostering a healthy and sustainable ecosystem within the ad tech industry. Additionally, it’s important to recognize that the needs of advertisers and publishers may differ. I work closely with my team to ensure we create customized solutions to align with our client's specific needs and goals.Could you share some examples of programmatic solutions that Equativ offers to advertisers in the UAE?Thanks to Equativ’s holistic ad monetization platform (Adserver/SSP/Buyer Tools/DSP), brands can achieve greater efficiency through their advertising spend and publishers can act with certainty and have the control they need to provide the right blend of transaction models, channels, format (Display, Audio, Video, CTV, Mobile) and audience data to deliver true value path optimization to brands. On top of that, our programmatic solutions including PMPs, auction packages, and contextual targeting solutions, enable a more streamlined and accurate ad transaction across various platforms and screens and help our clients reach their target audiences with the right message in the right environment.How do you approach the challenge of connecting advertisers with their target audience in the ever-evolving digital landscape?Navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape requires a combination of data-driven insights, technological innovation, creative messaging, and a deep understanding of your audience's behaviors and preferences. Adapting to changing technologies, consumer behaviors, and industry trends are essential. Here are a few strategies we work with our clients to leverage:A holistic approach to tap into multi-channel strategies that span across a variety of formats, devices, and platforms to ensure a consistent brand experienceData-driven insights to gain deeper insights into their target audiencesAudience segmentation to leverage first-party data to create more precise audience segmentsContextual targeting to ensure ads are placed in relevant contextual environments so that ads resonate with their target audiencesMeasurement and optimization solutions to continually establish, track and optimize against KPIsHow do you effectively manage and motivate your teams in a fast-moving environment? Can you provide examples of how you have successfully structured and managed an office to optimize productivity and efficiency?In this fast-paced industry, keeping your teams motivated and engaged is essential. I tailor my management style to each team member's preferences and strengths, and coupled with my enthusiastic and hands-on leadership approach, I always want to ensure my teams are feeling motivated and inspired.Here are a few ways I ensure this:Clear communication (and a lot of it!). Transparency and open discussions are essential to making teams feel inclusive and part of the teamEncouraging autonomy and trustRecognizing and celebrating achievementsFocusing on professional growth and identifying new opportunitiesContinued education in ad tech for my teams (always changing!)And have fun! I want my teams to feel excited to come to work and feel they are part of contributing to the success of the company.Communication and marketing play a crucial role in the ad tech industry. How do you approach these areas to effectively promote Equativ's services and attract clients?At Equativ, developing a comprehensive communication and marketing strategy is vital in the ever-changing ad tech industry in order to promote our services, attract and retain clients, and build trust by clearly explaining our solutions and the value they can expect by working with us. I love working with our central marketing team and my local team of marketing specialists to come up with new and creative ways to not only establish a strong brand presence and showcase our innovative global solutions but also connect the Equativ brand with the local community in the APAC/MENA region by tailoring our data, insights and strategies. Whether it’s through thought leadership, content marketing, social and events, to me, it’s always about ensuring a customized approach!In your opinion, what are some of the emerging trends and challenges in the MENAT and APAC regions when it comes to ad tech, and how do you plan to address them?Connected TVThere is a growing demand from advertisers in the MENAT/APAC region for CTV advertising. Currently, we have successfully executed campaigns for various industries targeting American and European audiences, specifically in sectors like hospitality, tourism, and real estate. While the inventory in the Americas and Europe is robust, publishers in the MENAT/APAC region are still in the process of developing programmatic solutions. However, we maintain an optimistic outlook and anticipate that the market will soon catch up. Once this happens, we will be able to effectively target the local audience through CTV formats.Retail mediaEvery e-commerce player has a gold mine to uncover. With the end of third-party cookies, the market is exploring the power of first-party data to unlock new targeting opportunities. Equativ provides a privacy-first addressable solution for retailers to monetize their data. This technology creates a new revenue stream for advertisers and an alternative to cookies to run highly targeted campaigns. Advertisers are almost ready technically to unlock this opportunity.Gaming advertisingOver the past 18 months, Saudi Arabia has invested $8 billion in global game companies with the objective of positioning itself as the primary global hub for the games and esports industry by 2030. These investments have been made through the public investment fund known as Savvy Games Group, and they mark just the initial phase of their plans. The group aims to allocate a remarkable $38 billion to establish 250 game companies, including developers, publishers, and studios, by 2030. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the gaming industry is projected to generate a revenue of $6 billion by 2027.By 2025, the global esports audience is anticipated to reach 318 million enthusiasts, with the MENA region accounting for 15% of that figure. This substantial gaming audience presents a significant opportunity for advertisers to connect with the market and captivate their customers by offering innovative experiences.Moreover, there is great enthusiasm surrounding the potential achievements in this field. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the View Through Rate and the Click Through Rate tend to be higher, indicating the advantageous timing of engaging with customers while they relax and enjoy their favorite games.