WPP & Google Cloud transform AI marketing

In a landmark announcement recently made at Google Cloud Next, WPP and Google Cloud unveiled a transformative collaboration set to redefine the landscape of marketing. This groundbreaking partnership integrates Google’s cutting-edge Gemini models with WPP Open, WPP’s AI-powered marketing operating system utilized by over 35,000 professionals and esteemed clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, L’Oréal, and Nestlé.Combining Google's unparalleled expertise in data analytics, generative AI technology, and cybersecurity with WPP's comprehensive marketing capabilities and global creative prowess, this alliance aims to usher in a new era of marketing efficiency and effectiveness.Central to this collaboration is the utilization of Google Cloud's advanced gen AI tools alongside WPP's proprietary marketing and advertising data. This integration empowers WPP’s clients to craft brand- and product-specific content utilizing gen AI, gain profound insights into target audiences, accurately forecast content effectiveness, and optimize campaigns through ongoing adaptive processes.Drawing from WPP’s extensive experience in serving enterprise clients, WPP Open seamlessly integrates with any client, partner, or technology vendor to deliver optimized and automated marketing capabilities.The inaugural phase of this dynamic partnership focuses on developing four innovative use cases:• Enhanced Creativity with WPP Open Creative Studio: Integrating Google's Gemini 1.5 Pro technology into Creative Studio enables the development of richer and more dynamic user interfaces. By leveraging a brand's content and guidelines, including color palette, fonts, voice, and past campaigns, this integration facilitates the creation of highly creative and on-brand content.• Smarter Content Optimization: Upgrades to WPP's AI Performance Brain™, powered by Gemini 1.5 Pro, enhance the system's ability to predict content performance even before campaign activation. This advancement delivers faster and more accurate predictions, offering superior recommendations to improve content and potentially freeing up substantial resources for reinvestment.• AI Narration: Pioneering real-time streaming capabilities for video description and narration, WPP utilizes Gemini 1.5 Pro to automate customizable video narration scripts, enhancing video creation efficiency and personalization.• Hyper-Realistic Product Representation: Leveraging gen AI, WPP revolutionizes product representation by creating detailed 3D product images that adhere to brand guidelines and incorporate product design elements, ideal for marketing and advertising.Stephan Pretorius, Chief Technology Officer at WPP, said: "This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in marketing innovation. Our integration of Gemini 1.5 Pro into WPP Open has significantly accelerated our gen AI innovation and enables us to do things we could only dream of a few months ago. With Gemini models, we're not only able to enhance traditional marketing tasks but also to integrate the end-to-end marketing process for continuous, adaptive optimisation. I believe this will be a game-changer for our clients and the marketing industry at large.”Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said: “AI has the potential to unlock new levels of effectiveness for marketers, whether it is optimising campaigns, automating repetitive tasks like brand descriptions, or sparking entirely new ideas. This partnership brings the power of Google Cloud’s gen AI capabilities together with WPP’s marketing domain expertise to help our mutual customers create better campaigns that resonate with consumers in a deeper way.”The move forms part of WPP’s ongoing annual investment of £250 million in AI, data and technology, and its strategy to capitalise on its lead in the space by partnering with AI experts like Google.

WPP partners with Sprinklr for AI-powered customer experience solutions

Sprinklr (NYSE: CXM), the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, today announced the launch of an expanded strategic partnership with WPP. Together, WPP and Sprinklr plan to create AI solutions to help global clients deliver more personalized and consistent experiences to customers using Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform.In today’s world, where creating a consistent and seamless customer experience across a variety of channels can be a challenge, it’s essential for global clients to have enterprise-grade AI solutions that make it possible for brands to reach, engage, and listen to customers at scale. As the market leader in the unified-CXM space working with over 1,400 brands, including many of WPP’s largest clients, the Sprinklr platform provides companies a comprehensive view of data to inform insights and analytics.Through this partnership, WPP will become Sprinklr’s first global agency partner, and the two companies will collaborate on a new offering, CX Live AI, that connects Sprinklr’s AI+ platform, which includes both Sprinklr customized AI models and generative AI capabilities, with WPP’s own AI resources. This first-of-its-kind, joint offering will help WPP teams create optimised content that reaches the right audiences. WPP and Sprinklr are collaborating on solutions with select clients, such as The Coca-Cola Company, where teams leverage AI insights around customer engagement to inform creative development and channel selection.The companies will work together on shared data, analytics, and solution development for joint clients, and WPP teams will also receive priority support from Sprinklr including bespoke enablement programs and early access to new Sprinklr products and platform features. In addition, WPP will participate in Sprinklr’s Partner Advisory board to help shape the roadmap for products.Stephan Pretorius, CTO of WPP, said: “Through the seamless integration of WPP's AI toolset with Sprinklr's AI+ platform, we are reshaping how brands can connect with their audiences. This partnership enhances our existing AI offerings and enables our clients to create customer experiences across all touch points on a scale like never before, further solidifying our position as a leader amidst the technology revolution that is transforming our industry.”Sprinklr CEO & Founder Ragy Thomas said: “Sprinklr and WPP serve many of the world's most iconic brands. Together, this partnership will enable customers to effectively deploy AI that will result in measurable productivity, cost savings, and the seamless experiences customers have come to expect today. Integrating Sprinklr’s AI-powered Unified-CXM platform with WPP’s AI toolset will help our shared customers quickly adopt the latest AI technologies while ensuring the enterprise-grade privacy, security, and governance that Sprinklr and WPP have built our businesses on."

WPP & Spotify announce first-of-its-kind global partnership

Spotify will be the first audio platform to be integrated directly into WPP’s products and solutions. WPP and Spotify today announced a new global strategic partnership that will enable WPP to offer its clients early access to Spotify’s innovative ad products, first-party intelligence and creative ways to reach engaged audiences at scale.  As part of the partnership, Spotify will become the first digital audio platform to be integrated directly into WPP’s products and solutions. This includes an exploration in connection with Choreograph’s insights platform. In a first-of-its-kind partnership, WPP will look to use Spotify to develop integrations that provide Spotify’s first-party occasions insights to help clients understand aggregated listening patterns in order to inform more creative and effective digital audio advertising strategies. WPP will work with Spotify to deliver market-leading thought leadership and scaled training programmes for its employees and clients that focus on digital audio creativity and Spotify's innovative ad products. WPP’s teams and clients will also benefit from early access to Spotify’s neuro-insights research focused on audience trends and insights. One of the first outputs of the partnership is a WPP client-specific version of Spotify’s Sonic Science insights study, conducted with WPP agency Mindshare, that details the connection between Spotify, digital audio ads and listeners. Working with research firm Neuro-Insight, Spotify recreated its Sonic Science Volume 1 study using audio ads from WPP clients to explore how their ads trigger engagement, emotional intensity, memory, and more. Notable findings include: Immersed Audience: Spotify consistently drives higher levels of engagement vs. other media formats like visual media (+24%), other audio media (+27%) and social media (+38%), with an increase in numbers from Spotify’s 2021 study1. Increased Ad Engagement: We found that listeners were more engaged with the ads from WPP clients in this study than in the 2021 study, with a 17% increase on ad engagement transference when listeners went from listening to music or podcasts to a real WPP client’s audio ad. Strong engagement in both podcast and music environments: The study showed that ad engagement remains high with listeners no matter if they were listening to music (+29%) or podcasts (+36%)2. Sonic Science Volume 1, Neuro-Insight and Spotify, June 2021IbidStephan Pretorius, Chief Technology Officer of WPP, said: “In the fast-evolving media and entertainment landscape, audio streaming has become an integral part of everyday life. At WPP, we recognise the power of audio as a critical component of marketing. The intent of this first-of-its-kind partnership is to integrate Spotify’s insights with the Choreograph platform to create more innovative and relevant ways to connect our clients with their customers.” Brian Berner, Global Head of Advertising Sales, Spotify, said: “We’ve long partnered with WPP to enable agency planners and buyers to make more informed decisions when planning for digital audio. With our new global partnership, we’re helping WPP clients modernise their strategy and planning. More than 550 million people across 184 markets come to Spotify every month to be entertained, to learn and to discover for nearly 2.5 hours each day. As we continue to drive innovation in audio and the advertising industry at large, partners like WPP are critical to delivering for advertisers, creators and audiences wherever they are.” Additional insights from the Sonic Science study, as well as tips for advertisers on how to get started with digital audio can be found here: WPP Sonic Science study.