Al-Futtaim Automotive appoints Katib Belkhodja as Director of Customer Centricit

Al-Futtaim Automotive has enlisted Katib Belkhodja as the trailblazing Director of Customer Centricity for their automotive group.This position has been designed to adopt an innovative, customer-centric approach to the business, setting a new standard in the industry.Taking on this pivotal role, Belkhodja will directly report to the President of Al-Futtaim Automotive and be entrusted with crafting customer-focused business strategies. These visionary plans will revolve around enhancing the brand's power, elevating the customer experience, and driving digital sales to new heights.In addition to this, Belkhodja will spearhead the implementation of Al-Futtaim Automotive's marketing, PR communications, and digital transformation initiatives.Embracing his position as Customer Centricity Director, Belkhodja will skillfully oversee the creation of captivating brand content and storytelling, and leverage the power of data science across the diverse range of products and services offered by the company.Taking charge of the digital revolution, Belkhodja will pioneer the integration of cutting-edge technologies within showrooms and establish revolutionary processes to gather invaluable customer feedback at every stage, from call centers to digital bookings, right through to the final sale.On his appointment, Belkhodja shared his excitement: "I am thrilled to lead the new Customer Centricity department, an organic extension of our customer-driven business approach. Al-Futtaim Automotive remains steadfast in our dedication to putting customers first. In today's fiercely competitive landscape, where personalized and curated customer experiences are paramount to brand success, we eagerly embrace this responsibility."He further said: "My mission is to redefine the brand experience by seamlessly blending digital innovations with a deep understanding of our esteemed customers. Armed with a wealth of customer insights from diverse touchpoints, we are relentlessly working towards delivering a truly 'connected customer experience' – from the initial interaction through our compelling marketing campaigns to engaging showroom or e-commerce experiences, culminating in the unforgettable moment when they drive away with their dream vehicle."Drawing from his extensive 15-year background in the automotive industry, encompassing roles with OEMs, major dealerships, and automotive digital platforms, Belkhodja has previously served as the Marketing Director of Al-Futtaim Automotive, further solidifying his qualifications for this prestigious role as the Customer Centricity Director.