Meta Shapers Web3 & AI Summit to focus on Web3.0 and AI

Dubai: Web3.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are set to come under the spotlight at the upcoming Meta Shapers Web3 & AI Summit later this year, according to Dubai-based technology specialist, Sharad Agarwal.Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Cyber Gear, a leading tech enabler since 1996, confirmed that a global cast of authoritative voice speakers and panellists are secured for the online event on October 4, 2023.“The speaker line-up is plucked from the centre of the metaverse conversation. Each of the 25 presenters and panellists are known to bring real experience, knowledge, thoughts, and concerns to the room.“We will cover a myriad of topics deemed essential to business, economics, and lifestyle from the current headline-grabber, Artificial Intelligence, through to the positive impact of Web3 to enable a just and inclusive future,” he said.Agarwal is considered a leading Web3 commentator having spoken at more than 100 subject-related events, on-line and in-person, over the past 18 months. He is the creator of the Summit. Meanwhile, global business & communications specialist, Susan Furness is onboard as the Summit’s content curator and co-host.Alongside Agarwal, Furness is an active voice in the Web3 conversation facilitating more than 30 panel discussions since early 2022, from gaming, to brand building, through to community building, and economics.Furness confirmed that at least a dozen, critical, headline topics will be tabled throughout the six-hour Summit agenda in addition to two expert panels. She promised a ‘jargon-free dialogue’.Referencing the virtual, global community of more than 2,000 Meta Shapers gathered over the past 18 months, Furness observed: “Meta-Shapers are known to bring a big dose of reality into the immersive conversation.“The Summit’s vibrant Meta Shaper cast is poised to unpick the identified pros, the perceived cons, as well as the real sense of the unknown that seems to be keeping economists, strategists, and Metapreneurs busy,” she said.Furness, the founder of emerging market advisory, Strategic Solutions and an associate at Edgewalkers International added an online audience of more than 1,500 from five continents is expected to attend.“Meta Shapers is a global community of impact entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are shaping the narrative around the metaverse, and early summit registrations are already beating our expectations,” she concluded.