Astra Tech partners with Lifeform to empower Web3 digital identity solutions

Dubai, UAE – Astra Tech (Astra), MENA’s leading consumer technology holding group based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has announced its partnership with Lifeform, the leading Web3 decentralized digital identity solution provider, to integrate Lifeform Cartoon into Botim as a mini program. This collaboration aims to redefine and personalize communication, empowering users with effortless control over their digital identities.Building on this success, Astra Tech and Lifeform have plans to elevate their partnership even further. In the future, the Lifeform Cartoon will be integrated into Botim, allowing users to create, mint, and collect unique AI-generated Lifeform avatar NFTs. These avatars will transcend their role as personalized identifiers, introducing an exciting new realm of investment and collectibles. Powered by NFT technology, each avatar will possess an unparalleled level of irreplaceability and uniqueness, making every user's digital identity truly one-of-a-kind.Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim, said:"We are thrilled to join forces with Lifeform. Together, we are poised to transform communication and digital identity management, empowering our users like never before. This partnership signifies our commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional value to our community. As Astra Tech and Lifeform embark on this exciting journey, the future of communication and digital identity is set to be redefinedBrian Hirsh, CEOat Lifeform said:“Visual DID (Decentralised Identifier) is not only the hub of Web3, but also an effective path for Web2 to Web3, which will enable users to easily enjoy various applications in Web3. Lifeform and Astra Tech believe that this cooperation can quickly expand the Web3 user group and promote the development of the multi-metaverse by making full use of the portfolio of crypto assets and combining the advantages of BOTIM as the main entrance to the Web3 world.”By harnessing the power of AI and blockchain technology, Astra Tech and Lifeform are confident that this collaboration will not only deliver a novel and personalized communication platform, but also establish a profound connection between users' digital identities and their virtual personas. This integration promises to provide a richer and more engaging communication experience, captivating the community and unlocking unprecedented value for users.