Innovations Group appoints Sharanabasappa S. Shirol as Chief Digital Officer

Dubai, UAE: Innovations Group, UAE's leading HR & Staffing Solutions provider, proudly announces the appointment of Sharanabasappa S Shirol as its Chief Digital Officer. With an illustrious career in the technology domain, Shirol brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Innovations Group, propelling the organization into a new era of digital innovation. For a quarter-century, Innovations Group has been a stalwart in the HR & Staffing sector, offering a spectrum of services encompassing recruitment, temporary staffing, HR outsourcing, and payroll outsourcing.In his role as Chief Digital Officer, Shirol assumes a leadership position, integral to the digital evolution. His responsibilities extend beyond the conventional realms of strategy and execution; Shirol is entrusted with positioning the Innovations Group at the forefront of technological advancement, both nationally and globally.Ravi Jethwani, the CEO of Innovations Group, has commented, “Our commitment to digital acceleration is more than a roadmap; it's a journey we embark on to redefine HR & Staffing solutions in the region. By integrating cutting-edge technology, we set the pace, ensuring unparalleled value for our clients and associates. Our dedication to shaping the future of HR aligns seamlessly with our recent appointment of Sharanabasappa S Shirol as Chief Digital Officer. Together, we embrace the power of technology, leading the way into a future defined by progress and success."Shirol's appointment as Chief Digital Officer at Innovations Group perfectly aligns with the evolving HR landscape, as emphasized in a recent PwC HR Tech Survey. With 57% of HR leaders prioritizing ongoing adoption of HR technology, Shirol's mission resonates with the industry's recognition of technology's crucial role in talent acquisition and management. This synergizes seamlessly with Innovations Group's commitment to innovative digital strategies for delivering advanced talent solutions and enhancing the associate experience.Shirol's vision for the future is people-centric. He seeks to build stronger connections with clients, understanding their unique talent needs, and employing digital solutions to tailor services. His focus is on making Innovations Group agile and responsive, ensuring that the pursuit of growth retains a human touch. By incorporating data-driven decision-making and analytics into recruitment strategies, Shirol envisions a future where success is measured not only quantitatively but also through the impactful stories of clients and associates.On being appointed as Chief Digital Officer for the Innovations Group, Shirol shares, “I am looking forward to implementing the industry's best technology solutions to help the company and its customers achieve the next level of operational efficiency and profitability growth.”The appointment of Shirol marks a strategic move for Innovations Group, aligning the organization with a shared vision of a future where technology and humanity coexist harmoniously, enriching the experiences of everyone involved. Together, they embark on an exciting journey into the digital frontier, where innovation is not merely a concept but a fundamental aspect of the organizational ethos.

Prakash Jain appointed as Group CFO for Buzzworks, Innovations Group

Buzzworks, India and Innovations Group, UAE have announced the appointment of Prakash Jain as their Group Chief Financial Officer. Both the organisations are prominent leaders in human resource and recruitment services and with this strategic appointment, Prakash will play a pivotal role in driving the financial excellence and growth across the organisations.Prakash brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in Investor Relations, Corporate Development, and Financial Transformation. Prior to joining the brands, he served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at ekincare and has also held key positions at organizations such as BlackBuck, Brillio Technologies & SLK Group. With over two decades of professional experience, Prakash sets out to be a catalyst for driving business transformation.As the brand takes the next big leap in its positioning in India and globally, Prakash will spearhead the company's financial planning and investment strategies. Additionally, he will be instrumental in fostering synergies between both the organizations. V C Karthic, Founder of Buzzworks, India, said: “Buzzworks and Innovations group are glad to welcome Prakash Jain as the  group CFO. Both organizations are at an inflection point of growth, profitability and expansion across verticals and geographies. Prakash brings not just a wealth of experience to the table, but also the competence, commitment and clarity to elevate finance to the function of a driver of business, from being an enabler.”Ravi Jethwani, Innovations Group CEO, commented: “We are happy to onboard Prakash Jain as the joint Group CFO and with his appointment, we’re one step closer to setting up the strategic team that will propel both organizations towards a winning partnership. Prakash will be instrumental in driving synergies between both organisations and executing strategic opportunities identified by the business “An alumnus of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Prakash also holds a Bachelor's degree with Honors in Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.Commenting on his appointment Prakash Jain said, “Both the companies have a strong track record of excellence and innovation, and I am excited to be part of this growth journey. I will be leveraging my expertise to drive financial strategies that will support their continued growth and success in the industry."The leadership at Buzzworks and Innovations Group welcomes Prakash  and is confident that his appointment as the Group Chief Financial Officer will significantly contribute to the strategic financial management and elevate the companies to even greater heights.