Connect Ads by Aleph and Digital Turbine forge MENA partnership

Dubai: Announcing an exclusive collaboration between Aleph's Connect Ads, a leading digital media house, and MENA's top-notch advertising solutions provider, along with Digital Turbine, the trailblazer in linking the mobile ecosystem through innovative encounters. Together, they join forces to introduce top-tier mobile advertising solutions to esteemed agencies and brands in the MENA region.Under this partnership, Connect Ads by Aleph will exclusively handle all advertising sales and account management activities in the region, representing Digital Turbine's interests.Having been a pioneer in the MENA region's digital media landscape since 2001, Connect Ads, a subsidiary of Aleph Group, has established itself as a global enabler of digital advertising, facilitating connections between thousands of advertisers in over 130 emerging markets and the world's premier digital platforms.In this collaboration, Connect Ads by Aleph will empower regional clients to tap into the potentials of rewarded video advertising in mobile games, leveraging Digital Turbine's influential position in the global arena.Moreover, advertisers will be able to leverage DT's advanced solutions to enhance engagement, attention, and brand outcomes significantly.Notably, DT's Dynamic End Card offers immersive, mobile-first experiences with interactive full-screen executions, allowing users to explore brand offerings after watching the ad to completion.The interactive in-video experience boasts powerful graphic technologies and interactive video ad encounters, enriching the gaming experience for mobile gamers without being intrusive.The region's biggest players in the digital industry consistently choose Connect Ads when venturing into MENA. Connect Ads has spearheaded and nurtured the digital advertising ventures of major tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Spotify, LinkedIn, Shazam, TikTok, Speakol, Huawei Ads, Criteo, among many others.Currently, Connect Ads by Aleph is the preferred partner for more than 24 digital media, AdTech, and big data giants.Mohamed El-Mehairy, Group CEO of Connect Ads by Aleph, stated, "Our vision and strategy are centered around bringing value to our region, catering to both users and advertisers alike. We are delighted to have gained the trust of yet another world-class platform."He further praised Digital Turbine as an exceptional platform, capable of accelerating mobile growth and consumer engagement, thereby connecting brands with a broader audience across various devices.Connect Ads' advertising activities are meticulously measurable in terms of their effectiveness.Digital Turbine's advertising platform integrates seamlessly with leading measurement partners such as Moat, DV, and IAS, while excelling in attention results, as proven by collaborations with Lumen, Amplified Intelligence, Nielsen, and Kantar.DT's video ads not only seize users' attention but also retain it for an extended duration. A study with attention measurement leader Amplified Intelligence revealed that DT ads outperformed its peers by over 10X in terms of attention.On average, viewers actively engage with DT ads for a combined 22 seconds, a remarkable contrast to the mere 1.6 seconds for mobile web video ads and 2.5 seconds for social video ads.DT's ad experience utilizes a dynamic end-card format, further enhancing its ability to captivate user attention and foster engagement through full-screen video and audio experiences.DT's acclaimed Creative Lab specializes in crafting and optimizing mobile-based creative content that captivates audiences through sight, sound, and motion.