Amazon Ads forge deal with IPG Mediabrands to revolutionize Prime Video ads

Amazon Ads and IPG Mediabrands have entered into a partnership, focusing on assisting advertisers in reaching audiences through Prime Video ads. This three-year collaboration offers brands the chance to connect with "relevant" audiences through Prime Video ads, which are set to debut on Amazon's streaming platform in early 2024. Notably, IPG Mediabrands, the media-buying arm associated with Interpublic Group, becomes the first media holding company to collaborate with Amazon Ads on this innovative venture.Under this agreement, IPG Mediabrands, home to agencies like UM, Initiative, and Mediahub, will be granted "first-look opportunities" to utilize new ad formats and content sponsorships in various regions. In return, advertisers aligned with IPG Mediabrands will receive access to Amazon's first-party shopping and entertainment insights, enabling them to create precisely targeted ads tailored for Prime Video viewers.Eileen Kiernan, the Global CEO of IPG Mediabrands, highlighted the groundbreaking opportunity this collaboration provides for clients to connect comprehensively with consumers, spanning culture, content, commerce, and shoppable experiences.The rollout of Prime Video ads is initially planned for the US, UK, Germany, and Canada, with subsequent expansion into France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Australia in the following year. IPG Mediabrands has committed to providing support in all these countries in 2024. Alan Moss, the Vice President of Global Sales for Amazon Ads, emphasized IPG Mediabrands' proactive approach, positioning their clients as early participants in engaging with the Prime Video streaming audience across the nine countries scheduled for coverage in early 2024. Moss also underscored the significant reach and frequency Amazon Ads aims to offer brands, positioning Prime Video as a prominent premium ad-supported service across most operating countries.

Amazon Ads partners with Lenovo to empower female gamers

Dubai: Lenovo has partnered with Amazon Ads to launch an impactful Q4 campaign for their Lenovo Legion brand, aimed at creating an authentic gaming experience for audiences, particularly women within the gaming community. By leveraging Amazon DSP video, display banners, and other ad products, Lenovo successfully connected with customers and celebrated the diversity of players in the gaming world.One of the campaign highlights was a hero video featured on the Amazon website homepage, showcasing a female protagonist who exemplifies leadership, strength, and effective collaboration while gaming on Lenovo Legion laptops. The inclusion of a female lead underscored Lenovo's commitment to inclusivity, empowering and encouraging women in the gaming community.Lenovo's Legion campaign was executed in three phases: lead-in, lead-up, and lead-out. During the lead-in phase, the brand used a multichannel approach to target Amazon PC gaming shoppers with video ads, dynamic banners, and static displays. The lead-up phase focused on peak events like Singles' Day and White Friday, employing Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and display banners to convert brand-aware audiences and drive consideration. The lead-out phase concentrated on fostering loyalty and engaging in-market audiences through responsive e-commerce creatives (REC) and Sponsored Products.The results of the Lenovo Legion Q4 campaign exceeded expectations, reaching a broad audience in the UAE and generating significant revenue. The campaign garnered 33 million impressions, effectively raising awareness of the Lenovo Legion brand. With a strong return on ad spend (ROAS) of 7.81, the campaign demonstrated its ability to drive revenue and deliver a positive return on investment. Furthermore, 71% of the customers were new to the brand (NTB), indicating the campaign's success in expanding the reach of Lenovo Legion.The campaign's awareness-focused tactics, including video ads, achieved a remarkable 60% video completion rate (VCR), capturing viewers' attention and delivering engaging content. The campaign's click-through rate (CTR) of 0.18% surpassed industry benchmarks, showcasing the effectiveness of the creative messaging in driving user engagement. In terms of consideration, the campaign achieved a detail page view rate (DVPR) of 1.1%, indicating its success in driving potential customers to explore Lenovo Legion products.Demand generation tactics, such as REC and Sponsored Products, resulted in an exceptional ROAS of 19, highlighting the campaign's ability to drive conversions and create demand for Lenovo Legion laptops. Lastly, the campaign led to a 14% relative lift in ad recall, solidifying the brand's increased recognition and recall among the key audience.Lenovo Legion's Q4 campaign exemplifies the brand's dedication to empowering and supporting women in gaming, showcasing the versatile opportunities their products offer to enhance the gaming experience for all. By successfully reaching and resonating with their target audience, Lenovo has further strengthened their position as a leader in the gaming industry.