Jaggaer recognized again in 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle for AI

Dubai: JAGGAER, the global leader in Autonomous Commerce, today announced that it has been named for the third year in a row as a Sample Vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2023. The source-to-pay (S2P) technology provider is included in the category of Intelligent Applications."We're incredibly excited to be named by Gartner as a Sample Vendor in this year’s Hype Cycle report. We have invested in our vision of Autonomous Commerce for our customers for the past 10+ years and the artificial intelligence we've woven across our platform is helping procurement teams be more strategic across the end-to-end source-to-pay process and more agile as they adapt to supply chain and market disruptions," said Andy Hovancik, CEO and member of the Board of Directors at JAGGAER. "We believe that our inclusion in this report for the third year in a row, especially given industry advancements in artificial intelligence, is a testament to JAGGAER's strategy to provide intelligent procurement solutions that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities."Gartner states, “Artificial intelligence (AI) is the current competitive play for enterprise applications with many technology providers now enabling AI and machine learning (ML) in their products via inbuilt, added, proxied or custom capabilities. Bringing intelligence into applications enables them to work autonomously across a wider range of scenarios with elevated quality and productivity, and reduced risk. Integrated intelligence can also support decision-making processes alongside transactional processes.”

Globale Media’s Ahmed Elgebaly on seizing MENA's digital awakening

In this exclusive interview with Adgully, Ahmed Elgebaly, the newly appointed Regional Head for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at Globale Media, delves into his strategies for driving growth and success in the dynamic MENA market. With a background in finance and digital marketing, Ahmed's insights shed light on how he plans to leverage his expertise to capitalize on emerging opportunities, navigate challenges, and establish Globale Media as a leading network in the region. From tapping into the region's digital awakening to embracing AI-powered advancements, Ahmed offers a comprehensive perspective on building strong relationships, maintaining innovation, and fostering a positive work culture in the MENA team. Moreover, he discusses the pivotal role that artificial intelligence is set to play in the future of digital marketing across the MENA region. Excerpts:With your background in finance and digital marketing, how do you plan to leverage your expertise to drive growth and success for Globale Media in the MENA market?To drive growth for Globale Media in the MENA market, I plan on tailoring digital marketing strategies to the unique cultural and linguistic aspects of the MENA region. Leveraging AI-powered analytics can help identify trends and consumer behavior, allowing for targeted campaigns that resonate with the local audience.The MENA region is experiencing significant digital penetration. How do you envision tapping into these emerging opportunities in digital marketing, and what strategies do you plan to implement to capitalize on this trend?The MENA region is currently experiencing a digital awakening, especially in the Middle East. To tap into these emerging opportunities, we plan to invest in mobile advertising and localized content. Collaboration with local influencers and utilizing social media platforms popular in the region can prove to be very effective strategies for capitalizing on this trend.What are some of the unique challenges and opportunities that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market presents for a company like Globale Media?Because the MENA region has among the highest consumer digital engagement in the world, Globale Media has an opportunity to create an advantage by developing cutting-edge features and functionality tailored to consumers. The strategy is to capitalize on opportunities by building strong relationships with local partners, understanding cultural values, and ensuring compliance with local laws.The MENA market also presents particular challenges, such as diverse cultures, languages, and other regulatory challenges.As the regional head, you'll be making critical decisions for the MENA market. Could you share an example of a challenging decision you've had to complete in your career and how it ultimately benefited the organization you were working for?In terms of a challenging decision, I once had to choose between launching a new product quickly to beat the competition or refining it further for higher quality. Ultimately, we chose quality, even when it meant more time, but it eventually improved customer satisfaction and set the foundation for long-term success.Given your experience with international organizations, how do you plan to balance the global vision of Globale Media with the specific needs and nuances of the MENA region?It's part of the bigger picture. MENA's market needs to require adapting strategies and offerings to suit the local market, but also while keeping Globale Media's core values and vision intact.In your opinion, how can Globale Media establish itself as a trustworthy and leading network in the MENA region, and what steps will you take to build strong relationships with digital marketers and clients?To establish trust and build relationships, we need to prioritize transparency, deliver measurable results, and provide exceptional customer service. We need to ensure robust, regular communication and employ proper feedback loops with digital marketers and clients. When we deliver on our promise, our partners will have to keep coming back for more.The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area, particularly Saudi Arabia, is known for its high purchasing power parity. What strategies do you have in mind to tap into this market and ensure that Globale Media's offerings resonate with the preferences and demands of consumers in this region?For the GCC market, we need to tailor offerings to match the high purchasing power by focusing on premium services, personalized experiences, and luxury branding.

Meta Shapers Web3 & AI Summit to focus on Web3.0 and AI

Dubai: Web3.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are set to come under the spotlight at the upcoming Meta Shapers Web3 & AI Summit later this year, according to Dubai-based technology specialist, Sharad Agarwal.Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Cyber Gear, a leading tech enabler since 1996, confirmed that a global cast of authoritative voice speakers and panellists are secured for the online event on October 4, 2023.“The speaker line-up is plucked from the centre of the metaverse conversation. Each of the 25 presenters and panellists are known to bring real experience, knowledge, thoughts, and concerns to the room.“We will cover a myriad of topics deemed essential to business, economics, and lifestyle from the current headline-grabber, Artificial Intelligence, through to the positive impact of Web3 to enable a just and inclusive future,” he said.Agarwal is considered a leading Web3 commentator having spoken at more than 100 subject-related events, on-line and in-person, over the past 18 months. He is the creator of the Summit. Meanwhile, global business & communications specialist, Susan Furness is onboard as the Summit’s content curator and co-host.Alongside Agarwal, Furness is an active voice in the Web3 conversation facilitating more than 30 panel discussions since early 2022, from gaming, to brand building, through to community building, and economics.Furness confirmed that at least a dozen, critical, headline topics will be tabled throughout the six-hour Summit agenda in addition to two expert panels. She promised a ‘jargon-free dialogue’.Referencing the virtual, global community of more than 2,000 Meta Shapers gathered over the past 18 months, Furness observed: “Meta-Shapers are known to bring a big dose of reality into the immersive conversation.“The Summit’s vibrant Meta Shaper cast is poised to unpick the identified pros, the perceived cons, as well as the real sense of the unknown that seems to be keeping economists, strategists, and Metapreneurs busy,” she said.Furness, the founder of emerging market advisory, Strategic Solutions and an associate at Edgewalkers International added an online audience of more than 1,500 from five continents is expected to attend.“Meta Shapers is a global community of impact entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are shaping the narrative around the metaverse, and early summit registrations are already beating our expectations,” she concluded.

Crayon Data to benchmark personalized experiences empowered by Generative AI mod

Dubai: Crayon Data, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data company headquartered in Singapore with a presence in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, is working on bespoke Generative AI solutions for large enterprises. Over 11 years, Crayon Data has emerged as the go-to player in AI. With data and AI at its core, Crayon transforms commerce in banks, fintech companies, and other enterprises throughThe first AI-led lifestyle marketplace for banks Hyper localization to drive growth for fintech companiesRevenue acceleration platform for enterprisesReal-time personalized itineraries for travel concierge The world is now embracing new generation AI and the intelligent use of data. This is no surprise to Crayon. Since its inception, the company has always been ahead of the curve.A case in point is Crayon’s flagship platform,, powered by patented algorithms and Machine Learning (ML). It generates simple, easy-to-understand, and relevant insights based on non-PII consumer data. These AI-led insights help enterprises transform customer engagement via hyper-personalization. is the force behind: digital personal storefronts for leading card issuers in India (~15M customers, ~30B$ portfolio); and a personalized lifestyle marketplace for a leading Islamic bank in UAE (~1M customers, 15B portfolio).Crayon’s R&D investment and product roadmaps come together to deliver:AI-generated personalized content to scale marketing and digital commercePersonalized video commerce to supercharge engagement and salesAI-driven sandbox that accelerates production and testing of data modelsMachine learning models for ensembling to drive better performance of recommendationsAI-assisted chatbot for customer and enterprise usersNatural Language Search in discovery, commerce, bookings and moreCommenting on the innovation, Lakshmi Narasimhan, Chief Product Officer of Crayon Data, said, “The global AI market size is progressing with a CAGR of 39.1% from 2023 to 2032. When we started out, we knew AI was going to take the world by storm. As a leading player in the space, we operate at the highest standards of compliance, data protection, and privacy. By design, Crayon Data adheres to responsible, enterprise-grade AI practices as an organizational imperative. Today, Generative AI is not just a buzzword, but the way forward. This is the moment we’ve been building for, all along.”

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy attracts 30 tech startups to Dubai during Q1 20

Dubai: Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, one of the three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers, has unveiled details of its key achievements during the first quarter of 2023. The announcement underlines the chamber's commitment to boosting the digital economy in the emirate and supporting the ambitious Dubai Economic Agenda D33.During the first three months of this year, Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy successfully cooperated with relevant government entities to attract 30 startups with strong potential in the technology sector as part of its efforts to develop the digital economy and enhance Dubai’s appeal to tech investors.The chamber has also launched a new initiative to enhance communication with key stakeholders in digital business community, and organised a series of 10 interactive workshops for the private sector focusing on specific areas of the digital economy. The workshops explored the challenges facing the targeted sectors and helped develop appropriate solutions to support companies in improving their performance and competitiveness.H.E. Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications and Chairman of Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, confirmed that realising the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, for the emirate to be a global capital of the digital economy remains a top priority for the chamber both now and in the future, and that the private sector is a key player in achieving this objective.“A main focus for the UAE is strengthening constructive dialogue with key segments of Dubai’s digital business community to determine opportunities, challenges, and recommendations,” H.E. Al Olama stated. “We aim to chart a roadmap for strengthening the emirate’s digital infrastructure, develop legislation that supports the growth of tech companies, and enhance the digital economy’s competitiveness and contribution to Dubai’s overall economic growth.”The series of interactive workshops covered a wide range of digital economy sectors including 3D printing, social media, venture capital and business incubators, ecommerce, video games, the gig economy, financial technology (FinTech), the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, healthtech, artificial intelligence, and software development.Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy is committed to supporting Dubai’s digital transformation and elevating the emirate’s position as a global capital of the digital economy. The chamber’s ambitious strategy aims to attract 300 new digital startups in the coming years. As part of these efforts, Dubai Chamber of Digital economy will host the Expand North Star Summit in October. The event, which is the region’s largest gathering of startups, will showcase growth opportunities emerging in Dubai’s digital economy and serve as a strategic catalyst to expand the future of digital economy.