YOUAE Mortgages introduces Mr Mortgage: UAE’s first mortgage AI Avatar

YOUAE Mortgages, a rapidly growing mortgage advisory firm in the region, is introducing UAE’s first Mortgage AI Avatar. With a client-centric approach, the firm envisions to offer a comprehensive and personalized mortgage experience. With the aim of revolutionizing the way individuals receive mortgage updates, the AI avatar will provide valuable insights, streamlined processes, and prompt assistance to clients.Mr. Mortgage increases efficiency and enables individuals to make informed decisions by informing clients about the latest market trends, interest rates, loan terms, etc. Customers get access to concise, engaging information on various mortgage topics."For the past ten years, my journey in mortgage sales has been defined by one core principle: placing the client at the Centre of everything I do. Client satisfaction is not just a priority; it is the very essence of my business. In my pursuit of providing exceptional service, I have long pondered the potential synergy between the mortgage and AI world. Mr. Mortgage is the result of figuring out how we could efficiently leverage AI to revolutionize the client experience and deliver greater value,” said Yash Trivedi, Founder of YOUAE Mortgages.Mr Mortgage’s introduction to the UAE comes at an excellent time, as the UAE government has recently announced the cancellation of the minimum down payment for property investors. Seeking to encourage more investors and residents to establish deeper roots in the country, investors can now qualify for the golden visa if the property’s value is Dh 2 million or more, irrespective of whether it is off-plan, completed, mortgaged, or not mortgaged. In comparison, investors previously had to pay at least Dh 1 million to be eligible for the 10-year residency visa.YOUAE Mortgages recognizes the complexities of the real estate market and the diverse financial needs of its clients. Through personalized advice, tailored mortgage solutions, and unparalleled customer service, they’re on the journey to simplify the mortgage process by equipping customers with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions.

Spheroid Universe Coin to be listed on MEXC Exchange

Dubai: Spheroid Universe, a futuristic Metaverse that augments the real world in every part of the Earth, is announcing that their token, SPH, will officially be listed on MEXC today, on June 5th.Founded in 2018, MEXC (also known as MEXC Global) is a rapidly-growing cryptocurrency exchange with more than 6 million users in over 200 countries, including the USA, UAE, Canada and Australia. MEXC is regularly featured as one the top exchanges globally for trading volume. The exchange offers one of the widest ranges of cryptocurrencies with over 1,500+ coins listed on the platform. It brings a wealth of experience listing top performing tokens, with a reach that only a handful of exchanges in Crypto have, helping Spheroid Universe go global.The move follows the company’s recent launch of ChatGPT-powered artificial intelligence (AI) Avatars that will inhabit the world around us via augmented reality (AR). This ground-breaking development will deliver breakthrough opportunities across numerous business platforms - from e-commerce and retail to advertising, sales, general customer, and consumer interactions and more.Commenting on the announcement, Andrey Almiashev, CEO, Spheroid Universe said: “Launching our token on MEXC will place SPH firmly on its trajectory towards growth as well as will bring the bandwidth that aligns with our aspirations for Spheroid Universe - putting Spheroid Universe as a leader in the metaverse projects, and the entire Extended and Augmented Reality industry.”Millions of technology enthusiasts' attention is directed towards Apple's conference today, Tuesday, with anticipation for their announcement of entirely new products related to virtual reality and augmented reality. On the other hand, Spheroid Universe aims to integrate its artificial intelligence (AI) Avatars solutions with the anticipated smart Apple glasses, which, alongside the AI avatar, will create an immersive experience on all levels.Spheroid Universe angles to be the battle-tested AR/XR platform across the entire landscape of web3, XR/VR and metaverse industries, ultimately helping to define the internet experience of the future.Brands and organizations that are looking to create an immersive digital experience will make Spheroid Universe the place where they can truly demonstrate innovative experiences.