SMARTIES MENA Awards: Celebrating marketing excellence in MENA

Dubai: The esteemed SMARTIES MENA Awards, presented by the MMA, have unveiled their triumphant victors. These prestigious accolades aim to laud avant-garde and efficacious modern marketing endeavors from the dynamic Middle East and North Africa region.The illustrious industry gala unfolded in all its splendor at the illustrious Rixos, JBR. This annual competition strives to illuminate the crème de la crème of marketing campaigns from the year 2022. With a staggering 90 trophies bestowed throughout the night, this event marked the organization's most colossal gathering to date.The World Advertising Research Center (WARC) bestows recognition upon the victorious campaigns.The paramount triumph of the evening went to Yas Island and Initiative MENA / Momentum MENA, emerging victorious in an astounding five categories, including 'Brand Experience,' 'Cross Platform – Digital Only,' 'Social Media Marketing,' 'Audio / Voice / Sonic Branding,' and 'Short or Long Form Video.' Collectively, Yas Island and Initiative MENA / Momentum MENA clinched a remarkable seven trophies: four gold, one silver, and two bronze.The highly acclaimed 'YAS YAS Baby, by Yas Island' campaign, masterminded by Initiative MENA & Momentum MENA, claimed the ultimate accolade as the best in show, as deemed by the discerning panel of judges.Another fiercely contested category, 'Purpose Driven Marketing – Sustainability (Brand & Product & Initiative),' witnessed a riveting clash of contenders. TikTok's TikTok Climate Action campaign was honored with the silver award.Consequently, the 'Marketing Impact – Brand Experience,' 'Purpose Driven Marketing – Cross Platform,' and 'Purpose Driven Marketing – Digital' categories showcased fierce competition. Among the three most fiercely contested categories, a total of thirty campaigns made the shortlist, with eighteen trophies being distributed during the gala. Notably, six companies emerged victorious in the 'Marketing Impact – Brand Experience' category. Ithra by Aramco and Leo Burnett KSA / Ithra by Aramco with Inspire Your World, alongside Yas Island and Initiative MENA / Momentum MENA with Yas Yas Baby, both seized gold awards, firmly establishing their prowess.Melis Ertem, Regional Director of MMA, said: “It has been a spectacular year for the MENA SMARTIES. We saw a record number of submissions across all categories with exceptionally high quality campaign results throughout. The success of MENA SMARTIES is proof of a thriving marketing industry, demonstrating our belief that collaborative working can shape the future. I congratulate all the winners for their hard work and look forward to next year.’