Travel Genius launches Geni-us, the go-to travel planning source of the future

TravelGenius Pte Ltd announced the launch of Geni-us, a powerful travel search engine which delivers meaningful, relevant, and personalised travel recommendations and itineraries based on the travellers’ desired experience. The map-based travel planning and discovery platform uses a revolutionary technology understanding travel intent, with a natural language free form search, answering all travellers needs in a single search and locating the best area to stay at. Acting as the users’ local travel agent, currently launched in Beta version, offers a stress-free way for users to turn all their travel desires into memorable experiences, at a click. Following the recent launch of SpotQuest, the leading location intelligence platform for hospitality businesses, TravelGenius is ushering in a new era of human-centric innovation for the travel industry. Leveraging cutting-edge Voice and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, as well as advanced mapping capabilities, TravelGenius offers a dedicated location intelligence platform tailored to the unique needs of the hospitality and travel sector. With access to meticulously curated proprietary data, TravelGenius enables location classification at granular levels, right down to streets and neighbourhoods. This all-encompassing platform is a one-stop solution catering to the diverse needs of travel businesses, consultancies, hotels, restaurants, travellers, and destinations alike, offering a transformative approach to the world of travel.Pioneering this game-changing solution for the travel industry, Hannes Bos, the Founder of TravelGenius, is a hospitality professional with over two decades of industry leadership. Understanding the travel industry challenges, Hannes has always wanted to simplify how people work in the industry, and how travellers can plan for their trip and make the best out of their stay. “Over the last twenty years, the online travel industry has not been able to meaningfully simplify the process of researching, planning and booking trips, which currently still requires an average of 30 online sessions over 19 days*” said Hannes.With this in mind, he has created Geni-us, the first platform where travellers can now easily and effectively plan for their stay, as the purpose-built platform provides answers to the key travel questions “What to do, When to do, Where to go (destination), Where to Stay (Area/Location), and How to get there” into one map-based user-interface. While there are tons of resources, including Chat-GPT and AI-based platforms, where travellers can find locally curated answers to any such questions, none of them offer the opportunity to answer all these questions in a multi-faceted way that is visually relevant and hyper-personalised as Geni-us.Geni-us is the only travel recommendations platform to process travel plans search queries and interpret their meaning simultaneously, at one click. The platform integrates thousands of travel guides, accommodation reviews, itinerary maps, and expertly curated travel content, saving travellers precious research time for planning their trip, and ensuring their travel experiences match their desires.Sachin Chauhan, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of TravelGenius said “At Geni-us, we developed a travel experience data layer where we captured all travel related points of interests (Destinations, at street/beach level, things to do, best time to travel, accessibility and proximity, food, accommodation, and more). We curated these billions of datapoints and created profiles for every travel corridor and traveller persona. Our ability to also incorporate food preferences and/or dietary requirements in the travel search and recommendations engine, allows us to advise travellers the micro-neighbourhoods that have best access and proximity to their choice of food, anywhere in the world.”By removing travellers’ pain points, Geni-us will benefit the whole travel industry. Because planning a trip is not about entering dates, ticking boxes, or choosing filters, Geni-us has developed a unique conversational feature based on users’ lifestyle and passions which literally turn their travel dreams into reality. The voice enabled platform makes it even easier to intuitively conduct the travel search and explore expertly curated travel recommendations. Geni-us empowers travellers to make a confident decision about their next trip, and empowers the industry by providing a single, efficient, and meaningful travel planning source that will support the whole travel ecosystem.

AI-powered tech firm Travel Genius announces three new board directors

Dubai: Travel Genius, the most innovative location intelligence platform, has today announced the appointment of three new board directors who will bring with them a wealth of experience in hospitality, brand marketing, business process design and governance.Roshni Pandey, Jagdish Sidhu and David King will all join the company with immediate effect.Hannes Bos, the CEO and Founder of Travel Genius said "Their invaluable expertise, diverse backgrounds, and deep industry knowledge will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in bringing our innovative solutions to life and driving our company's success. Their commitment to excellence and passion for innovation align perfectly with our company's vision and mission."This announcement follows the recent launch of SpotQuest, the world’s first solution with actionable insight for travel professionals. Using unique data points at micro-neighbourhood levels, the new location intelligence platform provides detailed and actionable insights in a fraction of the time it currently takes travel professionals to gather the data.Over the next few weeks, Travel Genius is planning to announce a number of innovative products that are set to disrupt the Travel and F&B industries, by bringing together AI-powered tech and a proprietary database of millions of micro-location data points to create accurate local insights with an accuracy not seen before.