Landvault appoints Mohamed Khalifa as the VP of Metaverse

Landvault, a leading virtual experience developer, has announced the appointment of Mohamed Khalifa as the Vice President of Metaverse, to further fuel the company's Middle East expansion. Khalifa’s experience encompasses serving as CTO for blockchain and game studios, at the intersection of technology, gaming, and decentralized systems. His commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements is evident through his exploration of emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), the broader scope of the metaverse and its digital economy. Notable experiences include contributions to Dubai Expo 2020 Metaverse Expo, PUBG, Avatar 2, Sensorium Galaxy Metaverse with Carl Cox, Arab Hope Makers Dubai Game Fi, Nor Platform, and its C9 Games.Landvault, renowned for constructing immersive, virtual experiences for major brands and organizations like Abu Dhabi Government, Mastercard, Standard Chartered, and Hershey, continues to pioneer technological advancements in the GCC region. Following its expansion into the UAE earlier in 2023, the company is substantially investing in the region - collaborating with local governments, real estate firms, and other undisclosed projects slated for reveal in Q1 and Q2 2024. Mohamed Khalifa's role will include crafting top-tier metaverse-engineered experiences that seamlessly blend technology with user-friendly accessibility. Khalifa is dedicated to creating enjoyable and easily accessible experiences, eliminating the need for third-party installations. His commitment extends to developing internal and external tools that empower users to integrate and shape their metaverse experiences."Exploring the vast landscape of the metaverse and the ever-evolving realm of technology has become a captivating journey for me. I'm eager to collaborate with Landvault due to the unparalleled experiences they have in the pipeline. Their commitment to interoperability aligns with my advocacy, allowing seamless movement of characters and assets across diverse virtual worlds. I've always emphasized this in my lectures, illustrating how, through platforms like Landvault's Matera Protocol, an individual in a remote village can sell art globally by tokenizing and minting it as an NFT in a metaverse art gallery," said Khalifa. “Khalifa's interest in the metaverse and technology is fueled by a passion for innovation and a strategic vision, and we look forward to the innovative advancements and transformative experiences that will arise from his leadership in the metaverse space,” said Samuel Huber, CEO of Landvault.

Landvault appoints Muhammad Hamza as VP of Business GCC

Landvault, a leading metaverse-tech company, has announced the appointment of Muhammad Hamza as the Vice President of Business GCC. Based in Dubai, Muhammad's extensive expertise in artificial intelligence, metaverse technologies, and virtual development will further drive Landvault's business strategy and oversee its international expansion in the GCC region. Hamza’s career trajectory includes holding various positions across prestigious entities such as Emirates & Dnata Group, Wafi Group, and Dubai World, and is highly regarded for his success in driving digital transformation. As the Co-Founder of Masary Capital, he has played a pivotal role in shaping strategic partnerships with global technology and blockchain companies, while empowering regional organisations and venture capitalists to embrace AI.Landvault has built over 100 million square feet in virtual experiences for brands including Mastercard, Standard Chartered, Hershey, and more. As immersive experiences and artificial intelligence continue to reshape industries, Landvault stands at the forefront of driving technological advancements in the GCC region. The company expanded to the UAE earlier in 2023 and is heavily investing in the region, already building virtual worlds for real estate companies and some prominent entities, amongst other projects which will be revealed in Q1 2024 - contributing to the UAE's ambitious ‘Strategy for Artificial Intelligence’ and the ‘Dubai Metaverse Strategy’. These initiatives aim to elevate government performance, foster innovation, and position the UAE as a global leader in these transformative fields. “We are pleased to welcome Muhammad Hamza to the leadership team and look forward to capitalising on the momentum the GCC region has to pave the way in terms of new technologies, specifically immersive experiences powered by AI” said Samuel Huber, CEO of Landvault.Muhammad Hamza added: "I have consistently sought out opportunities with forward-thinking organizations that redefine industry standards. In line with Dubai's visionary approach to becoming a center for Metaverse and Blockchain technology, Landvault is strategically positioned to emerge as a trailblazing platform provider. Backed by the trust of leading global brands and energized by a dynamic international team, I am deeply convinced of Landvault’s substantial potential. Our collective objective is to craft a compelling vision for the GCC region, and I am eagerly anticipating the challenge of guiding Landvault to the forefront as the premier Metaverse provider in the area."Apart from his extensive experience, Muhammad is currently pursuing an MSC in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the University of Birmingham Dubai, further solidifying his position at the forefront of academic and industry advancements.

Largest Metaverse tech firm reveals ‘Landvault 2.0’

Dubai: Landvault, a leading metaverse tech company, marks its one-year anniversary, and reveals ‘Landvault 2.0’, a two-pillar approach to pioneer the next evolution of the internet. Landvault embarked on a transformative journey after recognizing existing restrictions and sentiment shifts. Following extensive market research, including feedback from over 500 potential clients, paired with invaluable lessons from the 2023 metaverse winter, the company has honed its focus on providing a richer, fairer internet through the concept of the "3D internet."Landvault experienced significant growth in 2022 as the metaverse rapidly evolved. Selling virtual worlds to Fortune 500 brands and having completed more than 200 projects for the world's largest companies, from Mastercard to Standard Chartered, and governments, Landvault has developed over 100 million square feet of experiences across platforms including The Sandbox and Decentraland.However, the subsequent metaverse winter caused a shift in market dynamics. Many brands treated their presence in the metaverse as an experiment, withdrawing once the initial buzz wore off. This situation compelled Landvault to reconsider the metaverse's value proposition and identify new customer needs. Building on the 'next-best to reality' vision, Landvault aims to pioneer the metaverse into the next evolution of media platforms - a 3-Dimensional internet. In response to this vision, Landvault’s research revealed three key requirements for the metaverse's success:High-fidelity content that users can relate to and connect with. Accessibility from all devices. For greater adoption, metaverse experiences must be easily discoverable and accessible.Positive return on investment (ROI) to attract long-term engagement and business interest.The company intends to lead the metaverse revolution in the MENA region by focusing on two key pillars:The first pillar entails constructing a robust technology stack that accelerates the creation and monetization of metaverse experiences. Landvault is creating proprietary tools that enable creators and brands to easily create high-fidelity content while ensuring seamless monetization opportunities.The second pillar focuses on bringing cutting-edge technology to the MENA region, where it will lead the charge in the metaverse industry. Landvault intends to introduce the concept of the 3D internet by establishing a strong presence in the region, offering a utility-driven approach beyond the metaverse hype. The company is already working with brands in the region and aims to further equip businesses and governments in connecting with the next generation of internet users while offering an output that matches the region's vision.As part of this transformative journey, Landvault has rebranded and launched a new website to reflect its renewed vision. While the metaverse builder, Landvault Studio, will remain an integral part of the company, it will now be powered by the innovative tech stack to provide an unparalleled user experience.Landvault CEO, Samuel Huber expressed his enthusiasm for this new direction, saying, "Our journey through the metaverse winter was a defining moment for Landvault." It compelled us to reconsider and reimagine our role in shaping the internet's future. We are on a mission to unleash the true potential of the 3D internet - defined by utility, and are ready to lead the change in the next era."As part of its expansion to strengthen its presence and drive 3D internet adoption, Landvault is actively seeking to appoint sales and business development professionals in the MENA region.Landvault is the largest metaverse builder with over 100 million square feet of virtual real estate, more than 120 full-time creators, and nearly 300 completed projects. We’ve been helping brands build and grow in gaming environments since 2017 and the metaverse since 2021. Landvault’s platform-agnostic proprietary technology and creative powerhouse builds and delivers tailored, data-driven, and optimized business solutions and insights. We help clients launch, optimize, and monetize metaverse experiences. Landvault’s mission is to accelerate the metaverse economy through technology with a vision of a fairer wealth distribution across the web. Landvault is actively using such a protocol, Matera, to make this happen. Connecting to Unity and Unreal via SDK, Matera enables creators to publish the content on the web (accessibility) seamlessly, index it on-chain, and tokenize it.

Metaverse builder LandVault announces funding round from Web3 VCs

Dubai: LandVault, the largest metaverse construction company, has announced its strategic funding round with several web3 firms, including The Sandbox, a leading metaverse platform backed by Animoca Brands and Softbank, the Gemini Frontier Fund, HodlCo, and Kingsway Capital, a $3B hedge fund and a large shareholder in Animoca Brands. This comes after LandVault raised a total of $37m, the last round being a $25m Series B in November 2021 at the time when the company was focused on in-game advertising. Since then, LandVault has pivoted into building metaverse infrastructures, and has completed over 100 million square feet in building experiences for brands including Mastercard, Heineken, Hershey’s, Standard Chartered and L’Oreal. With this round, LandVault is adding web3 investors and partners to its cap table.Having recently announced its expansion, the capital will be used to grow commercial operations across their hubs in Dubai, Europe, US, and Asia, and will further invest in technology, notably AI-powered tools to accelerate creation and monetization of metaverse content. The round is a good credibility boost at a time when the hype surrounding the metaverse is said to be down, valuations are discounted, and many projects have yet to pan out. The investor demand for metaverse infrastructure is still high, and paying testament to this is LandVault’s 9-figure valuation from last year. The global metaverse market size was valued at USD 100.27 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow to USD 1,527.55 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 47.6%. “In addition, the rising investment in retail and e-commerce and the surge in the adoption of platforms looking to showcase products in a virtual environment continue to bolster market growth.”“Like us, our new investors see the metaverse as the future of the internet, a more immersive platform to share experiences. Getting there will be a long road, and it is great to bring together investors and partners that are also committed to this vision” says CEO of LandVault, Sam Huber.Initially, LandVault grew as a development company within The Sandbox. Over time, the company scaled teams to build on other platforms, including photorealistic work on Unity and Unreal. Today the company counts over 130 full time builders, creating projects for the world largest organisations, and has used these experiences to take their data and monetization products to market, to help clients drive ROI in the metaverse.“LandVault has established itself in just a year as one of the most active metaverse builders" said Sebastien BORGET, COO & Co-Founder of The Sandbox. "We're pleased to support them further on this journey, as they continue to develop their activities and technology to inspire many other creators of the Metaverse".“Our vision has always been to accelerate the economy of the metaverse, and the latest progress in AI technology is helping us fast track our roadmap, " explains Huber. The metaverse needs a ‘Wordpress moment’ for anyone to build in the metaverse as easily as building a website, and we are investing heavily in R&D to build these tools”.