AGMC Geely launches all-new Tugella

AGMC, the official distributor of Geely vehicles in the UAE, has announced the launch of the all-new Geely Tugella in the UAE. Tugella features an iconic 14-degree fastback coupe design that combines elegance with superior aerodynamics, alongside a raft of exciting technology, unrivalled performance and incredible value at a starting price of AED105,900.Defined by leading features such as an L-shaped asymmetrical cockpit – an innovative design offering unmatched visibility and easy-to-reach controls – and outstanding driver and passenger comfort, all underpinned by Geely’s pioneering Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), the all-new Tugella allows customers to discover the joy of a premium driving experience. The sportback’s elegance and superior aerodynamics are the result of the 14-degree golden ratio unbroken roofline extension from the top of the windshield down to the tail of the car.Commenting on the launch, Dr Andreas Schaaf, CEO – New Ventures at Albatha Automotive said: “We are delighted to introduce our valued customers in the United Arab Emirates to the all-new Geely Tugella, a trendsetting sportback SUV boasting a luxurious interior and advanced technology, safety and performance features. With a compelling price positioning, the launch of this latest model will only serve to boost Geely’s popularity in the UAE, and we are deeply thankful for the trust in Geely shown by customers across the country so far. With the sleek and sporty Tugella, we are confident that they will be thrilled by the unmatched value alongside the superior driving experience and impressive list of features. Backed by Geely’s impeccable commitment to quality, the Tugella is certain to become a hot favourite among motorists in the UAE.”The Geely Tugella elevates driving to a new level with its 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder direct-injection engine, providing a power output of 238hp and torque of 350Nm. Its Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission and BorgWarner’s fifth generation 4WD system ensure superior road handling through even distribution of power between its axles. This sophisticated combination of powertrain and chassis technology enables the Tugella to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 6.9 seconds – setting the stage for a thrilling driving experience on the UAE’s roads.The Tugella’s stunning list of features includes top-of-range industry benchmarks such as keyless start, Electric Parking Brake, and adaptive cruise control system, in addition to a bundle of impressive safety and driver assist functions such as a 540° camera, Hill Start and Descent Control, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Crossing Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning and Speed Limit Identification Function (SLIF). An in-built wave radar scans blind spots to ensure driving safety, especially when reversing at low speed – where pedestrians and vehicles approaching laterally can be detected in real-time.A key highlight of the Geely Tugella’s interior is the Interstellar Aurora Cockpit featuring a seamless blend of superior technology, a jet plane throttle-inspired gear shifter, and an 8-color ambient light display that changes as per the selected driving mode – Normal, Eco, Sport, Snow/Sand, or Off Road.The latest intelligent vehicle technologies turn the Tugella into a smart car providing greater connectivity and convenience, while the high-tech dual 12-inch screen can also display Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions that make every journey safer. The 12 discreetly installed Bose speakers ensure that all on board can revel in a truly immersive sound experience. The all-new Geely Tugella’s sporty exterior is complemented by its array of colour options, including crystal black, titanium silver, moonstone white, deep ocean blue, and amber red.With an unbeatable combination of style, safety and technology, it’s no wonder that the Geely Tugella recently surpassed the global auto industry reliability verification standards, derived from performance tests conducted in 57 environments.

Jaidah Group introduces the new Geely Tugella in Qatar

Skyline Automotive, a company of Jaidah group has introduced the new Geely Tugella in Qatar. The 2023 model is currently displayed at Geely’s cutting-edge newly expanded showroom on Salwa Road, where drivers can experience the new Tugella, discover the Geely range of vehicles and the latest and greatest technologies from the leading manufacturer.Tugella’s new features include improvements and additions to its exterior, such as a thunderbolt accumulation front face, thunderbolt claw, star shuttle trim, four exhausts, a black top & shark fin, and a revamped interior and configuration.The sporty car also boasts a front bumper with three powerful scars that help reduce or prevent physical damage in case of low-speed crashes. The strips on the exterior are imprinted with the word ‘CMA’, showcasing the vehicle’s Modular Compact Architecture. The car’s sport tail also provides wind resistance for further on-road stability and the interstellar cockpit’s asymmetrical design comes with an electric-optic green dynamic package for a comfortable feel. The ambient lamp around the car’s center console features eight colors that automatically switch with the speed of sound and the car’s BOSE multi-speaker surround-sound system features 12 speakers, ensuring that drivers can enjoy an immersive audio experience.Tugella’s configuration also provides additional driving assistance functions, such as blind spot detection, rear collision warning, rear crossing traffic alert, lane change assist, head-up display, and door open warning. A three-millimeter wave radar has been added for scanning to minimize the blind area and to ensure driving safety. When reversing at low speed, pedestrians and vehicles approaching laterally can be detected in real-time, warning when a collision may occur.All the current unique features including CMA, powertrain, active safety function, passive safety function, and BorgWarner’s 4WD have been retained. The existing smart engine 2.0TD has high performance with a maximum horsepower of 175kw. The four HD wide-angle cameras on all sides collect real-time information about road conditions around the vehicle, and seamlessly splice 360°real-time monitoring images.Tugella recently surpassed the global auto industry reliability verification standards, derived from performance tests conducted in 57 environments.Skyline Automotive has recently completed a sizeable extension of its Salwa Road showroom to enable it to display more Geely models. The extension will also cater to the company’s anticipated further expansion of the Geely range, enabling it to exhibit more vehicles and give ample space for customers to comfortably inspect them.