Bahrain Launches Camping Season in the Sakhir Desert

 After a hiatus of three years due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Kingdom of Bahrain, celebrated for its rich heritage and vibrant culture tapestry, is set to enchant residents and tourists with the commencement of its highly anticipated annual camping season. Bahrain Camping Season which began on 10th November 2023, and extending its charm until 29th February 2024 against the backdrop of the vast and mesmerizing landscapes of the Sakhir Desert, this season promises to be a celebration of nature, culture, and community. The camping season in Bahrain is more than just a winter retreat; it's a cultural legacy inherited from the kingdom’s Bedouin ancestors, celebrating the beauty of nature, and providing an opportunity for families and friends to come together. The Sakhir Desert, known for its serene ambiance, transforms into a safe and open space for various activities, from barbeques and bonfires to stargazing. The cool breeze of the winter season adds a refreshing touch to the camping experience, creating an ideal environment for making lasting memories. The camping season in Bahrain is not just about enjoying the outdoors; it's a reflection of the kingdom's commitment to providing diverse and enriching tourism experiences. Families can set up tents under the starlit sky, engage in barbeques, and participate in a range of activities that cater to various interests. The camping season is designed to be inclusive, welcoming both residents and tourists to immerse themselves in the beauty of Bahrain's natural landscapes.

Kingdom of Bahrain assumes the Presidency of Digital Cooperation Organization

The Kingdom of Bahrain has officially been appointed to the Presidency of the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO), the global, multilateral organization dedicated to accelerating the inclusive growth of the digital economy to create digital prosperity for all.His Excellency Mohamed bin Thamer Al Kaabi, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Kingdom of Bahrain, will become the new Chairman of the Council of the DCO.As represented by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT), Bahrain will oversee the strategic direction of the DCO for the coming year and support the ongoing execution of key initiatives launched by the DCO.His Excellency Mohamed bin Thamer Al Kaabi, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, commented on the ascension of Bahrain to the Presidency: "The Kingdom of Bahrain is honored to have been elected to the prestigious role of Presidency of the DCO. Bahrain has put great focus on developing the regulatory framework, policies, and infrastructure that have enabled the Kingdom to establish an efficient and attractive digital ecosystem for businesses. Bahrain is ready to share its expertise and best practices with the Member States of the DCO, to enhance the mission of empowering all nations to build digital economies that drive growth and development."Her Excellency Deemah AlYahya, Secretary-General of the DCO welcomed the appointment of Bahrain to the DCO Presidency and of H.E. Mohamed bin Thamer Al Kaabi to Chairman of the DCO Council: "We are very pleased to announce that the Kingdom of Bahrain has been ratified to the Presidency of the DCO for 2023. The leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain has long understood the potential of technology to advance economic growth, and the necessity of using policy and regulation to enable the framework for the digital economy to flourish and grow. Bahrain was one of the founding nations of the DCO, and now, under the Presidency of Bahrain and the wise Chairmanship of His Excellency Mohamed bin Thamer Al Kaabi, we look forward to making great progress towards our goal of digital prosperity for all in 2023."The ascension of Bahrain to the Presidency of the DCO was ratified during the second DCO General Assembly which took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As the holder of the Presidency, Bahrain will host the next General Assembly.